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Shia LaBeouf: Bless You Boys!

Shia LaBeouf: Bless You Boys!

Shia LaBeouf looks unusually upbeat, making his daily run to the local convenience store in Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 28).

The 22-year-old Transformers star smiled for photogs as he returned home with a plastic bag full of goodies.

Shia was seen sporting a t-shirt that read “Bless You Boys, September 19, 1987.” “Bless You Boys” was the catchphrase used by former Detroit sportscaster Al Ackerman when reporting a winning Tigers score.

10+ pictures inside of Bless You Boy Shia LaBeouf

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shia labeouf bless you boys 01
shia labeouf bless you boys 02
shia labeouf bless you boys 03
shia labeouf bless you boys 04
shia labeouf bless you boys 05
shia labeouf bless you boys 06
shia labeouf bless you boys 07
shia labeouf bless you boys 08
shia labeouf bless you boys 09
shia labeouf bless you boys 10
shia labeouf bless you boys 11

Credit: Louise Barnsley; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • savannah

    Hmm.. I have no idea, Jared.

  • timetopretend


  • wendy

    are u guys trying to see if shia will drive illeaglly? Please he’s not that stupid like some other young stars, and u all know who I’m talking about. Shia is smart, and he has nothing to prove to anyone. He deserves to be where he is on the star status.

  • Sam

    me neither, who knows what all those designers have in mind nowadays, but he looks kinda hawt anyway! still love him

  • liza

    but why the heck do those freakin paps follow him EVERYWHERE!? jeez, that’s unbelievable! it’s not like it’s that special watching him go to the grocery store like…every day. y’all never posted so much of him anytime before he lost his driver’s license. poor shia.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    `the paps ~ douchebags. it’s understandable why they follow him (everyday). ‘the odd, but funny thing’: bloggers buy and post these uneventful pictures (everyday). LOL
    anything for a hit, i guess.

  • agatha



  • mike

    the paps are so annoying…there’s no reason why they should take pics every second of the day….did anyone ever notice the paps are always little mexicans or asians mostly lol no offense to anyone just an observation

  • agatha


  • Kim

    Ok yes I love seeing new Shia pics everyday, but I feel bad for the guy. Paps are always out there waiting for him. He’s just trying to do normal everyday stuff. Shia does look hot!!!! Love the sunglasses


    thnx for the pics! I LUV THIS MAN!

  • liza

    @ Kim: I SO agree.

  • parisgirl

    I love Shia and all but enough already. I do NOT need to see him walking down the same damn street every damn day lol.

  • pull up

    Love the shirt. Where can I get one?

  • hater298

    Stalkerazzi!:) lol.. i think this is pathetic. This kid is probably going to go on a suicide rampage, for all the paps following him… he’s not stupid, and he is not going to do anything illegal… for hell sakes.. leave the damn kid alone.

  • Sayuri

    Coisa mais LINDA. ♥

  • .

    Why the hell will Shia not shave????really is it for a role that he may be doing with his independent company??? cause I doubt it is to hide from the paps because they are always following him around. Shia looks like S***!!!!! YUCK!

  • R&B

    oooooooooooooo yea shia lookin good babez! haha

  • R&B

    i wonder wads n da bag LOL

  • agatha

    i just wonder for his psycology ,having all the paparazii followin him…i just hope he is strong person

    and i love the beard…dont tell to shave he is wonderful like that

  • agatha

    100 arizona tea so that he doesnt have to walk out of his house lol

  • Kaylin

    it’s official. this boy owns one pair of shoes.

  • notafanofthisguyanymore!

    Questions on why does Shia Labeouf have that ugly thing on his face aka the beard:
    1. Is the beard for a role?
    2. Is the beard for a girlfriend of his?
    3. Is the beard to hide from the paps?
    4. Is the beard just because he is so damn lazy?
    5. Is the beard so that Shia can look like a bad boy all the way?
    6. Is the beard just so that all the beard haters on Shia will post about it?
    7. Is the beard because shia accually likes to look nasty?
    8. Is the reason for shia to have a beard is all of the above?

  • http://- Diana

    Ugh, I really do hate that beard.

  • elanenergy

    I like this kid, I too have an instinct he’s smart. Glad he’s smiling, and doesn’t feel the need to wear his “paper bag” over his head to get out and get some provisions. Keep your chin up, Shia.

  • lourds

    does anyone hace any idea where does shia live?????
    or at least the store where he always go??

  • Anon

    !984, jared. The Detroit Tigers won the Pennant and the world series and had a winning streak of something like 30 games in a row.The Rangers came in to play them and couldn’t do anything against them. Said it was like playing in the Twilight Zone. They were magic that year. I was there. They taped a lot of celebrities, including two famous Catholic cardinals, all saying “Bless you boys!” it was the most fun I ever had as a kid. I was 14. They beat the San Diego Padres to win the world series.

  • agatha

    look at the cars and you will understand that he lives in burbank

  • claire

    love him!

  • whitney

    damn man there is like 2 sets of new pictures of him per day this is kinda freakyyy

  • Anon

    I watched Eagle Eye last night because of him.

  • (——3


  • _____

    I so much agree with you #30..this is getting down right ridiculous. Oh he did look hot in eagle eye too. Love the scruff in that movie too. I hate his beard now, but I read that he is doing this for one of his films and that he does NOT like it. I also read that he may have grown it to hide from these people (just jared), No offense that is not working for him too well. :( Time to get another paper bag out.

  • IJAF

    shia has the beard because he’s giving up acting to become a rabbi. he’s looking for a shiva a sorta muse…

  • ???????

    ROTFLMAO at #34 :D the beard is awful he needs to put that bag back over his head. Oh and there is someone on the just jared comment section with the photo of Shia and his mum, claiming to be shia???…. hmmmmm :| Intresting, gotta go check it out…… :|

  • ???????

    oh and to #23 I go with answers: 4 & 5 on why Shia has a beard….excuse me while I go get sick, too much looking at that beard…lol!!!

  • Jesse1562

    I think that the paparazzi have to be tired of hanging out at his street by now too. They must be making the money though the way they keep posting. Why don’t you sponsor a vacation for him, change up the pictures.

    Shia buying Arizona Ice Tea in Cozumel.
    Shia buying Arizona Ice Tea in Las Vegas.
    Shia buying Arizona Ice Tea in …

  • Jesse1562

    Oh, and send his mom too since you guys almost took her out at the bank. I’m glad you guys backed off when he asked you. I would hate for her to get hurt because you keep swarming him like bees too.

  • whatistherealdeal

    i read somewhere on the net recently that shia is trying every way humanely possible disguise his looks so the paps won’t pester him.
    i can see the logic in that because he has tried numerous ways to not be recognized. i feel sorry for the lad. these paps are always there.
    has anyone heard about this too?
    These are some things he has done
    1. his beard
    2. sunglasses
    3. running away from the paps
    4.paper bag over his head

    Bottom line they should leave him alone.

  • ragin

    Hello the facials probably for a role. either way its noones business and if u hate it dont look. it just shows wat kind of life you have that u have to come on and make fun of shia. who btw is prolly a mill times hotter then any of you haters

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I was convinced of the fact god blesses america?

  • :^}

    Shia’s beard is horrible looking, I can’t stand to look at his face now because of that disgusting. But I must admit his arms and chest are so HOT and built. I wonder if he can do push-ups (I read that he can do over 400 push-ups) with his cast on? Does anyone know if that beard is temporary??? Is he going to wear that crappy thing to the New York I love you premeire? If he still has that beard by then I hope there will be a bag on his head at the premeire then!

  • lalalove

    He looks so scruffy and rugged! =/…I F.UCKING LOVE IT!;)

  • ILSLiB

    So cute

  • shiaishot

    sexy!!!!!!! i love his sunglasses :):) MARRY ME, lol

  • niccccccccce

    yeah the beard may be gross and hopefully temporary but OMG I would love to lick his arms, chest and um……… this guy has the best build … oh yeah and nice features, it is a shame that he is hiding them under that ugly scraggily beard. But I love his personality the best! :)

  • Ilodse

    Cute & Adorable

  • .

    haaaaaaa #34 rabbi labeouf, sounds good, oy vey!

  • kameron wells(fort wayne, IN)


  • agatha

    yeah i like with the beard so much …he is so sexy in it…i wish he keeps it but if he doesnt lik e so lets shave it:)

    i love himmmmmmmmmmmm:)