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Shia LaBeouf Eyes IHOP

Shia LaBeouf Eyes IHOP

Shia LaBeouf runs errands with his mother, Shayna LeBeouf on Wednesday (January 28) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 22-year-old Transformers star and his mom made stops at Bank Of America and then to the local IHOP.

On Tuesday, Shia was in a playful mood and played a little peek-a-boo with the paparazzi.

Last week, Shia was being equally fun mood when he kept his face hidden by wearing a paper bag over his head while with another man with a bag over his head.

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shia labeouf shayna labeouf errands 02
shia labeouf shayna labeouf errands 03
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  • hsu

    short leg…

  • agatha

    he looks great !!!as always!
    love his shirts!

  • anon

    wow he looks like his mom

  • jo

    his mom looks sweet

  • tana

    He’s adorable. I can’t wait for Transformers 2!

  • um…

    There’s been a post on him everday for about a week. It’s like a live Shia feed.

  • smileyamy

    this is really like a shia live feed. this is crazy with all the pics!

  • Anon

    I love Shia! He is talented and interesting to watch as an actor, no matter how awful some of his movies are. I like his personality and his sense of humor when he is on talk shows. He has a sharp sense of humor and a very quick mind. He is smart. He’s also really good to his parents. He gave his worthless father a place to live and he really looks out for his mother. Who looks like she probably is a little bit “out there.” too. His life story is amazingly interesting.I am a huge Shia fan.
    In a very odd way, Shia is pretty grounded. Oh. And I think he’s a cutie, too.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Is he calling himself an american?
    ………………..HANG HIM, folks!!

  • Whatup

    Eww poor Shia, his mom looks like a total nut-job!!!

  • viv

    doesnt the value of a picture go down if the market is overflooded with it?

  • LMAO

    its LABEOUF! how could u spell it labeouf in one sentence then lebeouf in the next, GOSH!

  • ~

    His mom looks very sweet. Shia is a carbon copy of her.
    -About the beard, what the f*** is with that nasty thing on his face. It looks like a brillo pad is on his face, he is gross now with that thing. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!!! SHAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -And yesterday I was reading all of this crap on this site about some poster (I think that their name was see) who think that they KNOW why Shia has that beard, they say the ONLY reason for that beard is to ONLY hide from the paps, HOW TRUE IS THAT POSTER WHO SAID THAT??? HOW would they know??? Do they know him???


    evet,artık shia’nın da sadece onu takip eden paparazzileri var sevinmeli miyiz buna :)))))


    yalnız gülümsemek çok yakışıyor shia yaaa :::))))))))) always smile shia ;););)))))))

  • zup

    overrated douche. ’nuff with him, jared wtf
    and Anon idg where you saw soooo much personality in him u sure are a blind fan

  • ace

    Apart from having the wrong spelling, his Mum’s surname isn’t LaBeouf anyway – it’s Saide. Not that I’m obsessed or anything.

  • Debbie

    Damn papz…it’s so low of them to stalk Shia when he’s with his mom. I feel so bad for Shia.

  • #?

    I have been reading on this site the last several days, that the only reason that Shia has this beard is because to hide from the paps that beleive it or not Shia absolutely 100% hates the beard but has no choice but to grow it because these paps are everywhere. I mean is he only growing the beard just to hide from the paps? And does he really hate the beard like some have been saying????

  • dianel

    Anybody that is as good to his parents as Shia has to be no.1

  • :(

    There was this poll on one of these celeb sites and it asked which is sexier on Shia, the beard or smooth (clean cut) the clean cut won!!!! I think Shia is only growing the beard to look like a bad boy, he wants to uphold that image. So sad how Shia has changed. How can I take this guy seriously as an actor with that beard. I think that he is your typical celebrity now.

  • agatha

    cant get enough he is very interesting person so much different from the other actors in his age…
    he is good actor smart talented simple and he is so funny!
    like him so much

  • stepho

    Shia is too cute! holding his mom’s hand. thats adorable =]
    seriously it sucks that mother&son cant even have a nice meal anymore, back off papz!!

    oh and ‘ace’- thanks for making the whole LaBeouf/Saide last name thing clear. c’mon people do SOME research.

  • llllover

    i love him he’s so sexy. and he’s so cute with his mom

  • .

    its just a beard yall, lmao the way some of u r going on and on about it seems like its this great big mystery. ITS HAIR ON HIS FACE! GET THE F*CK OVER IT!

  • Pat LeTourneau

    Well, I guess we know where the drug dependency came from…….

  • shutup!


  • noname

    did you people ever think that the “see” poster is now the “.” poster, hmmm is this shia????….

  • .

    its just a beard honey, stop looking at pics of shia if its ‘gross’ to you…

  • skeet

    #25 and #29 ( . ) you must be Shia Labeouf himself. IF you are him learn to shave maybe some of these fans will not rant about how ugly you truly are now!!!

  • agatha

    and i love his beard too i think he makes it too sexy close to the others !!aw yes beard is sexy!

  • lalalove

    Still milking that “paper bag over his head” thing, I c. It’s getting so f-ing old.
    When are you going to drop it, Jared!?

  • melodie19

    Je le trouve sexy ce Shia :p
    En plus avec sa maman comme c’est mignon :D


  • .

    why should shia shave? he’s unemployed, single, and recovering froom surgery. his ma will love him with or with a beard.

  • (——3


  • skeet

    Look #34 I can not speak for the others who hate Shias beard on here, but I can say that he has lost a fan in me now because of this look. I just do not take people seriously who drastically change their looks. So many friends of mine who are male have never done this, really and the age range goes from 25- 45. Shia is nothing but a celebrity NOT a true actor, imho. Someone said it best yesterday, that Shia’s beard looks like pubic hair that has been glued onto his face. Shia is a nobody!!!!


    aww how cute!

  • candid

    whoa thats harsh, shia has curly hair so his beard is gonna be curly. as for the celebrity thing, i dont get how a beard=celebrity?

  • ???????

    is #34 Shia Labeouf, himself????

  • wendy

    another day….another great pic. What will we see tomorrow???

  • R&B

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww shia & his mama! i saw da video of dis n he tol him 2 leave her alone cuz she has a bad knee and dey were feelin salty!!

  • Taylorswiftfan

    Are you people serious about the beard! If he wants to grow a fucking beard, the kid will do it. He’s not doing any movies, doesn’t look like he’s doing much at all. He has no one to impress. You guys aren’t dating him. To call him a douce for not shaving his beard is beyond ridiculous.
    Every Shia thread it’s the same damn thing. People saying they’re not fans anymore because of the beard. Are you fucking kidding me!

    You all really need lives and some good sex. Way too uptight.

  • anti-pap

    wow! i feel so sorry for shia being followed every where he goes by the
    paps. they are so lame. wonder if shia is trying every way possible to disguise himself from the paperbag deal, sunglasses, his new beard, running away from them to hiding behind people so they can’t see him. I think its so dumb that these paps are trying every which way to annoy him but the cool thing about shia is that he doesn’t make a scene like some celebs do. I bet he cannot wait to start filming again so he can at least be himself and not have this beard to hide his identity sorta speak



    I really don’t think it is fair for you to say for those who do not like shia’s beard to “get a life” and people are “uptight” everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it just happens to be something they don’t like to see on shia and prefer him look clean cut instead of this beard that he has been having. Sometimes it just takes something like a beard to take away from someone’s look and with shia’s new beard you cannot really focus on anything else except the beard. Cut them some slack. Its a free country and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • overrated

    If he is considered “sexy,” then I ought to be a male model, because obviously the benchmark is at an all-time low!

  • papsrlame

    i read somewhere that shia did not want to grow this new beard of his but he had no choice because the way the paps don’t give him a break and constantly badger him all the time. I cannot wait till I see photos of shia clean cut/five o’clock. shia is a humble guy who is very protective over his mom and the paps should respect shia and his mother’s privacy. do these paps remember what happended with the whole ordeal with Princess Di. I thought that was so tragic and I hope these paps would just stop already. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    leave shia and shayna be!! good grief

  • Karena

    I can understand if you don’t like the beard (I don’t like it personally, although I’m not a HUGE Shia fan), but why would you stop being a fan because of the beard? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but that seems a little nuts to me. I don’t really see how it affects his acting, and if you’re a fan, I’d assume you were a fan due to his acting… Anyone ever think that it’s for a role? It doesn’t mean he likes it either, but maybe he needs it to look older or something.

  • Taylorswiftfan


    Your post just tells me one thing. The paps should not be following him around taking his picture every day and Jared shouldn’t be buying them up like candy. He has no movie to promote. He’s doing absolutely NOTHING that’s newsworthy, so people sit around attacking him personally.

    I stand by what I said. Anyone who says they’re no longer a fan of his acting or that he is a douchebag because of the beard IS too uptight and needs to get a life. The guy hasn’t shaved in a while. Who cares? He’s going to IHOP with his mom, not the freaking Oscars.

  • stickit#48

    #48, everyone can say their opinion, you did so clam it! if you are so inlove with his beard, then go join some worshipers of shia’s beard on IMDB, they will be soooooo f**k*** happy that you are yet another fan who worships that thing!

    #47, I hope that you are right, that Shia is doing a role in one of his independent films (Shia’s Grassy Slope Production). Or is the beard for the role about his friend who is rapper.
    I hope it is not for the associate, or Y last man.
    Oh, and #47 I have a friend of mine who hated to watch one show because this lady was so hiddious due to her hair cut….so it is heard of I guess, everyone is unique!!!!!!

  • .

    yeap, its still just hair on his face. no epic tragedy, just some scruff. shia’s on down time, get over it yall.