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Jessica Simpson: Leather Pants Pretty

Jessica Simpson: Leather Pants Pretty

Jessica Simpson steps out in a bold pair of leather pants, performing at University of Virginia’s John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia on Thursday (January 29).

The 28-year-old country singer opened up for country trio Rascal Flatts.

Thought she never mentioned her fuller figure, Jessica did say, “Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. So just appreciate. I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless.”

She continued, “I want to thank my fans. You’re the most wonderful, loyal fans in the world. Stay positive, pray out loud, give it up for my band. I love you guys. Good night!”

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Credit: Turgeon/Rocke; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • loyal

    I don’t like this girl one bit but feel what the media (and a lot of posters) are doing to her re her weight are just awful. She is hardly fat. Lay off.

  • makio

    can anyone else hear the music on JJ home page….its a bit weird…like sitting in a waiting room at some clinic.

  • hannahh

    She’s not “fat”, she just insists on wearing totally unflattering clothes that make her body look bad. People who say she’s fat are obviously out of touch with reality, she’s just out of shape. If she’s happy with her body then who cares!

    But pplllleeeaaassse Jessica, wear more flattering clothes for your body type and everyone will shutup!

  • Bella cullen

    I think Jessica is cute as a button, even if she isn’t “hollywood skinny”.

    She just needs some help dressing for her figure. I think she wears her clothes too tight. Hell, wearing your clothes too-tight is unflattering on anyone.

    She obviously is super busty, and she really bulks up her top half when she wears these blazers and such. And she doesn’t have much of a waist so I don’t understand why she is wrapping another hideous belt around it.

    I think a flowy, short dress with a vneck would flatter her much more. She has great gams and boobs. work with what you got girlfriend!

  • t

    The girl is not fa.

  • naty

    Is not that she is fat , is that she does not know how to dress for her figure, as bella cullen mention she wears close that is not good for her, for example those leather leggings only a size 0 can pull of the rest of us CAN’T, and those high waisted jeans she was wearing the other time were not fathering at all.

  • zzzz

    Jessica is gorgeous and not fat. I’m so glad others agree. I think she needs a new stylist, because her clothes don’t flatter her, but she is by no means overweight.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    She’s looking mighty nice to me. I toally agree with her statement. The Media ‘caca’ should just shut up the ‘butt holes’!!

  • Lea

    The problem is with all the craziness in Hollywood about being a size 0 or at most 2, the stylists have no clue on how to dress outside those sizes. For crying out loud Jessica is far from fat. She is wearing unflattering clothes, that’s about it!

  • catherine wilson

    all the nonsense about her fat jeans the other day….gimme a freaken break folks,,,get off the commenting on peoples appearances…how about what people are inside..what they do,,,,how they live their lives….not how fat or thin their asses are….its their asses right???? worry about your own crap in life and stop looking at others and commenting on them…..mind your own damn business……i would freaken kill to look as good as that woman…in those fat jeans,,or in a burlap bag.

  • s

    She looks so much better here than she did at the chili cookoff. That outfit was hideous

  • over this

    Okay I am soooooo sick of hearing about her once again. I mean it is said that this is the only way she can stay relevant Tony Romo or a bad outfit choice to get tongues wagging. Go back under your rock jess!

  • zzzz

    One of the gossip shows did a story about how the media is calling Jessica fat and that it’s not right because she isn’t fat at all, and how great she looks. Then they followed it with a story about how you can lose 10 lb. in 10 days, “just in case” Jessica would like to. A**holes. I’m tired of the media picking on people for being normal and healthy.

  • hahahahaha

    Country Singer???? Hahahahahaha, yeah right!!

  • katie

    never liked her in a million years.

    so is tony romo crazy enough to date her?

    well his a loser athlete for sure. they perfect for each other.

  • thetruththetruth
  • to: over this

    #12, I am not a Jessica fan, but I don’t see anything wrong with her, and how can she crawl under a rock when she has a hugely successful shoe and purse line, and is a popular singer? She’s a busy girl.

  • kara

    Poor Jess can’t get a break from the ugly tabs. If it’s not her weight it’s her supposedly cheating bf. If I were Jess I’d move to Dubai, buy a palace & find me a handsome prince, lol. But back to issue at hand. I always hate those skinny women. They killed Karen Carpenter.

  • anonymous

    Iam sorry to disagree! I DO like Jessica but I think she looks AWFUL in the outfits I have seen her in ….in the last few days……if she wants the media and public to stop calling her fat then she had better start wearing clothes that look more flattering on full figures!
    Although she may not be “OBESE” she is well on her way….and when you carry this kind of weight you just cannot dress like she does and not be called out on it!
    I give her a big fat ZERO on a scale of one to ten one being worst…everyone is right she has got to change her outfit or else the negative remarks are going to keep flooding cannot dress like a w#$%e and expect to not hear about it!
    Jessica if you read this put on some flatterng clohtes for your full figure you are not daisy duke skinny anymore and what you wear does not do you justice at all!

  • shenanyginz

    the only problem i had with her weight gain was what she was wearing. I think she’s beautiful and all but the mom jeans didn’t flatter her. This however, flatters her. And I think she looks great

  • anonymous

    …..I hope she does not fart in those plastic pants or else she might burn a hole in them and then people are gonna talk!
    “fartin jess”! hahahahaha

  • Jen

    She is not fat.. She just wears unflattering clothes for her figure like previous people have mentioned…She is very pretty and she has the money, so I hope that girl, gets a stylist that knows how to work with her body so people can stop with this nonsense of talking about her weight!

  • anonymous

    ….there are other celebs that are heavy like jessica but they wear clothes that flatter their heaviness……if jessica wants people to stop making comments then has to stop wearing clothes that do not flatter the weight she has put on..and she has put on quite a few pounds!

  • Holly

    sorry everyone…she got chubby. boo hoo. She’ll be on the cover of Us magazine in 3 months telling us how she got her body back.

  • anonymous

    Now it makes sense why Tony never seems affectionate at all in most pix of them together….he is embarassed….not only does jessica s make ” comments” that make her look like a she dresses like on too!

  • fan

    Jess has a beautiful heart. That’s MORE important than beauty on the outside. Go, Jess!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    “PRETTY” I don’t know if we are looking at the same pictures but the ones I see are anything but “pretty” they are terrible and make jessica look worse than ever before

  • elanenergy

    Ok, this just confirms my suspicions….she’s doing the “fat thang” on purpose, because this outfit has been planned to be photographed ’cause it makes her look like a cow! Keeps her in the press and enables her to do the whole “slim down” publicity stills…..soon. Barf.

  • chelle b

    Has anyone thought that perhaps she is pregnant? I just read about Romo possibly cheating on her, and her still deciding to stay by his side. If those rumors are true….a big IF, why else would a woman choose to stick by a man she is not legally obligated to? And some men freak out when they find out they are going to become fathers.. and when they freak out like that they can make poor choices. I dont think Jessica is overweight by any means, i think her body looks healthy and you all are right by saying she just needs a new stylist.

  • Jenny

    I think Jessica is fine the way she is…love her. I think she does need a new stylist. Even this summer when she started promoting her new album, her clothes were not the most flattering. Being short and big chested (yes naturally) gaining just five pounds makes it look like 20 pounds on a taller person. She just needs to dress differently…that is why she looks smaller when we see her at airports in a sweater and jeans. She is not “stuffed” into an outfit that is too small for her. I think she is BEAUTIFUL anyway she dresses. I also think she is beautiful on the inside as well. Yes, I am a fan and do not know her personally.

  • Emily

    she is healthy looking and not skeleton like Angelina Jolie

  • size 2?

    that’s a size 2, really???? just how short is she?!! i’m not saying she is fat but there’s no way she’s a size 2 right now.

  • gjc

    Plump! And still very cute.

  • leah

    I’ve always felt bad for Jessica and Ashlee. You get a feeling their parents have been living through them, just like Britney and Jamie Lynn. She’s not very talented, but she has always been gorgeous. Still is

  • Daph

    she is very overrated.

  • Tealeaf

    Fat or not, she looks like White trash, she is probably is HAPPY for any extra PR

  • Tealeaf

    Fat or not, she looks like White trash, she is probably is HAPPY for any extra PR

  • JA



    Haters, back off!!! Jessica is looking curvy, fine & fab!

  • Regina

    Alot of celebs get called fat for weight gain, why is this so sad because it’s Ms. Joe Simpson in a Wig, big deal she will get over it

    Jessica clothes looks 80′s Dolly Parton..

  • Tina

    Poor Tony is having a rough yr

    He sucked on the field

    and Now his dream girl is being called Fat

    I bet Nick n Vanessa are having a good laugh

  • Jughed

    Yum. I wanna rest my hands on her legs like the arms of a leather sofa :)

  • belle

    She’s not fat, but insists on wearing the most unflattering clothes. She needs to recognize her body shape/type and dress appropriately instead of trying to squeeze into things that make her look like a sausage.

  • saudia

    she’s not fat .. the media is just ridiculous .. she’s gorgeous, not a great singer or “actress” lol but I still love her .. lay off


    All you people supporting her, I can assure you will be super skinny in no time, because she herself feels she is fat!! Everytime she puts on weight she loses it fast and furious. Most women are not meant to be super skinny, so when they stop starving themselves they will gain weight. Jessica needs to embrace the fact that she is not meant to be super skinny and enjoy her life.

  • Anita

    She just doesn’t get how to dress her fuller figure. Leather pants are not the way to go. I’d say she needs a stylist with some experience dressing a size 8 instead of one who only knows how to dress a size 0 or a size 2.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    all this attention because she’s heavy. LOL
    she’s fade away again. performing at taco bells around the states. lmaoooo

  • ag

    I hope she falls off the stage and breaks her fake nose, fake boobs, fake lips, and then dies.

  • mushienubz

    She can NOT dress at all!!!!!!!!!!

    She may not be “FAT” , but the clothes makes her look bigger and fat.

    She needs to give up on that singing….stupid Tony Romo…what a shame!!!

  • W

    I don’t care what anybody says, I think Jessica Simpson still looks amazing. Since when should people start judging others on their size? I mean she has an incredible voice isn’t it why she’s in this business? I sure hope people don’t start judging the Hollywood image based on appearance. Because Jessica’s voice could top that any day.