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John Mayer & Elmo Hug It Out

John Mayer & Elmo Hug It Out

Check out this new clip of John Mayer putting the squeeze on his red-furred friend Elmo in promotion of the upcoming PBS special Coming Home: Military Families Cope With Change.

The 31-year-old singer shared about his experience filming with the children’s television series. John wrote on his blog, “Of all the highlights in my career, I don’t know of one more sentimental than getting to walk through Sesame Street. Yes, there seems to be somebody always standing right below Elmo and his friends, mouthing along to everything they’re saying, but somehow I’m too filled with wonder to ever look at them. When you make contact with those big beautiful eyes, you’re done. Five years old again. Life is good.”

The Sesame Street special airs @ 8PM on April 1 on PBS.

John Mayer & Elmo Hug It Out
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  • T

    I thought Elmo was washed up, I guess he is making a comeback.

  • a total fan

    Elmo is not blond.

  • whatever

    Elmo probably threw up after this.

  • Sam


  • a total fan

    It is cute though. And I like that they are bringing awareness to Military children.

  • sophie

    Aw this is absolutely adorable!

  • sari

    They are having an affair. I am SURE of it!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The latest “DESPERATE” scream for reckognition, folks?

  • Dav

    This is damage control to try and clean up his douche bag image. Jen’s pr team are hoping this will help get people to watch that douche bag’s TV show. I hope that show bomb. Mayer is a phony pig that only care about fame that’s why he is with Jen.

  • k

    Seriously, Jennifer Aniston sleeps with this guy?

  • teri

    He’s still a douche.

  • Katherine

    I saw that clip and his acting was awful but the pr team will lie about it.
    He and Jen just put out junk and let the pr team hype it up.
    Mayer was better when he was into music not kissing Jen’s a$$.
    This turd don’t care about children. He is using them just like he use Jen.

  • Pat

    He is so ugly. I would not want to spend 1 minute looking at that face. Mayer acting really does stink.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, “The Serpent”

  • Lewis

    I didn’t like his clip either. I believe he and Jen are so over. JM is acting like they are still together because the paps will not follow him without Jen.

  • Maggie

    I thought it was cute.

  • maggie

    This is for the troop’s families. No sides should be taken here. Nice of him.

  • Nina

    Love John…… cute!

  • isabella

    John is so handsome, lucky Jen!

  • Kayla

    ahhh, how sweet of John, love him

  • angel

    he’ s sooooooooooooo hot with the most beautiful voice i have ever heard. he’s a very talented guy.

  • angel

    john and jen make a very hot couple i love these two together, i love his music he’s such a nice guy.

  • SOD

    Aww, that was adorable! The more I see of John the more I like him.

  • jo

    i want to see him married to JA and have 6 kids …..i think JA is not able to get pregnant.

  • lizzie

    I cant see what women like in him, if he wouldnt be famous, so full of make up, he wouldnt look interesting at all

  • ellie

    I Love John and think its great there bringing awareness to military children..

  • elanenergy

    I can’t find ANY interesting men out here in the real world….John Mayer seems very cool to me….even tho I didn’t really like his Casanova ways….so many men take that path in their youth. Maybe he’s growing up???

  • anom

    who done that laugh first…i can hear it ….lol….
    ohhh…tht was so awesome…. godd vid ever

  • gds

    Barf!!! Elmo can do so much better!

  • alekziel

    The right choice for Maniston. LOL

  • blondie

    I hope that Jen and John learn to take one day at a time,
    enjoy each other while they are together,
    and just have a nice time of it,
    while they do last.

    One day will turn into the next,
    and each day will lead to another one.

    I hope that they have a lot of smiles to share
    with each other, and lots of warm hugs,
    and sweet caresses. What more is there,
    when all is said and done????

  • me

    very cute. I love elmo.

  • TiannaDylan

    Can John scream for more attention??? Nauseating.

  • jaye

    If only he was as cerebral, witty and amusing as he thinks he is.

  • Jill

    Between Aniston and Elmo, I think Mayer would rather hug Elmo.

  • Cami

    Lol, I agree Elmo can do so much better. Now that was funny-John Mayer not!

  • mariah martin

    Okay, wow, some of you people are such jerks! There’s nothing wrong with him and you cannot deny the fact that if he hugged you, you’d go all crazy.

  • mariah martin

    Okay, wow, some of you people are such jerks! There’s nothing wrong with him and you cannot deny the fact that if he hugged you, you’d go all crazy.

  • Cami

    This douche bag is doing this for attention. Can’t stand the way he use people. I’ll be glad when Jen get a better man.

  • Yuck

    He has an ugly, smug looking countenance. I don’t think Jen is that pretty herself, but she can do a lot better than this douchbag. She must have low self-esteem to be settling for JM. To go from Brad Pitt to John Mayer is trading down big time!

  • Angel

    Awww, that was cute!!!

  • Lucy

    This is like putting scum low life with children. Yuck

  • Tina

    The big jerk is John Mayer. He is a conceded narcasisst hore for publicity. He should stop believing his own hype.

  • melissa

    This is so cute, I love John Meyer. I am loving him with Jennifer, they are hot.

  • greg

    Honestly that was dry.

  • greg

    What I don’t understand is why would he try to make fun of Brad Pitt. Just because Jen tell him to. Strange he just is very stupid. I don’t think a real man would have had any part of that. Looks more and more like Mayer is gay.

  • bella

    Wow both are equally as annoying. . .but somehow I feel sorry for Elmo.

  • Paige

    Sad how he let’s Jen tell him to pick on B/A and does it.
    I use to think John was better than than that. Sad to find on he is not.
    I don’t find him funny. He is just as bitter as Jennifer Aniston.

  • finalcount

    john mayer is still a Casanova that is why he is letting folks think they broke up so he can bother with other women.she’s not his girl she’s his booty call.she’s so desperate shell do whateva

  • Hoodie

    John is soo cute! I love him no matter how many A-list hearts he breaks.