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Michelle Williams: Coffee Run Regular

Michelle Williams: Coffee Run Regular

Michelle Williams takes her daughter Matilda, 3, for their regular coffee run during an early morning stroll to their neighborhood cafe in Brooklyn, New York on Friday (January 30).

An out-of-court deal was recently reached in a lawsuit over Heath Ledger‘s $10 million life insurance policy. A lawyer for the actor had sued ReliaStar Life Insurance company, claiming it was refusing to pay death benefits to his daughter Matilda. ReliaStar had refused to honor the policy because it asserted that Heath‘s death could have been a suicide. Details of the settlement are being kept confidential.

10+ pictures inside of coffee run regular Michelle Williams

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michelle williams coffee run 09
michelle williams coffee run 10

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  • Janie

    Michelle is beautiful and talented! She seems like such a sweet person, and that little girl is adorable! I feel bad that the paps, are posting but she is a cutie!


    Guess what after the lawyer takes half of the money and taxes.. Matilda
    will end up with next to nothing… It is nice that they are posting and that
    Matilda and Michelle lead a normal life…!! Nothing to special…

    Wonder why it is kept confidental…Maybe because there isn’t any .?

  • laura

    Matilda is the spitting image of her father. She’s a beautiful little girl. Michelle is a lovely woman.

  • thetruththetruth
  • elanenergy

    Gosh this photo hurts….and makes me smile. Little Matilda is the spittin’ image of her daddy (so adorable) and her mother appears to be giving her a very “normal” childhood. Blessings to this tiny family.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    #%. Could NOT agree with you more. Away from Hollywood and all the ‘fake’ ‘caca’ that goes on there. Good for Michelle!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Ooops! Sorry, I meant #5!! Could NOT agree with you more. Away from Hollywood and all the ‘fake’ ‘caca’ that goes on there. Good for Michelle!

  • alex

    She lives 3 blocks away from me. Why can’t the paparazzi stay away from Brooklyn?!

  • LolaSvelt

    Why is it whenever there is a topic about her, there’s always comments saying: “She is the spitting image of her Daddy”. Not only has everyone already acknowledged that, you’re also being painfully patronising.

  • M&M

    Matilda’s jacket is dirty. She’s so cute, I think she’s gonna be cool when she grows up like her dad. :)

  • laura

    Because I’ve never seen a child who looks like their parent so much as Matilda, #9.

  • Anon

    The paparrazzi go where the money is. A lot of celebrities have moved to Brooklyn, so the paps come to Brooklyn. If you notice, whenever something is going on that brings celebs into NYC, then they leave Brooklyn alone. There is usuallya lot more money to be made in Manhattan. I will say that since Heath is nominated for and winning awards, and we just observed the first anniversary of his death, there were no recent pictures of MAtilda. So that is probably why. These are the first of the New Year, I think. At least the first since he’s won Golden Globe and SAG and there haven’t been anypictures inthe days leading up to January 22nd, when he died and was also nominated for an Oscar.


    When he died last year .. It would be nice for Michelle to have publicity
    with out her EX BOYFRIEND WHO SHE BROKEUP WITH IN SEPT BEFORE HIS DEATH… EVERY TIME we have to see how he died..
    life goes on with out him you know.. Is he a god that no one can touch
    and that he is not in the memorial of people who passed away last year as if he isn’t dead.!! Every time we see Michelle it is all about Heath ..I would rather know about her than her selfish dead EX BOYFRIEND!


    Yes M & M be like her father.. kill herself.. with an overdose of pills..
    Why not be like her mother.. who after all is taking care of her..!!



  • t

    Matilda is growing up fast.

  • jess

    WOW! Matilda is getting so big. She’s def seems tall for a 3 year old!

  • saudia


  • slambang

    God bless little Matilda! Her mom is raising her right, letting her be a kid and not trotting her all over the place like *some* celebrities do to their kids. Heath is surely smiling down on his precious little girl!

  • slambang

    Becky – First of all, this ISN’T a photo op. You’re confusing Michelle Williams with Brangelina and TomKat. Secondly, unless you knew Heath personally, you have no right to claim he was “selfish”!

    Heath forever!
    God bless Little Matilda!

  • dancer

    cute baby but the MOM IS A USER AND COLD WITCH

  • snowy

    well slambang Brangelina and Tomkat does not threat and sue their fans unlike this twit. Her recent movies Wendy and Lucy,Deception all got bad reviews and were all box office poison.

  • Hoodie

    Michelle is a Super-Mom!

  • catlin

    where is SPIKE JONZE??????? I thaught she moves on already.

  • elanenergy

    Becky, I think you need therapy.

  • Leonardo

    What is the difference between doing a photo op or simply stepping out in public, #19?

    Not Michelle Williams, TomKat or Brangelina pimps out their kids.

    How could you say that, #20?

  • anna

    Is that michelle’s sister behind her with the dark hair? they have the same face!

  • Jennifer

    I can’t wait for Heath to win the Oscar. He deserves it! I’m glad he will finally be recognized!

  • Lissa

    Matilda is Heath’s little girl CLONE. Wow!

  • Hlfan

    To Becky Smith, if you had to call one of them selfish, you may have chosen the wrong one!!!! Heath is beloved pretty much by the majority of the world, and her – she’s best known as his former finance.

  • Lisa #2….

    Becky Smith? I don’t understand what you are getting at?? You don’t make sense in what you are writing?

    Michelle has lots of obstacles ahead in raising Matilda. It has to be hard on her as well knowing that she has to guard Matilda all the time from the paps. I think she does a wonderful job keeping things “real” for Matilda and having to deal with the death of her daughters father. Matilda doesn’t understand at her age that her dad was a famous actor and what he did for a living? She probably doesn’t understand that he died of an overdose whether it was an accident or not? All she knows is that her dad is gone and that she misses him. As time goes by, and she is getting older she will start to understand how the world cared for her father as much as they did.

    I think that the entertainment world respects Heath as an actor who was on the brink of becoming one of the younger actors on the rise of becoming very famous for the roles he has taken in movies. He was also known for picking roles that were not necessarily the “good guy” and would choose controversial people which would really show his wide range of different roles. It is sad anytime someone dies, but he had so much going for him with what seemed like a wonderful career ahead of him and not to mention a daughter that he adored.

  • paulina



  • sj

    matildas such a cutie! looks like shes a fan of dora :)

    love michelles new hair as well.

  • ggg

    Love them as much as I loved Heath Ledger =(

  • tm

    Matilda is not pretty.

  • Maritza

    Michelle is beautiful, although she seems to be a shy and quiet person. I bet she would rather disappear amongst the crowd, she doesn’t like the attention. Now that Matilda is going to receive all that money from insurance, Michelle is really going to have walk around with bodyguards.

  • mlk

    #10 I’ve also noticed that Matilda’s clothes have been dirty in other pictures.

  • angelia

    #10 and #36 If the child was playing in the snow or anywhere outside, her clothes are going to be a little dirty. That’s childhood. I’d like to see how you keep a 3 year old clean 24 hours a day.

  • tm

    Why does Michelle always look so miserable? And I’ve noticed this even way before Heath’s death.

  • Anon

    You know, it never ceases to amaze me how people seem to think that Heath Ledger was the only selfish one in this situation. He made some bad choices, yes, no question. However, do some of you honestly think that MW was clueless??? Please. Please. Please. He admitted that he liked to party long BEFORE she got pregnant. I’m sure she knew about it. The nerve of her, to then later try to limit his contact with Matilda. Heath Ledger may not have been perfect, but one thing is certain, he loved his daughter more than anyone else, and not being able to see her would have been excrutiating.

  • Anon

    Obviously, I meant excruciating.

  • lily

    Anon – What do you even mean, Michelle restricted his contact with Matilda? She had main custody of their daughter. Because.. y’know, thats what happens with people separate. Obviously..

  • Peach

    so cute!!

  • Hannah

    Matilda is absolutely adorable! Love them!

  • http://none stella

    I know this is cliched, but she is THE spitting image of her father. she must remind michelle of him a lot. shes darling, nice to see how cheerful she is.

  • http://none stella

    I know this is cliched, but she is THE spitting image of her father. she must remind michelle of him a lot. shes darling, nice to see how cheerful she is.

  • http://none stella

    I know this is cliched, but she is THE spitting image of her father. she must remind michelle of him a lot. shes darling, nice to see how cheerful she is.

  • http://none stella

    wow, nice to see all the kind comments here. SERIOUSLY, guys? SERIOUSLY? its been a year and you’re still bickering over their relationship? you guys are pathetic losers.


    Congradulations, Heath up in heaven for winning the Oscar. You worked hard and deserved it.

    A big fan Dennis

    Wish you where still here.

  • Cocoapie

    People seem to be degrading Brooklyn, Michelle is extremely smart to be raising Matilda in Brooklyn, more space, a lot least expensive and again more space. A brownstone, in Brooklyn compare to a small apartment in the city. Plenty of peole, famous people live and have more privacy in Brooklyn. The person degrading the fact that people keep mentioning that Matilda looks like the spitting image of her father, and complaining about it. I call it a blessing, because in my eyes, that is all that Michelle and Heath’s family has left, from Heath is Matilda, a much deeper blessing, that she really does look like him. MUAH!