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Bar Refaeli is a Hurley Bikini Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Hurley Bikini Babe

Bar Rafaeli is getting people buzzing with her sexy new ad campaign for surf company Hurley.

The 23-year-old Israeli model says of the experience via People, “I had a blast at the shoot! It hardly felt like work! Yu Tsai is an amazing photographer and I am trust him completely to make beautiful pictures…Between the concept, photographer and the Hurley clothes, it was a match made in heaven.”

If you missed it, watch Bar behind the scenes of her Hurley campaign.

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Photos: Yu Tsai
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    She is insanely beautiful, and her body is perfection.

  • lakers fan in boston

    nice body ugly face
    she’s still pretty much overrated tbh

  • stela

    she is sooooooooooooooo stupid

  • nice

    If you think se’s ugly you need glasses. I’d like to look like her any day…

  • nice

    Who cares if she’s stupid, she’s a model, not a scientist!

  • Freda

    Her face looks quite scary.. and her body is not that great either without photoshopping.

    And JJ, you already posted a similar content like this a while ago, there’s no need for repetitions.

    PS Can you pose other models who are really gorgeous and successful on their respective careers instead of this fugly boring model who imo, wouldn’t be getting recognitions or ad campaigns without dating leo.

  • dundies

    um, im pretty sure i see prettier girls walking down the streets wth

  • stela

    i saw on tmz a video with her and leo.and she is hiding her face.but she is doing that only when she is with him.when she is alone,she over expose herself.all she want from leo is to get attention.i almost hate her.she is such a hypocrite

  • dammmn

    stela @ 01/31/2009 at 12:16 pm she is sooooooooooooooo stupid
    yeah coz when you MODEL, you attract people by how smart you are! lmao!
    freaking hater!

    Rafaeli is sooooooooooooooo hot! look at her body! damn!

  • doutzen

    If she’s freakin hot and beautiful, why isn’t she a topmodel until now? why isn’t she doing any runway shows or famous/high fashion/respectable ads?or covers/editorials for fashion magazines?

    IMO, she will be always known as leo’s gf or ex other than a model.. sorry

  • kate

    Justjared why you post about her ?
    you are so stupid , she sleep with you for that you speak about her? you are the only site which speak about her when she is not with her Fake Boyfriend

    ugly face , ugly body and ugly boobs = ugly girl

  • JLS

    Leo definately traded up.

  • Leo

    Stela, you don’t almost hate Bar, you hate her guts. Psycho.

  • kate

    i think when she go out whith Leo she call paps

    people who say that Leo and her are a real couple are so stupid

  • camerondiaztwin

    Bar has a great body; anyone with no bias has to admit that.

    Which is why I wonder why in HELL they chose this shot. It’s hideous beyond words. She looks like an animal, FCOL.

    Oh, and JJ – it’s kinda hard to miss when you beat us over the head with snippets about the two-bit runway model desperately seeking supermodel status. Don’t try the disingenous route, hon – it only makes you sound more irritating.

  • jen


    i’d like to know what her parents think about the fact that leo isn’t jew..

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    KATE, why do you think that bar is leo’s FACKE girlfriend, why do you think leo will want everyone to know he has a girlfriend if he dont have???????? leo looooooooooves his praivecy he will never be with someone for the media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    leo his not so stupid to have a facke girlfriend!!!!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose


  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    they are 100% REAL COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @lisa rose

    Bar must really appreciate your efforts..

  • Natalie

    I love all the haters, people are JEALOUS!

    I would kill to have a body like hers, she’s undeniably gorgeous.

  • camerondiaztwin

    I find it so curious that anyone who dislikes her – and with legitimate reasons that have been repeatedly posted here – we’re accused of jealousy.

    This must be Bar’s mommy, posting under multiple names. I mean, it’s one thing to be a fan of hers and bothered by those who don’t like her. But to accuse ANYONE who dislikes her of jealousy? That’s not only nutty, it borders on pathological.

  • abbie

    THANKS JARED for another great shot of Bar!!! She is sooo gorgeous. Nice to see a happy, healthy young woman like her modeling for Hurley!

    Leo and Bar have both successful careers and they make a stunning couple!

  • anthony

    pretty face and a perfect body, nice!

  • Amiee

    Hey Jen Bar’s parents don’t care about Leo not being a Jew because they’re self-hating Jews just like Bar is. They hate their religion and country. That is why they are reviled and hated in Israel. Bar is a disgusting person inside and out. No class, morals, ehtics or values.

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    I’M NOT BAR’S MOMMY, I JUST NOT JEALOUSE IN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVES HER, AND LEO TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but the most funny comment here is kate’s comment: fake couple for three years (lol)!

  • Amiee

    Leo is fat and disgusting and Bar’s an average looking girl. What’s there to be jealous about?

  • Amiee

    They’re a “real” couple based only on sex. No sex no relationship for Leo and Bar.

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    STOOOOOOOP with all this LAIS already jealousy haters!!!!!!!!!!!
    what its gives to you??????????

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose


  • Amiee

    Ooh you can practically see Bar’s vajayjay. Yuck! What a classy broad. LOL!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    AMIEE, belive me that i realy dont know why they are so jealouse but they tottaly are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    its unposible to hate someone you dont know and didnt did to you somthing from any other resean!!!!!!!!!

  • kate

    #17 : Leo is not so stupid for has a stupid, ugly ,hypocrite … girlfriend

    #21 : im not jealous and i think they are a fake couple (i don’t care what bar’s fan think (they are bar’s family i think) )
    im not jealous of bar , i think my body is better , i have real boobs , im not skinny ( without her fake boobs i think she looks more skinny ), im not fat , and i think my face is more pretty

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    weh i’m sure lolololololololololololol

  • lola

    there is nothing special about her, she’ has a great body ok, but there is better!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    but kate, now honestly, you can explain me (in a nice way) why you dont like her/hate her (if its not from jealousy) and meybe i will fainelly understend yours feelings and point, cus i realy think that you hate her way too much for a celebrity and its realy looks like you allways trying to makes everyone hates her so you mades alot of things about her and her family and its the realy the ugliest thing to do (even if you hate her), why do you af to comment about her all the time if you hate her so much? please explain this to me, honestly,without attact!

  • kate

    #37 : i don’t like her because many models are more wonderful than her but they are not famous because they don’t have a famous boyfriend ( i don’t said ” fake boyfriend” you are happy ? lol :) ) , bar was a little famous in israel before Leo but since she is with him she do more campaign and ads (but a little more , it means that almost nobody want her) , she entered a sham marriage to avoid service in the IDF , in somes interviews she said that she/famous people are more important than “normal” people , she is an arrogant, hypocrite, rudeness … person and she just want one things : to be famous (But she will never become famous because it’s since 3 years she is Leo’s girlfriend ( no comment ) and she doesn’t almost make campaigns and ads )

  • katarina

    When Bar reading our comments she just smile!. She dont care what we are think about her!. And Leo also..!. Belive me…….

  • sally

    sorry i think that leo deserves someone better than Bar like Ali Larter, she is beautiful and i think that thay will make a hot couple.

  • cindy

    yes your right sally, Ali larter is better than Bar, I think that leo and ali will be perfect even they are not together in real life. but if somethere they will, i pretty sure that they will compare angelina jolie and brad pitt

  • bridget

    Her body is very nice.. her face is very forgettable.

  • french

    #40 : we don’t care about Ali Later (and stop posting with different names #40 = #41)
    bar is ugly (as always)
    #38 : i think you are right

  • @justjared

    Why do you keep on posting about this mediocre model? Is it because she is the gf of leo?

    Oh please there are other models who are far beautiful and have sophisticated campaigns than this fameho. Gosh when are you going to stop posting about this girl who is not only a topmodel wannabe as well as so irritating in the face department to look at.


  • french

    #44 : i think it’s because justjared is so stupid and he find that bar is hot or maybe she paid him

  • merel

    I think justjared is one of the only few who finds bar hot and gorgeous..LOL

    IMO nobody in the real fashion industry cares about this girl. She’s more of a men’s magazine model, no class at all for runways and hifashion designers.

  • Jordan

    Bar is so pretty !
    thanx for this post.

    it’s unbelievable, so much jealousy !
    I don’t get it?
    Why is it that hard to give a good word?
    So she’s not a runway model, so what?
    She is doing other stuff.
    and i must say, pretty damn GOOD!

    Go Bar!

  • who am i?

    I think they got her a bikini that is one or two sizes too small, from the looks of it. Interesting that the only shoots this girl does are those that have her looking provocative and have her half dressed. Sad that she can’t get a decent modeling job, one that doesn’t make her act like a whore for attention and money….

  • alicia

    absolutely gorgeous!
    I bet all the haters here are fat and bitter, you cant deny that she is STUNNING

  • Kimberly

    She’s got a great body, like her or not. She’s got curves…what a concept…