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Jake Gyllenhaal is Fedora Fresh

Jake Gyllenhaal is Fedora Fresh

Jake Gyllenhaal keeps warm in a fedora and scarf at the 24th Annual Santa Barbara Film Festival held at The Arlington Theatre on Friday (January 30) in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The 28-year-old actor joined came out to support David Fincher, who was honored as the “Director In Residence”. He directed Jake in the 2007 crime drama Zodiac. Taraji P. Henson was also in attendance, who was directed by Fincher in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

10+ pictures inside of fedora fresh Jake Gyllenhaal

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jake gyllenhaal fedora 01
jake gyllenhaal fedora 02
jake gyllenhaal fedora 03
jake gyllenhaal fedora 04
jake gyllenhaal fedora 05
jake gyllenhaal fedora 06
jake gyllenhaal fedora 07
jake gyllenhaal fedora 08
jake gyllenhaal fedora 09
jake gyllenhaal fedora 10

Credit: Tonya Wise/London Ent; Photos: Michael Tran/FilmMagic, SplashNewsOnline
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  • anja

    he’s channeling someone i will not mention but i’m sure others will be quick to point out and insult jake about. oh well.

  • Julia

    he is soooo serious… where is his smile? seems he looks sad all the time

  • shave the beard

    OMG no midget! Thank you!

  • jo

    lots of guys copying brad pitt … wearing scraft and hat ….

  • Ivana

    He turn into something quite different… is it influence of Reese or Heath death i don’ t know… but the truth is, that he look so serious…. like someone squeeze all energy from him.
    And his style…. i don’t like it… he look so much older…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    With baja we DISMANTLLE F*GG*TS, folks!!

  • Anon

    Ivana look elsewhere and you will see plenty of pics of Jake looking very happy and having a laugh at the David Fincher do,

  • Ivana

    Hi Anon i saw that pics.. he looks happy, but i thing that pics are old one, when they shoot Zodiac together… but maybe i am wrong… i don’t know.
    I want old Jake and his smile and i miss Heath :)))

  • Chuck

    very stylish

  • lizzie

    I agree with number 4 ! Brad gave a new trend.

  • Anon

    Ivana those pics were from last night, go to GB or IHJ they have some of Jake signing autographs.

  • Hortensia

    What a self-centered queen. I bet this was one photographer he didn’t kick in the shins. Come take my picture and make me beautiful. I want my fans to adore me. Aren’t I beautiful? Look at my eyes. Look at my perfect face. Look at my nifty hat. Looky me. Looky me. Oh, Im so haaaaandsooooome it hurts.

  • Smile

    Hiding behind fauxmance with Reese Witherspoon is taking it’s toll.

  • aime

    jo @ 01/31/2009 at 4:04 am lots of guys copying brad pitt …


    Well not really a look you would want to copy.

    by the way, you said guys… jake is the first guy kinda looking a bit like brad with the scarf and hat. but then again, not like brad invented the scarf and hat

    not a good look on brad at all. but jake can pull it of.

  • lea

    maybe its just cold, thats why he put on the scarf.

    maybe guys in hollywood dont care about style so much anymore, when it comes to their health. if its cold, its cold and you should wear a scarf when you are out.

    and is has nothing to do with stealing brads look. cause brad is putting on a hat and scarf to hide from something. or so it seems.

    and he doesnt pull it of like jack does now; jack does this clean look and with brad it looks dirty.

  • Ivana

    Just saw a pics on GB, you are right…. he is smiling :))) But these on JJ are so serious…

  • Hortensia

    Thank you thank you silly fans of mine. I knew that if I got myself photographed looking gorgeous by a sweet photographer you’d forget what a douche I really am. As I said I love to get into bed with myself every night, look at me in the mirror on the ceiling, have a wonderful orga*m, and then go to sleep and dream about having s*x with myself all night long. I wake up feeling so satisfied in the morning, ready for another day of looking beautiful and spitting on any pap who takes my picture when I am not ready for my close up. Someday when they remake Sunset Blvd., I’d like to play Norma Desmond.

  • Hmmm

    This is the “old hollywood” look. Don’t give BP credit for it, please. I’m not sure Jake carries it off well. But it’s obvious he’s out for a role that requires this kind of gravitas as opposed to the almost clownish extremism of “Prince of Persia.” Have to say, I’m not liking him as much since he spit on a photographer and then kicked one the next day. I mean, it was ONE photographer each day, not a herd. I guess photogs are fine when he’s with the female unit, RW, but not otherwise. Does he realize that the timing on this behavior only adds fuel to the talk about showmance? Tsk, tsk.

  • Chloe

    Brad didn’t invent the scarf and hat look, for heaven’s sakes. Many male stars have been sporting hats and scarves for years. I have to say, though, that this look doesn’t suit Jake. He looks like he got into grandpa’s closet and is playing dress-up.

  • blooky

    This style is stolen form Colin!

    nor Brad

  • teri

    I like Jake he’s cool and so is Reese.

  • teri

    I like Jake he’s cool and so is Reese.

  • LEO

    I believe I read where his parents are getting a divorce. His career has been a bit stagnant. I don’t know if he was that friendly with Heath, but I can bet it has affected him. He does seem sad.

  • malibusunrise

    Christian Bale called and he wants his brows back.

  • teri

    Jake ended up lifting his leg and pushing it backwards to get the tmz camera guy off his a**. A little to close for comfort if you as me, besides Jake was there for Jury selection duty. TMZ paps are jerks, way to aggressive. Sorry for the double post above.

  • slambang

    #12 – You’re an idiot.

    Jake looks very good here; serious, but handsome as always. And I highly doubt he is trying to “copy” anyone.

    Love you, Jake!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sassy

    Show me one bad picture of Jake…there aren’t any. This guy is one of the most handsome guys in Hollywood, damn!!!!!!!!!! Reese is way too crunky for you Jake, go for a hotter mama without kids. She has a square body and is an old school marm!

  • g


  • Lori

    Why is Jake channelling Heath’s spirit? Heath used to wear the SAME exact hat before he died. The same exact one! I also noticed the purple stripes from the other day. Very Heathian. And Heath just loved his sweater beanies on his head. (In truth, Jake used to wear them beforehand but now he’s wearing them constantly).

    Did Jake inherit some of Heath’s clothes?

  • jess


    He looks like such a self loving tool here.

  • Sara

    He’s so cuteeeee! <3

  • Maritza

    Trim your eyebrows Jake! Smile, it doesn’t cost you anything!

  • Anon

    Sheesh. Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey, Jr, Ron Howard, . just to name a few, all like to sport a chapeau now and again. So what? And Jake is in the video with Jamie Foxx wearing a hat! Nothing sinister, no ulterior motive. He is just going thru a “hat” phase.

    For the record: he didn’t spit AT a photographer, or KICK one. Quit spreading false rumors when anyone who wants the truth can go look at the video! The dummy ran into jake as he was rushing to get thru the door, to get into his jury duty before the lady came and locked him out. If he’d been locked out he would have had to start over!

    I saw that video and Jake didn’t kick anyone. The people who think he did are not Jake fans anyway. There are too many negative insects and trolls coming on this board, jared, and it isn’t so fun any more. I am not going to agree by staying silent. I am going to make sure you rotten people know you are spotted.

  • mvbb

    The difference is he looks like a doofus in that hat. He certainly did spit at and kick at paparazzi. Saying he didn’t doesn’t make it true no matter how many times his number one fan tries to change history.

  • jess

    LOL I am so scared of Anon #34 spotting me!! Help Jared!

  • bad influence

    Yep he spit at and kicked the 2 paps. And no matter how fancy he can dress in these pics and smile for camera, it doesn’t make up for it. Jake has changed too much with his bearding and association with Reese. Used to like and respect him a lot but it’s fading fast.

  • um

    Jake is smiling. He looks sharp here. I think this type of look is to get away from the teen queens who gush and all that. he’s a grown man and wants to convey that message.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    Question. Why does every guy that dates Reese Witherspoon look seriously angry or pissed off after spending time with her?

    I suspect that she is a serious professional nag and party pooper.

  • 78

    Crazy eyebrows.

  • Meli

    Sorry Anon(34), but you have no right to imposse your opinion on everybody else, the fact that people don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean they are parasites, give your opinion, but respect others. I think Jke has lost a lot of fans since going out with Reese as he has changed a lot and is not the same funny and charming guy he used to be, he always looks miserable and is become quite rude. If he carries on like that his movies are going to suck and he’ll lose even more fans. Also, he doesn’t pull that look too well, that suits someone older like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, all those you mentioned before, he is only 28.

  • charlie brown

    The hat makes him look like he has a giant pumpkin head.

  • Tony

    That look doesn’t suit him at all, it makes him look 10 years younger and ridiculous, it might be in fashion, but it doesn’t suit everybody, it’s defo not for him.

  • Tony

    I meant, it makes him look 10 years OLDER, sorry, pressed the key before amending it.

  • Ronald

    In my opinion his stylist got it wrong this time as that look is more for bohemian actors, Colin farrel, Johnny Depp,….JG doesn’t even go out. I think clothes is away of expressing yourself, they say a lot about your personality, in this case they don’t. I think he looks uncomfortable in that outfit.

  • asdf

    That’s Colin Farrell style for sure…he used to wears his fedora since about 4 years ago…

  • carson kressy

    The formal suit with the boho scarf and the too small hat is a weird combo. Who dressed him the men’s department at JC Penny?

  • Amanda

    #45 I agree with you, it’s easy to tell when someone is wearing something they don’t want to wear. I think this look is not Jake at all, he looks tense and not comfortable with himself at all.

  • Amanda

    Yes, it suits Colin farrell really well as that’s him, clothes are a very personal thing and Colin looks good on that , but I don’t think is JG style at all. Look at him, he looks as if he can’t wait to get home and get rid of the hat and the whole suit. People look better when they are comfortable with what they are wearing. I wouldn’t let anybody pick my clothes for me, no way.

  • teri

    I’ve seen the video and a tmz pap was yelling like a girl saying he assulted me, he assulted me did you see him. What a wuss, omg grow some balls dude. Jake was actually pushing him off him from behind, I don’t blame him at all. Not Jakes fault the pap was trying to feel him up. He shouldn’t have ran into Jake!

  • bp

    Jake looks old and he never looks really happy; even when laughing or smiling for the cameras his eyes give him away. His eyes have a dead quality to him, and yet they used to be one of his best features.

    It’s sad to see the toll the closet and bearding with Reese has taken on him. First it was dressing like a bum, then looking miserable, now lashing out at paps. What’s next?