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Michael Phelps Smokes Bong

Michael Phelps Smokes Bong


Swimming champ Michael Phelps smokes from a bong during a weekend filled with smoking weed and chugging booze, reports UK’s News Of The World.

“You could tell Michael had smoked before,” the paper’s source revealed. “He grabbed the bong and a lighter and knew exactly what to do. He looked just as natural with a bong in his hands as he does swimming in the pool. He was the gold medal winner of bong hits. Michael ended up getting a little paranoid, though, because before too long he looked like he was nervous and ran out of the place.”

The 23-year-old Olympic champion’s team reportedly tried to bribe NOTW not to run this bong picture because the Olympic champion could potentially lose all of his endorsement deals. Phelps has won a record 14 gold medals.

If you don’t believe the picture is really of Phelps, check out the pics below of Phelps at various events last year. He’s wearing the same blinged out croc-skin watch on his left wrist as in the bong picture.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Michael Phelps smoking from a bong? Have you lost respect for the Olympic champ?


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michael phelps smoking bong 02
michael phelps smoking bong 03
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Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty; Photos: Barry Brecheisen/Wireimage, Shane Gritzinger/Filmmagic
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  • steph

    it doesnt even look like him!

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn this dude loves to party, u can tell he’s a party person =]
    the secret to 8 gold medals is smoking weed kiddies =D

  • Sarah

    Okay, this is not Michael.

  • melissa

    This is not Michael, this guy has a lot of muscle, this was supposedly taking last November, he was not that muscular then. This is a BS picture.

  • Bob S.

    does not even look like him. really jared? don’t post things that will start rumors. i know you didn’t even write this but please spare us.

  • lakers fan in boston

    awww really????
    damn i was hoping that was michael, he would be even cooler if he was smoking =[

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …..if that’s him.. who cares?! lmbao `weed’s like – blah

  • lalala

    Hate the guy but that’s definitely not him.

  • Nancy

    the guy won 8 medals. i say let him smoke whatever he wants, haha!

  • lola

    it’s him. u can’t tell by the ears. he has groovy ears.
    he smokes bong. big deal!??

  • lo

    Well if it IS him, I now have MORE respect for him. haha.

  • Jennie

    i have lost some respect, but not all. i mean he is really talented…but thats hugely disappointing that he does that :(

  • melisa


    who cares.

  • lexi

    it doesn’t really look like him, but if it is well, i think i’ve lost a little respect, because he IS a role model whether he likes it or not, to a lot of young people, but he is also aloud to have fun and if that’s his version of fun then so be it, to each his own, just don’t bring the bong to London, 2012

    oh, and lola #10 a lot of people have “groovy ears” so just because a guy has big ears doesn’t mean it’s him

  • yuracunt

    So he’s not only ugly he’s now a loser. It figures though.

  • Abby

    Congratulations, Michael. This picture just lost you millions of dollars in endorsements.

  • Ellenn

    i’m not disappoint, nor have i lost any respect for him ..
    i’m not even surprised about this . o-o
    let the guy live his life ..

  • Britt

    who cares it probably Hookah

  • Lindsay kate

    hey everyone!

  • debra77

    If it is him I am sad to say that I am not surprised. Role model are few and far between. In today society we celebrate people doing this kind of thing.. Several comments state as much. We want the flaws. We want them to be not so perfect. I just think we have gotten to the point that people need to find their role models in other places. They need to perhaps look to themselves and not to others. I don’t like this at all if it is him. It will tarnish his wins.. You never saw Mark Spitz doing this kind of shit. But that was another time.. And we as PEOPLE were much different. Oh well…

  • Just Jared

    Put your glasses on people, it’s him.

  • melisa

    look at the watch people! jeez.

  • asdfghjkl

    i really dont think its him

  • Rayt

    I dont really care, he can do what he wants


  • dundies

    it doesnt even look like him

    phelps is that you???? lmao doesnt look like him my ass

  • dundies

    it’s him. u can’t tell by the ears.

    LOL i started to choke on my water when i read this

  • ERin

    Who care about the weed? I’m more concerned that he’s a role model wearing a truly hideous watch.

  • dundies

    just because a guy has big ears doesn’t mean it’s him

    are people f-ukin MENTAL?


  • Jay

    Please, weed is nothing. Its far better than drinking, in my opinion.
    Who cares.

  • Dieter

    Love it !!!

  • Rae

    First of all- that doesnt even look like him

    Seocnd of all- You’re all a bunch of Programmed, brainwashed ROBOTS if you think Cannabis is harmful & dangerous.

    If he was drinking a beer, nobody would say anything (even though ALCOHOL is responsible for the most deaths through alcohol poisening to DRUNK DRIVING)…but if hes smoking some WEED (which can not KILL you, nor makes you go CRAZY), then hes a bad guy!

    Whoever is “OUTRAGED” over this needs to really do some RESEARCH. Cannabis is not completely HARMLESS, but I will tell you 1 thing, it does MUCH LESS HARM than ALCOHOL and CIGARETTES.

  • bailey

    He’s a douche. If you really care for your accomplishments, you don’t do things like this to jeopardize them.

  • lauren Devs

    Who cares that he is smoking weed. He is allowed to have fun and should not always have to be perfect for the public. he is young. If you loos respect for him take the stick out of your ass!

  • awwwwyeah

    I think people forget that when he was 19, he was pulled over for DUI….

  • darrell

    So what… He took a hit… He’s a world class athlete with the penchant to party a little. Give the guy a break!

  • TT

    What a great role model!

  • james

    nah! can’t be him…besides the news is from UK. need i say more??????

  • daisy

    News of the world is the source! LOL. Anyone ever heard of photoshopping?

  • Mindy

    It’s him, same watch in all the pictures. Besides, if it weren’t him, his people would have denied this story by now. Big bucks are at stake here. This guy is really stupid. He just lost millions of dollars in endorsements. Man, I hope that toke was worth it, Phelps.

  • hannahh

    It’s not even him, but who cares anyway?? He’s young and talented and if he wants to have a good time, let him.

  • maryl

    That is too funny, he is really stupid to put his career at risk like that. Always knew he was an idiot.

  • jess

    looks like lc ex jason wahler

  • Hortensia

    If It’s true I do hope he loses all his endorsement contracts. That’d be hilarious. Goodbye to millions. The guy has always looked stupid to me: flat head, etc.

  • thinh dong


  • Hortensia

    What nickname should we give him? Bongy? Or just plain “Moron.”
    That sounds good: Mike Moron Phelps a/k/a Bongy.

  • desiree

    “Stupid is as stupid does” What a bonehead move. Watch how fast he loses the endorsement deals, they must have clauses to ban this kind of behavior.

  • nix

    it IS him you guys!!! it’s so obvious!

  • kat

    even if it is him – why is does the media thrive on negative promotion/

  • Holly

    That Butter-face just needs to disapear. I ow this turns into a scandal. He is like the ultimate douche bag now. I’m glad he did well at the Olympics, but dude….YOUR A LOSER.

  • msmoss

    Please! It’s not like he’s shooting up drugs or worse, having sex with a child/animal.