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Nicole Kidman & Daniel Day-Lewis: Kiss Kiss

Nicole Kidman & Daniel Day-Lewis: Kiss Kiss

Nine stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis film a steamy kissing scene on Friday (January 30) on the set of their new movie currently filming in Sutri, Italy.

The 41-year-old Aussie actress, who wore a fedora and fur coat, plays Claudia, the muse and protege of film director Guido Contini (Day-Lewis). Nine is set for a November 25, 2009 release.

10+ pictures inside Nicole Kidman & Daniel Day-Lewis‘s kissing scene…

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nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 01
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 02
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 03
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 04
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 05
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 06
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 07
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 08
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 09
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 10
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 11
nicole kidman daniel day lewis kissing 12

Credit: Venturini; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • LT

    why is she sporting that big ass fur? what a turn-off.
    social irresponsibility and unconsciousness.
    I wont support the movie.

  • Justhere

    another big flop coming up,

  • ayj6m6l

    pic 6.
    Does she really have to kiss him that way?!? lol

  • ayj6m6l

    pic 5
    the dress…….!!!!!!!!! lol

  • bonnie

    Steamy? It’s Nicole Kidman, she could freeze any sex scene…

  • Katrina


    As much as I like Nicole Kidman I must agree with your comment I cant understand it such a great actress yet all her films seem to tank.

  • mike

    omg shut up about the fur…im so tired of hearing it everytime someone has it on….get over it…as for the movie i cannot wait because daniel is a great actress and so is nicole

  • danna

    Nic is great !!! DIVINE!!
    Be crazy of envy everybody!

  • Kat 2

    #5 – too true. The harder she tries to be sexy, the more ridiculous she looks. But I knew she couldn’t do a movie without some kind of sex/kissing scene.

  • ~

    I knew that wasn’t her hair she has thin hair and when she irons it she must fill it in for awards etc.

  • love

    Nicole is perfect! Lovely!!!!!


    Nicole is GORGEOUS

  • ghgfdshg

    some people are so bizarre…… that is so funny
    they just speak evil



  • Emmanuel


  • anne

    She looks so Beautiful

  • crianna

    Nicole is a botox Queen.

  • pola

    Nicole is a GODDESS !!! True beauty !!!

  • andre

    omg she is amazing.. gorgeous

  • john

    Absolutely adorable!!
    Nic is the best.

  • judith

    she is stunning!

  • someone

    Wow! She looks divine. Goddess.

  • jlhoi

    Beautiful and wonderful

  • my opinion

    Tom Cruise is in Brazil. Nicole is in Italy. Were are their kids? Tom and Nicole’s kids. They are grown yet but it seems these two have decided their new lives and babies count more than the other ones. These people disgust me.

  • Kara

    That looks pretty hot, even for Kidman.
    Good cast.

  • ronny

    crianna17# Nicole has given up the botox crown to Renée Zellweger now,I love to see her more with short hair like in the last pic suits her than long hair

  • KJ

    Where were the kids while Tom and Katie were in New York? They were in school in California, except for part of the holidays. Give it Nicole haters. She’s lovely and talented, a beautiful mother and happy and in love with Keith. Tom and Nicole’s children are healthy and well cared for and loved by both Nicole and Tom.

  • Vania

    love you Nic. You’re so beautiful!

  • Lulu

    mike @ 01/31/2009 at 4:45 pm
    daniel is a great actress
    I think you mean actor :-)

  • Charles

    I’m feeling I will love the movie. Its sounds a great project with a fabulous cast. Kidman and Daniel are the best around so many stars

  • Kat

    Yestarday i sae the pics of Penelope, now seeing Nicole’s, I can tell how beautiful and elegant she is. Wonderful cast by the way

  • lisa

    what a great cast,can’t wait for the movie to come out

  • Betty

    My heart pumps when I look at the pic where Nic is wearing Guido’s hat. She is absolutely stunning!

  • Claudina

    I can’t believe I live in Rome and i didn’t see yet my adorable Nicole! She is my favorite actress I would love to meet her in person, anyone knows where are the shootings in Sutri’????


  • Ben

    She looks soo glam old hollywood

  • ashley

    very excited for this film.

  • Natalie

    Nicole do a favor to your ex husband: give some lessons to robot Katie about class, elegance, dignity and be her fashion advisor tooo!
    The girl needs real help!

  • taco

    Hey Jared, where are the pictures of Kidman smoking on the set with Daniel during a break in filming? Remember when Kidman said she was all natural, took good care of her body and never smoked? Well, she smokes! More lies from the mouth of Kidman!

  • beatriz


  • Charles

    Hey TACO, she was smoking for sure, but not during the break!
    This is a period piece, in that time all women smoked, it was a signal of power and sensuality! Stop trying to damage Nicole’s image…
    Grown up boy!

  • Naten

    Great chemestry I can see..
    Kidman looks perfect, so it is Daniel!

  • …..

    nr 38



  • taco

    Charles, I don’t have to damage Kidman’s image, she is doing it herself. Sorry, but this wasn’t during filming – proof is in the article AND the picture! Or do they always film a scene with lighting equipment behind the actors?,21985,24990407-5012749,00.html

  • yahoooooooooo

    OMG I love all these picz… Nicole looks so fierce. So so hot. A Niclegend and DDL affair would be SOOO HOT. Luvz it


    Stunning as always.

    A true movie star, elegant, glamourous, and beautiful.

    The 60′s hair and make-up are done very well, quite accurate.

    This film will be a must see!


    WRONG AGAIN TACO @ 01/31/2009 at 7:07 pm The film is an autobiography of the famous film director, Fellini, so yes, they do have 1960’s vintage cameras in the background of the scenes! LMAO

    They haven’t used cameras like that in 40 years!

    Kidman is allowed to smoke, drink, swear, eat, gain weight, lose weight, have good moods, bad moods, wear beautiful clothing, fur, old jeans, uncombed ponytails, and otherwise be an free adult woman who doesn’t answer to

  • taco

    You think that’s a camera in the background? Sorry, but you are wrong! Yes, she is allowed to do all those things, but so much for the image when you lie about not doing those things!

  • Mia

    ANY fur, regardless of WHERE it is worn, involves the torture and slaughter of animals in the most brutal fashion imaginable. EVERYONE but the most uneducated and ignorant knows this, and so does she. Trust me, Hollyood knows.

    Now, Kidman made a choice when she ignored it. I just ask people to take note of it. I used to be a fan of hers but not anymore. She crossed a line.

    Anything Kidman wears will give PR to that product and SHE KNOWS THAT! She is like a walking commercial for fur in that film. That is the truth and it SICKENS me. She could have said no, and she could have told them to get her something else to wear.

    She did not do that and it is obvious from the pictures that she has no problems promoting furs, as long as SHE looks good.

    Almost all Hollywood stars have taken a stand against this abuse and torture. She does not take that stand, and it makes her a small person.

  • Mia

    Also, note how that fur EXACTLY matches her hair color. She clearly was involved in selecting the right fur for this film since it had to match her hair and skin color in the exact right way. I bet she tried on A LOT of furs before this one was selected.

    She obviously does NOT care about animal abuse and the torture of animals in the fur industry and she does not mind promoting furs at all. She is cold and egotistic.

    A woman who is cold-hearted is always ugly no matter how she looks.

  • Fur Idiots

    Actresses don’t choose the costumes in films. The directors do that.

    It’s a period piece, fur was always worn by movie stars in the 60′s.
    The coat is beautiful. All women in Rome wear fur today. It’s an movie about an Italian.

    I hate fundamentalists morons. Intolerance personified and always too glad to brag about their intolerance.