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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Brighten Up Brazil

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Brighten Up Brazil

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes leave Hotel Copacabana Palace with daughter Suri, 2, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Friday (January 31).

Per usual, Suri kept her face down and ears covered.

The family will be hitting up several tourist sites in and near Rio before Tom‘s a press conference on Tuesday. Tom is in town to promote his latest WWII flick, Valkyrie, which also premieres in Brazil on Tuesday.

Slingback peep-toes by Christian Louboutin.

10+ pictures inside of Tom and Katie brightening up Brazil…

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  • Claudina

    Please, katie looks like a Vampire!

  • Charlize

    help little Suri to stay away from his hands!!!!krrerrrr

  • blah

    Poor little Suri. I hope she doesn’t get too scared. Katie has changed so much.

  • ayj6m6l

    thank god Katie’s not shopping.!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    Katie needs to EAT!!!


    Katie is dressing like she did when she was with Tom and Suri in France … The casual look.. And Suri looks so cute with her thongs..

    Where are they going where she needs to wear 4 inch that
    she can tower of Tom..He loves his audience and his fans.. smiling
    and waving at everyone…

    Specially like it that Tom’s ex is the next one down.. where she is working with Tom other ex Penelope

  • Me

    Can’t we have one week without pictures of these two media whores and their poor child?

  • honeybunch

    Is Suri autistic? Why does she cover her ears??

  • ayj6m6l

    wowww.!! Katie’s capable. she walks ,she smiles, she lets tom hold suri……… keep it up lady. U can do different than shopping.good job.congrats


    Guess home schooled means just that .. that they are at home in California having parties and having fun while their parents are in
    Brazil with the only one they care about..

  • Xenda

    Katie is a beautiful lady, but she has an horrible body”! She is not elegant and she is too pale, please don’t try to imitate Nicole….

  • mju8

    It’s not at night and there are no flashbulbs going off in her face, and yet suri still buries her face and covers her ears. I feel sorry for this little girl.

  • they are strange looking

    It looks so strange to see a woman tower over a man if they are a couple.

    Bottom line – Katie sold her soul. Suri is a victim. Tom is a lost cause and I actually feel sorry for him because his life is a lie and one big cover up that never ends.

    Was Tom in the cult when he did Top Gun – I hope not – that is how I want to remember him…

  • Ali

    I don’t know why Katie wears such high shoes when they don’t actually flatter her legs – somehow, they make her look bottom heavy. This outfit would be lovely with a pair of kitten mules. These very high platform heels make her look disproportionate to Tom. She does not seem to me to be a great walker in heels, as well, so why not be comfortable and stylish with something better than these. Just a thought.

    Also, since Suri is already so fed up with the media hype, I don’t get why they don’t protect her from it at this point. Surely, there is a way to get her out of the hotel into their car while they exit via the front door. Time for a little creativity here to protect this child’s sensitivity.


    katie’s nice and tall, but she maybe needs to add a few more weight to look even better

  • no pain

    Hey Katie, please free yourself of that nutbag. Oops! I’m sure you have to stay a little longer so that you can receive a nice lump sum of cash.

  • XXXX

    What the hell is she wearing????Gosh she looks like a zombie, very thin and unhealthy!

  • Susi

    Did you see the hair in Kates legs ? She needs to shave them !!!!

  • http://justjared tan

    It looks like a grandad stepping out with his daughter and grandaughter…..

  • lisa

    What a huge ugly legs,she towers tom

  • ayj6m6l

    Susi @ 01/31/2009 at 6:23 pm
    good advice…….and don’t forget the long,sagy hair on ur arms.but don’t let suri see u. cuz u khow she’s a method daughter.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nini

    Tom looks really good here. And yes, there are plenty of camera’s going off in Suri’s face and shouting from pap. What is wrong with you all? Bet you’re all munters compared to this beautiful little family.

  • vanessajonas

    cute fam!

  • Penny

    The dress looks terrifie!!! what is she thinking?
    Lovely shoes tough, but not apropriate to the all look.

  • RunKatieRun

    Ridiculous ensemble as per usual.

    Holmes will never understand casual attire.

    Flat sandals would have been more in sync with the location and the outing.

    As for the little cultist, the Mr. Rogers sweaters are alwayys wrong, unless, you ARE Mr. RRgers..

  • ayj6m6l

    Nini @ 01/31/2009 at 6:40 pm
    remember.It’s day in those pics and the sun is shining in Brazilian sky.there’s no damn fucking problem with the cameras goin’ into her flash,no extra light……… Suri suffers from ur good lookin’ Tom. got it?

  • bizarre

    Where is it Connor and Bella?

    Ah! they don’t belong the family.


    Kid in rubber flipflops, hub in sneakers, katie in cheap looking long tank with possible bathing suit underneath WEARING platform designer dress sandals.

    Ridiculous as ALWAYS!

  • beatriz

    Where is it Connor and Bella?

    Ah! they don’t belong the family.

  • RYAN


  • sienna

    She looks like “Olive Oil” from popeeye..


    The film is an autobiography of the famous film director, Fellini, so yes, they do have 1960′s vintage cameras in the background of the scenes! LMAO

    They haven’t used cameras like that in 40 years!

    Kidman is allowed to smoke, drink, swear, eat, gain weight, lose weight, have good moods, bad moods, wear beautiful clothing, fur, old jeans, uncombed ponytails, and otherwise be an free adult woman who doesn’t answer to anyone except herself.

  • Denise in NJ

    That dress totally does not fit her correctly. Love the shoes, though, not so much for the beach! And he needs to get rid of those white sneakers…

  • dora

    That poor, poor child. Save Suri! She’s the most miserable looking celebrity child ever. And look at her dumb parents. They’re completely obvious to her suffering. Idiots.

  • dora

    oops, I meant to say oblivious, not obvious. However, Katie and Tom are obvious idiots.

  • eliza

    Why disrupt the lives of two adolescents to drag them around the world on a business trip? That’s what this is, promotion for Tom’s movie. I do feel sorry for Suri, though. She has a hard time dealing with all the attention.

  • Laís

    yay my country!!!!
    This family is perfect!!!Tom is very very lovely with her fans!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow katie looks freaking amazing!!
    the best of seen her honestly
    love the dress, she makes it look really cute
    and she’s smiling, she looks gorgeous
    honestly she looks flawless, even her legs look sexy
    and those shoes look sexy as well =D
    like usual, suri is cute
    and tom cruisy ruins it =\, damn him

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    they look great.

  • Leonardo

    You’ve had several actually, #8. Just check the archives.

    You’re autistic if you cover your ears, #9?

    Don’t say that about their kids, #11. It’s very ignorant of you.

    Of course there is no way of getting seen undetected by going through the FRONT entrance, #15. That girl hasn’t been seen for weeks and when she finally is caught you blame the parents.

    ‘Save’ her from what, #34? Suffering? Please…

  • ihavenolife

    um… why is she wearing heels? photo-op!

  • slambang

    I feel sorry for this poor little girl, being pimped out left and right by her parents. She’s going to need a boatload of therapy when she gets older.

  • ellie

    I love Tom Cruise hes one of the best actors ever. They a beautiful family. There always with there little girl, Suri is so beautiful. They all look great.. Good for all of you….

  • It’s pimpin’ as usual

    Lord Katie looks terrible. Who the hell wears heels when pursuing a casual fun-time like going to the beach? Ummmm. Oh yes. Victoria Beckham. Guess katie has to imitate her!

  • pr person

    Poor, poor Suri. Her parents are morons. Crazy just has to smile and wave… Your daughter is covering her ears and trying to hide herself in your shoulder, you douche!! She DOES NOT like the attention!!! The entire world gets it, and yet they as parents completely ignore the fact. Uggghhhh!!!!! Disgusting and Pathetic! Poor Suri!!

  • melinda

    to leonardo in post 41.

    Yes, on of the signs of an autistic child… covering of the ears. She can’t process/tolerate certain noises. among other signs.

    But probably she is a child that has been overly “pampered” or perhaps has a parent/s who seem to lack child rearing skills

    another sign……she is a spoiled brat……thanks to her idiot parents

  • hollywould

    that family looks like they sold their soul to the devil. im sorry..but they do! Poor Suri to have to be surrounded by paps like that. Geez.

  • Cane

    Why is she wearing those ridiculous shoes? Tom is so needy.

  • zoe

    they look….good. liek the colour of katie’s dress…she looks younger but the design is not flattering. also, why the heels if u go to the beach?