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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Hit Rio de Janeiro

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Hit Rio de Janeiro

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes take their adorably cute daughter Suri, 2, to the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday (January 31).

After leaving the posh Hotel Copacabana Palace, the family was seen traveling with a four-car convoy amid heavy security. They entered a Brazilian military base and hit a beach within the residential area of the compound.

Tom and Katie played in the sand with Suri before being mobbed by residents, made up of military staff and their families. 10+ pics inside…

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  • Paula

    aaawww so cool that they are in my city!!!!

  • saudia

    dangg Suri looks big here!
    maybe that is cause Katie was always carrying her around in NY
    lovely family though <3

  • RunKatieRun

    I knew they were going to the beach and the idiot wsa wearing platform $900 4 inch designer heels.

    Katie is an idiot. She lives for her stupid shoes to be photographed by paparazzi.

    Never mind her daughter’s need for privacy and a normal life.

    Fame whorres, both of them. This is NOT a family trip to the beach. This is a publicity stunt to promote Valkyrie.

  • Lisa #2….

    Wonder why no one is in the water swimming and splashing??

  • 2nd


  • watchmen

    Precious family

  • :))))))))))

    thank you JJ

  • rita

    What a happy and beautiful family.

  • Poppy

    #3, Who cares if she wore heels when she was leaving the hotel. She’s not wearing them in the sand, so why does it matter.

    Anyway, Suri is adorable.

  • cupcakes

    They deserve some R&R after their busy lives. Congrats to Tom on his Valkyrie U.S. and worldwide success topping International box office even Australia and its no secret Tom is huge in Japan.
    Congrats on Katie’s huge Broadway hit.

  • amway

    God bless them
    you too JJ…
    God bless America
    and our

  • medic

    Wonna squeeze them!!!!

  • lola


  • cc

    Katie looks like Jackie O,Tom is looking so handsome and young while Suri is as cute as always. You can tell these pics are taken from afar.

  • kolasa


  • Nora

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see Suri actually playing with other children instead of constantly manhandled by her over-indulgent, attention-hungry parents?

    I’m all for affection for small children but let the poor child (who’s almost 3) play with others and be socialized for a change.

  • Katie

    On all the pictures I see, Suri looks like a pouty, pampered, snobby kid….

  • mju8

    why isn’t suri interacting with the other kids her age? she just seems to cling to her parents. but then again, with all those people staring at her i can understand why she looks more depressed rather than happy (even on an outing to the beach!)

  • gay maybe?

    What a drag to have all those people staring, and a freaking boatfull of photogs! I wish they could find somewhere to have peace especially for Suri.

  • lakers fan in boston

    just way 2 cute and adorable
    the whole family just relaxing and having a fun time
    for once i dont hate tom and his whacked out alien mind
    katie has been looking pretty nice lately
    suri seems to be having a good time =]

  • M&M

    Suri seems spoiled.

  • eliza

    Wow, look at all the people and photographers. They’re looking at the family like you’d watch animals at the zoo. They have no privacy at all. Fame has its price.

  • Lill

    They are in my city ,perfect *-*

  • serephina

    If they wanted privacy they could go to a multitude of private islands that many Celebs go to…OR get a yacht and head out, but, NOOO…. they love the attention. It’s all about promotion for the movie

  • mr. alizarine crimson

    they are so awesome.
    they are just so perfect together.
    this is so thrilling.
    what an awe-inspiring set of pictures.
    just… wow. special.

  • Lisa


  • Sherie

    Where’s Isabella and Connor?

  • Fernanda f.

    AAAAH! I want to see her! hahaha
    She’s so cute. :D

  • hello

    Ha… Pure photo op. Paps are 10 feet away on the boat.

  • eliza

    You’re probably right. Just another photo op to promote the movie.

  • Leonardo

    I actually cried out ‘Aww!’ when I saw these pics.

    What about her need to have a life and enjoy herself, #3? She can’t have a good time at the beach like every single other little kid?

    How can you tell the difference between a nice family trip to the beach and a publicity stunt? Celebrities don’t take nice family trips?

    Who says that that girl doesn’t play with other kids, #16? This is just one day AND she wouldn’t be the first little kid without kids her age at a beach.

    Manhandled? Pretty strong word there… Overindulgent? You don’t know these people. Attention hungry? All the fame they have already isn’t enough?

    How does one, let alone a 2 year-old, LOOK like a pouty, pampered, snobby kid, #17?

    Where are the other kids her age to interact with, #18?

    Of course she’s spoiled, #21. Tell me what rich kid with doting parents isn’t. If you’re saying she’s a brat, we don’t know.

    But they’re in Brazil for a press tour and they want to spend time at the beach, #24. Why do they HAVE to go out on a yacht?

    At home, busy with school I’m assuming, #27.

  • Leonardo

    Scratch that first line to #16; not the second one.

  • Ashtray Mouth Katie

    publicity stunt!

  • Puhhleasse

    They walked out the front oft he dang hotel. WHERE THE PAPS were waiting all day.

    Katie put her $$$ shoes on to be photographed.

    Then with a dozen paps following, they drive to the beach for more pics.

    IF they wanted a normal day at the beach, it could have been arranged easily. They could have been on the beach for weeks without a single photo. This IS a photo-op.

    Kidman takes her family to the beack many times a year, no pics EVER. In 20 years, only pic of Kidman ont ehbeach was her honeymoon, from 1000 feet away.


  • not me

    Suri is too cute for words. She is growing up just gorgeous

  • susan

    at least this time she didnt wear heels to the beach like before

  • Poppy

    #34, Why bring up Kidman? But anyways, I’ve seen tons of photos of her on the beach. Remember when she was pregnant and there were those shots of her prancing around barefoot. This was right after her body guard beat a pap up in L.A. But apparently, she doesn’t mind the paps in OZ.


    EVERYBODY LOVES BRAZIL =] yes! i’m so proud of my country…

    though i live in Sao Paulo, not Rio.

  • Leonardo

    People walk out of hotel front entrances, #34. They simply didn’t care.

    Sow hat if she’s wearing expensive shoes? I never understood this paparazzi fashion show argument that you use for Holmes and her daughter.

    Now they’re not supposed to go to the beach? Are you kidding me? They were supposed to stay lock up inside less any and every spontaneous photograph of this famous couple is accused of being staged by idiots who don’t know them on the internet?

    How are you so sure that they could have ‘arranged’ that SO easily or what Kidman does?

  • mi

    It seems to me that Tom and Suri are interacting with the other children from the photos. These were snidbits of photos by the way. Whose to say what took place throughout their time on the beach? Maybe Tom stripped down and went skinny dipping…. MAN that would be awesome!!!!
    Love this family!

  • ignore trolls

    cuteness overload<3

  • dani

    look at them the usual trolls are so
    jealous and want what this family have

  • swing

    Very cute

  • zen2

    So… he is here. I didn’t know.
    Well, I don’t leave in Rio. I leave in Sao Paulo.
    I don’t go to watch his movie because I’ve already saw the same movie on History channel but with another actors.

  • mandy

    Cruise family are patriots

    The trolls are pinheads.

  • MP

    Love Suri…just so cute! I’m wondering why she doesn’t have on a little bathing suit to go swimming like the other children…why a dress on the beach?

  • ana

    omg! i live near rio *-*

  • slambang

    Seriously, does this little girl have any friends her own age? You never see her with any playmates.

    Also, there’s no way she’s only 2 years old!

  • ellie

    God Bless them all there a beautiful family….

  • New Yorker

    After being in NY’s freezing weather all these months, they wanted some heat! LOL They look great.