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Angelina Jolie - 'Saturday Night Live' Weekend Update

Angelina Jolie - 'Saturday Night Live' Weekend Update

Saturday Night Live newcomer Abby Elliott impersonates mother-of-six Angelina Jolie during the “Weekend Update” of yesterday’s episode. Watch the video below and here’s the transcription:

Seth Meyers: It was revealed on Thursday that the California woman who gave birth to octuplets already has six other children. What? Angelina Jolie? What, what are you doing here?

Angelina Jolie: I heard someone had eight babies…does she want all of them?

SM: Yeah… I mean, I think she does, yes.

AJ: Where’s [your co-anchor Amy Poehler]?

SM: Oh, she left.

AJ: Did she take her baby with her?

SM: Yeah, she did.

AJ: Too bad, I could always use a new baby.

SM: So, um, are you excited about the Oscars?

AJ: Bye.

Angelina Jolie – ‘Saturday Night Live’ Weekend Update
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  • lia

    Ha ha. Angie is gorgeous but that was so true! Cannot wait till’ the super fans freak.

  • jolierocks

    funny :P

  • hmm

    People can mock all they like but because of AJ three children have homes who would otherwise be orphans and the possibility for their futures is endless. It’s only sad that more people don’t open their hearts and homes to children in need.

  • lalala


  • Rayan

    At least Angelina can afford all of her children..

    Unlike the mother of octuplets plus her 6 others. She’s on welfare.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    smfh – pathetic – not the skit.

  • Halo

    That was pretty hilarious even though I’m a fan of Angelina Jolie.

    The whole Angelina and her adoptions’ saga is getting pretty stale. My favorite wrestler Bret Hart came from 12 children and no one seemed to bash his family.


    LOL everyone is on to her. The blush is off the rose. The “can’t do anything wrong jolie,” now can’t get anything right.” The media is on to her games and over-the-top behavior. LOL She shouldn’t have put herself out there to be slapped down…should have just been quiet and raised her kids.LOL This is good stuff.


    What’s really funny is the way that woman is making those seductive faces… true, so true, jolie even tries to sexualize motherhood. GROSS.

  • me

    halo~maybe that’s because his family wasn’t shoved down our throats. most people don’t even know who he is, i’m sure. that would be the difference.

    this video was hilarious!

  • julie

    hilarious because it hits home

  • Corey2cool

    i am a super fan and I thought it was funny, if you cant laugh at yourself what the point in living and I think angie would get a kick out of it. The lady who play her could be her younger less attractive sister. :)

  • Desireé

    i cant see the clip! :(

  • Kellie

    I did not think that was funny at all. One day her children will be old enough to surf the web and they will not find it amusing people making fun of their family. So what is she likes kids? She has the resources to take in children who would otherwise be in the streets, dead, or a carrier of disease.

  • Corey2cool

    PS you havent came into your own as a star unless SNL, the simpson, or South makes fun of you. She sould feel honored

  • sunshine

    People are starting to finally see through the exploitation of the children. I like the way they kept her with the pouted lips because she feels that if she is seductive enough she can get away with anything. How will the fans spin this one. I guess they will say that now SNL are being influenced by Jennifer Aniston. They are starting to sound like Sarah Palin everything that went wrong with her was because everyone loved Barack Obama. The devil is a liar.

  • Corey2cool


  • whatever

    wow people its a fu**king joke….get over it!

  • alessia

    omg Jared could you please put this up so that we can watch it in the UK!
    the video isnt working!!

    to ‘FUNNY stuff’ above. i’m not an obsessive fan of miss jolie but i dont think what you’ve written makes any sense, EVERYONE knows of Angelinas crazy dont give a shit past, dont think shes trying to be can do no wrong.

    i still think she is doing what she wants without having to prove a point. what i’ve always noticed and liked about her is that she doesnt seem to care what people think! life is a journey you take risks you have fun and you grow as a person,
    -besides that she’s a movie star shes also with another movie star they both happen to have films out at the same time so obviously there everywhere! its WORK!

    -also Its people in general who are obsessed with her, she rarely does interviews or in mags etc.

    you’re sick of her? blame the MEDIA! they make money of people like Angelina.

  • pokeman

    Corey2cool @ 02/01/2009 at 8:11 pm

    i agree. i am a fan too. that was funny. you can’t take life too seriously. I am sure angie probably get a kick out of this too.


    #16 Corey2cool….yeah cause nothing says “I honor you” like making fun of your addiction to adoption and genital LICE. LOLOLOLOLOLOL You’re funnier than the video.

  • RUBI


  • Corey2cool

    #20 I am with you, Its a joke, SNL picks on everyone, this is the show that had Justin Timberlake in tights dancing to “Single Ladies song”. I am an Angie fan but god people calm down not everythings a vicious attack on her, and for the hater settle down dont get to excited it only a joke, Again it only a JOKE!!!

  • Corey2cool

    thanks #23

  • pokeman

    FUNNYSTUFF @ 02/01/2009 at 8:23 pm

    angie adopted 3 not 30. just because some one like Angie and Brad wants to give unwanted children a better doesn’t mean they are addict. You are a dumb F@CK. there are many people who couldn’t have children adopted 3, 4, 5, etc. that doesn’t they are addict. think before you speak. also, SNL makes fun of everybody.

  • Look

    Ha ha I bet Angelina really does want to to adopt the octuplets.

  • Jen

    this girl is good..hope she can last on the show.
    This scetch was right on..
    she got the moves down & the “bye” lol

    funny, tx Jared.
    I am the biggest Angie fan.

  • Mikai

    sunshine @ 02/01/2009 at 8:17 pm

    I guess they will say that now SNL are being influenced by Jennifer Aniston.

    you guess wrong. MANiston doesn’t have enough power to influence SNL. I myself don’t think this was an attack on angie. I like SNL. I think the skit was funny. anyway, SNL likes to make fun of many celebs.




  • jen

    funny.. especially the end, that’s how rude she is!


    Um #30 Mikai….Jennifer Aniston has HOSTED SNL….that is much more prestegeous the um being made fun of and called out as a baby collector.

  • an oldie

    Not as funny as Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin. Not a good Angelina impersonation either. The lips do look like Angelina’s though.

  • SNL

    the saddest thing about this SKIT is that this is about adoption…instead of treating the topic as something great …they went on to make a joke about it. Since that is what they did, it is suffice to say, none of the actors/actresses on SNL have a big heart to adopt an orphan but they have it in their heart to mock adoption.

    Then again, I am reminded that these are comedians. You sure don’t expect much from Comedians. Aint most of them usually with issues.

  • vanessajonas

    angelina sucks! she explotes kids

  • STFU

    That’s Angelina alright!! Always acting like her s**t doesn’t stink! Good one

  • The real deal

    TO Funnystuff, sunshine and whatever other name you have used.

    hate to burst your crazy ranting bubble, but they have also parodied Aniston. How ya like em now!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    it’s a joke but it’s not funny.
    she played her boring, rude ass perfect.

  • HeyHey

    Hey now! bwuahahahahahahahahaha………that was fricken heelarious! She got Angie down to a tee…especially the haughty smug snotty looks…..hee hee


    #36…to SAD UNreal deal….doesn’t bother me sweets. Not one little bit. See that’s the problem with you over zealous, unseeing fans…….just cause angie is getting what her turn to be drug through the mud, doesn’t mean it has a thing to do with Aniston. I was simply pointing out that Aniston has hosted the show before and if you idiots think it’s such an honor to be blasted by SNL, well, then if you have half a brain, it would stand to reason that um…HOSTING would be MUCH more of an honor. You’re the one trying to act like jolie has something over aniston cause she got put in her place by SNL.

    Anyway, don’t fret, just enjoy the laugh at the woman who most deserving of it now. mmkay?

  • pokeman

    FUNNYSTUFF @ 02/01/2009 at 8:43 pm

    do you why SHE-MAN hosted SNL? It’s because she couldn’t get any work anywhere else. She was lucky for getting the skit. Major studio doesn’t want her to play the lead in Marley & Me; therefore, they put owen and that cute dog. As for Angie not on SNL, Angie is too busy doing movies therefore she is not available to do SNL.

  • sasha

    i’m a huge angelina fan but i think it’s funny!!!
    c’mon people, it’s a joke and it’s funny.
    abby’s doing a good job playin angie


    ##40 Sure thing pig in a POKEman….whatever you need to tell yourself. ;-)


    I also love that they made fun of that frumpy ugly dress she had on at the GG’s or whichever she wore the one shoulder at….heck she’s had on so man ugly frump dresses it’s hard to keep up. It would have been hilarious for them to have put a dress on her backwards….now THAT would have been a DOUBLE slap. tee hee.

  • yeah

    i’m looking forward to seeing abby elliot on SNL! this was right on!

  • charmont

    Um, did we watch the same skit? :lol: I’m a huge Angie fan, and I thought the skit was cute & funny, and the girl playing her was beautiful as she’s supposed to be when playing Angelina of course – hahaha.

    She didn’t come across as rude or snobby either – are you even watching the same skit – she was ust interested in the babies – :lol: she wasn’t even interested in the Oscar talk Seth tried to start at the end. hahaha.

    (If they were doing Maniston, they’d need to get Dustin Hoffman and dress him up as Tootsie :lol: ).

    The skit was like 3 secs long though – they should have made it longer — it didn’t seem like much of a slam to me. I loved how the audience when Seth introduced her, and says ‘Angelina Jolie!’ all surprised she was standing there – and the whole audience erupts into ‘Whoooo-whooos, catcalls and whistles.’ Grrl was channeling Angie she was hot. :)

    bottomline, if you think this was a slam…

    you = FAIL.


    If you want to see a TRUE slam by the way, youtube search on Chelsea Handler and Aniston and watch her show where she has a ‘dating game,’ show for the rejected eteranlly dumped Maniston. It’s hilarious. Chels calls herself trying to help her find a man as she is a desperate loser. It was pretty cold – but funny as hell. :lol:

  • pokeman

    FUNNYSTUFF @ 02/01/2009 at 9:01 pm

    stop calling yourself a pig. love thy self.

  • pokeman

    charmont @ 02/01/2009 at 9:07 pm

    (If they were doing Maniston, they’d need to get Dustin Hoffman and dress him up as Tootsie ).

    I almost choke on my dinner. LMAO

  • MsNJS

    Didn’t think it was a slam. But i didnt think it was funny.

  • samara

    yeah, angie would laugh at this..she knows how people feel about her wanting kids

  • groundcontrol

    Funny idea but its execution could have been funnier. But then that’s SNL today. It rarely exhibits the old writing chops or characterizations. It just always somehow misses.
    Is some idiot actually suggesting that hosting SNL is prestigious? Now THAT’s funny!
    Especially since they can’t even spell it – “prestegeous”? Sorry, try paying attention in English class tomorrow.