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Jesse Metcalfe: Chest Hair Hottie?

Jesse Metcalfe: Chest Hair Hottie?

A heftier-looking Jesse Metcalfe shows off his growing chest hair and treasure trail while throwing around a football at a Los Angeles park on Saturday (January 31).

Earlier today, pictures were posted of the 30-year-old actor with a 20-year-old British student Madeline. This is what Jesse looked like two years ago.

Below is a better picture of the tattoo on his left arm — a naked woman with wings lassoing a giant cartoon heart.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jesse version 2009 — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Jesse Metcalfe‘s chest hair…

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jesse metcalfe chest hair 02
jesse metcalfe chest hair 03
jesse metcalfe chest hair 04
jesse metcalfe chest hair 05
jesse metcalfe chest hair 06
jesse metcalfe chest hair 07
jesse metcalfe chest hair 08
jesse metcalfe chest hair 09
jesse metcalfe chest hair 10

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76 Responses to “Jesse Metcalfe: Chest Hair Hottie?”

  1. 1
    abby Says:

    looks like Jessse put on a few pounds ! !

  2. 2
    Ryanefron Says:

    NOT hot. lol

  3. 3
    Ryanefron Says:

    NOT hot. lol

  4. 4
    mslewis Says:

    Who is he and what does he do??

  5. 5
    Molly Says:

    no thanks.

  6. 6
    sophie Says:

    yuck yuck yuck!

  7. 7
    abby Says:

    He was on desperate house wifes in the begining but after that he hasn’t do anything except maybe one movie .

  8. 8
    hrhkat Says:

    he used to be so hot, i guess thats what happens when you fall off a balcony a couple floors up….

  9. 9
    emma rose Says:

    Like the chest, not the extra pounds :p

  10. 10
    JGP Says:

    looks delicious

  11. 11
    Amanda Says:

    Jared…why are you bashing people about their weight? “Here is what he was like 2 years ago”…why do that? I mean people fluctuate in life…its not a crime to be heavier then they once were. Cut people a break.

  12. 12
    Bia Says:

    nheee… he was so hot before :(

  13. 13
    TR Says:

    THIS is why you go to college kids!!! Otherwise you end up a Hollywood dreamer with NOTHING going on for you. He works out at Equinox in West Hollywood but from the looks of his b-o-o-b-s he ain’t doing too much!

  14. 14
    k Says:

    ewh what the f happened to him? he needs to remove those ugly tattoos, work out and shave that chest hair! damn he use to be so hot wtf happened?!

  15. 15
    nicole Says:

    Used to be hot, don`t like him now… WTF happened??

  16. 16
    susan Says:

    wtf is happened to him??!!!

  17. 17
    Jer Says:

    manboobs and tatoos

  18. 18
    sammiiee Says:

    He put on some weight and now he has man boobs!! He was hotter when he was in john tucker must die

  19. 19
    Jane Says:

    Wasn’t he in a pretty serious accident recently? I can’t say I blame him for not working out for hours a day when he’s recovering.

  20. 20
    bella Says:

    he has man boobs . . .not hot.

  21. 21
    Charlene Says:

    Oh my god what happened to him, man boobs are not hot jesse. Ewww!

  22. 22
    dundies Says:

    Who is he and what does he do??


    LOL im getting kindergarten cop flashbacks

    who is yo daddy and what does he do

  23. 23
    a Says:

    man boobs!

  24. 24
    Lindsay kate Says:

    he went to hell in a handbasket… along with “passions:
    bahahahahah those man boobs too YuCk!

  25. 25
    T Says:

    wow yum he looks so hot

  26. 26
    Kathryn Says:

    Ewwwwwwwwww! He’s not looking good at all. And that arm tattoo is major fug! Pass =======>

  27. 27
    debra77 Says:

    This is not a good look at all. He has gotten a bit chuncky.. Hate the chest hair.. It doses not look real in some way. I don’t know.. He does nothing for me at all..

  28. 28
    Susan Says:

    Ewww…..He has Moobs.

  29. 29
    Karma Says:

    I like chest hair, but his looks weird. His boobs are bigger than Sienna Miller’s!

  30. 30
    jimmy Says:

    Those man-boobs are from smoking pot. THC causes fat to accumulate in the breast tissue like that. He’s living the HIGH life.

  31. 31
    karl_j Says:

    His man titties are SO hot. i wanna suck on them a little.

  32. 32
    Dee Says:

    What’s he wear? A B cup? Go see an endocronologist, pal!

  33. 33
    hannahh Says:

    Ew I never thought he was hot. He makes me sick.

  34. 34
    hannahh Says:

    Ew I never thought he was hot. He makes me sick.

  35. 35
    marykate Says:

    He has a Red Wings hat.. Represent!

  36. 36
    zd Says:

    its not the hair that bothers me its the moobs, and hes always had those

  37. 37
    lola Says:

    he has chest implants. a lot of guys in LA do that. it’s gross!

  38. 38
    Look Says:

    he used to be so hot. what happened? is he going bald too? lol

  39. 39
    Peannut Says:

    Time for him to settle down and have kids. His hotness is gone. He’s like the male Jessica Alba. Eek!

  40. 40
    Alexia Says:

    Those man boobs are quite disappointing. :(
    I really liked him in John Tucker. lol

  41. 41
    joey Says:

    soooooooooooooo hot

  42. 42
    robin Says:

    oh dear he has definetly let himself go. ):

  43. 43
    Lala Says:


  44. 44
    kate Says:


  45. 45
    tora Says:

    Need a bra?

  46. 46
    Megan Says:

    that’s a travesty.

  47. 47
    kenny Says:

    He is a good looking guy. Hot even…

  48. 48
    custom T Says:

    His tits are saggy!
    Put on an effin shirt dude!

  49. 49
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    Why is it that all those FAILING celebrities are tattooing their body in a last attempt to be in the SPOTLIGHTS?.
    ………………………………………IS IT AN AMERICAN CURSE?

  50. 50
    mary Says:

    officially disturbed by him.
    aging is so unfortunate for some.

  51. 51
    jessica Says:

    YUMMM he is soooooooo hot…looks manly and sexy.

  52. 52
    jessica Says:

    YUMMM he is soooooooo hot…looks manly and sexy.

  53. 53
    msmoss Says:

    Ewwww, chest hair on men is plain disgusting. But, regardless of being hairy or not, he was never hot. His looks are very pedestrian.

  54. 54
    parker210 Says:

    He looks hot!

  55. 55
    chelsey Says:

    What a DUMB tattoo on his arm! I hate when guys get naked girls tattooed on themselves, its soooooooooooooooooo stupid.

  56. 56
    maries Says:

    he has a beer belly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 57
    jULIE Says:

    Not hot at all. Chest hair yeurk and afwul tattoo.

  58. 58
    JAKEY D Says:

    **** you ****** whinge alot

    the dude stil has a stunningly hot face, and looks better and more normal.

    i think he is hotter tha when he was ripper

  59. 59
    Anastacia Says:

    oh my f*cking god!!! O___o

    what happend with his body???
    I’m speechless and my eyes hurt…

  60. 60
    $$$$$$$ Says:

    he got fat!!

  61. 61
    nicole Says:

    shake shake those moobs babeee – hmm NOT hot

  62. 62
    karla Says:

    uhhhh to be honest WTF wat happened 2 the hottest men alive lolz…hes looking good =)

  63. 63
    jay27fromuk Says:

    1.. he doesnt have man boobs…. Hes got a great body.
    Sure he may of been leaner in the past, but hes still got alot of muscle bulk…
    2… Chest hair is normal, all men have it, its only in your “gaylifestyle effeminate hollywood bullshit world”, that guys dont have chest hair..
    Get real LADIES, chest hair is a good thing… Jesus had chest hair..should he have waxed… ?

    3.. I agree with the lady who said jared why bring up the wait, and belittle these people… whats your problemm. I guess its so great to watch people fall from grace and laugh at them..

    4.. You guys shouldnt be so harsh to people, what did this guy ever do to you… ?? He always seemed like a cool guy.



  64. 64
    SUPER HOT Says:

    THIS GUY LOOKS SUPER HOT! All natural, not shaven, & less made up is way HOTTER! I love how some of these comments are most likely from less attractive people. He still has a super handsome face, lips, eyes, body structure, & not he’s added a manly-rugged look. TWO THUMBS UP! Thanks JJ!!!

  65. 65
    Teri Says:


  66. 66
    Topgun4U Says:

    Time for people to “get a life” and GROW up! HOW about ALL you BLOGGERS submit your photo and let others comment on you? Peace!

  67. 67
    sds Says:

    Get back in the gym Jesse. You are such a hottie, but are beginning to let yourself go. Bring your sexy look back baby!

  68. 68
    Mazin al-fadi Says:

    chest hair WOULD be hot…if he worked out a bit more! gah…he has manboobs & what looks like a growing keg!

  69. 69
    Cristina Says:

    why does he have moobs?

  70. 70
    Hoodie Says:

    His boobs are bigger than mine! EWWW

  71. 71
    Dude Says:

    Dude is still incredibly sexy, if not more so than his hairless, more tone days! All you tween girls need to understand that real men, not made up celebreties, usually have chest hair and maybe a few extra pounds.

  72. 72
    ~RiLey~ Says:

    Damn he got fat too!! Just like Channing Tatortots did!!! What the hell!!??

  73. 73
    emziiee Says:

    hes still hot he has just got a bit chubby, but he fell of a balcony so five him a break, put a shirt on him and he looks hott look

  74. 74
    stilldoable Says:

    he still looks better than most men so…
    id still do him.
    stop acting like u only do perfect 10s…

  75. 75
    stilldoable Says:

    oops…forgot most of you are not “doing” anyone…cause youre like…12 lol

  76. 76
    Joseph Says:

    I hope he changes nothing! He looks great and ages very well. We have watched him grow from a hot boy to a very hot man. The fact that everyone is looking at his boobs shows that we all like something about them. Fabio was the last man to draw this much attention to man-boobs. It does not matter to me if he is gay or not because I will never have the chance to sleep with him. The first time I saw him he was shirtless and I saw those boobs and fell in love but could not remember what his face looked like. When I did get the chance to see him again he had a shirt on so I had to look at his face, nice brows!!! This man is hot and you guys wished you had just any one part of his boby to further your own sex life, and it would….

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