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Suri Cruise Reaches Helicopter Heights

Suri Cruise Reaches Helicopter Heights

Suri Cruise takes another helicopter ride with proud parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday morning (February 1).

Katie looks so fresh, so clean with her yellow sundress and green sandals. She even matched her headband with her tote bag!

As expected, the family got a scenic tour of Rio and visited several tourist sites. On Tuesday, Tom will be promoting his latest WWII flick, Valkyrie, which also premieres in Brazil on the same day.

20+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s helicopter ride…

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suri cruise helicopter 01
suri cruise helicopter 02
suri cruise helicopter 03
suri cruise helicopter 04
suri cruise helicopter 05
suri cruise helicopter 06
suri cruise helicopter 07
suri cruise helicopter 08
suri cruise helicopter 09
suri cruise helicopter 10
suri cruise helicopter 11
suri cruise helicopter 12
suri cruise helicopter 13
suri cruise helicopter 14
suri cruise helicopter 15
suri cruise helicopter 16
suri cruise helicopter 17
suri cruise helicopter 18
suri cruise helicopter 19
suri cruise helicopter 20

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    This is like when they were at Tom’s friends wedding.. going to the
    beach going in the helicopter somewhere else.. Same thing.. wow
    Tom are we going to see Katie in one of her plunging neckline
    bathingsuits in the water with Suri..

  • Matilda

    More use of Suri for publicity

  • Helena

    they are going to Angra dos Reis



  • Paula

    Suri is wearing havaianas!!! So cute

  • sniffles

    Wow, Katie looks so good and relaxed. Good for you Katie!

  • Jaquline

    Can someone buy Katie brush?

    Tom combs his hair, but Katie must be in charge of poor Suri, they are never groomed.

  • dundies

    OH look! a stepford wive

  • dundies

    is katies outfit scaring the s-hit out of anyone else but me???


    Katie’s bathing suit.

    It should balance her top half which is much smaller then her low slung wide bottom. A straight supportive neckline, lightly padded bosom with ruffles perhaps to draw the eye up .

    It should have a sleek bottom which doesn’t emphasize her large boned hip area.

    The color should not add to the sallowness of her skin, yet be age appropriate.

    Most importantly, the bathing suit SHOULD be for swimming with a toddler. Another leather belt would be ridiculous.

    Let’s see Tim. Has Katie learned anything? I, for one, am doubtful.

  • Amanda

    I’m from Brazil, but I hate RIO!!!

    Every day we see on tv somebody kill with guns! it’s horrible!!!!!!
    Our police sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Sherie

    Rio really sucks.
    it’s very very dangerous there.
    I’ Brazilian, but i’m from São Paulo.
    We have amazing beaches in the coast of São Paulo

  • Look

    Where are Tom’s other kids? They never get to hang out with their dad. Suri is going to have serious socialization problems. It’s like she can’t interact with anyone outside of Tom and Katie. Weird.

  • ayj6m6l

    but wut the hell is that thing around her head? come on Katie

  • ayj6m6l

    And the bag.ewwwww

  • Sherie

    It’s very weird, because i think Isabella and Connor are in Rio too. Maybe they can’t leave the Hotel.

  • dianel

    How sweet is Suri a beautiful family

  • gossiper

    isn’t there a lipo procedure for fat calves? money can supposedly buy almost everything.

  • ayj6m6l

    suri’s loosing her cuteness…… gettin’ kina ugly.watching her reminds me of her daddy.yuck

  • JAKE

    Connor and Bella are in LA, as always.

    Behind hte fortressof their Bel Air compound being home schooled by Scientologists.

  • lucy and Ethel


  • ayj6m6l

    Is Suri on a diet or she never walks. or plays …………… always been carried by parents.And why is she still so thin?Does any of u know the secret???????????????

  • Paige

    Conner and Isebella can bring them the publicity that Suri brings in so they don’t get a vacation with the family. They disgust me. I think the other two kids hate Katie and will not have anything to do with that robot. We have never seen Isebella playing with Suri. They probably can’t stand Suri either. They sure do not look like one big happy family.

  • gossiper

    do they intentionally leave hair over the child’s eyes to hide her creepy forehead? katie may look like the average plain jane but i think she is very ambitious and attention-hungry. she’s a social climber who married tom for status. i just cannot imagine these two being in love with each other. the only way i can envision tom having sexx is taking it up where the sun don’t shine. can’t see him doing it with any woman unless he is doing it while looking at himself in the mirror the whole time.

  • Betina

    Happy Family in Brazil

  • mar

    time for another hair cut for Suri!!!! Poor kid caan’t see.

  • Carla

    those are horrible things to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We dont know how they really are in real life and tom seems to be nice


    Conner and Isebella are adopted kids not their biological child…
    Just like them to love their own child.. Than the children that
    Tom adopted with Nicole..!! Madonna and Guy are going through
    the same thing Guy wants Rocco his biological child with Madonna
    and not David the adopted on..

    Seen this last year when they went to the same type of beach for a friends wedding..Tacky public beach and now we see them getting into a Helicopter to who cares

  • Jackie O

    Miu Lands’ End

  • ga

    Katie and Suri are so pale. They need a tan.

    I will have to start calling her Casper the ghost, like I do Nicole Kidman.

  • tammy

    They need to protect their child’s eyes too, with sunglasses, or at least a hat with a visor.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    hmmmm… don’t conner and isabella go to school?!? hahaha dumbfcuks.

  • um

    Suri is the star here. Look at Suri Cruise’ mom and dad. LOL. Seriously They should get that little daughter of theirs in movies or commercials.

  • Freedom Blue

    Look at Suri’s SHOE’S – ESPECIALLY THE BOTTOMS!!! Never touched the ground… I agree, the two older children are long forgotten VERY SAD – Tom & KATE should be ashamed to call themselves PARENTS???

  • kimberly

    Did Katie ever get her teeth fixed? I wonder if it was due to some scientology cleaning thing. I would think that bleeching or trays should work enough. I bet tom bleaches his teeth, thats for sure!

  • Beth

    Guys, no need to say mean stuff about suri, that she is ugly and all that, she’s just an innocent kid, its one thing to diss her parents and its another thing to diss her, its just not rite, and you wont like it if someone else was calling ur kids ugly, not rite at all.

  • bethany granger

    OMG Suri is so cute. people always say she looks like a brat but it just because the paps that are around that she makes those faces, I mean Zahara Jolie-Pitt does the same but know one call her a brat do they. Suri i love you god bless you and your family.

  • mr. cadmium yellow

    these are such wonderful pics.
    wow these are so thrilling.
    what a beautiful family.
    i am so awe-struck.
    its like, wow – they are just so… real.



  • Thyanne

    Come on guy’s, what’s up?? are you crazy??? Rio is one of the most beautiful places of the world… violence exists in everywhere… all the big cities suffer with those problems… Paris, Milan, London, New York, Lisbon, Barcelona… every place you’ll go is dangerous… so, why discrebe Rio this way? as if it was the most violent?? Rio is so beautiful and charming… I am sure that the tourists that visit that wonderful city only have praises to describe her… Tom and Katie could confirm that in the next days of asked respect!!!



    Conner and Isebella are homeschooled now since the are taught
    Scientology schooling.. So Tom can take them anywhere they go..

    Guess it is true your own child is way more important than an adopted one..!!

  • ellie

    I think Tom Katie and all Toms children are beautiful.. There great parents to all there children.

  • nancyw

    I have to tell you Jared, Suri does not look very helicopter happy!!
    She looks exhausted!!!!

  • eliza

    Has there ever been a camera that Tom doesn’t smile at? He seems so intent on presenting himself as Mr. Nice Guy with the happy family in tow. Unfortunately Suri hasn’t learned to play her part yet. Smile, Suri. Dad says you’re such a happy child.

  • nobody, haha

    I’m from Brazil, but I hate RIO!!!

    Every day we see on tv somebody kill with guns! it’s horrible!!!!!!
    Our police sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • fan of Vanessa Hudgens ♥

    I’m from Brazil and my name is Victoria.
    beautifull family*-*
    Suri is wearing Havaianas, a typical Brazilian sandals!!!
    Rio de Janeiro is dangerous, but they have many security protecting them.
    Rio is very beautifull and worth visiting, just be careful!

  • cheetah

    have you ever seen a kid this sad about a helicopter ride? men this kid must feel miserable to be Suri must be a hell on earth.

  • Jacque

    Rio is wonderful and this city as so dangerous as however of others citys! Of these days, anywhere is dangerous not only RJ!
    AND YES, I’M FROM RIO AND I DON’T CHANGE THIS CITY FOR ANY OTHER! so shut up, jealous people.
    PS: and i’m sorry if I wrote something wrong

  • JAne

    Suri isn’t wearing Brazilian anything, the shoes are J Crew.

  • ah ha!

    Suri is going to have serious socialization problems.,,LDL158-9802,00-TOM+CRUISE.html#fotogaleria=5