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Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

While filming Terminator Salvation a few months back, Christian Bale went ballistic when Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut ruined a scene by walking onto the set.

The 35-year-old actor threatened to stop production if the producers didn’t fire Hurlbut. TMZ reports that film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

“You’re a nice guy but that doesn’t cut it when you’re bulls—ing and f—ing around on set!” yelled Bale during his almost 4-minute rant.


For all the screaming and yelling, listen here [mp3].

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226 Responses to “Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts”

  1. 1
    Shoops Says:

    First!!!! oh me oh my….

  2. 2
    liz Says:

    god hes hot.. i could give a **** who he yells at.. idiot prob. deserved it…

  3. 3
    abriil :) Says:

    God! Actors, who does he think he is?
    And everybody trying to be a kiss ass to Bale
    **** him! He’s a good actor but a horrible DIVA!

  4. 4
    whoa Says:

    This makes me want to **** him even more.

  5. 5
    Shane Says:

    Good what an ass. Shocking. Ignorant stupid man.

  6. 6
    lene Says:

    what a ******* idiot!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    Julia Says:

    Well he was in the middle of the freaking scene, of course he will be pissed!

  8. 8
    shar Says:

    whoa! hahaa. he was really angry… i suggest not to push his buttons in future.. hmmp.

  9. 9
    a Says:

    anger management classes anyone? chill the freak out man!

  10. 10
    ri23 Says:

    I think what we can take away from this is don’t ******* walk into a ******* scene and ruin one of Bale’s ******* takes!

  11. 11
    s Says:

    I like him, but what a prick!

  12. 12
    vvvv Says:

    He certainly overreacted. You can tell the other who accidentally walked in felt guilty. He doesnt deserved to be harassed like that though!

  13. 13
    common sense Says:

    Bale is absolutely right. I’m not saying he wasn’t harsh and didn’t embarrass the guy but he was right. They were shooting a scene and this lighting guy walks right into the middle of the scene a ruins it. Do you know how many hours it takes to set up a scene? When a scene is disrupted it ruins the rhythm of everything and then the whole schedule gets shot to hell!

    Time is money people! Not only that but the longer Bale has to stay on set is more time he has to spend away from his family. And sometimes that means an 18 hour day! If you bring your A game to the table wouldn’t you except everyone else to do the same? If you were in his position you would be pissed to I guarantee it.

  14. 14
    tadow Says:

    OH MY G-D!! That is so upsetting. I don’t think that I can watch anymore of his movies. If he’s going to mistreat people like that, then I’m not going to put money in his pocket. That is just not right. No one deserves to be spoken to that way.

  15. 15
    deka Says:

    he’s a great actor but should really tone it down before he’s unemployable

  16. 16
    Jeff Says:

    Shocking! I’ve lost all respect for this guy…

  17. 17
    rahj Says:


  18. 18
    melisa Says:

    if im not mistaken, bale was shooting this at the same time his friend heath ledger passed away. that in itself would make anyone on edge and not themselves. dont be so harsh seeing as we dont know the circumstances bale was in at the time.

  19. 19
    blah girls! Says:

    I think Senor Bale needs to take a chill pill!

  20. 20
    raquel Says:

    #13. I totally agree with you. Try working all those hours and not get angry when someone isn’t paying attention. I’m sure he’s not the only actor that has lost their rag, but no one’s reported it. He’s a professional and wants things done right. I remember how the cast and crew were ticked off at Sean Astin because he didn’t put on what he was supposed to put on on a reshoot. They had to reshoot the scene and it costs MONEY and TIME! The other actors thought it was a done deal, but they had to fly back to New Zealand to reshoot.

    I love Christian and he’s got every right to get ticked off when someone isn’t doing what they’re supposed to. I’m sure after he got everything out of his system is was just fine.

  21. 21
    Matt Says:

    Granted, he went overboard because he kept going and going over & over. But that said, Bale IS right. The guy has a serious commitment to his craft – it requires a lot of preparation, a lot of focus, a lot of time and professionalism. The other guy should have known better, and it’s ridiculous.

    That said, he could’ve quit his rant after 30 seconds, with an apology from the other dude, but he keeps on going.

  22. 22
    elsa Says:

    i dont think he’s in the fault, the dp messed up and did anyone think he sounded just like his character in american psycho?

  23. 23
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    hahahahaha good job bale! that prick fcuking deserved it. multi million $ movie and this fcuktard is running around like an idiot. he should of got punched on his face. hahahaha

  24. 24
    abby Says:

    Is it bad that I love him more lol

    He was shooting lol Would you like it if I took down the lights hahahahahaha

    oh good times.

  25. 25
    WHAAAAAAT? Says:

    ok… wait. “youve lost all respect for this guy” hahahahhaaaa wow. quite the sensitive one arent we? its his job.. he was in the middle of a scene. the guy was being a fuc*kin idiot. i hate how sensitive people are.. if he was messing up, he needed to hear it… and he did mess up.. big time.

  26. 26
    Matt Says:

    In fairness, it was the SECOND time he did it. I mean, come on.

  27. 27
    grace Says:

    he’s still hot! hahaha♥

  28. 28
    WHAAAAAAT? Says:

    and.. yes. #13 is on the ball.

  29. 29
    Anne Says:

    um yeah…diva much?
    jeez, i like how HE dictated that they should shoot again, i thought that was the DIRECTOR’S job. really, why so angry?
    maybe he should go do some filming with vin diesel, i hear they had meditation on set where everyone was required to attend.

  30. 30
    WHAAAAAAT? Says:

    and Jeff is an idiot hahahaaa

  31. 31
    holly Says:

    Bale comes off really bad here. The thing is, the guy did not actually walk into the scene. Back when this actually happened, the reports said that the director of photography just walked in front of the director, but that was enough to distract Bale and throw him off. The guy did not ruin the scene. In the audio, Bale comes off as a psycho, IMO.

  32. 32
    Amy Says:

    There is being mad, and then there is taking it WAY too far. he took it way, way too far. do i think he is wrong for being angry? not at all. but he humiliated the man for 5 minutes in front of God only knows how many people, probably just ruined his entire career. i really feel sorry for the guy. he threatened to kick his ass? please, grow up.

    and, no this was not when heath died. heath died over a year ago, this took place a few months ago.

  33. 33
    hhmm Says:

    Christian Bale is an *******. He was right granted BUT he could have handled himself in a more professional manner. His behavior was disgusting.

  34. 34
    Lola Says:

    wow…I’ve always respected and admired Bale as an actor, coz he’s really amazing (esp on Empire o the Sun)..but listening to him going mental on set like that, like a freaking arrogant diva…talking to this other man as if he was a retarded idiot that didn’t know anything…man, I swear…if that other man was my father, I would’ve completely lost it.

    Yeah, so “us” deadly people might not “know” what it’s like being an actor, but we sure as heck know what an ignorant ******* is, and Bale fits right in that description. Yeah, so a scene costs mores than you and I earn in a year, but to go ballistic in that way and to literally threat another person is rediculous. Acting is hard, hard work, I know, I know, tons of people involved, I know, blahblah…but it’s not brain surgery. Really. It’s not. And you didn’t hear anyone else threating to beat the crap out of the guy on set…

    Uh…how disappointing, Mr Bale.

  35. 35
    hmm Says:

    ok. the audio is really intense. wow… didnt listen to it at first.. it just changed my mind about this…jesus.. he just carries on and on. prick. I dont care how hot.. thats unexceptable. *****in prick.

  36. 36
    I AM #2 Says:

    and I recant my previos statement after listening to the audio.. i thought all he said was what jared posted.. but he really goes crazy.. he went waaay to far. what an assh***

  37. 37
    mare Says:

    I can’t believe anyone would stick up for him??He handled it completely wrong. What an As#@(*&! Did’nt he get in trouble for domestic violence before with his sister and mom about a year ago? Obviously he needs anger management classes.

  38. 38
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    this guy gots some serious anger issues tbh
    he needs to calm down

  39. 39
    pomme Says:

    he was very angry!!!! he love to use the word “****” and i wouldn’t be the other guy!

  40. 40
    MovieED Says:

    I love how people will defend him b/c
    1. He is hot or
    2.You are a huge fan
    Would you would let somebody talk to you like that?! I hope not.

  41. 41
    em Says:

    Bale went WAY too far. What he did was completely uncalled for. He needs to realize that he’s just an actor; he’s not curing cancer for gosh sakes. Self-important actors make me crazy.

  42. 42
    Parkan Says:

    I used to really, really love him, but I can’t like anyone who would treat someone else like that.

    The person who walked on set apologized – these mistakes happen. Instead of accepting the apology and maybe swearing to himself a little, he continued screaming at the man and threatening him for four minutes.

    Have some tolerance for the people you work with, for God’s sake!

  43. 43
    Ha! Says:

    I’m a little sick of the whole “we have to be nice to everyone and not hurt their feelings” mentality floating around. He had every right to be pissed off. That guy will live after being yelled at. And hey, he might even think twice about paying attention to what he’s doing on set. Crazy, right?

  44. 44
    MovieED Says:

    Get off Bale’s ****. How about being professional. You are at your job.

  45. 45
    d Says:

    anger management Christian
    LA Times and BBC said his marriage is on the rocks too

  46. 46
    hassanchop! Says:

    One thing some of you might want to ponder is that GOOD actors are metaphorically bleeding in their attempts to uncover the character of their roles. There is a kind of vulnerability one has to be open to, and if an actor’s effort is disrupted by lackadaisical behaviour of a supposed professional an actor might feel that his effort isn’t being taken seriously and is in fact been spit on in a passive aggressive manner. I thought he went to long dressing down the guy but I understand his rage.

  47. 47
    yuck Says:

    This is not new to many. While filming Begins he yelled at a female fan and the husband asked him to apologize to his wife. Bale gave them the finger then later on apologize to the lady.
    Superherohype has a picture of this.

    X17 also has a video of him roughing up a pap and fan.

  48. 48
    Naima Says:

    # 13…. I completely agree but at the same time people handle things differently, as hot as Mr. Bale is he went a bit too far with that one. You can tell he was pissed off anyway and just needed an excuse to go off and this poor DP just handed it right to him. He’s still sexy though :)

  49. 49
    connie Says:

    Hollywood stop hiring this man.

  50. 50
    Ha! Says:

    MovieED, I’m capable of forming my opinion, thanks bud. The worst he did was go on too long and be a little mean. The guy will get over it. And, no offense, but who knows what the entire situation was – this is just one more excerpt that is taken out of context. If we actually knew the whole situation, I might feel differently.

  51. 51 Says:

    He totally overreacted and if you think that he only loses his temper at work, you’re deluding yourself. I guess his family is filled with people who are unable to control themselves.

  52. 52
    Pff Says:

    It’s actual patrick bateman

  53. 53
    dancer Says:

    He makes Russell Crowe a girl. To the few that adore Bale very pathetic women and its true many abusive women stay with abusive men.

  54. 54
    bonnie Says:

    I wonder if Bryce Dallas Howard was embarrassed

  55. 55
    bonnie Says:

    I wonder if Bryce Dallas Howard was embarrassed

  56. 56
    jazz Says:

    wow, he definitely overreacted and stretched the argument out much more than he should have. he was criticizing the guy for acting like an amateur and being unprofessional, but the number of times he used coarse language? he acted extremely unprofessional himself…what a hypocrite.

    i thought that whole controversy with him and his wife this summer was blown out of proportion, but now i can totally see the extent of his anger management issues. gosh, just calm down. would a boss in a professional office freak out like this on the job to one of his workers without getting in trouble? i think not. enough with the superiority complex.

  57. 57
    unhappy much Says:

    That’s why in 3:10 to Yuma the staff prefer Crowe while Public Enemies the fans loved Depp not Bale. This is not the first set tantrum Bale did. Pity how this man reacts to little problems in life.

  58. 58
    bye Says:

    The media is right Bale got popular not by his works but by his bad boy image and family problems.

  59. 59
    brenda Says:

    Who does this A$$hole think he is, he thinks just because he is in the movies that this gives he the right to talk to people this way. I loved every movie he has ever been in, but now I have lost all respect for him as an actor and a human being.

  60. 60
    HOly **** Says:

    These are his co-workers. If I were to do that with my boss or any of my other co-workers I would be probably out of a job. Just because they are Hollywood actors do not give them an excuse. Say your disdain calmly and keep it moving. Four minutes way too excessive.
    Right now I am having David O Russell flashbacks to the video where he just lays into Lily Tomlin calling her everything but a child of God.
    On the funny side, however, from the sounds of the audio file this guy full of spittle. I can imagine the spittle creeping up the sides of his mouth. Maybe that’s why the DP was terrified.

  61. 61
    alex Says:

    That dude did deserve to be yelled at like that.

    Christian had all the right to be like that.

    Walking on the set twice, that must have been annoying.

  62. 62
    Thom Says:

    I am sorry but this is ridiculous. I love Christian Bale, but I don’t think being Batman allows you to treat other people like crap. Like others have said, this is not his first incident with anger issues on set. I think it’s a shame that such a fantastic actor is such a prick. I have lost a ton of respect for him.

  63. 63
    Ha! Says:

    I might agree with most of you if he physically touched this guy, but he is one man yelling at another man. A movie set is not the same type of job situation as a 9-5 office job. BFD. Throw a telephone at him, punch him in the face, etc… then I would agree. I would also probably agree with you if this were the first time it happened. Does it say anything about how CB reacted the first time this guy (who should know better) wandered in while they were filming a scene?

  64. 64
    lizzie Says:

    who are you to think he’s an idiot? do u really know him?

  65. 65
    alex Says:

    Also, you have no idea which scene he was doing, it might be a scene which take awhile to set up.

  66. 66
    Pete Says:

    well ok, you dont have to believe me but i know people who worked on the set of terminator, also people close to bale..professionally and on a more personal level. apparently he took some druggs to get himself in the mood for the role (not the first time), to basically get really worked up, worn out looking and just up for the scenes you know? his character is fighting the ultimate war agaisnt the machines for christ’s sake. so yeah he was basically very intoxicated and thats why he reacted the way he did (also getting physical towards the end). obviously theres no way he can say this in public. i dont know if hew will apologize…but there you go. quote me on it…anonymously….

  67. 67
    groovacious Says:

    lmfao what a diva. poor guy. and i thought christian was british…he has a mix of american accent or something.

  68. 68
    Shasta Says:

    He’s a douche. I don’t care how many times a guy might have wandered into the shot, isn’t it the director’s place to straighten him out? Makes me think back to the story about him getting physically abusive with his mom and sister last year. Perhaps anger management to prevent any further douchiness. It’s not as if they’re on some military maneuver, for heaven’s sake. Get some perspective.

  69. 69
    Eve Says:

    Always knew he was an *******. And he’s not even that talented.

    He should take a lesson from Johnny Depp on how to be a great actor WITHOU being an arrogant douche.

  70. 70
    Eve Says:

    I meant A**HOLE!

    Also, he’s not handsom: his front teeth look fake, he speaks with a lisp and his lips are too thin.

  71. 71
    Jim skea Says:

    Jeez, in the amount of time he spent swearing at the guy, they could have reshot the scene.

    Seems to me that it’s Mr Bale that’s lacking professionalism here.

  72. 72
    sheryl Says:

    This behavior is very disappointing. I’ve never been a Christian Bale fan, have just seen a couple of his films, but this behavior is too much. Anyone who thinks it’s okay as long as it wasn’t physical, tell me what you think of verbal abuse to kids and spouses. Wonder how Bale reacts to spilled milk?

    Bottom line, he and what he does is not so important or critical enough to warrant this level of reaction. He needs to get way over himself. I’m even less of a fan than I was before.

  73. 73
    jessalyn Says:

    I used to be in film ( and granted was never even close to famous), but as someone who’s been on set with those that were very powerful in the industry, no this doesn’t happen a lot. And no, it’s not acceptable. He was being verbally abusive. It’s not ok I don’t care who he is. I’ve always been a fan but lets keep actors in perspective. They’re not finding the cure for cancer. They’re not generals in a war. They’re not working in orphanages in the third world. They’re an actor, and they get paid a ridiculous amount to be actors. As such, a little patience and dignity might be nice.

  74. 74
    dumb fans Says:

    common sense @ 02/02/2009 at 4:05 pm

    u actually think he’s concerned about time away from the family? he’s just an actor and a mediocre one at that. who does he think he is? if the director did not say anything about the ruined scene i don’t think anyone else should, no matter how humungous their ego is. he was being unprofessional.

  75. 75
    Naty Says:

    omg! what an *******. Who those he think he is? You NEVER treat people like that! NEVER! NEVER! Even if he is right you never treat people like that, you just don’t, I lost the respect I had for him.

  76. 76
    jessalyn Says:

    And to the person who said he’s working long hours… Everyone on set works long hours. And most don’t get big nice comfy trailers on set in between takes. Nurses and doctors work long hours. what would you think of a doctor or nurse screaming at someone like that in the middle of the hospital?

  77. 77
    dumb fans Says:

    melisa @ 02/02/2009 at 4:11 pm

    omg, u think he was friends with heath ledger??????????????? he has been seething with rage and jealousy since the oscar buzz about ledger’s performance as the joker.

  78. 78
    DAISY Says:

    Anyone who says that Bale is a mediocre actor is letting his rant cloud their views. He is clearly a superb actor – probably could have done with stopping after 30 secs but to be honest, some people probably take themselves more seriously than others. I won’t say he’s a nice guy/ he was stressed/ make general excuses because I clearly don’t know him, but he is an excellent actor.

  79. 79
    dianel Says:

    He acts like a little kid throwing a fit and screaming

  80. 80
    coolie Says:

    His acting has never blown me away – I thought he made a so-so Batman, lips are too thin to carry off the mask – but seeing him act like such a raving diva makes him less appealing.

  81. 81
    Karma Says:

    What a girl!

    (no offense to girls)

  82. 82
    Lola Says:

    So, someone mentioned here that Bale did the right thing, coz the other guy was at his job and he wasn’t acting professional…so, how do you explain Bale’s little f-ed up episode here? Is THAT the professional way to handle things just because you’re an actor?

    BS happens. But how on earth do things get better by having someone exploding in your face about it? Letalone threatening to kick your butt?! I don’t get how people can excuse Bale’s arrogant behaviour here. everyone makes mistakes at work sometimes, but you don’t see your co-worked yelling the crap out himself/herself, for a mistake you made. We all have crappy days, but there’s a thing called “acting professional” (I believe bale used that word somewhere in is “episode”), and I’m sure scaring the **** out of your co-workers doesn’t count as that.

  83. 83
    maryl Says:

    Disgusting language! No one should be treated in this manner!

  84. 84
    Karma Says:

    Two words, Lola: Delusional fanbots.

  85. 85
    can we say diva Says:

    What an A S S. He has a temper tantrum like a 2 year old. Adults handle these things differently. But then again he is a pamper actor.

  86. 86
    sheryl Says:

    Eve @ 02/02/2009 at 5:51 pm Always knew he was an *******. And he’s not even that talented.

    He should take a lesson from Johnny Depp on how to be a great actor WITHOU being an arrogant douche.

    I’d wager there are tons of actors who manage to behave like human beings, not just JD. Bale needs to look around and take note…there are plenty of talented actors all around who can suck it up like men and not lose their cool and probably much more desireable to work with.

  87. 87
    Dravenesque Says:

    C’mon people, this was uncalled for. S**t happens everyday. Yelling and screaming about it doesn’t make it better, or turn back the clock. Make your point, don’t be such an **** about it, and then move on. This is just a guy who’s career took off thanks to the Batman films, and his ego is starting to get to him. If I were the DP, Bale’s teeth would be down his throat right now. I actually thought that Bale’s arrest for assault against his mother and sister was either blown out of proportion or unwarranted. Now I see that the arrest was fully justified. Anyone who talks like this to another person, threatening him openly deserves to get whatever is coming to him.

  88. 88
    andrew Says:

    Shoops you’re a idiot

  89. 89
    honest1 Says:

    You can tell that Bale was trying to regain his composure at one point by trying to get others approval….could’ve handled the situation better though….4 of ranting 4 MINUTES PEOPLE!

  90. 90
    dumb fans Says:

    everyone should just stand very still and hold their breaths while the f^cking genius is f^cking acting otherwise it’s just too f^cking distracting.

  91. 91
    JGL Says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I’ve been a huge Bale fan for years and that was such a let down. Yes, the guy ruined a scene (or two) but he didn’t deserve that nasty tongue lashing from Bale. Seemed like his rant was in front of the entire crew so that alone isn’t right, let alone professional. And c’mon, he’s filming Terminator, not Macbeth. Gimme a break. He should have let McG handle it. No wonder why his Mom and Sis called the cops. He’s pretty freakin nuts when he’s pissed. It appears Bale’s head is getting too big. What a damn shame.

  92. 92
    kc Says:

    If he was a fat balding actor, the people who think he was right would instead think he’s an a**hole.

    You know I’m right.

  93. 93
    captainjack Says:

    What a fucktard. Great, great actor, but gosh, what a supreme prick as a person. He needs to get his anger under control. He sounds like a sick man.

  94. 94
    farah Says:

    he acts like a brat!!!!! Mistakes happen in filming and he acts like the world ended

  95. 95
    NOELLE Says:

    Noone has the right to speak to a colleague like this. I f he ruined the scene then he could have spoken to him on a professional level this is completely unacceptable. Bale obviously has anger issues … he did attack his mum and sister last year.

    I’ve never found him a very likeable actor and he doesn’t seem to be popular within the industry and no wonder with this carry on. Where was the director during this? He should hav controlled the situation and not have some actor with a huge ego do this. This is what happens when actors are surrounded by yes people continuosly , they think they can do what they like. The poor man this was directed at must have been very shaken from this tirade of abuse. Bale even threatened to assault him and had to be held back by the sounds of it. Horrible person!

  96. 96
    captainjack Says:

    If only Heath were alive to say, “Hey Christian, why so serious?”

  97. 97
    Voro Says:


  98. 98
    Jill Says:

    Overgrown baby acting like an *******. His mother should have whooped his butt more when he was growing up and taught him some manners.

  99. 99
    jaye Says:

    Bale was right? Yes, if he wants to be an a*hole. People make mistake, even professional people. I can name any number of actors who are better actors than he is who wouldn’t have reacted that way. Is that what our society has come to standing up for rude and obscene behavior? I realize that the world will only ever think of him as Batman, but he just needs to get over himself. Probably was pissed that Ledger was getting all the press for the Batman movie. Hahahaha, he’s the lead actor of the movie and no one cared. It sucks to be him I guess.

  100. 100
    mouche Says:

    WOW – he sounds like a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown! I hope he can control his anger a little better in his private life!

  101. 101
    sheryl Says:

    Of course the DP guy screwed up, there’s no question. But Bale overreacting just revealed him as a complete jerk. Trying to throw your “star power” around like that just isn’t cool.

  102. 102
    Matt Says:

    It’s so ironic. Bale ranting like this, insulting the guy, making physical threats, because he thinks the other guy is unprofessional???

    He should be ashamed. But I guess when you are a pampered movie star with everyone around you kissing your a** all day, you can act any way you want.

    And I don’t think someone walking onto the set is all that unusual. I am pretty sure I have seen it on the bloopers of other movies. Except they usually have a laugh and move on with their life, not threaten to hurt somebody.

    He owes this guy a public apology.

  103. 103
    elanenergy Says:

    CB needs to be banished to a “treatment” facility and suffer the consequences of inflicting his abuse. It hurt me secondhand to hear this nonsense. I’m so very glad of the internet in these situations, b/c typically this type of misbehavior is not just tolerated in Heinousville, but condoned. Off with his tongue…..

  104. 104
    SS Says:

    First of all, I am an actor and I would NEVER act like this. Period.

    I get how much it takes to get “into” a scene but the DP is the one who makes you look good on camera. Plus, the director is the one calling the shots, not the actor. Second, it is a group/team effort to make a film.

    People need to be cool. Everyone is working towards a common goal: to make a great film. The DP is just trying to do his job.

    I think Bale is out of line and doesn’t surprise me that he is quick tempered, remember when he went crazy on his sister and mom last year?

    Get real…be compassionate and kind. Grow up and realize that you make a lot of money…

  105. 105
    can't believe it Says:

    Idiots who think that this PRICK C BALE is in the right. And NO his buddy Heath had been dead over 5 months when this was taped.

    CBALE is just a hot headed prick who can’t control his temper. A girl friend 8 yrs ago, filed an assault charge against him in London..but it was dropped because of who he is and his money gets him out of trouble.. His mom and sister also filed an assault charge against him and once again it was dropped. Afer hearing this uncontrollable rant it’s clear to see he needs some anger management help.

    I don’t give a F–K about his craft..bottom line is, it’s still just a freaking scene..and it’s only work! There is a hell of alot more in the world to get upset about, than someone accidently walking onto a set. IDIOT! He doesn’t care about anyone other than himself and you could hear in his voice that he just wanted to physically hurt that man…to have those kinds of urges for something so small, it’s truely needs help. He’s the ******* and he’s the one who should have his ass kicked. He’s an arrogant prick. I wonder how this world would be if everyone erupted like that at work because of something so small? It’s stupid and idiotic for people/fans to think Oh, he’s right, he’s great, he’s superman, he can do no wrong…blah blah blah!

    I’m a nurse, and I’ve seen things happen during surgery that are you think the doctor would flip out like that on another health care worker? NO…and you’re talking about a matter of life and death here…..stupid assed Christian Bale was only about a freaking scene in a movie! What a douche he is! I will never watch another one of his movies because I just don’t get off putting money in the pockets of violent men who can’t control themselves.

  106. 106
    SS Says:

    Plus, it’s not rocket science people…even if it was MacBeth. Is anyone else over actor’s and their gripes?

  107. 107
    Sabba Says:

    Is he freaking serious?
    Yes, the guy shouldn’t have walked on set in the middle of a scene, but if there’s something wrong with the light they’re going to have to re-shoot the scene anyway.
    Where was the director during all of to give Bale a sedative?
    Someone should tell Christian Bale that he’s hot, but that his acting has started to suck.

  108. 108
    vmars111 Says:

    Understandable. He had an up and down year with Ledger’s death and was probably running around uncomfortably promoting Dark Knight during that time. And wasn’t that during the time he allegedly karate chopped his mom?

    I guess he completely just lost it after that after a long work day. Still, he yelled for like 3 minutes! That’s like a political episode of The View!

  109. 109
    Marieme Says:

    Julia #7 give me a break! God, people have become so used to graphic language and rage that something like this – which is very ugly and cruel – they make all kinds of excuses.

    Yeah, it would have made some sense if he had yelled maybe once and left it at that, but the guy went mental! You are completely missing the point here. A person doesn’t keep going on a lunatic tirade unless they’re pathological. Something tells me Bale is pretty screwy upstairs. I’ve heard enough stories about him to believe it so. I mean if his talent is so tenous that he feels this insecure then by all means get another profession, Bale. You’ll hardly be missed, dude. What a immature moron. He has no control. Nice role model for the kids, dude. Grow up. I bet Heath Ledger would never have behaved so viciously and he was a massively committed and serious actor.

  110. 110
    American phsyco Says:

    he’s known to be very hardcore strict. he hardly cracks a smile in interviews and glares at you like he wants to stab you.

  111. 111
    brie2009 Says:

    Love Christian Bale, but damn hes got one potty mouth! Too many F bombs!

  112. 112
    mickey Says:

    Christian could’ve handled that better, but he is an actor and that’s how they treat people. All actors, and I mean all of them, are spoiled brats–some of them are famous for it like Lindsay Lohan and others try to fly below the radar be torturing people behind the scenes in the hopes that their childish behavior won’t get out to the public.

  113. 113
    OKIKNOWnow Says:

    He did go overboard but they were working long hours. He was flying out that same night for the premiere of The Dark Knight. A lot of stuff was going on.

  114. 114
    whatever Says:

    This guy needs medication. Or a 12 step program. Or something! And hopefully other studios won’t hire him after this insane behavior. All this from a man who spends his days pretending to be someone else. It’s entertainment, for pete’s sake. Not war; not the emergency room; not a crime scene. It’s a ******* movie. And for this behavior, some studio pays this guy millions of dollars. The whole thing is sick.

  115. 115
    CAne Says:

    No, all actors do not act like this.

  116. 116
    anja Says:

    Christian, Christian, Christian….haven’t you learnt from people like Russell Crowe that you fall out of favour with the public bigtime when you verbally of physically assault some poor person.
    No excuse for that kind of behaviour you D-list actor!!

  117. 117
    k Says:

    what an ******* **** this mother ******* *******! christian bale go to hell!

  118. 118
    Juantamad Says:

    Joker should have been there and
    “why so serious? … (with a grin, laughing)

  119. 119
    lol Says:

    What a loser. They should sack him.

  120. 120
    Ragu Says:

    A little Patrick Bateman in him, perhaps?

  121. 121
    ash Says:

    Douche. Anger management is calling.

  122. 122
    sam Says:

    i know hes been in america for years but his accent is ATROCIOUS
    no wonder yanks cant do our accents properly with him as an example
    what a noob

  123. 123
    h Says:

    Yes he has a right to be upset about someone ruining a scene, but there is an appropriate way to handle it. He could have taken the guy aside and spoken to him with the director there instead of cussing at him like a drunken sailor and embarassing the man.

  124. 124
    jughead Says:

    this is Warner Bros. golden boy? yikes. Jailtime is next for Bale.

  125. 125
    Simon Says:

    yeah, so thats a pretty reasonable reaction.

  126. 126
    bet betty Says:

    Dude. Mightily. Fcuked. Up.

    Screwed. Human. Garbage.

  127. 127
    fresh Says:

    wtf. the guy made a mistake—no need to tear him a new one in front of everyone. what a ****.

  128. 128
    fresh Says:

    wtf. the guy made a mistake—no need to tear him a new one in front of everyone. what a ****.

  129. 129
    Kat Kat Says:

    Wow! That was shocking. I understand why he got ticked at the guy but he shouldn’t had kept at it.

  130. 130
    Anita Says:

    As hot as he is I wouldn’t want to be married to Bale unless I was perfect and never made mistakes of any kind, ever. Since that’s not possible for me or any other woman, I would put money on it that he’s gone off on his wife like this for some infraction or another. His display of anger, regardless of how annoyed and inconvenienced he was, is nasty, belligerant and obnoxious.

  131. 131
    bet betty Says:

    Sooner. Or. Later.

    The. Woman. With. Him. Will. Be. Stabbed. From. Back. By. The. America. Psycho.

  132. 132
    Fourplay Says:

    Self-important ******** are not hot, nor is violence. You people that think this is hot should consider counseling.

  133. 133
    Yoyo Says:

    S’cuse me, have you seen my hairy balls? They are quite hairy really.

  134. 134
    guli Says:

    Money and looks isn’t everything.

  135. 135
    Dimwit Says:

    Yoyo, congratulations!

  136. 136
    Lily Says:

    I would be pissed as well.

  137. 137
    Amy Says:

    It may have been harsh, but that’s thousands of dollars every take. The director of photography should be professional and not screw up time that EVERYONE involved has spent on set.

  138. 138
    Kelly Says:

    well, yes you can get angry but to push someone so far into the ground and humiliate them infront of everyone for such an extended period is just not professional. Someone who holds so much power should weld that power with consideration to others. How do you stand up for yourself if you need a job. He should have taken this up privately with the director etc.

  139. 139
    pr person Says:

    Bale is really unhappy.

  140. 140
    SF Says:

    I would have shouted at incompetence so I’m on Christian’s side. So he was OTT, so he went ballistics, maybe the language was harsh but that DP ruined a scene, twice. I am sure harsher words have been uttered by other people, director, writer, etc on lower ranking staff, like what happens everyday in office. Was he supposed to play nice and be kind? He is a consummate actor who is serious about his craft. The DP did not pay attention and so he deserved to be screamed at. But to be sacked may be a bit too much. It shows that you must take your work seriously. Not everyone is your bff in a working environment.

  141. 141
    amanda Says:

    I agree with another poster. You’re not doing brain surgery now that would be pressure. This person needs to work on his anger, ie. get some professional help, it can only improve all areas of his life.

  142. 142
    JGL Says:

    Yes I agree that not everyone you work with is going to be your BFF, but that doesn’t mean you can be hostile and humiliate them because you were having a bad day. While Bale is the “talent”, he should give the guy a little respect since he’s the Director of Photography, not some gopher running Kraft food services. I give a lot of blame to McG. He’s the director and should have resolved it quickly rather than letting Bale rant on for what seems like forever.

  143. 143
    Thais Says:

    i still want him to do me in every which way imaginable
    he is so ******* hot

  144. 144
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    Other “actors” give their energy to drinking, using cocaine, using gay-sex, (fat) eating.
    This mongol uses it to SCREAM & SHOUT!!
    ……………..pretty harmless though.

  145. 145
    sw Says:

    wow what an ass****… no matter what the situation was, it is not ok to shout at anybody like that.. he was the ONE that wasn’t professional… he has anger management issues for sure

  146. 146
    not cool Says:

    Anybody who sticks up for this douchebag are nothing but asskissing fanboys.

  147. 147
    bebe Says:

    was he not in the movie “American Psycho” i think art was immitating life in that movie. God pls protect his wife and family from him. I will never see another movie he’s in, just like Tom Cruise, we need not promote these type of behavior.

  148. 148
    bebe Says:

    you get paid a lot of money, go buy u some patience, and kind heart, there more important things in life than someone disrupting ur set. God did not have that type of erruption when devil messed up his plans.

  149. 149
    kaddie Says:

    I hate the people trying to make excuses for this DP’s bad lack of judgment. Learn to do your job the RIGHT WAY!!! I don’t blame Bale for having a fit here…once your concentration is broken it is EXTREMELY difficult to reset.

    High performing people have high expectations.

    Bale’s rant wasn’t much different than anything that you would hear in any other high performing profession once you reach the upper levels.

    I’ve heard much of the same from MANY fellow directors and SVPs expect THEY didn’t include the “nice” part.

  150. 150
    Over him! Says:

    @ 13
    Oh please! As if “acting” is hard labor and for the ridicules amount of money they make it makes no sense to be such a diva —-! I WAS a fan of his every sense he was a child actor in Red Sun but my respect has gone out the window for this major D—– bag behavior! He’s over rated anyway, Heath outshone him big time, and I bet he’s bitter about it too.

  151. 151
    factoid Says:

    Get over it Batgeeks your gods Bale and Ledger are no role models.

  152. 152
    Over him! Says:

    @ 18
    Christian and Heath were NOT friends just because they were in a movie together.

  153. 153
    evelyn Says:

    This makes him so ugly. No wonder he looks 50 not 35 because he is an angry sad soul. He treats the DP,producer and even director McG with no respect and professionalism. Many work places have stress moments but hostile violent people are not to be tolerated.

  154. 154
    bebe Says:

    i now beleive he beat up his mom and sister last summer in london as reported. He is a disturbed man, he is always in these sad movies, and cannot differencite them from real life.

  155. 155
    aureab Says:

    Ok before you guys jump to conclusions ..please try to be in his shoes. Listen to # 13

  156. 156
    bebe Says:

    what shoes, oh his enabling rish shoes, this boy was born with a silver spoon and did not get to learn how to tolerate people and if anybody on this site thinks its ok to scream and use those type of language when u think the cameras are not rolling and be another way when it is rolling u ought to join the group of insane.

  157. 157
    :( Says:

    His wife needs to work so she can leave him.

  158. 158
    cain Says:

    oh never really liked him. it’s alright to be angry, but he said… “are you professional??”

    still joshua jackson should get that batman role in the first place

  159. 159
    Cripes Says:

    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak.
    What a freak

  160. 160
    roninbernie Says:

    Geez, so his tempers are common. He had a spat with his relatives last year. Now we finally learn he lost it again. What kind of show is Kitschy McG trying to put on? He can’t even get professional people on board.

  161. 161
    t Says:

    I’d be pissed too… but he could have handled it like an adult.
    What a psycho

  162. 162
    YIKES Says:

    Since this got released publicly, I guess it means that the people on the set were “done professionally” with Bale’s tirades and were happy to let the world know what a tool Bale is to work with. Gives us another perspective on what the incident with his sister and mother might have been about in London last year. Dude’s got serious anger issues.

    For those sticking up for the temperamental actor, it was not Bale’s place to correct that crew member. It was the director’s. The director is in charge on the set and if he felt there was a problem with the crew he would take care of it. This is nothing more than a typically overpaid egocentric actor going off and pitching a hissy. What he needs is a director who puts his spoiled a$$ in line instead of a crew that tries to sooth his psycho behavior.

    Bale has had too many of these incidents. Seems like he’s gotten cocky since the success of the Batman films. The guy is playing pretend for money, not doing brain surgery. Seems a little too self-important when what he does isn’t saving the world. Maybe he’s mistaken his pretend hero portrayals for the real thing.

  163. 163
    i work in the film industry Says:

    If the Director of Cinematography is walking into a shot, one would suppose that from his POV, the shot was hosed already. The men behind the camera have ONE job, and that is to make the actors *look* good. Where Mr. Bale gets off screaming like a spoiled child is beyond me, when from a technical standpoint there very WELL may have been a problem with the lighting. If the actor wants to waste time and effort going through a scene that isn’t being shot correctly from the beginning, fine, but let that extra cost come out of HIS pocket. Yes, having to do something over or being interrupted is frustrating but it wasn’t a live performance in front of an audience so this outburst was inexcusable and unprofessional. I have much sympathy for the crew that had to endure such a screaming tirade.

    Some people here are trying to tell us in a condescending way that it was OK for Bale to go ballistic because the DP walked on the set. Sure the DP may have screwed up but it was completely unprofessional for Bale to talk to another human being that way. No excuse whatsoever. He sounded like OJ Simpson on the 911 tapes. Bale sounds like a monster. I also want to know why the Director didn’t stand up to Bale and tell him to pipe down. That DP should have spoken up. But that’s how prima donnas are made- no one stands up to them

  164. 164
    Christian is a prickpimple Says:

    If the Director of Cinematography is walking into a shot, one would suppose that from his POV, the shot was hosed already. The men behind the camera have ONE job, and that is to make the actors *look* good. Where Mr. Bale gets off screaming like a spoiled child is beyond me, when from a technical standpoint there very WELL may have been a problem with the lighting. If the actor wants to waste time and effort going through a scene that isn’t being shot correctly from the beginning, fine, but let that extra cost come out of HIS pocket. Yes, having to do something over or being interrupted is frustrating but it wasn’t a live performance in front of an audience so this outburst was inexcusable and unprofessional. I have much sympathy for the crew that had to endure such a screaming tirade.
    Some people here are trying to tell us in a condescending way that it was OK for Bale to go ballistic because the DP walked on the set. Sure the DP may have screwed up but it was completely unprofessional for Bale to talk to another human being that way. No excuse whatsoever. He sounded like OJ Simpson on the 911 tapes. Bale sounds like a monster. I also want to know why the Director didn’t stand up to Bale and tell him to pipe down. That DP should have spoken up. But that’s how prima donnas are made- no one stands up to them. CRYBABY with an overinflated EGO!

  165. 165
    teebok Says:

    To all the ones out there that think he had this outburst because he was so torn up over Health Leader’s death, you have another thing coming. First of all, Christian didn’t even like Heath that much, and second of all, this happened in July around the time that The Dark Knight was being released. It’s a known fact that Christian was MAD AT THE FACT that Heath was getting all the attention and Christian was basically overlooked. Hardly anyone even recognised that he played in the movie…it was all about Heath and his “wonderful and amazing” acting one said SQUAT about Christian Bale’s performance. Why..because Heath dominated the set and even in death he dominated the Premeire of The Dark Knight. Christian is a seriously sick person. Something people don’t know about him, is when he was a kid on the set of Empire of the Sun, he was caught “burning kittens” by pouring kerosene on them and setting them on fire. He was said to laugh hysterically as the kittens ran around screeching. The money of the film is what kept that out of the media..they didn’t want anything messing up the reputation of the CHILD STAR that would become the violent Christian Bale of today.

  166. 166

    remember that blind item some monhs back about some alist actor torturing and assualting a male lover every though this actor was straight ………….well……………. also he (bale) fought and beat up his mum and sister……………what a *******……………….getting paid lots of money to be a total bully……………..brad pitt would never do something like this…………..if so it would be reported on the national news…………………boo hiss on bale…………p.s. not cool

  167. 167
    Hortensia Says:

    The guy was a stupid klutz to be wandering around during the scene and I don’t blame Bale in the least for being furious. I think the producers should fire him pronto and apologize to Bale for his actions. He was stupid and unprofessional.

  168. 168
    me Says:

    I think that Bale is extremly talented and professional actor. Ok, maybe he overreacted a little, but come on, that dude should do his work properly. Not hanging around while shooting!

    I bet, you would be mad as well. He deserved Bale anger it 100%!!!

    Don’t write Christian a Diva, you know nothing about him…

  169. 169
    j301 Says:

    What a ******* ******, how the **** can you stand in three ******* minuts and yell at a guy who only does his job.
    Jesus ******* christ this is ******* unbelivible, i loved bale, i watch (and payed) for watching almost all of his movies
    he is a ******* ****** and i will never ever pay for one os his ******* movies again.
    **** you
    die please

  170. 170
    lani Says:

    I was a fan of him and his work..
    but him as a person..
    I don’t get how he could think so highly of himself to be able to yell the **** out of that guy.
    Maybe, he could have yelled at him, even with curse words and be ‘get out of the ******* scene’ but to carry on..
    how immature.
    Christian, you probably won’t be reading this..but grow up. You’re not 17 any more. You have a young kid, and honestly, what the hell you psycho!

  171. 171
    ayj6m6l Says:

    I’m not watching anymore of his movies.ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  172. 172
    Nic Says:

    The DP wasn’t “wandering” on set, he wasn’t NOT doing job, he just made a MISTAKE to walk in on a scene to check the lightings because its his JOB to make sure the actors look good. And to those who say its A-OK for Bale to scream his ****** head off because he’s tired…overworked…had super long hours… Guess what geniuses he’s not the only one doing that. All Bale has to go is put on some make up and act when the director shouts action. The real manual, hard work is done by the people BEHIND the scenes and they are paid 1/100 of his salary so don’t tell me he has the right to verbally abuse someone because he’s “tired”.

  173. 173
    Gb Says:

    I always thought that Bale was kinda creepy.

    I see three douches.
    DP: messing up the scene,
    Bale: going ballistic
    McG: not taking charge.

    One day Bale is going to meet his match. It will be an interesting day.

    I doubt McG will ever work with Bale again

  174. 174
    DONDON Says:

    What a f%*king jerk! YOU’RE AN ACTOR DUDE, not a f**king brain surgeon!! It’s not life or death! I swear, if I were that lighting guy, I would have lost my job right after I’d laid his ass out!!!

  175. 175
    sarah Says:

    He may have been right to be upset, but I don’t think it’s ever right to speak to another human being that way.

  176. 176
    serena Says:

    This just proves that STARS are just like us, HUMAN!!

  177. 177
    Uh....yeah Says:

    Right, #176, and sex offenders are human just like us, too, right?

  178. 178
    Anne Says:

    The most disturbing thing about this article is that they are filming another Terminator movie!

    Although I have to admit that Bale is correct that the person walking through the scene while they were filming was in the wrong, his little tirade is unprofessional and classless.

  179. 179
    justareader Says:

    Mistakes are made all the time and yes, certain mistakes cost a lot of money but this rant was inexcusable. Although understandably angry the way he acted was ridiculous. He came across like a petulant child who didn’t get his way. Really, who treats someone else that way? I would never speak to one of the people I work with in such a manner, regardless of whether they screwed up or not.

  180. 180
    Squaraus Says:

    Being honest, in my life I’ve never heard the f*** word so many times in only 4 minutes! It really got difficult for me to go over the second half of the tape. For what I can say, I think Bale is a sad man full of regrets and a looser-in-life: I’m sure he grew up thinkin’ the world is himself and the others are sh*t. But what I heard is something inhuman and obviously there’s no excuse for his behavoiur, even the eventual psychological commitment in that scene. They say he punched his mother and sister? OK, NOW I BELIEVE THAT. I’m so ashamed to think about all the money these small-inside-actors earn in their life. DISGUSTING.

  181. 181
    lala Says:

    I like Bale since I saw “Treasure Island” but even if he wants to be as professionnal as possible, shouthing aggressively at people is not the best way to create a good atmosphere at work… I have to say that he is even a bit scary… I hope he’s not like that at home and that his shouting is not going to lead to hitting.

  182. 182
    liv Says:

    He’s soooooooooooooo hot!

  183. 183
    Sara Says:

    He had every reason to be pissed off but he took it too far. He kept going on and on. I think Dude has ISSUES. I am starting to believe all those rumors about him. Don’t forget all that stuff with his family not to long ago.

  184. 184
    Brynne Says:

    All of the people who think his tirade was justified: Have you heard the ENTIRE tape? He says the F word some 30 something times, it’s ridiculous. Nobody’s saying he shouldn’t have been mad but DAMN!!! I think his azz is crazy, anger management is calling for you Christian.

  185. 185
    Tony francio Says:

    this f***** prick, why he f***** f***, in this f*****

  186. 186
    Cathey Says:

    He sure thinks alot of himself and making f***ing movies. Hey dude it’s only a movie. Your not curing cancer or discovering a way to fix what wrong with our health care system. Get over yourself!!!

  187. 187
    Cathey Says:

    These are the people that make you look good in the f***ing movie!!
    You think they are going to go out of their way to make you look good now? Don’t you realize you don’t bite the hand that feeds you?

  188. 188
    Cathey Says:

    These are the people that make you look good in the f***ing movie!!
    You think they are going to go out of their way to make you look good now? Don’t you realize you don’t bite the hand that feeds you?

  189. 189
    julez Says:

    He looks like tortured soul in the recent candid pics, apparently Hollywood pressure start to consume him, he needs help ASAP before he done worse thing than throwing f words.

  190. 190
    Angel Says:


  191. 191
    sidlia Says:

    my god, he totally loses it. what a ****. of course it’s frustrating when you’re trying to work and you get interrupted, but hello, he’s on a film set. Theres tens of people doing their things in the background, and if they dont check on their work as the DOP did then what would the film turn out like? it would be ****. And referring to it as “you ruined my scene, my scene” – he’s only one piece of the scene. The DOP has every right to check that his part of the scene looked good and that it wasn’t ruining the take. His ass would be on the line if they watched the rushes back and the lighting was ****. I hope Christian Bale is embarrassed when he listens to this back and realises fame has turned him into a insular, egotistical prick. He was so sweet in Empire of the Sun – go back to basics Bale!

  192. 192
    custom t Says:

    He’s coming off so stupid right now.

  193. 193
    no name Says:

    Ive visited film sets before(friends worked on some stuff) people are always walking around doing thing during takes. im sure it was annoying and harder to focus with him in his eyeline, but that is his job which he makes millions for. he needs to do his job regardless of who is in his eyeline. and because he couldnt focus and perform, that is bales fault. Im sorry, but with all these people losing their jobs, he needs to shut up and be grateful he even has a job and stop acting like he is king of the room. very arrogant if you ask me. the sets i visited. the actors never said anything when people were walking and talking around. they were nice to everyone, and amazingly they did their scenes perfectly. besides they do like 30 takes of each scene anyways.

  194. 194
    Louisa Says:

    My my Christian, what will your children think….

  195. 195
    ILoveVelvetGoldmine Says:

    So What he’s a S#@! Hot MOther F@#ker!

  196. 196
    Lucas Says:

    to folks like vvvv, if the dp was a professional he wouldn’t have walked into the scene. I’ve been sets were even the background actors (the penny players if you will) were paying attention to whether a scene was rehearsing, filming etc. and Shane has done almost 20 films as a DP if he didn’t know better by now he needed someone to chew him out so he’d stop and think. Especially since the DP is basically second only to the Director and if something was that off he could have asked McG to stop the take/rehearsal for adjustments. Not just walked in like that.

    also, I hope everyone realizes that this clip is almost six months old. the film is done filming by now and some ******* from the editing room thought it would be a hoot to post it for a good laugh.

  197. 197
    disgusted Says:

    @ commonsense

    listen ‘buddy’ – who gives a crap about 18hr days actors have to put in; everyone knows they get paid enough to do so. Do you actually think actors are the only ones with family ? Do you actually think they are the only ones that work 18 hr days? Imagine a doctor at ER who just been on for 20 hrs or 30 hrs – I guess your philosophy makes it ‘ok’ for this doctor to snap at a nurse or other patients that may ruin this doctors concentration…. For crying out loud – I’m sure Bale never messed up – he’s so fking special.

  198. 198
    Wut? Says:

    Wasnt he accused of beating his wife at one point? Im not surprised.

    What an ass. He asked the guy if he’s professional or not, well, you’re not very professional either if you’re going to scream and yell like a psycho. Ooooh, its allowed cuz you’re an “artist”, shut the **** up Bale.

  199. 199
    Andalublue Says:

    What a total co@k! A. it was only one take. If he’s never screwed up a take then he’s the greatest actor of all time. B. Who the f@@@ does he think he is? The DoP is way senior to him on set and only the Director has the right to discipline him. C. What was the director doing while this child was throwing his toys around? He should have stepped in and disciplined him. D. Do we think Bale’s friend Charlie might have been involved?

  200. 200
    lola your an idiot Says:

    You guys are so f’in stupid thinking hes overracting when EVERYONE has done this! at work, home ANYWHERE! you saying you a saint? your the pope? everyone saying **** when when you know you done this once before or seen it happen. you even see this **** on the internet! look at people swearing online just like i did. we all do it. just cause someone who people in the world know and gets paid well (celebrity), everyone has to OVERREACT say **** about him when your a nobody…

  201. 201
    jasmine Says:

    all so dramatic

  202. 202
    jasmine Says:

    @19 the director needs to take a pill ‘care’ pill …what about consideration of intense actors and their needs? how about being extra considerate and showing respect and getting feedback from others? the director of ‘photography’ should know his place and he is not the star nor will he be carrying the film. He can be fired but we need Christian Bale

  203. 203
    jasmine Says:

    @19 the director needs to take a pill ‘care’ pill …what about consideration of intense actors and their needs? how about being extra considerate and showing respect and getting feedback from others? the director of ‘photography’ should know his place and he is not the star nor will he be carrying the film. He can be fired but we need Christian Bale

  204. 204
    JAv Says:

    I dont agree with the behavior of bale…
    but theres a lot of factor..

    stress maybe he was tired and there are so things that someone sometimes can control…
    maybe the guy crosses more than one time as i heard…

    he is right… he was trashing his scene

  205. 205
    Kiko Says:

    it takes a certain level of emtions to get ready for these sences.. and when you get to that point.. you are ready to go on with the scene and you have someone that is suppose to be professional that screws up by walking by over and over..i’d get pissed off is hard to get back in the same mind frame that he was in for the scene

  206. 206
    terry Says:

    It’s a good think that Mr. Bale doesn’t work in the real world where “distractions” happen. May want to reconsider that first name – Christian.

  207. 207
    Bullshit Says:

    The person Bale was ranting at was DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY (cinematographer). The second most important person on the set after the director. Not just a lightin person! freaking idiots!

  208. 208
    Brock Morgan Says:

    its so true what he says

  209. 209
    Polo Says:

    Xanax Christian…get farmiliar pleaseee

  210. 210
    Diana Says:

    i agree with 2! haha
    i still love the man!
    Balehead for life! <3

  211. 211
    Kim Says:




  212. 212


  213. 213


  214. 214


  215. 215
    Nigel Says:

    Well looks like the only mainstream actor I like now is Johnny Depp. It“s just that I know what its like to be the guy on the other end, and let me tell you… feel so stupid and low. NO ONE deserves to feel like that. It would be very hard for me to forgive him after this. In fact I probably would just walk. Anyways I completely agree with jessalyn. Actors are just actors. They are not doing anything life changing. They are not contributing to the direct betterment of someone like say a person involved in healthcare. I think his behavior is typical of a lot of actors and people in Hollywood. So this is just not a Christian Bale thing. This is a a Hollywood thing…..this the I think I`m better than you thing. I never thought Bale would go into that realm. But he has disappointed me like every other stupid actor out there. It`s not just him…………that`s why I barely watch movies anymore………I can`t stand actors. Screw you Hollywood.

  216. 216
    Nigel Says:

    13 and WHAAAA….I got news for you. Actors are ACTORS! They`re not saving lives, they`re not putting they`re a** on the line. Doctors and nurses sometimes have to work huge shifts…`s part of the f***ing job descriptions. They do not get paid nearly as much as these stupid Hollywood freaks. Boo f***ing hoo…..I have to work another 2 hrs, because someone ruined my set. All you people who sided with him are idiots. Maybe I`m just bitter cuz I used to be a Bale fan, but seriously, if you think this is hard work, please go work in a hospital.

  217. 217
    Ricky Says:

    He’s yelling at the D.P. (Director of Photography). I worked in the industry for 33 years. It happens. The DP is always looking to improve the lighting. It makes the actors look good as well as the stage.

    Actors remember this. You are only as good as your last job. Ever hear of the “Black List” (Erik Estrada – Val Kilmer – Don Johnson)

  218. 218
    alex Says:

    Bale is an assh___. Regardless of whether the lights guy should’ve been there (probably just trying to do his much low paying job), Bale had no right to 1. humiliate him and 2. in front of all his peers. I’m not watching Bale’s movies anymore, no matter how good they are. Directors will soon realize that they have to hire good actors that are ALSO good people.

  219. 219
    chris Says:

    wise up, nobody deserves to be treated like that, regardless the circumstances. Yes the lighting guy did walk in and bale was in the “zone” and yes bale could have got a little angry over it but there’s no way that anyone can say that what bale did was called for. You could bet bale feels like complete **** about it now.

  220. 220
    theguy Says:

    i know he deserved that,he is a ******* prick lol
    he was pissed
    ya know wat **** shane an **** bruse chris u rock!!

  221. 221
    Croakerbc Says:

    If Quentin Tarantino ever made a movie about moviemaking, this scene and Bale’s rant would be in it, word for word, for sure :D

  222. 222
    nzleen Says:

    um wasnt the lighting guy just “looking at the lights” ??
    so isnt that like his job? coz like movies need perfect lighting n all that??
    but atleast a really good song came outta this haha
    haha he went so freakn mental. what an ass

  223. 223
    PLATOBOY Says:


  224. 224
    lynchhung Says:

    They spend millions of dollars on these scenes so the guy needs a good ass chewing, however christian bale may have taken it a bit too far.

  225. 225
    dunamai Says:

    @common sense: Calling the director of photography the “lighting guy” ??? OMG You don’t know anything about how films are made…

  226. 226
    김유림 Says:

    그들의 일이며 이미 해결이 된 일이다. 그리고 앞으로가 더 중요하니까.

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