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Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

While filming Terminator Salvation a few months back, Christian Bale went ballistic when Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut ruined a scene by walking onto the set.

The 35-year-old actor threatened to stop production if the producers didn’t fire Hurlbut. TMZ reports that film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

“You’re a nice guy but that doesn’t cut it when you’re bulls—ing and f—ing around on set!” yelled Bale during his almost 4-minute rant.


For all the screaming and yelling, listen here [mp3].

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226 Responses to “Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts”

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  1. 26
    Matt Says:

    In fairness, it was the SECOND time he did it. I mean, come on.

  2. 27
    grace Says:

    he’s still hot! hahaha♥

  3. 28
    WHAAAAAAT? Says:

    and.. yes. #13 is on the ball.

  4. 29
    Anne Says:

    um yeah…diva much?
    jeez, i like how HE dictated that they should shoot again, i thought that was the DIRECTOR’S job. really, why so angry?
    maybe he should go do some filming with vin diesel, i hear they had meditation on set where everyone was required to attend.

  5. 30
    WHAAAAAAT? Says:

    and Jeff is an idiot hahahaaa

  6. 31
    holly Says:

    Bale comes off really bad here. The thing is, the guy did not actually walk into the scene. Back when this actually happened, the reports said that the director of photography just walked in front of the director, but that was enough to distract Bale and throw him off. The guy did not ruin the scene. In the audio, Bale comes off as a psycho, IMO.

  7. 32
    Amy Says:

    There is being mad, and then there is taking it WAY too far. he took it way, way too far. do i think he is wrong for being angry? not at all. but he humiliated the man for 5 minutes in front of God only knows how many people, probably just ruined his entire career. i really feel sorry for the guy. he threatened to kick his ass? please, grow up.

    and, no this was not when heath died. heath died over a year ago, this took place a few months ago.

  8. 33
    hhmm Says:

    Christian Bale is an *******. He was right granted BUT he could have handled himself in a more professional manner. His behavior was disgusting.

  9. 34
    Lola Says:

    wow…I’ve always respected and admired Bale as an actor, coz he’s really amazing (esp on Empire o the Sun)..but listening to him going mental on set like that, like a freaking arrogant diva…talking to this other man as if he was a retarded idiot that didn’t know anything…man, I swear…if that other man was my father, I would’ve completely lost it.

    Yeah, so “us” deadly people might not “know” what it’s like being an actor, but we sure as heck know what an ignorant ******* is, and Bale fits right in that description. Yeah, so a scene costs mores than you and I earn in a year, but to go ballistic in that way and to literally threat another person is rediculous. Acting is hard, hard work, I know, I know, tons of people involved, I know, blahblah…but it’s not brain surgery. Really. It’s not. And you didn’t hear anyone else threating to beat the crap out of the guy on set…

    Uh…how disappointing, Mr Bale.

  10. 35
    hmm Says:

    ok. the audio is really intense. wow… didnt listen to it at first.. it just changed my mind about this…jesus.. he just carries on and on. prick. I dont care how hot.. thats unexceptable. *****in prick.

  11. 36
    I AM #2 Says:

    and I recant my previos statement after listening to the audio.. i thought all he said was what jared posted.. but he really goes crazy.. he went waaay to far. what an assh***

  12. 37
    mare Says:

    I can’t believe anyone would stick up for him??He handled it completely wrong. What an As#@(*&! Did’nt he get in trouble for domestic violence before with his sister and mom about a year ago? Obviously he needs anger management classes.

  13. 38
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    this guy gots some serious anger issues tbh
    he needs to calm down

  14. 39
    pomme Says:

    he was very angry!!!! he love to use the word “****” and i wouldn’t be the other guy!

  15. 40
    MovieED Says:

    I love how people will defend him b/c
    1. He is hot or
    2.You are a huge fan
    Would you would let somebody talk to you like that?! I hope not.

  16. 41
    em Says:

    Bale went WAY too far. What he did was completely uncalled for. He needs to realize that he’s just an actor; he’s not curing cancer for gosh sakes. Self-important actors make me crazy.

  17. 42
    Parkan Says:

    I used to really, really love him, but I can’t like anyone who would treat someone else like that.

    The person who walked on set apologized – these mistakes happen. Instead of accepting the apology and maybe swearing to himself a little, he continued screaming at the man and threatening him for four minutes.

    Have some tolerance for the people you work with, for God’s sake!

  18. 43
    Ha! Says:

    I’m a little sick of the whole “we have to be nice to everyone and not hurt their feelings” mentality floating around. He had every right to be pissed off. That guy will live after being yelled at. And hey, he might even think twice about paying attention to what he’s doing on set. Crazy, right?

  19. 44
    MovieED Says:

    Get off Bale’s ****. How about being professional. You are at your job.

  20. 45
    d Says:

    anger management Christian
    LA Times and BBC said his marriage is on the rocks too

  21. 46
    hassanchop! Says:

    One thing some of you might want to ponder is that GOOD actors are metaphorically bleeding in their attempts to uncover the character of their roles. There is a kind of vulnerability one has to be open to, and if an actor’s effort is disrupted by lackadaisical behaviour of a supposed professional an actor might feel that his effort isn’t being taken seriously and is in fact been spit on in a passive aggressive manner. I thought he went to long dressing down the guy but I understand his rage.

  22. 47
    yuck Says:

    This is not new to many. While filming Begins he yelled at a female fan and the husband asked him to apologize to his wife. Bale gave them the finger then later on apologize to the lady.
    Superherohype has a picture of this.

    X17 also has a video of him roughing up a pap and fan.

  23. 48
    Naima Says:

    # 13…. I completely agree but at the same time people handle things differently, as hot as Mr. Bale is he went a bit too far with that one. You can tell he was pissed off anyway and just needed an excuse to go off and this poor DP just handed it right to him. He’s still sexy though :)

  24. 49
    connie Says:

    Hollywood stop hiring this man.

  25. 50
    Ha! Says:

    MovieED, I’m capable of forming my opinion, thanks bud. The worst he did was go on too long and be a little mean. The guy will get over it. And, no offense, but who knows what the entire situation was – this is just one more excerpt that is taken out of context. If we actually knew the whole situation, I might feel differently.

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