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Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

While filming Terminator Salvation a few months back, Christian Bale went ballistic when Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut ruined a scene by walking onto the set.

The 35-year-old actor threatened to stop production if the producers didn’t fire Hurlbut. TMZ reports that film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

“You’re a nice guy but that doesn’t cut it when you’re bulls—ing and f—ing around on set!” yelled Bale during his almost 4-minute rant.


For all the screaming and yelling, listen here [mp3].

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226 Responses to “Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts”

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  1. 51 Says:

    He totally overreacted and if you think that he only loses his temper at work, you’re deluding yourself. I guess his family is filled with people who are unable to control themselves.

  2. 52
    Pff Says:

    It’s actual patrick bateman

  3. 53
    dancer Says:

    He makes Russell Crowe a girl. To the few that adore Bale very pathetic women and its true many abusive women stay with abusive men.

  4. 54
    bonnie Says:

    I wonder if Bryce Dallas Howard was embarrassed

  5. 55
    bonnie Says:

    I wonder if Bryce Dallas Howard was embarrassed

  6. 56
    jazz Says:

    wow, he definitely overreacted and stretched the argument out much more than he should have. he was criticizing the guy for acting like an amateur and being unprofessional, but the number of times he used coarse language? he acted extremely unprofessional himself…what a hypocrite.

    i thought that whole controversy with him and his wife this summer was blown out of proportion, but now i can totally see the extent of his anger management issues. gosh, just calm down. would a boss in a professional office freak out like this on the job to one of his workers without getting in trouble? i think not. enough with the superiority complex.

  7. 57
    unhappy much Says:

    That’s why in 3:10 to Yuma the staff prefer Crowe while Public Enemies the fans loved Depp not Bale. This is not the first set tantrum Bale did. Pity how this man reacts to little problems in life.

  8. 58
    bye Says:

    The media is right Bale got popular not by his works but by his bad boy image and family problems.

  9. 59
    brenda Says:

    Who does this A$$hole think he is, he thinks just because he is in the movies that this gives he the right to talk to people this way. I loved every movie he has ever been in, but now I have lost all respect for him as an actor and a human being.

  10. 60
    HOly **** Says:

    These are his co-workers. If I were to do that with my boss or any of my other co-workers I would be probably out of a job. Just because they are Hollywood actors do not give them an excuse. Say your disdain calmly and keep it moving. Four minutes way too excessive.
    Right now I am having David O Russell flashbacks to the video where he just lays into Lily Tomlin calling her everything but a child of God.
    On the funny side, however, from the sounds of the audio file this guy full of spittle. I can imagine the spittle creeping up the sides of his mouth. Maybe that’s why the DP was terrified.

  11. 61
    alex Says:

    That dude did deserve to be yelled at like that.

    Christian had all the right to be like that.

    Walking on the set twice, that must have been annoying.

  12. 62
    Thom Says:

    I am sorry but this is ridiculous. I love Christian Bale, but I don’t think being Batman allows you to treat other people like crap. Like others have said, this is not his first incident with anger issues on set. I think it’s a shame that such a fantastic actor is such a prick. I have lost a ton of respect for him.

  13. 63
    Ha! Says:

    I might agree with most of you if he physically touched this guy, but he is one man yelling at another man. A movie set is not the same type of job situation as a 9-5 office job. BFD. Throw a telephone at him, punch him in the face, etc… then I would agree. I would also probably agree with you if this were the first time it happened. Does it say anything about how CB reacted the first time this guy (who should know better) wandered in while they were filming a scene?

  14. 64
    lizzie Says:

    who are you to think he’s an idiot? do u really know him?

  15. 65
    alex Says:

    Also, you have no idea which scene he was doing, it might be a scene which take awhile to set up.

  16. 66
    Pete Says:

    well ok, you dont have to believe me but i know people who worked on the set of terminator, also people close to bale..professionally and on a more personal level. apparently he took some druggs to get himself in the mood for the role (not the first time), to basically get really worked up, worn out looking and just up for the scenes you know? his character is fighting the ultimate war agaisnt the machines for christ’s sake. so yeah he was basically very intoxicated and thats why he reacted the way he did (also getting physical towards the end). obviously theres no way he can say this in public. i dont know if hew will apologize…but there you go. quote me on it…anonymously….

  17. 67
    groovacious Says:

    lmfao what a diva. poor guy. and i thought christian was british…he has a mix of american accent or something.

  18. 68
    Shasta Says:

    He’s a douche. I don’t care how many times a guy might have wandered into the shot, isn’t it the director’s place to straighten him out? Makes me think back to the story about him getting physically abusive with his mom and sister last year. Perhaps anger management to prevent any further douchiness. It’s not as if they’re on some military maneuver, for heaven’s sake. Get some perspective.

  19. 69
    Eve Says:

    Always knew he was an *******. And he’s not even that talented.

    He should take a lesson from Johnny Depp on how to be a great actor WITHOU being an arrogant douche.

  20. 70
    Eve Says:

    I meant A**HOLE!

    Also, he’s not handsom: his front teeth look fake, he speaks with a lisp and his lips are too thin.

  21. 71
    Jim skea Says:

    Jeez, in the amount of time he spent swearing at the guy, they could have reshot the scene.

    Seems to me that it’s Mr Bale that’s lacking professionalism here.

  22. 72
    sheryl Says:

    This behavior is very disappointing. I’ve never been a Christian Bale fan, have just seen a couple of his films, but this behavior is too much. Anyone who thinks it’s okay as long as it wasn’t physical, tell me what you think of verbal abuse to kids and spouses. Wonder how Bale reacts to spilled milk?

    Bottom line, he and what he does is not so important or critical enough to warrant this level of reaction. He needs to get way over himself. I’m even less of a fan than I was before.

  23. 73
    jessalyn Says:

    I used to be in film ( and granted was never even close to famous), but as someone who’s been on set with those that were very powerful in the industry, no this doesn’t happen a lot. And no, it’s not acceptable. He was being verbally abusive. It’s not ok I don’t care who he is. I’ve always been a fan but lets keep actors in perspective. They’re not finding the cure for cancer. They’re not generals in a war. They’re not working in orphanages in the third world. They’re an actor, and they get paid a ridiculous amount to be actors. As such, a little patience and dignity might be nice.

  24. 74
    dumb fans Says:

    common sense @ 02/02/2009 at 4:05 pm

    u actually think he’s concerned about time away from the family? he’s just an actor and a mediocre one at that. who does he think he is? if the director did not say anything about the ruined scene i don’t think anyone else should, no matter how humungous their ego is. he was being unprofessional.

  25. 75
    Naty Says:

    omg! what an *******. Who those he think he is? You NEVER treat people like that! NEVER! NEVER! Even if he is right you never treat people like that, you just don’t, I lost the respect I had for him.

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