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Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

While filming Terminator Salvation a few months back, Christian Bale went ballistic when Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut ruined a scene by walking onto the set.

The 35-year-old actor threatened to stop production if the producers didn’t fire Hurlbut. TMZ reports that film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

“You’re a nice guy but that doesn’t cut it when you’re bulls—ing and f—ing around on set!” yelled Bale during his almost 4-minute rant.


For all the screaming and yelling, listen here [mp3].

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  • sheryl

    Of course the DP guy screwed up, there’s no question. But Bale overreacting just revealed him as a complete jerk. Trying to throw your “star power” around like that just isn’t cool.

  • Matt

    It’s so ironic. Bale ranting like this, insulting the guy, making physical threats, because he thinks the other guy is unprofessional???

    He should be ashamed. But I guess when you are a pampered movie star with everyone around you kissing your a** all day, you can act any way you want.

    And I don’t think someone walking onto the set is all that unusual. I am pretty sure I have seen it on the bloopers of other movies. Except they usually have a laugh and move on with their life, not threaten to hurt somebody.

    He owes this guy a public apology.

  • elanenergy

    CB needs to be banished to a “treatment” facility and suffer the consequences of inflicting his abuse. It hurt me secondhand to hear this nonsense. I’m so very glad of the internet in these situations, b/c typically this type of misbehavior is not just tolerated in Heinousville, but condoned. Off with his tongue…..

  • SS

    First of all, I am an actor and I would NEVER act like this. Period.

    I get how much it takes to get “into” a scene but the DP is the one who makes you look good on camera. Plus, the director is the one calling the shots, not the actor. Second, it is a group/team effort to make a film.

    People need to be cool. Everyone is working towards a common goal: to make a great film. The DP is just trying to do his job.

    I think Bale is out of line and doesn’t surprise me that he is quick tempered, remember when he went crazy on his sister and mom last year?

    Get real…be compassionate and kind. Grow up and realize that you make a lot of money…

  • can’t believe it

    Idiots who think that this PRICK C BALE is in the right. And NO his buddy Heath had been dead over 5 months when this was taped.

    CBALE is just a hot headed prick who can’t control his temper. A girl friend 8 yrs ago, filed an assault charge against him in London..but it was dropped because of who he is and his money gets him out of trouble.. His mom and sister also filed an assault charge against him and once again it was dropped. Afer hearing this uncontrollable rant it’s clear to see he needs some anger management help.

    I don’t give a F–K about his craft..bottom line is, it’s still just a freaking scene..and it’s only work! There is a hell of alot more in the world to get upset about, than someone accidently walking onto a set. IDIOT! He doesn’t care about anyone other than himself and you could hear in his voice that he just wanted to physically hurt that man…to have those kinds of urges for something so small, it’s truely needs help. He’s the asshole and he’s the one who should have his ass kicked. He’s an arrogant prick. I wonder how this world would be if everyone erupted like that at work because of something so small? It’s stupid and idiotic for people/fans to think Oh, he’s right, he’s great, he’s superman, he can do no wrong…blah blah blah!

    I’m a nurse, and I’ve seen things happen during surgery that are you think the doctor would flip out like that on another health care worker? NO…and you’re talking about a matter of life and death here…..stupid assed Christian Bale was only about a freaking scene in a movie! What a douche he is! I will never watch another one of his movies because I just don’t get off putting money in the pockets of violent men who can’t control themselves.

  • SS

    Plus, it’s not rocket science people…even if it was MacBeth. Is anyone else over actor’s and their gripes?

  • Sabba

    Is he freaking serious?
    Yes, the guy shouldn’t have walked on set in the middle of a scene, but if there’s something wrong with the light they’re going to have to re-shoot the scene anyway.
    Where was the director during all of to give Bale a sedative?
    Someone should tell Christian Bale that he’s hot, but that his acting has started to suck.

  • vmars111

    Understandable. He had an up and down year with Ledger’s death and was probably running around uncomfortably promoting Dark Knight during that time. And wasn’t that during the time he allegedly karate chopped his mom?

    I guess he completely just lost it after that after a long work day. Still, he yelled for like 3 minutes! That’s like a political episode of The View!

  • Marieme

    Julia #7 give me a break! God, people have become so used to graphic language and rage that something like this – which is very ugly and cruel – they make all kinds of excuses.

    Yeah, it would have made some sense if he had yelled maybe once and left it at that, but the guy went mental! You are completely missing the point here. A person doesn’t keep going on a lunatic tirade unless they’re pathological. Something tells me Bale is pretty screwy upstairs. I’ve heard enough stories about him to believe it so. I mean if his talent is so tenous that he feels this insecure then by all means get another profession, Bale. You’ll hardly be missed, dude. What a immature moron. He has no control. Nice role model for the kids, dude. Grow up. I bet Heath Ledger would never have behaved so viciously and he was a massively committed and serious actor.

  • American phsyco

    he’s known to be very hardcore strict. he hardly cracks a smile in interviews and glares at you like he wants to stab you.

  • brie2009

    Love Christian Bale, but damn hes got one potty mouth! Too many F bombs!

  • mickey

    Christian could’ve handled that better, but he is an actor and that’s how they treat people. All actors, and I mean all of them, are spoiled brats–some of them are famous for it like Lindsay Lohan and others try to fly below the radar be torturing people behind the scenes in the hopes that their childish behavior won’t get out to the public.

  • http://aol OKIKNOWnow

    He did go overboard but they were working long hours. He was flying out that same night for the premiere of The Dark Knight. A lot of stuff was going on.

  • whatever

    This guy needs medication. Or a 12 step program. Or something! And hopefully other studios won’t hire him after this insane behavior. All this from a man who spends his days pretending to be someone else. It’s entertainment, for pete’s sake. Not war; not the emergency room; not a crime scene. It’s a fucking movie. And for this behavior, some studio pays this guy millions of dollars. The whole thing is sick.

  • CAne

    No, all actors do not act like this.

  • anja

    Christian, Christian, Christian….haven’t you learnt from people like Russell Crowe that you fall out of favour with the public bigtime when you verbally of physically assault some poor person.
    No excuse for that kind of behaviour you D-list actor!!

  • k

    what an asshole fuck this mother fucking asshole! christian bale go to hell!

  • Juantamad

    Joker should have been there and
    “why so serious? … (with a grin, laughing)

  • lol

    What a loser. They should sack him.

  • Ragu

    A little Patrick Bateman in him, perhaps?

  • ash

    Douche. Anger management is calling.

  • sam

    i know hes been in america for years but his accent is ATROCIOUS
    no wonder yanks cant do our accents properly with him as an example
    what a noob

  • h

    Yes he has a right to be upset about someone ruining a scene, but there is an appropriate way to handle it. He could have taken the guy aside and spoken to him with the director there instead of cussing at him like a drunken sailor and embarassing the man.

  • jughead

    this is Warner Bros. golden boy? yikes. Jailtime is next for Bale.

  • Simon

    yeah, so thats a pretty reasonable reaction.

  • bet betty

    Dude. Mightily. Fcuked. Up.

    Screwed. Human. Garbage.

  • fresh

    wtf. the guy made a mistake—no need to tear him a new one in front of everyone. what a dick.

  • fresh

    wtf. the guy made a mistake—no need to tear him a new one in front of everyone. what a dick.

  • Kat Kat

    Wow! That was shocking. I understand why he got ticked at the guy but he shouldn’t had kept at it.

  • Anita

    As hot as he is I wouldn’t want to be married to Bale unless I was perfect and never made mistakes of any kind, ever. Since that’s not possible for me or any other woman, I would put money on it that he’s gone off on his wife like this for some infraction or another. His display of anger, regardless of how annoyed and inconvenienced he was, is nasty, belligerant and obnoxious.

  • bet betty

    Sooner. Or. Later.

    The. Woman. With. Him. Will. Be. Stabbed. From. Back. By. The. America. Psycho.

  • Fourplay

    Self-important assholes are not hot, nor is violence. You people that think this is hot should consider counseling.

  • Yoyo

    S’cuse me, have you seen my hairy balls? They are quite hairy really.

  • guli

    Money and looks isn’t everything.

  • Dimwit

    Yoyo, congratulations!

  • Lily

    I would be pissed as well.

  • Amy

    It may have been harsh, but that’s thousands of dollars every take. The director of photography should be professional and not screw up time that EVERYONE involved has spent on set.

  • Kelly

    well, yes you can get angry but to push someone so far into the ground and humiliate them infront of everyone for such an extended period is just not professional. Someone who holds so much power should weld that power with consideration to others. How do you stand up for yourself if you need a job. He should have taken this up privately with the director etc.

  • pr person

    Bale is really unhappy.

  • SF

    I would have shouted at incompetence so I’m on Christian’s side. So he was OTT, so he went ballistics, maybe the language was harsh but that DP ruined a scene, twice. I am sure harsher words have been uttered by other people, director, writer, etc on lower ranking staff, like what happens everyday in office. Was he supposed to play nice and be kind? He is a consummate actor who is serious about his craft. The DP did not pay attention and so he deserved to be screamed at. But to be sacked may be a bit too much. It shows that you must take your work seriously. Not everyone is your bff in a working environment.

  • amanda

    I agree with another poster. You’re not doing brain surgery now that would be pressure. This person needs to work on his anger, ie. get some professional help, it can only improve all areas of his life.

  • JGL

    Yes I agree that not everyone you work with is going to be your BFF, but that doesn’t mean you can be hostile and humiliate them because you were having a bad day. While Bale is the “talent”, he should give the guy a little respect since he’s the Director of Photography, not some gopher running Kraft food services. I give a lot of blame to McG. He’s the director and should have resolved it quickly rather than letting Bale rant on for what seems like forever.

  • Thais

    i still want him to do me in every which way imaginable
    he is so fucking hot

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Other “actors” give their energy to drinking, using cocaine, using gay-sex, (fat) eating.
    This mongol uses it to SCREAM & SHOUT!!
    ……………..pretty harmless though.

  • sw

    wow what an ass****… no matter what the situation was, it is not ok to shout at anybody like that.. he was the ONE that wasn’t professional… he has anger management issues for sure

  • not cool

    Anybody who sticks up for this douchebag are nothing but asskissing fanboys.

  • bebe

    was he not in the movie “American Psycho” i think art was immitating life in that movie. God pls protect his wife and family from him. I will never see another movie he’s in, just like Tom Cruise, we need not promote these type of behavior.

  • bebe

    you get paid a lot of money, go buy u some patience, and kind heart, there more important things in life than someone disrupting ur set. God did not have that type of erruption when devil messed up his plans.

  • kaddie

    I hate the people trying to make excuses for this DP’s bad lack of judgment. Learn to do your job the RIGHT WAY!!! I don’t blame Bale for having a fit here…once your concentration is broken it is EXTREMELY difficult to reset.

    High performing people have high expectations.

    Bale’s rant wasn’t much different than anything that you would hear in any other high performing profession once you reach the upper levels.

    I’ve heard much of the same from MANY fellow directors and SVPs expect THEY didn’t include the “nice” part.

  • Over him!

    @ 13
    Oh please! As if “acting” is hard labor and for the ridicules amount of money they make it makes no sense to be such a diva —-! I WAS a fan of his every sense he was a child actor in Red Sun but my respect has gone out the window for this major D—– bag behavior! He’s over rated anyway, Heath outshone him big time, and I bet he’s bitter about it too.