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Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts

While filming Terminator Salvation a few months back, Christian Bale went ballistic when Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut ruined a scene by walking onto the set.

The 35-year-old actor threatened to stop production if the producers didn’t fire Hurlbut. TMZ reports that film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

“You’re a nice guy but that doesn’t cut it when you’re bulls—ing and f—ing around on set!” yelled Bale during his almost 4-minute rant.


For all the screaming and yelling, listen here [mp3].

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226 Responses to “Angry Christian Bale Screams and Shouts”

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  1. 76
    jessalyn Says:

    And to the person who said he’s working long hours… Everyone on set works long hours. And most don’t get big nice comfy trailers on set in between takes. Nurses and doctors work long hours. what would you think of a doctor or nurse screaming at someone like that in the middle of the hospital?

  2. 77
    dumb fans Says:

    melisa @ 02/02/2009 at 4:11 pm

    omg, u think he was friends with heath ledger??????????????? he has been seething with rage and jealousy since the oscar buzz about ledger’s performance as the joker.

  3. 78
    DAISY Says:

    Anyone who says that Bale is a mediocre actor is letting his rant cloud their views. He is clearly a superb actor – probably could have done with stopping after 30 secs but to be honest, some people probably take themselves more seriously than others. I won’t say he’s a nice guy/ he was stressed/ make general excuses because I clearly don’t know him, but he is an excellent actor.

  4. 79
    dianel Says:

    He acts like a little kid throwing a fit and screaming

  5. 80
    coolie Says:

    His acting has never blown me away – I thought he made a so-so Batman, lips are too thin to carry off the mask – but seeing him act like such a raving diva makes him less appealing.

  6. 81
    Karma Says:

    What a girl!

    (no offense to girls)

  7. 82
    Lola Says:

    So, someone mentioned here that Bale did the right thing, coz the other guy was at his job and he wasn’t acting professional…so, how do you explain Bale’s little f-ed up episode here? Is THAT the professional way to handle things just because you’re an actor?

    BS happens. But how on earth do things get better by having someone exploding in your face about it? Letalone threatening to kick your butt?! I don’t get how people can excuse Bale’s arrogant behaviour here. everyone makes mistakes at work sometimes, but you don’t see your co-worked yelling the crap out himself/herself, for a mistake you made. We all have crappy days, but there’s a thing called “acting professional” (I believe bale used that word somewhere in is “episode”), and I’m sure scaring the **** out of your co-workers doesn’t count as that.

  8. 83
    maryl Says:

    Disgusting language! No one should be treated in this manner!

  9. 84
    Karma Says:

    Two words, Lola: Delusional fanbots.

  10. 85
    can we say diva Says:

    What an A S S. He has a temper tantrum like a 2 year old. Adults handle these things differently. But then again he is a pamper actor.

  11. 86
    sheryl Says:

    Eve @ 02/02/2009 at 5:51 pm Always knew he was an *******. And he’s not even that talented.

    He should take a lesson from Johnny Depp on how to be a great actor WITHOU being an arrogant douche.

    I’d wager there are tons of actors who manage to behave like human beings, not just JD. Bale needs to look around and take note…there are plenty of talented actors all around who can suck it up like men and not lose their cool and probably much more desireable to work with.

  12. 87
    Dravenesque Says:

    C’mon people, this was uncalled for. S**t happens everyday. Yelling and screaming about it doesn’t make it better, or turn back the clock. Make your point, don’t be such an **** about it, and then move on. This is just a guy who’s career took off thanks to the Batman films, and his ego is starting to get to him. If I were the DP, Bale’s teeth would be down his throat right now. I actually thought that Bale’s arrest for assault against his mother and sister was either blown out of proportion or unwarranted. Now I see that the arrest was fully justified. Anyone who talks like this to another person, threatening him openly deserves to get whatever is coming to him.

  13. 88
    andrew Says:

    Shoops you’re a idiot

  14. 89
    honest1 Says:

    You can tell that Bale was trying to regain his composure at one point by trying to get others approval….could’ve handled the situation better though….4 of ranting 4 MINUTES PEOPLE!

  15. 90
    dumb fans Says:

    everyone should just stand very still and hold their breaths while the f^cking genius is f^cking acting otherwise it’s just too f^cking distracting.

  16. 91
    JGL Says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I’ve been a huge Bale fan for years and that was such a let down. Yes, the guy ruined a scene (or two) but he didn’t deserve that nasty tongue lashing from Bale. Seemed like his rant was in front of the entire crew so that alone isn’t right, let alone professional. And c’mon, he’s filming Terminator, not Macbeth. Gimme a break. He should have let McG handle it. No wonder why his Mom and Sis called the cops. He’s pretty freakin nuts when he’s pissed. It appears Bale’s head is getting too big. What a damn shame.

  17. 92
    kc Says:

    If he was a fat balding actor, the people who think he was right would instead think he’s an a**hole.

    You know I’m right.

  18. 93
    captainjack Says:

    What a fucktard. Great, great actor, but gosh, what a supreme prick as a person. He needs to get his anger under control. He sounds like a sick man.

  19. 94
    farah Says:

    he acts like a brat!!!!! Mistakes happen in filming and he acts like the world ended

  20. 95
    NOELLE Says:

    Noone has the right to speak to a colleague like this. I f he ruined the scene then he could have spoken to him on a professional level this is completely unacceptable. Bale obviously has anger issues … he did attack his mum and sister last year.

    I’ve never found him a very likeable actor and he doesn’t seem to be popular within the industry and no wonder with this carry on. Where was the director during this? He should hav controlled the situation and not have some actor with a huge ego do this. This is what happens when actors are surrounded by yes people continuosly , they think they can do what they like. The poor man this was directed at must have been very shaken from this tirade of abuse. Bale even threatened to assault him and had to be held back by the sounds of it. Horrible person!

  21. 96
    captainjack Says:

    If only Heath were alive to say, “Hey Christian, why so serious?”

  22. 97
    Voro Says:


  23. 98
    Jill Says:

    Overgrown baby acting like an *******. His mother should have whooped his butt more when he was growing up and taught him some manners.

  24. 99
    jaye Says:

    Bale was right? Yes, if he wants to be an a*hole. People make mistake, even professional people. I can name any number of actors who are better actors than he is who wouldn’t have reacted that way. Is that what our society has come to standing up for rude and obscene behavior? I realize that the world will only ever think of him as Batman, but he just needs to get over himself. Probably was pissed that Ledger was getting all the press for the Batman movie. Hahahaha, he’s the lead actor of the movie and no one cared. It sucks to be him I guess.

  25. 100
    mouche Says:

    WOW – he sounds like a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown! I hope he can control his anger a little better in his private life!

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