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Bar Refaeli is Stopped By Security

Bar Refaeli is Stopped By Security

Bar Refaeli shows her passport and plane ticket to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer, before she departs at LAX on Sunday (February 1).

The 23-year-old Israeli model is one of the possible names rumored to be hosting a revival of the American TV series House of Style. The popular ’90s show about fashion and design, which helped make a household name of original host Cindy Crawford, is being revived by MTV.

Bar Refaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend was recently unveiled as the face of a range of Valentine’s Day advertisements for Marks & Spencer underwear.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli being stopped by security…

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bar refaeli lax 01
bar refaeli lax 02
bar refaeli lax 03
bar refaeli lax 04
bar refaeli lax 05
bar refaeli lax 06
bar refaeli lax 07
bar refaeli lax 08
bar refaeli lax 09
bar refaeli lax 10

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  • palvasha


  • palvasha


  • Jordan

    OH MY GOD! “killers “?
    STOP FIRE rockets & mortar shells at Israeli towns and cities. !!!

    and now i want to say, Bar u r pretty!

  • ihb

    I`m always happy to see her leaving LA!!!

  • bonnie

    I wonder what Leo’s views on Gaza are?

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    i bet you all wish a plain crush for her. lol

  • quake

    The power of photoshop.. See how bar’s body look so different in her recent ad as compared to the pictures above lol

  • ale

    BAR is the best model out there..

  • llk

    OMG, is that a smile? How interesting that she smiles when Leo is not around! Good point, quake and I agree on your comment on her accent from the previous thread.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This is one of the wost examples of “AMERICA-SAVERS”, folks!!

  • Tealeaf

    When she isn’t showing her implants off in a bikini, she is average looking.

  • Liz

    She’s pretty in a girl next door way.

  • french

    why you speak about her?

    she looks ugly as always
    #4 : i’m always happy too when she leaving LA
    when she is not with Leo she doesn’t hide

  • Randy

    How is she using a cell phone in the security area. Isn’t their use in the Immgration and Customs area prohibited?

  • french

    Leo and her went out several times in LA thus now we are not going to see her any more during 2 or 3 months =D

    And please stop putting Leo’s name in her articles

  • kate
  • kate

    I think that it’s her who bought the cap and the necklace to make believe that it is Leo who gave her (he has the same cap and his mother has the same necklace)

  • ihb

    I wonder why isn`t she hiding this time? On that video of Leo and her in the mall she does everything to cover her face.

  • cutie

    Beautiful! :-)

  • french

    #18 : i think it’s Leo who ask her to hide and if she doesn’t hide, I think that Leo doesn’t want to go out with her

    i hope Leo will say soon that they are a fake couple

  • hmm

    i understand her liking comfort, and it is not my place to say what wear but if my income were depending on how i look i would never wear …what ever is the right word maybe sweat pants….

  • kelly

    God Bar, just once dress like a person involved in the fashion industry. I barely know about fashion and I can pull off better outfits than 90% of what this chic wears.

  • kelly

    this is the truth about Bar: She loves paparatzi and attention, the only time she hides is when she is with Leo to “act” like she doesn’t enjoy it.

  • cris

    From the above pics, she doesn’t look like a model, but more of a plain jane. Her thighs and arms look bigger also, or is it just her clothes? But definitely a huge difference from her ad pics the other day, and makes you wonder if those ad pics were taken long ago when she was still skinny or just the wonder of photoshop? Cause seriously IMO, if you’re a model, you should really take good care of your figure and weight.. And where does bar belong in the categories of the fashion industry? hifashion or commercial? I couldn’t categorize her cause it’s vague.. HELP

  • kelly

    ale you are delusional like 90% of Bar fans outthere.

  • kelly

    hey Cris I totally agree…. Bar looks to have gains tons of weight luckily airbrushing exists. I think Bar could possibly do catalogs… can’t see this girl walking down a run away with the quality models we have today.

  • rina

    Maybe bar is off somewhere else.. could be for some modelling gigs or pictorials or she’s going home. Maybe the latter, cause i’m sure you won’t dare to do any modelling jobs with a bloated body like that lol

    I wonder how did she become a model though, maybe she looks good before.

  • french

    she is not a runway model , she is just a girl who does some campaign and ad for not famous brand
    for me she is not a model



  • kelly

    Bar became a model because she dates Leo.

  • jes

    BAR is not a model material anymore period

    She’s lucky cause she have leo, otherwise she would be nothing.
    I’m not a hater or jealous fan, but i couldn’t get the appeal or something special about this girl like what the top models of today posses. How did leo fell in love with her? is it because she’s kind and a nice girl which i doubt. Well, goodluck on them.

  • llk

    There was a post of Leo and Bar leaving LAX to London here on JJ not so long ago. She didn`t look so plain and average then. What a difference Leo makes in her life…
    She doesn`t look anything like a model on these pictures.

  • zen

    D list model..

  • hmm

    and she has short legs!!

  • Bianca

    BAR is definitely sexier and prettier than miranda and doutzen.. no doubt about it

  • palvashaisaterrorist

    There is no Palestine! The Arab/Muslims are blood-thirsty terrorists who love to murder Jews, Christians and Hindus! Israel is only defending themselves against terrorist pigs like hamass!

  • Abbie

    Thanks JARED! I love to see new pictures of Leo’s lady ! And it is always so pleasant to watch a real woman with an authentic feminine figure!

  • palvasha

    #29 how am i a terrorist? ive never even been on plane or touched a bomb looooooooooool

    darling just cos i want palistine to be free dont mean im palistinian, im not. i just know my politics and u dont. how abt u go search little and discover the truth abt the world.


    #38 you are an arab, thats for sure! you want to talt politics? have you heard of jewish terrorism?? NO! have you ever in your life heard that Israel killed women and children on purpose? NO!


    have you ever heard of israel threat with a nucluar bomb? NO! i can go on and on! ISRAEL IF FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE, PERIOD! THE ARABS HAVE A LOT OF MUSLIMS STATES TO LIVE IN!


    have you ever heard of israel threat with a nucluar bomb? NO! i can go on and on! ISRAEL Is FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE, PERIOD! THE ARABS HAVE A LOT OF MUSLIMS STATES TO LIVE IN!

  • Abbie

    to PALVASHA: for your information, Leo has already been to Israel and according to an israli papers, he intends to go again this year! I doubt he considers going to the Hamas country! This is a guy who enjoys life, not death!


    have you ever heard of israel threat with a nucluar bomb? NO! i can go on and on! ISRAEL Is FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE, PERIOD! THE ARABS HAVE A LOT OF MUSLIM STATES TO LIVE IN!


    i can go on and on and on! i just dont have petiance for people who supports terrosim!

  • @42

    According to an Israeli paper. Now that`s reliable.

  • Tina

    People may call Gisele ugly, but she has a much better, more extensive career then Bikini shot Bar

  • kate

    she is a model because she is Leo’s Fake Boyfriend

  • kate

    #45 : i think it’s false , Leo never does an interview for an israeli paper

  • kate

    #31 : she’s not nice and kind and Leo is not in love

  • wtf

    palvasha is possibly the only person talking politics on this thread who doesn’t sound like a sorry idiot. the rest of you need to go read a fucking book — preferably not one written by alan dershowitz or any other part of the zionist propaganda machine. as for YANKEE — your level of ignorance is actually scary:

    “have you heard of jewish terrorism?? have you ever in your life heard that Israel killed women and children on purpose? have you ever heard of israel threat with a nucluar bomb?”

    are you serious? the answer to all of your questions is yes…you would know this if you turned off fox news and actually educated yourself.