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Jennifer Aniston Premieres 'He's Just Not That Into You'

Jennifer Aniston Premieres 'He's Just Not That Into You'

Jennifer Aniston keeps it classic in a black Burberry pantsuit at the premiere of her upcoming movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday (February 2) in Los Angeles.

The former Friends star, who turns 40 next Tuesday, finished off her look with a Ferragamo clutch at the Warner Bros. event (sponsored by Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal).

Jen‘s boyfriend John Mayer recently teased her on his Twitter page, saying, “Visiting the Diamond Exchange in Tustin… welding an engagement ring for my girlfriend.”

10+ pictures inside of Aniston premiering HJNTIY

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jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 01
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 02
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 03
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 04
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 05
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 06
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 07
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 08
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 09
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 10
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 11
jennifer aniston hes just not that into you premiere 12

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • ali


  • honest1

    The poor children!

  • Goober

    guess I am FIRST to say something ( rolls eyes)

    waiting for the pictures to be posted. lol

  • kirstie

    It’s nice her hair is in a different style.

  • boogie

    What poor children????

  • Shar

    Nice outfit, but such an unfortunate face. I see why she usually keeps her hair loose.

  • Cathy

    FIRST hyuk hyuk

  • DAMN


  • Halo

    Jennifer looks great!

    I love the black with the plunging jewelry.

    *And I pray the regulars or losers who change names 100 times here don’t come and start a b**ch fest*…

  • the real women

    she looks great for 40 unfortunately angelina will look like a dried up prune by the time she is that age.

  • Missy

    She looks very pretty, she definitely stands out from the rest of the girls. Can’t wait for the movie.

  • Happy at the beach

    She always looks cute from a distance but in the close ups, not so much.

  • Julia

    Say what you want about Jen but she looks f*cking good. She is a gorgeous lady. If I look half that good at forty I’ll be ecstatic.

  • Shar


  • hjustoy

    Man she has rough looking skin. These HQ pictures do not help her fans with the whole she looks 30 bs. She looks every bit 40. As you get older use less makeup not more Aniston. Too much makeup.

  • judy

    seriously, this chin, i mean jen gives me night mares, and her fans keep saying she’s beautiful, when i see her i want to up chuck, i promise that’s how i feel, i try to wait until she’s not pictured, but how do you time it, i get physically sick, Jennifer Connolly was shown earlier and that lady is a sight for soar eyes, she’s beautiful, every one but this woman.

  • boogie

    she’s not what I would call a beauty.

    She does have lovely eyes.

  • solid

    ponytail? PONYTAIL? Good, that one scary face on 4th pic

  • Amy

    Her outfit is great, but standing next to all those younger women…ouch. She’s definitely 40. She needs to lay off the tanning, you can see her pores even in the small pics. Also – never, ever pull your hair back like that again sweetheart, it does NOT work for your facial structure.

  • judy

    her hair is up, finally after 20 yrs, she seen angie’s hair pulled in that pony tail, she’s jealous of Angie, and she should be, look at that face, but at least she is trying, her people read the j/PS thread, with all that surgery and stuff, how can you fans brag about her face, please stop it, you sound foolish, everyone knows what she has to do to look half way decent, don’t make me bring out that hideous picture of her.

  • her age is showing

    Too too much makeup layered on her face, the wrinkles around her eyes are very prominent and this hairstyle elongates her already long chinchin. She looks like the other women’s Mother.

    Not sayin she does not look OK for her age, but she definitely does not look as young and fresh and dewey as the others. Smoking and over tanning will do that to one’s skin. That is a scientific fact that is well documented.

    Just tellin the truth. Don’t hide from reality, just deal with what is. She does not look like a young 30 something, she looks like the 40 year old she is. And that is OK, nothing wrong with that. Anyone insisting she looks 30 needs to stop lying, She ain’t that.

  • Nin

    She looks fantastic. She’s 40 and even in the high definition pics are awesome too.

    But, what happen to Connely. Man, she has aged with the weight loss.

  • dana

    Wow, that’s some sh*tty skin.

    The smile’s looking forced. I’m thinking the Mayer thing’s over.

  • k

    What, no arm candy this time?

  • nakedoldjennextdoor

    Jen has a great body for a woman well over 40yoa, poor thing she has to stand beside the BEAUTIFUL JENNIFER CONNELLY and know that she does not measure up
    I used to like her before she became this mean old witch

  • anon

    all this lineup of great actors but the movie looks dull and the acting so cheesy

  • Whoa

    I hate to say it but these photo’s really show her age. When she’s standing next to these younger girls it really, really shows. She looks matronly and just plain old. She has old lady chest skin

  • unfortunate face

    the ugliest and less talented one in the bunch, she should feel silly, most actress her age have been in all types of films, but she only gets rom com roles, i wonder why that is? hummm. it’s time to call it quits when your role is with everyone who is younger, more talented and better looking, she looks out of place.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The press loves it: MAKING COUPLES?
    (so they can write and “BUILT” magazines?)

  • um lol

    Um, #20 I’m pretty sure she’s worn her hair up before.
    And there have been plenty of pics of your favorite home wrecker looking like a hard mess.

  • kirstie

    She does look good. But there is no denying she’s 40. Every one tries to make up for it and say she looks so young. She is a pretty lady and I like her comedy. But I’ve always thought she was overrated.

  • OMG

    hjustoy @ 02/02/2009 at 11:16 pm

    That pix is very revealing. She has lots of wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks. Oh well she is 40 and that is natural. CCox’s skin looks 100% better in closeups and she is 4 years older, maybe Jen needs to use that stuff CCox sells.

    Her facial and neck skin is just terrible. She needs to get some facial/skin treatments ASAP. HD will not be her friend, not at all. Her rough big pore facial skin and scrungy neck is showing damage from all the tanning she has done. And her smoking is not helping matters. And her heavy makeup is just accentuating the bad skin.

    Like the outfit but it makes her looks older than the others, maybe that is what she wanted.

    Jen has certainly looked better.

  • lilmisssuri

    Just Jared I am so said!! I thought that your information was right. But Jennifer turns 40 on Wednesday on Tuesday!! I expect more from you!!

  • spicylily, thailand

    Just wonder why Jen wears black most of the time lately.
    I’m sure she tries to look cool and clearly follow someone’s styles but she is just so unfortunate average looking with too much make up and too orange .

    She is 40 and definitely looks every bit of 40 with no other substances . No wonder men’re not INTO her.

  • Whoa

    In those HQ’s photo’s you can really see the damage to her skin and the blotches on her chest. She looks sad too. Sad and trying to hide it. Going through the motions

  • cosi

    Yep – he just wasn’t.

  • peanut

    Eat right and exercise and your body can look great beyond 40. JA got that right. But what she forgot is the sun is not her friend. As shown in pic#1. Should back off on the sun bathing lady. Lay off the cigarettes too. Probably responsible for the ugly lines around the mouth.

  • nakedoldjennextdoor

    so glad Drew B. is one of the producers you can tell she has put a gag order on the hag, love the interview they did with E new,Drew put chin chin on the back row to the left – HA- she kept interupting people to get noticed

  • lo

    you guys are crazy with the Jen vs. Angelina thing. Jeez, chill out, they are people who don’t even know you exist and would be creeped out by you!

    J. Connelly looks crazy skinny.

  • mmsic

    The real women#10—some of her pictures are already showing wrinkles around her eyes for pete’s sake.You just don’t want to accept it.She is already a dried up prune in the peri-anal area to say the least,fool!!!

  • janelle

    whoa! What happenned to jeniffer connelly? When did she decide to be anorexic? Jen is pretty but her face and body looks sun damaged. :-(

  • a2


  • unfortunate face

    oh my!!! now i see why she wears her hair in her face, that close up picture shot side ward, poor Jen her face is sagging, she better hurry up and marry john before it’s gets worst and he changes his mind, pretend like your pregnant Jen and trap him, now i see why her few fans are mad at brad, she will never get a decent man again, she has to put up with what ever john does to her. that’s why she went crawling back, sad, with all her money, you would think money could buy a good man, i guess money ain’t everything.

  • JC fan

    JenniferC is just beautiful as always, luv her. GG and Scarlett look good. Like their cute dresses. JenA’s outfit is nice but I personally like the three dresses much better.

    Seems JenA dressed in black to contrast from the others. Hum, well she does but she looks much older that the other women in the group pix.

    Don’t like JenA’s hair this way, she needs fullness to frame her face. In some of these pixs her age is really starting to show in a way I never noticed before. Just an observation, everyone ages, that is normal, and not a negative.

  • solid

    um lol @ 02/02/2009 at 11:37 pm
    Lets talk about home wrecker, it’s no one like you dear Jenny. you can ask Tate Donovan and his x fiancee.

  • ya

    #43 (unfortunate face)

    you are really immature or maybe bimbo is the word.

  • Janie

    I don’t care what anyone says, she’s a beautiful warm-hearted person! Not too mention she makes great movies! I love her! :)

  • JC fan

    um lol @ 02/02/2009 at 11:37 pm

    What is your problem? Can’t you keep to the subject of the thread? BTW the term you used is archaic and meaningless and only used by the ignorant uneducated and bitter. No intelligent women or person for that matter with any any self esteem and self confidence uses such an archaic term. You have self labeled yourself. How disgusting you appear to be. UGH.

    I am a big JenC fan and you need to stop your bs. What is the matter with people expressing their thoughts and opinions comments as to the 4 women’s appearances in the posted pixs? I say that JenC is still looking very thin since her dad’s death, and that is related to one of the subjects of this thread. There is no need to drag in gossip and personal trash that has nothing to do with this thread. You do JenA no favor by doing so.

    Please stop interjecting negativity that has nothing to do with the thread. If you continue to do so all I can believe is that you have some real serious mental health issues.

  • unfortunate face

    shut up telling us not to make true comments and then you make rude one, I’m sorry jen is looking haggard, people are just not into her, she needs to just stop trying to act and be seen, why can’t she accept the fact that she is not all that,? she is really air headed, someone needs to point that out, what kind of friends do she have,? not to tell her to give up the acting gig? it’s embarrassing, first the dog movie, now 10 min in this role, she is shrinking and desperate.

  • rue

    All the ladies look nice here. What I find amazing is that Jen is 15 years older than most of them and if you didn’t know their ages you would not be able to tell much difference. If all of us could look like that at 40! I am proud that Jen has a few crows feet and lines on her forehead – natural. Her movies arr doing so well. Marley and Me was a huge hit. She really has made it from TV to movies. Good for her. SHe look classy here and glad that like the others she walked the red carpet alone. Relationships should not be promoted on the red carpet. And for those of you who worry about her having a child. Don’t. She still has 5 years at least.
    she looks great and is so classy in her actions. No wonder Jen is Americas sweetheart and loved all over.