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Katie Holmes Gets Whimsically White

Katie Holmes Gets Whimsically White

Katie Holmes is a vision in a Stella McCartney dress as she heads out for a night on the town with Costume National-clad husband Tom Cruise in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Monday.

Tom, 46, and Katie, 30, headed to Fasono restaurant and enjoyed a romantic meal together!

The Cruise family has been enjoying their time in Brazil, with Katie recently sporting a one-shouldered swimsuit.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes getting whimsically white…

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katie holmes whimsically white 01
katie holmes whimsically white 02
katie holmes whimsically white 03
katie holmes whimsically white 04
katie holmes whimsically white 05
katie holmes whimsically white 06
katie holmes whimsically white 07
katie holmes whimsically white 08
katie holmes whimsically white 09
katie holmes whimsically white 10

Credit: SDFL; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jessica

    first! katie looks gorgeous as always

  • Bebe

    Katie is very pretty, but gawd I hate it when she tucks her hair behind her ears. I hope she is growing her hair out!

  • slambang

    She is trying really really REALLY hard to be like Posh. Sorry, Katie – FAIL.

  • julia

    I’m from Brazil and i wanna say that the name of the restaurant is Fasano, not Fasona!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    tom is on his benjamin button ish! dude is getting younger.

  • Sophie

    The freak show is back on. Disgusting!

  • Natasha

    Katie look Fabulous ,fresh,young ,beautiful so nice to see that pretty couple

  • belle

    She looks unwell for some reason.

  • silly

    why do they hold hands like that, is Tom afraid that Katie will fall over?

  • Sonia Wu

    Give Homely the beard some credits, OK?
    At least she wore bras this time! Bravoooooo! Great job!
    The beard didn’t leave her bras under the bed this time. Nice try, Homely, don’t forget the lesson you learned from the Sagsag Award night.
    I cannot put my fingers on that very blank cargi, very much like her, boring.

    Other than these bras, she looks stoned or drugged or drunk, or all of the above in the pix.
    And her meaty muscle thighs are getting more and more prominent, becoming one huge focal point. Not to mention her trademark cankles.

    But the choice of shoes is not too bad either.

    Hey, she misses and hits, even though most of the time, misses.

  • mju8

    how come katie never waves? does she not have any fans also lol

  • Jackie O

    no, no, no…no!

  • Bia

    Jared this is all wrong. They headed ot FASANO Hotel to a coquetail of his movie and THEN to Porcão restaurant in Ipanema to eat.

  • Sonia Wu

    #11 mju
    Why are you so demanding? Can’t you see Homely in those pix is either drunk or drugged or stone high, or all of the above. TommyGurl had to carry her by her elbows as if she’s about to fall off the stairs any moment.

    How do you expect her to wave?

  • Pati

    JJ, the name of the restaurant is FASANO. :)

  • hello_world

    katie has sold her soul to xenu

  • Kat Kat

    Wow! Your right InFamous, Tom does seem like he is getting younger and younger. Tom you still look awesome! Lova ya!

  • ann

    Her legs are gigantic in proportion to the rest of her body.

  • vanessajonas

    he looks ypounger and younger
    i like katie but thiis time she looks like a man =S

  • someone

    she looks awesome!

  • Ashtray Mouth Katie


  • Goop

    Tom is looking good. Katie not so much. He keeps getting younger while she’s looking older and older.

  • sprinkles

    hot sexy couple

  • ll

    both look great and give marriage and family a good rep.

  • chase

    Loaded with blessings,looks and talents but most of all
    they are wonderful people and good to people around them.
    That’s hotter than anything else.

  • rustan


  • thanks jj

    Tom is hotter than ever!
    Katie looks sweet and classy!

  • orca

    I love them but they need some peace and privacy.

  • manette

    Thanks a lot JJ.:)

  • p3

    delish and the short sleek hair Katie pulls it off so hotly also Tommy.

  • imelda bootstross

    She looks tired and worn out. Her body is puffy below the waist. She has cankles. The dress length is all wrong. The grandma cardigan doesn’t go with the dress. There is so much … fail

    Tom. Crazy eyes. Remember. Don’t look directly into them. You’ll catch the scientologies.

  • serena

    Tom is glowing and Katie’s radiant! Could they have a bun in the oven?!

  • Beautiful

    Holly Cow! Katie has great legs! Love the muscle tone.

  • cora


  • kae

    She looks so much older than 30! Still a cute girl

  • http://aaaaaaaa caca

    I’m from Brazil!
    Tom is beautiful, and Rio de Janeiro is perfect!
    Tom Brazil loves you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anoble

    They look so good so in love and happy.

    (((( clapping )))))

  • boogie

    she and the dress would have looked better if it (dress) was longer. The top starts out slender and then you come to her shocking legs…the legs look like they belong to another body!

  • Matt

    Poor Katie is losing her looks….she has a mom vibe now, with her short hair and mom clothes. Loks 10 years older than she actually is.

    Mark my words, Tom is going to divorce her in a few years when she’s way too ugly for him. That’s his pattern, anyway.

  • Todd

    Why is she always resting her hand on top of tom’s in that strange way?

    It’s so awkward and fake.

    Their affectations at normal affection are completely unbelievable.

    They never touch normally like a couple or lean into each other, just the fake paparazzi hand holding.

  • anon

    I want Katie’s dress.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • tom

    Boy, Katie has some big ears!

    And she should stop wearing such high heels when she’s with Tom. It makes her look like a towering giant over him. Why not wear lower heels or flats?

  • BW

    she always has the nicest clothing!

  • Meg

    Ugh, she seems so boring, I am starting to feel sorry for Tom, lol.

  • hitler movie tickets for sale

    she looks drunk or drugged, is he holding her up? the way he grips her hand, like balancing an old lady.
    the cardigan doesn’t go with the dress, the shoes don’t match,
    that same stupid smirk on her face, that smirk which looks more intense now. she looks like she doesn’t want to be there.

    all this to sell tickets to the hitler movie? omg.

  • Gracie

    Someone said they deserve privacy and peace. Well if you want privacy and peace you don’t take your family to where you are promoting your movie and drag them to public beaches where photographers know you are going. You take them to an island somewhere when they don’t know you are coming with a private beach.

    Tom does not want peace or privacy. He is using his family to promote his movie. He wants the public spectale and so does his famewh*re wife. They’re both disgusting. I feel sorry for poor little Suri who hates all the attention. Obviously his older kids hate it to because you never see them. Then again, he probably forgot about them cause he doesn’t think they’re as cute as Suri.

    Tom and Katie make me sick.

  • leggy

    God bless this family. Quite stunning pair and lovable to each other and those around them. The kids are blessed to have them.

  • Turkis

    Tom seems to want to be two things that he is not: ( a ) A woman and ( b ) Tall. Now he has taken a tall woman, or girl, and molded her into his lookalike. But at the same time he’s slowly killing her — does this mean he really hates himself?

    Paging Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Leonardo

    How, #3? By looking beautiful?

    You’re an idiot, #40.

    So you can just accuse Cruise of being insecure, #43? He doesn’t care about his height.

    Celebrities shouldn’t have to hide all the time to not be harassed, #47.

    That family promotion argument doesn’t work. It makes no sense. No one goes to see a movie because of the star’s cute kids.

    You’re an idiot, #49.