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Katie Holmes Rocks One-Shoulder Swimsuit

Katie Holmes Rocks One-Shoulder Swimsuit

Katie Holmes is true blue in a one-piece asymmetrical swimsuit (with a cut-out on the right) as she enjoys some family-bonding time with husband Tom and daughter Suri in Brazil on Sunday afternoon (February 1).

The threesome soaked in the sun on the private island of plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy in Angra Dos Reis, a tropical paradise about an hour flight from Rio de Janeiro. (They flew via helicopter.)

Tom, Katie and Suri were treated to an outdoor lunch and a tour of the island.

15+ pictures inside of Tom & Katie‘s private island adventure…

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katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 01
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 02
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 03
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 04
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 05
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 06
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 07
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 08
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 09
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 10
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 11
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 12
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 13
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 14
katie holmes one shoulder swimsuit 15

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  • teri

    We all guessed she would.

  • violeta

    cute, i love katie

  • Voro

    Katie is sooooooooo Hot

  • Amber

    Is Suri STILL wearing a diaper?

  • ************

    Love the pics. Thanks for the updates:)

  • reeh

    awwn, i love u suri

  • feebz

    love them – thanks for posting! i’m such a Tom-fan and that has extended to Suri and Kate – love love love her swim suit

  • bethany granger

    I love suri she is a cutie


    PLACE IN AUSTRALIA LAST YEAR… SAME thing .. cheap things like
    the beach thing is getting a little old.. Why not go do something different
    so we can see tomorrow who you went to the beach again… different
    bathing suit for Katie… Free stuff..

  • denise

    I can’t believe that child, Suri, is still wearing diapers. That’s a shame.

  • ade

    Suri is still wearing diapers ?!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    I can’t believe it.
    And horrible swimsuit.

  • Starbucks fan

    Love them! They look beautiful and happy. I’m glad to see pics of them all together again.

  • serena

    Tom’s struttin!!!

  • UGH!

    Who is Katie trying to be? Jackie Kennedy? Pulleeeze. She cannot pull that off. She met her husband in an interview and the only word she uses is “amazing”. She looks 1/3 of her age in these pics. She has been “sucked in” and it is a shame.


    Katie looks so much older than her age! So sad!

  • Sonia Wu

    Who cares whether Suri’s still wearing diapers? However, Homely the beard should at least try to cover her daughter’s diaper wrapped butts with wraps or a pair of shorts to avoid indecent exposure.
    But! Homely is never competent as a mother, how can you demand a self-centered gold digger nurture a publicity pawn?

    My question is: how come Suri ALWAYS looks so dull and bored? So not engaged? Bored and dull at the beach, in the copter and on the private island. Almost all the time she’s photographed, she has the Kabuki looks on her face, she only smiles or was engaged when she had a cupcake or cookie in her hand.

    BTW, that one shoulder swimsuit is beyond fugly.

  • me!

    Those tree trunk legs that Katie is sporting are so unsightly!!

  • serena

    Is someone hiding in the bushes when they take these pix or did they allow someone to take them? Tom & Katie look like they’re posing or know that someone’s taking these pix. Tom does look mighty good!!

  • Marii

    I bet they’re really enjoying Rio!! It’s been very hot here since they’ve arrived!
    And tomorrow there will be the premiere *-*
    I’m so gonna be there!!!

  • Jessica.B.

    What about Bella and Conner? I know everyone is going to say that they are teenagers and don’t won’t to be about their parents but it wasn’t very long ago that I was a teenager as well. I still wanted to atleast spend some time with my family. Tom said they are homeschooled so that they can travel with him but they are never with him. Suri is cute though.

  • Sonia Wu

    And yeah, the diaper is loaded. No wonder the strong woman looks so dismayed.

  • Ceci

    Wish I could hold this baby in my arms. God bless Suri.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Suri is ok, she just lacks social contacts with kids her age to be fully lively and develop her own social group outside her parents.
    It’s weird because kids her age are often instictively attracted to other kids and want to engange to them in a playfull way. She on the otherhand always seems reserved or afraid of other kids, even on the beach.
    I think she is kept artificially into a an infant world by her adult entourage and that’s why she seems stuck in that early social development stage where it is all mummy/daddy and me…the one you have at 1 year old.
    I blame the parents for that. maybe going to kindergarten will help her built some social awarness !


    How come they can’t go somewhere more fun.. this must be thrilling for
    Suri..!! Talk about Boring!! At least Kingston is having more fun than Suri is.. His parents interact with him and go to a real beach real park
    not some park where she just gets to sit and watch what is going on..
    Some vacation that is.. Maybe for Tom and Katie.. but not for a 2 year old..Poor child..Loaded diaper but left the new ones at the hotel..

    SELF CENTRED PARENTS.. Conner and Isebella are adopted no one
    cares about them..Just Suri..Get it!

  • Steph

    ok, I used to really not be a fan of them! but they are growing on me…especially now, they are in my hometown!!! Loving the cruise-holmes’s in Rio!!!!!

    Vote for your favorite look of the week:

  • Ceci

    Can’t I have a daughter too?

  • ayj6m6l

    love the swimsuit.really cute. that blue is my favorate.
    as I said Suri’s getting ugly. DIAPERS. puffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • mitcha

    Everybody in Brazil are amazed about how sweet, kind and polite Tom Cruise is !!!

  • regina

    The guy with dark t-shirt is the owner of the island…Katie never saw anything as beautiful as his island, the guy is a millionare,Tom , can´t satand Katie anymore.
    Just look at him, she is ugly and boring….she looks like a typical gold digger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz

    Suri looks like a mini Tom Cruise.

  • regina

    For any brazilians she looks more like a w%¨$#

  • ayj6m6l
    come on guys! vote for Angie.

  • ayj6m6l
    come on guys! vote for Angie

  • ayj6m6l
  • Sonia Wu

    I agree. Suri is growing out of her cuteness really really fast, so unexpectedly fast. Well, the thing is, most kids are cuter when they are babies, Suri was the same, she was cuter, way cuter, when she was in Europe with her shopaholic mother, Homely the Beard, couple years ago.

    Now she’s like a kabuki child, pale like caster the ghost with Homely’s pre-surgery nose. If you don’t believe me, just google Homely ‘s images before she signed up to work as TommyGURL’s beard, then you’ll see Suri has her mother’s original nose.

    And it’s OK to be average looking, not everyone’s shallow as Homely.
    Violet brights my day every time I see her pix, for she’s ALWAYS vivacious and giggling. Love her, which I really cannot say about Suri.

  • sillyme

    Wow, someone once said that, as she got older, Suri would start to resemble her “real” father. Looks like it’s starting to show. It will be interesting.

    Does she even have friends, though? At least the Jolie-Pitt kids have each other to play with. Even when she’s around Connor and Isabella, you never see them interacting with her.

  • meh

    dude, who cares if suri still wears diapers? this is something that particularly annoys me when i read comments (and the reason why i mostly don’t): some people – especially americans, it seems – feel so excited to bash every single celebrity, as if they themselves were perfect.

    please. just shut up. they are happy, they are beautiful, they have style. i’ll bet most of the people calling jessica simpson fat are actually obese, and most of those who talk about katie’s swimsuit just envy she has a decent body and such a nice life.

    go, katie, go tom, go suri. if you don’t like them, be superior and don’t comment, for christ’s sake. you are only giving foreigners a bad image of your country and of yourself.

  • Sonia Wu

    Oh Sillyme! How could you say that Suri and her older siblings don’t interact with each other?
    Don’t you remember Connor was holding Suri’s empty ice cream cup, while Bella had to carry Suri’s stuff animals and the omnipresent blanket?
    They interact alright.

  • Shawna

    Does any other website have different pictures of this outing? I’d be interested to see if ANY pictures of Suri show her smiling or engaged. My daughter is only 3 months older than her and she is always grinning, playing, running around, etc. If we were at a beach she’d be playing in the sand, splashing in the water, not sitting calmly on her father’s lap. I am seriously starting to agree with those who say there is something wrong with her.

  • diana

    Sonia…if you let your child wear diapers long past the age where they can go to the potty, you stump their emotinaly growth. That’s why Suri should NOT be still wearing diapers. She is too old for that.

  • boogie

    yeah….I google Katie’s nose…and saw that she indeed has a different nose. Before her nose job her nose was puggy. I can see that on Suri.

    Looks like they are allowing Suri’s bangs to cover her eyes again.

    Not a good idea for them to consider another kid…when the one they have seems like a handful and especially when she is still in diapers!

    oh well…that is THEIR problem.

  • Matt

    Ever since she married Tom Cruise and chopped off her hair, Katie refuses to look good! It’s like she’s trying to destroy her looks with her mom hair, mom clothes, mom gear, she looks 10 years older than she actually is.

    Grow your hair out and stop with the 40 year old mom vibe, Katie! You were never an amazing actress, but at least you used to be hot!!

  • Matt

    Ever since she married Tom Cruise and chopped off her hair, Katie refuses to look good! It’s like she’s trying to destroy her looks with her mom hair, mom clothes, mom gear, she looks 10 years older than she actually is.

    Grow your hair out and stop with the 40 year old mom vibe, Katie! You were never an amazing actress, but at least you used to be hot!!

  • bejeebus

    you know….as weird and douchy as tom cruise is, as little respect as i have for him, i STILL think to myself….”couldn’t he have done better then katie holmes?”…..i mean, what does that say about her? she’s thaaaaat pathetic, talentless and unattractive. look at her body! what is wrong with it? she is so mishapen and out of proportion…her legs, and upper body (including her boobies (((((god help them)))))) are truly freakish….and it’ll only start to look worse. she obviously exercises and watches what she eats and she STILL looks this bad? no hope for her. if tom wasn’t gay before she came along, he might be gay now….and i don’t think i’d blame him….

  • sniffles

    She definitely looks older than 30 to me. It’s a shame, she’s such a beautiful woman. I agree she should grow her hair back out, she has gorgeous hair.

  • diana

    Oops, this comments was intended for meh..if you let your child wear diapers long past the age where they can go to the potty, you stump their emotinaly growth. That’s why Suri should NOT be still wearing diapers. She is too old for that.

  • boogie

    ah- I am not a fan of Katie or Tom… and I will say that Katie looks as she is fit. She can’t help how her body is shaped. And any man that only cares what his wife looks like is a jerk. Seems a lot of folks think that a woman is supposed to look like a goddess or something…and if not, the husband should dump her? How stupid and closed minded.


    It would be fun if Suri took her dirty diaper off and handed it to Tom infront of everyone.. When Katie was on Dawson’s Creek she was
    a big girl.. it is amazing how much weight she has lost..Yes she did
    have a nose job.. and wow.. could Suri be more excited!!!

  • tora

    She has thick ankles..

  • angel

    katie is sooooooooooooooooooo stylish and beautiful and suri is so adorable. they are a great hppay family .