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Kenneth Brown To Design Zac & Vanessa's Houses

Kenneth Brown To Design Zac & Vanessa's Houses

TV design show host Kenneth Brown will be designing the houses of High School Musical sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

“They’re complete opposites,” he tells Chicago Tribune. “If they ever get married, they’ll have to have separate houses. He’s very modern and she’s very traditional.”

Zac owns a two-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills that cost him around $2.3 million in early December. Vanessa has a 5,200-square-foot, $2.75 million Tuscan-style villa — six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a saline pool and spa.

Hope to see Zac and Vanessa‘s homes on MTV Cribs someday!

For more info, visit He also has a blog that you can follow!

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  • bey rocks

    love zanessa =)

  • kristi

    they’re cute

  • macarena

    hermosos zanessa los amooo !!!!! so perfect !!!! zac is the hottest and nessa is so cool !!!!

  • jo

    whoah jared where did you get this info. you totally just gave it away

  • meeeeee

    ummmm isnt Cribs over?

  • chloe

    I love Zanessa :)

  • whatever, yo

    JustJared, it would professional of you to delete Zac Efron’s address from your post.

    Now his home will be bombarded with stupid crazy people.

  • whatever, yo

    Is Vanessa living alone? WTF do you need 6 bedrooms and bathrooms?

    That’s a waste of money!

    And Zac is getting less for just about the same amount of money… that’s a rip off…

    Aye yi yi…. but who cares right? They have money…

  • whatever, yo

    Is Vanessa living alone? WTF do you need 6 bedrooms and bathrooms?

    That’s a waste of money!

    And Zac is getting less for just about the same amount of money… that’s a rip off…

    Aye yi yi…. but who cares right? They have money…

  • desiree


    how dumb of you to post the address.

    How far apart are these homes? Anyone know? Since the articles are reporting Zac has a harem behind Vanessa’a back I bet the houses are FAR APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Britney

    Separate houses if they’re married??? WTF?

  • Dot

    lol this is sooo NOT true

  • viki_vikito

    ouu so cutee !!!!

  • http://Justjared Lori

    what are you doing giving addresses? I thought you were classier than that.

  • poppy

    If that is true about Zac’s new house, then his and V’s houses are about a mile away from each other in Studio City. Literally up the road.

  • poppy

    Oh and Jared, you really should take down the address.

  • e

    So, since I like both modern and classic/traditional things, does that mean that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself? Because compromising would be totally out of the question. Besides, after 3+ years together, wouldn’t you think that they would be able to compromise with each other; otherwise they wouldn’t be able to be in the same place/house at all.

    It’s cool if zac brought a new house, and I’m in love with Vanessa’s house, it looks amazing.

  • kay

    Zac and Vanessa ARE OPPOSITES!? my world is crumbling around me! separate houses when they are married? GASP! HOW WILL WE GO ON!

  • biggie

    saw pics of V’s house and it’s just amazing. just my dream house…i like things traditional too, if I get to have my own house, i’d fill it with all things traditional like wooden furniture and antiques.
    great to know these two are investing their hard-earned money wisely instead of going around partying and going on too many costly vacations.

  • TIFF

    i don’t think Vanessa’s living by herself. She said some of her girlfriends are coming to live with her

  • bee

    Vanessa’s house is nice!

  • taylor

    Well, Zac WILL need his own place to entertain all his mistresses. He probably gets sick of flying to Toronto every time he wants to hook up with a backup dancer.

  • zanessa fan/ angelita

    oh my efron!!!!
    this is great!! i logfe zanessa they are like the best couple ever!!!!!!

  • poppy

    Ahh Taylor you are just so witty. So the condo he has been living in for the last 2 or more years wasn’t his own place? Hmmm. Please think before typing lies.

  • athena

    #7 Zac’s address is posted?..doesn’t it plainly states that he lives in the Hollywood Hills….? Isn’t that a general location? I tell ya, you’d probably have more chances of finding out their exact locations by other means.

  • vanessajonas

    opposites atract=)!
    ilove how he bought a house closer to her now that she moved.. saline pool for v pls she is allergic

  • athena

    Kenneth Brown in clever…he knows many will want to follow him due to him designing Zac and V’s home. I’ll check it out myself.

  • lizzie

    no one cares about them but lil teenage ppl with pimples on their faces ahahha

  • athena

    #26, I think it was Vanessa that brought a house closer to Zac. If I’m correct, Zac has been living in this 2 bdrm apartment since he first moved out at the age of 19.

  • vanessajonas

    we are talking that zac recently bought A HOUSE of two bedrooms…. not his old apartment wich is far from vanessa’s new house..

  • Amy

    Who cares

  • poppy

    Athena, the article is stating that Zac has bought a new house, in Studio City/H.Hills area, near to V. It’s different to his apartment.

  • athena

    Yeah, well a while ago, it was mentioned that he was house hunting…hmmm, and maybe he was hunting for himself and not for V….okay…vanessajonas..thanks for emphasizing “A HOUSE”… : *
    So, as it is, I have no idea where Hollywood Hills is, so, I would have no idea where Zac lives…and I would imagine it won’t be that accessible to many gawkers…

  • Naomi

    It makes sense though that he will buy his own house.

    It used to bug me because Zac didn’t seem like he kind of guy that would just move in with his gf and kinda live off her. He’s too traditional and macho for that. This is more in line with his character, that he’ll invest in his own place but most likely spend more time in Van’s because obviously she can keep house better.

    I never thought he would be comfortable hosting his family or friends from SLO in Van’s place and it’s so silly to keep renting when he could buy and save his money.

    I like this better, though, it’s great that they can maintain their independence and their relationship, none detracts from the other. That’s maturity.

    Trust them to buy their houses around the same time, use the same designer and just generally go through the experience of setting up their own home together and comparing notes.

    I don’t know why it’s big news though, or why it should indicate anything different in their relationship, if anything Zac could have done this earlier but he kept renting till Van bought hers in September. She on the other hand, waited for him to buy his before they started remodelling and designing. I guess the pictures of them furniture shopping was for both their places.

    I really love that they’re going through a lot of life experiences together. what memories they must have.

    p.s Looks like he was taking out trash in his own house before the trip to Japan.

  • athena

    Hey Poppy and Vanessajonas, I do know the difference between House and Apartment…I live in an apartment, and my family lives in a House. Just a minor reading mistake…glad I didn’t make the mistake in reading that he and Vanessa got married this past summer as many have done.

  • whatever, yo

    #25, it was posted…. JustJared took it down though.

    And sorry for the double posting up there…

  • ayen

    athena, JJ posted the address earlier. He took it down and replaced it w/ ‘hollywood hills’.

  • zé do sertao

    essa cara é meio viado das contas
    mais eu acho q a casa deles ficaram mo massa mano
    a vanessa tem uma casa mo grande o zac nao sei ( nunca vi…..e dai???)

  • Peggy

    “For Real” has posted in the JJ – ZAC GETS GOOFY post from LAX if anyone is interested.

  • b

    when did zac buy his house? how come we’re just hearing about it now, when we knew forever about Vanessa’s house?

  • desiree
  • lakers fan in boston

    i love u vanessa!!
    i really hate zac, damn u =[
    anyway, who cares about their houses, get us more vanessa pics

  • omg

    still 2 disney dumbasses….4ever!
    6 bedrooms?? just stupid this chick

  • cocolious

    wat is zacs address # 36 and #37???

  • omg

    the funny thing for me is
    I can’t imagine that V+Z have 6 together……………. eww
    No. Never

  • Trina

    Kind of odd that a designer would make a comment about his clients tastes and personal lives. Is he new to designing? Are these the first celebrity clients he’s ever had and he’s bragging? Very odd.

  • sheila

    well, clearly if he thinks that they would have to live separately if they ever bought a house together is an indication that he is completely static in his design sensibilities. if you go to any good euro/foreign design mags (elle uk, living etc. vogue living australia) you will see very modern furniture mixed with traditional pieces in a both very contemporary or very traditional homes. it is so boring to go entirely one way or the other, (unless, of course, that’s what the client demands). that’s how rooms get dated.

    hmmm. i wonder if that’s how these designers stay busy….design rooms that are completely “of the moment” so that their clients have to have them back every 5-10 years to re-design again. note the sarcasm?

  • taylor

    How are you so certain Zac is faithful? because you’ve seen him in pics? well, that’s reliable. I happen to live in Toronto. and I KNOW, at the very least, that he hooked up with one of the backup dancers while filming Hairspray.
    Was he officially with Vanessa then? We don’t know, do we? So I will not assume. UNLIKE YOU PEOPLE, I WILL NOT ASSUME I “KNOW” ZAC AND VANESSA. I am a fan but I am not delusional. Zac could be unfaithful, he could not.
    bottom line: we don’t know

  • tree

    #48 taylor – We are supposed to believe that you KNOW for a fact that he hooked up with a Hairspray backup dancer. PROOF PLEASE

  • taylor

    well, I can’t give you proof, sorry. A friend of mine actually IS that backup dancer. She hooked up with him. that’s all I got. believe it if you want. I don’t care. my point is that too many people act like celebrities are gods with higher moral standards than average people. Zac COULD be unfaithful. we don’t know!