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Angelina Jolie Wants to Focus on Family

Angelina Jolie Wants to Focus on Family

Angelina Jolie shares her thoughts on the Oscars race, her career, and life priorities at Good Morning America on Tuesday (February 3).

On her Oscars nomination: I feel very very lucky that I have won in the past. Listen, it’s lovely to be nominated. But I’m hoping Benjamin Button does really good on the night…. I’m rooting for Brad [Pitt].

On watching her own films: Um, sometimes. I like the process of doing them more than watching them. No, I just, I don’t really like to watch movies (laughing) I love to watch Brad‘s movies.

On what her kids think of her career: I think they only think I animate Kung Fu Panda… and that’s the extent of my career.

On what’s first in her life: I’d say kids first, kids, woman to Brad and then my work internationally and being a kind of… trying to educate myself and trying to learn about the world and… trying to do some good things while I’m alive.

On stepping away from acting: I’ve been lucky enough to have a great career and a lot of success. But I wake up every day just the happiest mommy… I don’t want to wake up one day and say I had my career that expanded so much longer and I did that many more films and miss out on all those other things in life.

Watch Angelina Jolie‘s full in-depth Oscars interview on Nightline’s weeklong Oscar series, airing Tuesday 11:35pm EST.

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  • bobbi

    Looking great!!!

  • ri23

    “Angelina Jolie Wants to Focus on Family.” Great. Then shut the fuck up and do it.


    So lovely and you tell she is in a great place in her life.

  • teri

    She’s such a beautiful caring woman, that’s why she has so many wonderful fans.

  • indiesr

    Ha ha. Angie, I love watching Brad’s movies too, :) As well as yours. :)

  • jessalyn

    Love her! She’s so lovely inside and out.

  • anon

    Brad deserves a good kick in the butt for his past choices in women. My god, at times I don’t know what to think of him. Was he that clueless or shallow like his ex?

  • teri

    Shouldn’t you dingbats go back on your maniston site and quit polluting this one! I love how you cry and moan, be nice to manny but turn around and come her to spew your hatred. hypacrites

  • senior

    Hello to JP fans, happy Tuesday to all of you. Good to have a new thread about Angelina . Thanks so much jared for all Angie and Brad news and threads. Love Angelina and Angie I will be rooting for Brad with you and rooting for you to win. You and Brad are winners already in things that really count! God bless the Jolie Pitt family.

  • ri23

    Kids, Brad, Kids, Kids, Kids, Brad, Kids, Brad, Kids, Kids, Kids, Brad. It’s like a broken record.

  • val

    All that needs to be said is:
    “Kids first ”
    “Woman to Brad”

    To all of her haters, you can learn a lot from Angie,if you would take care of home first and stop walking around with scorn because of a woman you do not know maybe your home life might be a little bit better.

    I totally agree with you Angie!

  • pax’sfan

    Lovely Angie… You have a beautiful garden of life, of live… Live well, be happy, love truly…

  • Jubilee

    I’m so happy for her. She’s looks so happy and content. More power to Angelina for all her personal, professional and humanitarian endeavors.


    Nothing like giving her full support to the man she loves, awww.

  • pax’sfan

    oops… typo… it’s … beautiful garden of life, of love…

  • jen fan pain BA fan joy

    let me give my comment before all the faniston/troll/hater will come out with their bitter self whinny too much

    love her interview and she is great. Proud to be her fan.

    “On what’s first in her life: I’d say kids first, kids, woman to Brad and then my work internationally and being a kind of… trying to educate myself and trying to learn about the world and… trying to do some good things while I’m alive.”

    go Angie u are the best.

  • ……….

    I bet all the manny fans have restraining orders taken out by their x’s. Bunch of weirdo’s.

  • marina

    Rooting for them both, but congratulations to all nominated :)

  • KAT

    teri @ 02/03/2009 at 2:23 pm Shouldn’t you dingbats go back on your maniston site and quit polluting this one! I love how you cry and moan, be nice to manny but turn around and come her to spew your hatred. hypacrites


    we can say the same about brangelina fans.
    did you read some of the comments left on jens thread?

    awfull comments. jennifer fans are being to nice to angie.

  • wHAT?


  • wHAT?

    I don’t know why she caters to the Brangieloons. She used to be so cool and confident and now she seems to be fake now. people who are fans of her for long time see how different she is and it’s not in a good way. it’s like when Johnny depp signed on for all of the pirate movies . he lost his cool guy cred. it’s happened to Angelina jolie too. she lost her cool chick cred and it ain’t because she’s a mama. White bread ruined her.

  • Misty

    What a load of crap. She is so full of it. She is a LIAR. She just she was going to take some time off but know she has just signed on for another movie. If she cared anything about those kids she would be a stay at home instead of prancing them around the world. There is no stability in their lives and when they get older we will see the destruct.

  • pinkrose

    If I were asked that question, I would never answer. I know she loves the kids and so does Brad and they always say the kids are their priority, but that needs to be balanced with, not numbered in front of your relatiosnhip. Firstly, it’s not nice to be told categorically you come second behind the kids. Brad tendss to say the same thing too. I know the kids are important, but it is a joint responsibility which should normally be an additional to the relationship, not the reason for the relationship. One day the kids will leave and all you will have is each other. But I understand. In their case they became a family because of the kids.

  • ri23

    Just because someone is sick of hearing the Brange talk about their kids, doesn’t mean they like the Maniston. They can all three go suck a dick.

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    I’m looking forward to the whole interview.

    Thanks for the new thread Jared.

  • wHAT?

    Now she’s a shill for Movies like Benjamin Buttface. A movie with a budget so big it will be lucky to break even at 350 + million worldwide. how much are they paying her to shill for this movie? That’s more $$$ to marketing… Benjamin buttface is a BOMB! no matter how you look at it.


    Wanted was made for 70 million and made as much as Benjamin Buttface is gonna make.

  • Angel

    Who the Fuc* Cares!!!

  • tora

    Brad should feel sooo LUCKY to have her by his side. I think both Brad and Angie saved one another from bunch of loonies in their past!
    Yes, Jen and Billy Bob.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!,,20256510,00.html

    PEOPLE Presents Angelina Jolie’s Beautiful Beginnings
    As the old song goes, Angelina Jolie must’ve been a beautiful baby – ’cause, baby, look at her now.

    As for her younger days, PEOPLE has an exclusive peek inside the Changeling Oscar nominee’s family album of long ago, when Jolie was 23 months old – and her mother, Marcheline Bertrand (who died in 2007), was the spitting image of her daughter today.

    Shown here, from 1977, are dad Jon Voight, mom Bertrand, Jolie and her big brother, James Haven, on his 4th birthday.

    Though remembered as “an independent bundle of energy,” the baby of the family “was kind of in the background that day,” photographer and family friend Charles Eastman tells PEOPLE. After all, he adds, “who knew she was going to grow up to be Angelina Jolie?”

    For more family photos, which Eastman calls “a tribute to Marcheline,” pick up this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

  • me

    wHAT? @ 02/03/2009 at 2:36 pm

    I couldn’t agree more!! you newcomers don’t have a clue.

  • pinkrose

    “Angelina Jolie Wants to Focus on Family.” Great. Then shut the **** up and do it.

    Actually, she was asked a question. It’s not like she posted a personal blog.


    wHAT? @ 02/03/2009 at 2:36 pmit’s not in a good way. it’s like when Johnny depp signed on for all of the pirate movies .

    75 million dollars a film. Please honey JD does not need to be cool in your eyes. LMAO. How old are you 12.

    pinkrose @ 02/03/2009 at 2:37 pm
    Reality is when you have young children they do come first.

  • me

    when the kids are grown and gone, you only have each other. more people should keep that in mind, obviously including those two.

  • Too Funny!!

    What ever happened to Cliniqua?? Just curious.

  • funnyman

    Please, dear Academy.
    You may not give the Oscar this Blender!

    The images from the Tokyo airport:
    I knew they’d surface around the Oscars! How predictable!

    Time to pimp out the children! How contrived is this? 1 twin strapped on to each parent and 2 on each hand with NO nannies / helpers in sight at all

    Please please please!
    No Oscars for these wrong people with the wrong motives.


    This man has no identity.
    He must always be copied!

    But what should he do. When Angelina gives the command: you have the appearance
    of their great (secret) love, he does it.

    POOR BRADLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrsalbertnyc

    blah blah blah…she says the same dribble all the time about focusing on her kids. BS…her or Brad do not have to work another day for the money. She’s always saying how her kids are her priority…blah blah…if they were her priority then she would keep them in a stable environment. If you still wants to act and stay in the public’s attention…just admit it and stop talking crap!! It’s funny that she’s always dragging her kids around the world every month to few months for filming or promoting. There are plenty of actors that truly decide to focus on their children and you don’t ever see them anywhere. It’s reported that she again is dragging her family to NY to film a movie for a few months…just be quiet because you keep sticking your foot in your month.

  • luvangie4ever

    How not to be madly in love with a woman like that? :D She deserves all the happiness in the world.

  • Brad FAn

    It’s lovely to see someone just living their life. She says nothing out of the ordinary that most people can’t relate to.

  • cassie

    Misty Angie signed on to Salt last year she hasn’t worked since Nov 07 on Changeling. All mothers aren’t like you some of us have interests outside of our kids and a happy fulfilled mother = a confident self actualized kid. Angie is working 3 months on Salt where her kids can visit daily. She currently has no films lined up after Salt. no Mercenary no Atlas SHrugged so she may take out a year or two off before she films a movie again. WHat is unfortunate you don’t have Partner/spouse you can praise. As alongtime fan I admire the mature Angie the mother ,activist, Oscar nominated mo e than the self destructive,selfish 23y.o.

  • Jess

    Then why on earth isn’t she at home with those kids, instead of on the air PR-ing herself out for a gold statue?

  • um

    why do people keep asking her the same questions? Will we learn something new with this interview?

  • chopin

    KAT and WHat are twins..LOL

  • Jess

    Brad Pitt has finally come to some kind of sense and placed sperm bucket, Angelina Jolie on a baby ban. Brad has reportedly told Jolie he is done having kids for now.

    For Angelina, this means no more stalking sperm clinics or shopping for babies in _ catalogs.

    Brad’s increased liking of a drink has been blamed on Jolie’s ridiculous baby demands, including her recent talk of more adoptions and biological kids.

    It seems, Pitt has more responsibility in how he thinks the children should be raised, feeling guilty about how much time they spend in the care of nannies. For Jolie, this seems less of a concern than her chance of getting an Oscar this year.

    Brad has been hitting the bottle more and more to deal with his issues at home.

    I guess even if you are married to the one time ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ doesn’t matter if she is as nutty as a fruitcake.

    Personally I’d just spay her and be done with it. … F_ing_Time

  • Rebecca

    I’ll be watching. she looks nice.

  • groundcontrol

    anon @ 02/03/2009 at 2:22 pm Brad deserves a good kick in the butt for his past choices in women. My god, at times I don’t know what to think of him. Was he that clueless or shallow like his ex?


    Yes, dear, most men are clueless. Somewhere around 50 or so they begin to get their heads out of their a$$es. At least Brad woke up around 40. So I’d say he’s ahead of the game.

  • Jess

    If the kids were her number one priority, she would settle down in one place where they can feel comfortable and secure (pssst: they call it “home”), get them in school, let them make some peer friends, and for the love of GOD stop buying more!

    Or perhaps she should just start with something more simple…like rehab.

  • perspective

    Jess @ 02/03/2009 at 2:53 pm
    Jess I thought you were bored with Angelina but yet you are copy/pasting faux articles from other blogs.

  • b

    she is soooo into brad.. RIGHT.. she just wants to make aniston jelous.. so aniston will die everytime she reads about them.. selfish SL UT…
    happiest mommy.. go su ck brads dick PLEASE… she’s sooo into herself it makes me PUKE all over her zoeloe lips.. tfoeeee


  • peaches

    pinkrose @ 02/03/2009 at 2:37 pm
    Speaking as someone who has a 6 and a 3 year old, the kids have to come first when they are that young. They have six young children who are totally dependent on them for their wants and needs, so at this point they have to come first as with maybe the exception of Mad and Pax the kids are not doing a whole lot for themselves so they need their parents.

    What I actually liked about what she said is that she does realize that their relationship must be a priority. That is why I love that she said being a woman to Brad. That tells me that they don’t take each other for granted and when the children are out of the house they will still have a healthy relationship because they are making it a priority now. They have a relationship and a respect for each other outside of being parents but her being a women to him and him being a man to her. I think that picture at SAG where he steps back and encourages her to take the spotlight while he looks on like the quarterback drooling for the head cheerleader speaks to the man -women connection that they have established.

    As far as your comment that they got together for the children I have no idea why you think that at all as I have never heard either say anything like that.

  • slambang

    Please shut up, PLEASE!

    I’m hoping for a complete Oscar shut-out for her and Brad, just like at all the other awards!