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Chace Crawford Kissing Who???

Chace Crawford Kissing Who???

Who’s Gossip Girl stud Chace Crawford kissing now???

Click inside to find out…



Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) shared a passionate kiss with Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) as they shoot an early morning scene for Gossip Girl in New York City on Tuesday (February 23).

Looks like the love connection and Nate and Blair has been reignited!

On Thursday, Chace was spotted playing beer poor with his castmates at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ. He then hit up Citrine for with Kings of Leon after-party with roommate and costsar Ed Westick, who brought along costar and girlfriend Jessica Szohr.

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Credit: Edward Opinaldo; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • MW
  • yaaay

    me and my friend go around fighting about the whole nate /blair blair/chuck thing and i knew they’d get bak together im rlly happy for them they are soo cute for eachother and btw nate nor chase is gay so you should shut up thnkyou and i loveee chuck and blair but not as muchh as nate and blairrrr<3

  • Georgia

    It must be very nice to be chace crawford, kissing hot girls all day!

  • Rose

    URGH! NO! Blair and Nate cant get back together, that just sucks! Waldass are meant to be together, the kick butt! And Nanessa are meant to be together. This is stupid!!

  • amanda

    they’re probably setting it up so that chuck will see those two back together and get jealous all over again.
    he’ll forget about whoever that girl was last night and they’ll be right where they started.
    oh how i love them :]

  • babygirl44

    i love nate and blair.=)

  • elle

    YES i love BN and the main reason i think i do is because chase and leighton are sooooo hot together!!!<3 love it

  • Linda

    Yea Chuck and Blair have a big fanbase BUT since it was based on the book series, N+B all the way! I was sooooo happy when I found out about that because Blair may love Chuck but Nate has a special place in her heart and of course “she always have and always will” love him!

  • beebee


  • beebee


  • i

    YAY! Nate & Blair together again at last!

  • kim

    Nate and Blair Forever!
    They love each other, always have, always will :)

  • yup

    Chuck and Blair and Nate and Jenny!! grr!!!!

    ugh, the show has been going so down hill! i am not saying this because of this photo. just regarding to last night’s terribly boring episode.

    I do not hate Nate and Blair together.. actually quite cute.. but nothing compared to CHUCK AND BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • racle

    I’m so pissed off.

  • megan

    wow. they’re extremely pretty.

  • Courtney

    They look so cute together! It makes me miss the Nate/Blair days, even though I love Chuck/Blair.

  • Nita

    NOOOOOOOOOO…!!! BLAIR and CHUCK foreveeeerrrrrr!!!

  • bree

    OMFG!!!!!!!! Blair & Nate!!!! I kneeeeww it!!!! So freaking amazing

  • dayglo

    YAY! Finally! Nate and Blair together! This better be more than one episode!

  • Anonymous

    Omg, it’s about time! :D

  • agnes

    Nate&Blair, FINALLY!!!
    I waited since S1 for this day! hope it last longgggg~
    such a cute couple! <333

  • geebee

    These photos look promising. It’s just too gosh darn pretty! I hope the scene doesn’t disappoint.

  • liz

    so…nate is jus the sweetest player ever. i swear he went through so many girls this season, not that im complaining. its jus interesting the way the writers are takin his character

  • Laura

    Vanessa flirts with another guy so Nate goes to Blair for help, thats it. He’s trying to make her jealous, calm down people.

  • cain

    wtf can those writers find some love interests outside these main characters for nate? he is literally kissed all 4 main girls on the show what’s next? nate and lily?

  • yo


  • kyl

    Wow she’s so lovely~

  • salsa

    After the OC ended I thought I would ever get over it, much less be as OBSESSED as I am with Gossip Girl! I think the writing and the plot lines are amazing. The clothes in the show are unbelievable. Websites dissect the looks from every episode, and I have never seen that done with any other show on TV. My favorite character has got to be Chuck. He is a boozing, womanizing, ass most of the time, but yet has a charm and quality about him that I love. The acting in the show is really good and believable. Josh Schwartz redeemed himself for me by creating Gossip Girl! Now DON’t cancel it! EVER!

  • lyn

    T T my poor chuck~

  • trish

    WTF is wrong with you people!
    If any of you sad try hard losers who like Nate/Vanessa or Chuck/Blair even read the books, then you would know that Blair and Nate are a otp (one true pairing).
    If you were a true fan and read Cecily’s novels, you would understand that Nate and Blair are meant to be. They are so in love in the books and I just think its really sad that Josh had to verge so far away from that.
    Blair and Chuck was just a weird straying created by Josh Schwartz who although I admit is clever, can be so stupid at the same time.

  • cbisendgamedon’t worry

    cb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!snowwhite is how georgina called blair who lives in fairytaleland

  • gabby

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I LOVE Nate/Blair! They’re gorgeous and wonderful and totally endgame. Chuck/Blair just make each miserable, ugh.

  • Ingrid

    I think I prefer these two together to Blair and Chuck (because that dragged on), but what about Vanessa and Nate?!

  • chars

    The thing with these things is that it shouldn’t have been Nate. They should have cast a love interest for Blair. It’s way better when you see new talent on the show although not all of them are loved but it creates a fresh dynamic and if they are accepted by people who watch that’s good news. The same people gets old I tell you.

  • lunza

    i love it..
    i thought i’ll be waiting forever!!!
    i <3 nate and blair

  • ss

    when is this going to come out!!! oh i’m so excited about n and b!!!! it’s really about time and i’m sick of this whole chuck and blair thing.

  • danielle


  • nanna

    I want chuck and blair and nate and jenny!

  • ss

    come on guys. i got so excited so i have read some comments here. let’s give nb a chance!!! please to the writers of gossip girl make nb love last long. i miss them.

  • IAH

    NV FTW!!!!!

  • Anna

    YES!!!! Nate and Blair ftw!!! Gah, I love these two so much!

  • Maraaaa

    WHAT?!?!?!? this is incerdible! i wish it was Lil J! Vanessa does not deserve him!!! she was decieving….and what about CHUCK?!?!?

  • http://www.fotolog.con aMY*

    this news made me happy day


    <3CHUCK&…………….. XD

  • ana

    omgg i love this couplee yessss

  • sarah

    ew wtf, he should be with jenny and blair should be with chuck

  • cheryl

    this show getting really boring lately *yawn*

  • Crystal

    The writers must have forgotten that they made it pretty clear last season that Nate was not into Blair and was settling for her. Having them kiss only makes the character of Nate look more fickle then he already is. If put they put them back together then have Nate start chasing and lusting after Serena behind Blair’s back again, I’m going to be rooting for Nate to join Bart in the afterlife.

    lene, to know that you would have had to have done a poll and had every Nate and Blair fan vote in it.

  • Juliet


  • Juliet


  • SP

    NOOOOOOOO Blair and Chuck and Nate and Vanessa!!!