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Gwyneth Paltrow Covers UK Elle's Fashion Issue

Gwyneth Paltrow Covers UK Elle's Fashion Issue

Gwyneth Paltrow smiles serenely as she models an edgy Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2009 look on the March 2009 cover of UK Elle magazine’s annual fashion issue. Bigger cover inside…

Inside the magazine, the 36-year-old actress defends her lifestyle newsletter, GOOP, from critics and opens up about how she and Chris Martin remain such a private couple.

In the latest edition of GOOP, Gwyneth shares a supereasy family dinner — Garlic Bread, Turkey Meatballs, Spaghetti and Lemon-Basil Steamed Peas — that she loves to make on lazy Sundays.

Check out Gwyneth‘s recipes at

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  • mickey

    Why did she feel the need to kill Minnie Mouse and wear her head as an outfit?

  • Lillianne

    Mouseketeer ears!

  • May

    She looks like Minnie Mouse.

  • Lillianne

    haha two great minds thinking alike

  • TC

    What an ugly cover. They picked a bad photo.

  • editrix

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t make a moderately attractive woman look great for a “fashion issue” cover. Sometimes I think these mags use certain covers for shock value.

  • that’s hideous

    she looks ridiculous
    what is that outfit?!
    it’s like anne of green gables and disneyworld gone wrong

  • Donna

    This is almost as funny as the diaper outfit from last summer. Thanks, JJ!

  • janet

    i think she looks gorgeous…and i love the top but not with those pantaloon-y shorts! (anyway, vogue picked it, not gp).


    What is she wearing???

  • Twilight Fan

    That’s not a very flattering shot!

  • Shell

    Normally I find her to be a buttaface with great legs, but she just looks like a string bean here.

  • jane

    She has a rather unfortunate bob cut.

  • glitter

    I don’t like it.

  • TFS

    Believe it or not, that outfit is by Dolce & Gabbana. They make some freaky stuff. It did look better on the runway model.


    There is nothing wrong with Gwyneth .. She is a great person who likes
    to have fun with her blog so leave her along..!! GOOP gives great advice..and recipes ..since she did that tour last year through Spain
    with Mario..she has brighten up… And she is finally talking about her
    marriage to Chris.. So where is the Brad Pitt.. since the ex boyfriend
    Brad has to be in all his exes comment page..

  • kim

    M-I-C… K-E-Y… M-O-U-S-E

  • joss

    it makes her looks anorexic

  • nova

    I can’t get past the super-sized mouse ears. Sorry, she looks ridiculous.

  • havoc

    Gwyneth is quite homely but f you slap a ton of makeup on her she can look pretty good. Not in this case though. She looks like Minnie Mouse on crack.

  • Adore Dior

    Pretty much the same as her Harper’s Bazaar cover from last year. Still showing off her legs.

  • Katrina

    # 16 – I don’t think anyone really cares, it’s usually GP’s fan(s) who bring him up. In that interview, her comments about Chris do sound oddly reminiscent of ones she’s made before about you know who.

  • gfreeze

    Gwyn’s looking trannylicious!

  • ********

    Hideous outfit! LoL #1… it does look like she’s wearing mickey mouses head:)

  • Special K

    A big fat NO to the linebacker shoulders.

  • Denise

    Jan Brady in booty shorts.

  • PSA


  • PSA


  • mossy

    A few months ago Gwyn’s best pal Madonna was looking hyper-masculine Now it seems Gwyn has followed suit (or maybe it’s just the cover) and Madge is looking strangely youthful and pretty again. Divorce must agree with the Queen of Pop.

  • Homer

    What the fuck is up with the designer polka dot adult diaper?

  • kimba

    LMAO Minnie Mouse on crack! GOOD ONE! Gwen pretty….mouse ear dress hideous!

  • elanenergy

    She is beyond help…..seriously in need of some “solitude” away from the spotlight….she needs to regroup. Goop is a poop.

  • steph

    What an ugly woman.

  • Rhonda

    I’m sorry, but that’s awful!

  • custom t

    She does not look “fashion-y” at all!

  • bella

    My God this girl does not know how to dress.
    LOL comment #1 :D

  • kate

    I agree with #32 – this nutjob needs to get out of the spotlight (for our sake as much as hers) and figure out that she’s hardly the center of the universe. She’s a clueless as clueless gets.

  • Bro

    It really is amazing how in just 5 short years, she has become such a “lifestyle expert”.

    Wow, you do pilates, wow you cook.

    This was a girl who for 15 years until she turned 30 had a “lifestyle regimen” that consisted of downing jaegermeister shots, chain smoking cigarettes, smoking tons of pot, starving herself till she looked like a skeleton, doing absolutely no exercise and finally being such a mess that she needed to be in therapy to get over herself

    Believe it or not, Gwyneth, there are other people who have actually lived a clean and healthy lifestyle well before you discovered it and had a much fresher, more unique view on life for a long time, while you were busy boning actors and telling everyone your important views on just about everything.

    You are not a guru. You are spoiled brat who got a trophy for playing make believe.



  • Edumacated

    The outfit looks ridiculous.

  • Not impressed by JA

    LOL !! that’s all i have to say about this…she looks like a freaky mousy child ! And she seems to enjoy it ! ahahahahah

  • yuck

    she looks horrible! what a terrible outfit! so awkward.

  • jaye

    that’s a hideous outfit. Someone should have told her she looked ridiculous before the picture was taken. The hair cut doesn’t do anything for her either.

  • ellie

    Gwyneth what the heck are you wearing lately.. You always dressed beautiful with that gorgeous face..

  • MW
  • Georgia

    I think coldplay is one of the sure-fire ways for guys to date women. Just go to their concerts. Most guys might not be fans, but i’ve heard it works!

  • Jules


  • gpfan

    Contrary to what some of you knuckleheads are saying about GP here, I think she looks great–CONSIDERING THIS IS A FASHION ISSUE!!! Hello??? Clearly you nimrods don’t get out that much. Fashion shows are ALL about the oddest of the designers collections. Most cover shots on magazines resemble those oddest of the designers’ outfits, then in retail sell spin-offs of a better version of the dress/outfit (in most cases).

    And for you idiots (the same five in every GP thread) who have to rant ON and ON about how you are SOOOO TIRED of hearing her talk about her life and how wonderful she thinks she is, did it occur to any of you five people that you are doing the same thing–ranting ON and ON about the same thing OVER and OVER again?

    It’s ashame this blog isn’t moderated. Kind of makes this blog very trashy.

    Anyway, I think GP looks great. She’s got the legs and has all the rights to FLAUNT them!!! The hair looks awesome too :)

    I enjoy GOOP as do many of my friends, but then again I’m from NYC so maybe it’s you hillbillies that don’t get or appreciate the whole idea surrounded by GP’s blog.

  • Michelle

    I think Gwyneth looks terrible here. She does have great legs but you’d never know it by the shot they choose. The outfit is awful. I don’t care if it’s by D&G, it’s ugly and silly looking. Please don’t use the excuse that it’s a fashion issue. I extensively follow the collections. There are plenty of beautiful outfits by top designers they could have used for this shoot. Gwyneth simply doesn’t have the bravado to make it work. Someone like Marion Cotillard has the sophistication to maybe have pulled this off but not GP.
    Whoever said Gwyneth resembles a crackhead Minnie Mouse is right. I think she knows it too. She looks like she’s trying to keep from laughing, poor girl. You don’t see Gwyneth on too many magazine covers lately, so I guess she isn’t in demand enough to have final approval on what pics they use and has to put up with the whims of the stylist.
    And the bleached blonde bob really needs a touch up. It looks like she got it done at super cuts; very mall of America, pre-pixie Posh Spice wannabe.
    I was looking forward to this issue, but overall it’s an amusing disappointment.

  • itstrueagain

    Ridiculous picture. Ridiculous clothing. Ridiculous twit.