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President Obama Weighs In On Jessica Simpson

President Obama Weighs In On Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson rocks a Burberry newsboy cap as she lands in Cincinnati, Ohio on her way back to Dallas to see her boyfriend Tony Romo on Monday.

The 28-year-old country singer continues to receive attention for her fuller figure, which was first noted last week as she sang at the Chili Cookoff in Florida.

The Today Show‘s Matt Lauer spoke to President Obama in a pre-Super Bowl interview and mentioned that him and his family were removed from the US Weekly’s cover shoot to make room for the hot topic of Jessica Simpson‘s weight. Obama coyly responded, “Yeah, it’s a little hurtful!” Then he continued looking at the cover, saying [that Jessica is] “in a weight battle, apparently. Yeah. Oh well.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about President Obama’s comments about Jessica Simpson — not nice or not news?

10+ pictures inside of President Obama weighing in on Jessica Simpson

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  • a

    I think it was an offhand comment–he should realize that people are listening to EVERY SINGLE WORD he says and he should not comment on such things. He wouldn’t want anyone saying the things they said about Jessica Simpson to someone he knows or cares about.

  • s


  • Joyce

    He was neither being rude or kidding. If you look at the cover it says Jessica Simpson’s Weight Battle. He was just quoting it.

  • evelyn

    He needs to weigh in more on the economy,our troops,security and his corrupt people. This President is a politician by saying he also reads Twilight. The world is falling apart but he has time to read many books including Twilight.

  • don’tcare..

    how do you expect him to respond?
    Matt Lauer, shouldn’t have even brought it up..
    it was off-hand, & why should we pay attention to
    stuff so futile. When our country should be number one.
    Which it obviously is. Maybe reporters should try&remember
    what they learned in college. &not bring this celeb crap to the white house when they meet with our President.

  • dani

    Y are u causing drams. OBAMA SAID THAT CUZ THE HEADLINE UNDER HER PICTURE WAS “WEIGHT BATTLE” he didnt just think of that by himself to say. Im sure hes been just lounging around all week watching ACCESS HOLLYWOOD! wowww

  • don’tcare..

    &so what if he reads books. It’s called multi-tasking honey.

  • For gods sake

    um….The interviewer asked him about how he felt about being cut out of the photo. When he said ‘oh well’ he was referring to the fact that the magazine had cut him out of the photo of him and his family on the cover. The same Photo appears inside the mag with him. If you saw the interview and the context in which the comment was made you would understand!!!!

  • jane

    You need to post the video of Obama’s interview. Your blog is incredibly misleading. He merely repeated the headline.

  • don’tcare..

    #8 For gods sake – people are just looking for ways to cut our president down. They are watching him so closely it’s sickening.
    People need to let him do the job for which he was elected.

  • Li

    He said he read twilight with his kids. I think that with everything this man has to face I am glad that he is still trying to take the time out to spend quality time with his kids. I know everyone wants him to solve america’s and the world’s problems, but at the end of the day he is still a father to two great kids. if more parents took the time to spend with their kids we might not have so many social problems we have in the country.

  • laura

    His quote was taking out of context.

    That’s not what he actually said in the interview.

  • ashlee

    he was just reading the cover and his responses was sort of like, “yeah. oh well” like what’s the big deal?

  • Umpertop

    Not News!

    They should not ask him stupid questions like this.

  • tyrone

    He was not saying Jessica is fat. He was joking about the frivolity of the story, that just so happened, cut him out of the family picture. I am sure he does not care at all.

  • lola

    whoever buys jessica’s new dvd should be shot.
    c’mon if you have 10 bucks to waste, why don’t u just give it to a homeless guy.

  • jjsu

    Why would he even comment on this BS? (Even if he was just quoting it) He shouldn’t be concered with the tabloid nonsense. And… if he thinks Jessica is having a “weight battle” what does he think about his own wife who is obviously bigger than Jessica?

  • sarah

    obama you could have said no comment!!!!!! that was very rude of him!!

  • sarah

    Jessica if you’re reading this. You are beautiful, You are talented, you are more than just your skin, your soul is the core of you.stay strong, and healthy beautiful. live a happy, meaningful like. don’t listen to negative feedback. Be yourself !!!

  • Solquist

    What I think people are missing is the fact that he was being a bit sarcastic there… he was making the point of how silly the whole subject is.

  • kat

    umm not news duhhh. maybe you should be asking the preident political questions because wth does j. simpson have to do with the shitty economy.

  • growuppeople

    Since everyone is so perceptive you would realise the President was reading the title on the US weekly cover out loud. He made an expression which led me to believe he didnt have any issue with either sharing the cover or the fact that anyone had gained weight. It was an offhanded comment meaning-such is life. We tend to read too much into things at times. As for Jessica, she has claimed the spotlight. Every star has their way of having their moment, some steal, some dui, some have what we term strange personal relationships, some even pretend to be going insane and then the world watches as everything works itself out. WE HAVE BEEN SUCKERED ONCE AGAIN……….Watch as Jessica sheds those pounds……………you’ll see. Maybe one of the popular weight loss experts can weigh in on this action……….make another one of those ADS…………like they did with Jessica and that POPULAR FACIAL PRODUCT.

  • sucre

    Yep, I guess it just means he has no idea who JS is so he just read the cover.
    What was he supposed to say. I mean think about it. A president of the USA speaking about a ”stars” weight. Come on…
    But why in the world he even had to answer a question like this???
    This all just sound like a mistake …
    Anyways, and about him reading Twilight…hes just down to earth.
    And its too early to judge him.

  • groundcontrol

    Typical stupid male statement. He better learn to think faster on his feet than that. Thank god it wasn’t a dig about a recalcitrant ally.

    He’s the President. His words are important. They have repercussions. Remember Richard Nixon and his stupid off hand remark about Charles Manson? Obama couldn’t say, “A weight battle? oh how silly she looks lovely.” Or make a joke about a pretty woman bumping his mug off the cover leaving 4 beautiful women instead? Yes, I thought it was carelessly mean. I also thought it was cheap and nasty journalism to even bring it up.

  • omfg

    What a misleading post. I just watched the interview and President Obama wasn’t even calling Jessica Simpson fat. Get over yourselves, you haters!

  • Ashlynn

    Obama is a rude and nasty jerk wiith no class at all. I thought better of him. Bush would have never said such a cruel thing.

  • Chris

    President Obama was only reading the HEADLINE!
    He was commenting on the fact that it said “Inside Jess’s Weight Battle” .
    This is all too stupid.

  • Shoops

    Anyone who thinks there is something to read into this – give me a break. HE WAS READING a magazine being held up in front of his face.

  • what

    Your titles have always been somewhat cheesy but this one IS very misleading. Well, I guess it’s no surprise anymore since you are becoming more like the people you dislike- gossipy and wannabe celebrity putting your own pics up with famous people. I was hoping you’d keep to being a straight forward and fact based blogger who prefers to be behind the scenes.

  • rea

    Just goes to show,how unprofessional Obama really is.What kind of president attacks someones personal appearance?4 long years to go,can’t wait until he’s gone.

  • Mika

    I hate how people are making drama and trying to slanderize our new President. He actually quoted the magazine because under the picture of Jessica Simpson it says “in a weight battle”. He even POINTED to the magazine.

    you gossip sites need to stop trying to make headlines over stupid shit.

  • tonytony

    god dang she is a friggin sow.

    no mo cream girl!!

  • P

    I am not an Obama fan, but I saw the interview and it was in no way offensive. Matt Lauer held up the magazine cover, where O was cut out of the picture with his family, and replaced by the JS weight story. It was tongue and cheek. He would have commented about anyone who was in that space.

  • belle

    The president couldn’t care less about Jessica Simpson. The interviewer shouldn’t even have mentioned it. How professional.

  • Sabb

    It´s great to have sb as a president who speaks so open and does not pretend to be sb else or sb who always just says what people wanna hear. For sure he did not intend to hurt sb.

  • Helena

    Jessica is a futile celebrity. Stop giving her the time of the day. When was the last time you ever listened to her album or even better heard her songs being played anywhere? NEVER!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There is only one celeb who can get away with a fuller body.
    I think it’s because of her “BLACK-MISTYC”-look.
    That person is: KIM KARDASHIAN.
    (she will continue to be the only one, folks)



  • lizzie

    I agree that the other guy shouldn’t even have brought this up! Obama is a good guy, he was just quoting, and of course every one comments on it now. It is all very stupid and is gonna be forgotten very fast.


  • Renee

    He read the headline off the cover. Good grief!

  • http://77 stylistasap

    Damn, why does this woman dress as she does? I think she makes Britney Spears look like a fashionista. At least here, no 6″ heels, surprised she didn’t find boots with heels! She needs to loose the always with her 20 pd purses, they make her look short and stumpy, the stupid hats, the clumsy jewerly, and get that disgusting extension (that she said her bff Paves recommended washing 2 or 3 x a month!ewwwwwwwww and in many many pic;’s, oh you can tell it’s dirty, UGH!) and have her OWN natural bob, or whatever the length is now, because she lives in this crap on her head,which also adds pounds. Look at the video where this started, her hair, sure does make her look bigger. She’s tiny and hasn’t a clue how to make herself attractive, which she sure can be, she instead, (and a middle part, not with her face!) chooses to look 20 pounds more, then she probably is. She can’t sing or act, but she’s famous, go figure.


    Ashlynn needs to get a grip!! – and stop promoting Bush already! His presidency is over and the majority of the world thought he was an a**hole/ ingrate. You never know how he might have responded but judging by his response to issues that mattered, I think it is safe to suppose that his response would have been none too intelligent. (Anyone remembered that time he was in Britain and accidentally left his microphone on at a conference – I believe he said something that made people think even less of him)

  • debra77

    She does not look fat to me.. She looks pregnant to me..

  • ?

    Hey check this out. If you go to TMZ and write Janet Dickinson they won’t send you the conformation email to post it. Why is she off limits on that site? I only wanted to say Glenn Beck made her to eat a sandwich on his show. I tried 10-12 times and couldn’t post it.

  • $

    The media is saying how bad it is for young girls to hear that Jessica Simpson is fat. They are a bunch of hypocrites. They all gave Jessica plenty of air time so she could brag that she starved herself and worked out 2 1/2 hours a day everyday to fit into a pair of shorts. Is that ok for young girls to hear?

    The media is a joke and spins every story to their advantage. Forget about the truth, morals or honest journalism. It’s all about the money to them.

  • q

    I hate you

  • q

    Don’t send message to my boyfriend,thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • concerned

    Dear q’s boyfriend,

    It’s time for q’s meds.


  • hintze

    COM ON!! …

    He´s the f*president and this is just some gossip magazine. He has better things to do then dealing with Jessica Simpson weight.

    You people are overreacting.

  • Anon

    This is a dmub assed thread. The President didn’t comment on Jessica Simpson’s weight. The media needs to STOP twisting things. Matt Lauer was teasing him that while Michelle and his daughters made the cover of the MAgazine, he’d been bumped off of it because of a picture about Jessica Simpson. Matt then held up the Magazine cover and Obama read the caption that went with Jessica’s picture. Oh. Well. Nothing happening here people. Move right along…