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Suri Cruise: Anchors Away!

Suri Cruise: Anchors Away!

Katie Holmes takes her adorable cute daughter Suri, 2, for a walk on the sand at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday (February 3).

The 30-year-old actress wore a fashionable pair of Roger Vivier snakeskin sandals with embellishments. (Check out the details on the cardigan–great!) She took Suri, who wore a nautical Ralph Lauren dress with an anchor design, to pick up some sweet treats at the ice cream counter.

This picture just might be might favorite Suri facial expression ever!

Tom Cruise was busy at a press conference to promote his WWII flick, Valkyrie.

20+ pictures inside of anchor cute Suri Cruise

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suri cruise anchor dress 01
suri cruise anchor dress 02
suri cruise anchor dress 03
suri cruise anchor dress 04
suri cruise anchor dress 05
suri cruise anchor dress 06
suri cruise anchor dress 07
suri cruise anchor dress 08
suri cruise anchor dress 09
suri cruise anchor dress 10
suri cruise anchor dress 11
suri cruise anchor dress 12
suri cruise anchor dress 13
suri cruise anchor dress 14
suri cruise anchor dress 15
suri cruise anchor dress 16
suri cruise anchor dress 17
suri cruise anchor dress 18
suri cruise anchor dress 19
suri cruise anchor dress 20
suri cruise anchor dress 21
suri cruise anchor dress 22

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  • Denise in NJ

    Y shorts and a sweater in 84 degree weather?

  • ellie

    Katie you and Suri look like your having so much fun and Tom the other day. What a nice family..

  • vanessajonas

    aw i love the two of the=)

  • Denise in NJ

    I love Suri’s face in #21. But y is Katie wearing a sweater in 84 degree weather?

  • jo

    lol at suri in picture #2! she’s like “mom where the eff are we going?”

  • John

    Time to throw Suri in front for so mom and dad can win fans. Two bad the other kids are not good enough. Let them tell it.

  • wtf

    Hideous. Both of them. And does zombie bride ever wear a bra?

  • jenna

    gag and boring…this site has wayyyy to many pictures of this family. Godd, how many comments can i take of “oh suri, you’re so cute! And tom and katie are the best”…makes me wanna barfola

  • Janie

    Katie looks great, and I love Suri at picture 2 she’s like UGH! What do we do now? haha


    Said it before and say it again.. typical on vacation pix.. going to a mall
    going to the beach, walking up a sidewalk.. wow Katie.. Your daughter
    is only 2 1/2 can’t you take her to the playground or some other
    children event..

  • ThaĆ­s

    The sweater is great. On the other hand, it is extremely hot here in Rio. She should have worn another blouse …

  • jay27fromuk

    I want my own suri ….so bad…shess sooo cute…
    I really want one …!!!!!

  • Jackie O


  • Mubr

    Why is Suri wearing a dress on the beach? Most children would be splashing in the water in their little bathing suits or running around playing. Why does Katie hold her all the time like a package of groceries?

  • Shi

    The sandals are by Roger Vivier, not Azzedine Alaia. Katie wore them at the premiere of ‘Lions for Lambs’, back in 2007.

  • Witch

    What, no stilettos, Katie? Cover up those fat legs, they’re disproportionate to the upper half of your body. And let your poor child see no matter how unattractive she looks with short bangs, it’s poking her eyes for crying out loud! Stupid is is stupid does.

  • sc

    poor suri never looks engaged or happy. i know there are tons of people taking their pics, but even in the pics from the beach or on the helicopter she is not smiling or having any fun. she does not even seem happy to get the chocolate ice cream. very sad.

  • bia

    sooo cool!
    they are at my city!!

  • stepho

    ewww. and my only questions are what child wears a dress to the beach? and why is Robot Katie wearing a sweater?

    this is sooo dumb



  • marie

    katie seems to be a great mom!

  • Jillian

    What a pale, skinny bratty little girl Suri looks like. Look at that bratty face looking up at Katie.
    Poor kid needs shorts or a bathing suit so that she can play like other kids do. She looks like she’s made out of porcelin, she’s so pale.
    And we know Suri WON’T let you cut her bangs, but did you ever consider doing it when she is asleep ? Or are you afraid she will punish you ? Why not put in a barrette ? Ask permission, of course !
    Poor thing.

  • jolie-pitt lover

    stupid SC why should suri be excited to be on a helicopter ride when she has done it alot a times already

  • Kelly

    Suri is looking more like Tom every day. Height and all. What a tiny puny almost 3 year old. She looks about 18 months old.

  • Jen1

    Absolutely adorable. So cute. And they look so happy, the Cruises. I’m glad they’re on holiday too. Taking a nice break. :)

  • sniffles

    Katie’s legs look great!! Too bad they both look like their not having any fun. Suri really is a beautiful little girl.

  • tutu

    I hope this all photo op over there able to sell the shitty movie.

  • g@bby

    eu adoro a suri eu sonho em conhecela.Eu adoro a roupas que ela usa ela ta LINDAAA!

  • g@bby

    eu adoro a suri eu sonho em conhecela.Eu adoro a roupas que ela usa ela ta LINDAAA!

  • weird!

    What a MISERABLE looking child! Not exactly a bundle of joy, is she?

  • imelda bootstross

    Miserable child due to not being allowed to play with other children.

    Watching video of her in parks and how she “interacts” is very telling … well, I know her parents are cult wise … but surely there are scifagology kids Suri can play with?

    Oh. That’s right. She’s an “incredible woman”

    As a parent, I roll my eyes at this pair of idiots.

    Suri is a marketing tool. Pushed before to press to hopefully help her parents look normal. See, that’s how much they’ve lost their grip on reality. Poor kid. I sorrow for her.

  • anne

    the sandals are by roger vivier. they are called “ma boule”. katie has several pairs of them.

  • nancyw

    I just wish that Katie would cut her bangs or at least use a barrette! She has a beautiful face!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    katie has been looking really great in brazil, i guess the climate has been helping her
    she should keep spending her time their
    and suri is adorable as usual

  • bratface

    more photos and proof suri is a brat. Hardly ever smiles…..and does not look like a real happy child.

    wait until Mr Tangerine or peach or whatever he calls himeself….comes here and says….how does a child look like brat. ha. He for sure does not have kids and has no idea what a bratty child looks like…..etc…

    Katie and Tom…….get your act together and toliet train this child and hopefully you can get the brat out of her before it is too late

  • lu

    Katie is with a sweater? It’s extremely HOT today !

  • lisa

    why did she set her kid on the counter? thats a little gross i would never put my child on a food counter…nasty and rude

  • nancyw

    Why is Suri wearing such fancy shoes at the beach?? And these are not the best pictures of Suri!!!!

  • lisa

    cut her bangs

  • dan

    #23 – why does violet affleck still smile when going to and coming from preschool when she goes everyday? because she is HAPPY. why does kingston rossdale smile when he is on the playgroud when he goes so often? because he is HAPPY. why does suri cruise never smile? because she is UNHAPPY.

  • michelle

    Just want to say Suri is the cutest celebrity baby. She’s so adorable.

  • myob


    Don’t comment on how PALE Suri is! If anything, that just means Katie is doing well applying the sunscreen. My children are both naturally pale…we are of northern European descent, and my pediatrician says I am doing them a lifelong service by protecting them from the sun!

    Would you comment on how dark a black child is?

  • nancyw

    I don’t think that I have ever seen more unhappy people on vacation than Suri & Katie!!! Katie looks just as unhappy as Suri does!!

  • leonardo’swifey


  • Line

    awwww how cute!!! look at this pic, both of them smiling and posing to the camera [,,MUL984962-9798,00-EXCLUSIVO+KATIE+HOLMES+E+SURI+CRUISE+POSAM+PARA+O+EGO.html]

  • ginger


    you got this one right!!! “Anchors Away!!” Suri’s got so much POOP in her diaper she could be used as an anchor.

  • serephina

    So many pictures and not captures the slightlest hint of happiness for Suri. How bizarre. I have never seen a three year old that didnt think almost everything was worth a smile or giggle.

    something seriously wrong with this child. Ice Cream didnt even make her happy…But, hey I would be p’owed as well.. at the beach and not one picture of her getting to play in the water with a little bathing suit. Instead she has what looks like dress shoes and a sweater dress down to her knees on in Rio….

    These people are loons.

  • myob

    More matchy-matchy outfits. Have you all noticed that all of them have been wearing matching colors during this entire trip?

    AGREE that Suri is definitely not dressed like she’s going to the beach. A sweater dress…Mary Janes….(and that’s because she’s not; she’s going on a photo op).

    Take her to the beach with some beach toys, flip flops, a bathing suit, a hat….You would still get nice pictures of her. Probably nicer, because she might be smiling.

    It’s like they have no idea how to just let her be a CHILD!

  • snausage

    I guess Tom is away enjoying some Brazilian sausage while Katie and Suri are wandering aimlessly on the beach looking for paparazzi.

    A restaurant in Brazil commented yesterday that Tom loves their Brazilian sausage.

  • boogie

    i think its because they treat her more like a mini adult.

    and it may be the reason she does not look or seem like a regular child