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Barack Obama Stars in 'The District'

Barack Obama Stars in 'The District'

If you watch the The City, as you should, the spoof video below from Newsweek will be HILARIOUS.

In episode 1 of The District, Imas Crosson does a spot-on impression of President Barack Obama. The vid even gets the vacant stares down perfectly between Barack and Tim Geithner, The United States Secretary of the Treasury.

The District makes use of The City theme song — The Pussycat Dolls‘ On “Top of the World”! Newsweek also spoofs the network MTV, by appropriately calling themselves NTV.

New episode of The District on Monday? Can’t wait!

Newsweek Spoofs ‘The City’
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  • becca


  • Meh

    omg love it! it’s spot on!

  • jen

    OMG it’s soo good
    I watch the city and it’s funnier if you watch the show

  • Celine


  • emma

    That was effing hilarious. Everything was exactly like The City. I loved all the use of “totally”.

  • ~m~


  • mish

    I watch The City and I must admit, this is funny!
    It is also pretty informative!

    love it.

  • Nanea

    I’m so looking forward to more of this.

    And the voice-over is great!

    BTW, Jared, it’s Iman Crosson!

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow that was stupid
    i thought it was gonna make fun of him

  • Hoodie

    This is dead on! haha but i still love The City no matter how cheesy it is.

  • Mia

    OMG, soo good!

  • Mia

    OMG, the awkward “dramatic” back-and-forth staring! Hahaha.

  • sexime

    luv it. the vacant stares hahahaha

  • kathie

    #5′s right: the use of the word “totally” made it TOTALLY hilarious!
    I actually quite enjoyed that little presentation. I hope there’s more.

  • lazyking

    OMG this is much cooler when you are watching The city which is beter than The Hills

  • adriana

    this is so well-done!!!
    it’s so much like the city!
    i love barack obama!!!

  • Polo

    The Hills is way better than The District people. What are you thinking??

  • basma

    is that real..?! i cant believe it is he really on real tv..!!!! real tv are usually for young ppl who like to gossip.. ! was he really on that live after show of the City and jess was calling him barrack!?! i thought the voice comes from someone who imitates him! why he wud do that! isnt it demeaning for himself as a PRESIDENT!!!

  • Suppress your appetite

    Obama rock !!!