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Gabriel Aubry is Callaway Cute

Gabriel Aubry is Callaway Cute

Gabriel Aubry, aka Halle Berry‘s baby daddy, heats up a pro-celebrity charity golf tournament held at Riviera Country Club on Monday (February 2) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The event, called the Callaway Golf Foundation Challenge, benefited the the cancer research initiatives at Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF).

At the tournament, Gabriel, who comes from a family of eight children, shared with People his desire for more children. 

“She needs a sibling,” Gabriel said of his daughter Nahla, 11 months. “I think it’s important. I’ve never known anybody who’s had a single child [and] I’ve always been around big families. I believe in big families.”

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Credit: Paul Lester , John Shearer/WireImage; Photos: FayesVision/WENN
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  • Tina

    He is attractive, but typical model looking, I prefer dark hair

  • me

    he’s alright. but duh, isn’t halle berry an only child! dumba$$.

  • b.

    I actually agree with him. Its important to have siblings so they have someone to confide in. single kids are usually spoiled and think the world revolvesaround them (perect example halle berry lol)

  • EJ

    He looks about as dumb as a box of rocks. He should really change his wardrobe from the same jacket and white t-shirt. The more I look at him, the more unattractive he gets.

  • Someone

    Really? Halle is an only child and he’s saying this? lol. A stupid move that is. I agree that he’s a very good-looking guy but I also think dark-haired men like Josh Hartnett or Johnny Depp are sexier. XD but he’s hot. Halle is propably the most gorgeous mixed woman I’ve ever seen! I don’t like how Gabriel sometimes seems full of himself, like Halle should be proud of having a man like him beside her. :/ I don’t know if he really thinks that but… Nahla is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen too! She’s drop dead gorgeous! love her eyes

  • riz

    me and b.

    Your both wrong Halle has an older sister named Holly

  • Tyler

    I love how the summary says “Halle Berry’s baby daddy” but if it was a certain startlet with 6 kids who’s not married to the father, it would have said “partner”.

    As for Halle being an only child, she has an older sister named Holly. You should have known that before dissing her.

  • blahgirls

    hey he looks yummy!

  • Hoodie

    He’s a bit too average for Halle..

  • fabia

    jared i love your site but why does he have to be Halle’s “baby daddy”
    im sure if it was katie holmes or angielina you wouldn’t be calling their partners baby daddy…(no offense)

  • Someone

    Argh I was sure she wasn’t an only child. Thanks me and b. for misleading me lol. I agree with you hoodie, he looks too average for Halle. But he’s quite handsome so it’s ok. And I TOTALLY AGREE, IF IT WAS THAT HO ANGIE, the summary wouldn’t have read “babydaddy” but “partner” pfft. You, Jared, are starting to tick me off!

  • Ruby

    What a cutie. He’s hot!

  • Ruby

    No one calls Brad a baby daddy. And they never talk about Naomi Watt’s boyfriend as a baby daddy. Plus JJ you are falling off. Everybody else on the net printed this story like 2 days ago.

  • Ruby

    Halle’s sister’s name is Heidi not Holly. I feel sorry for any black chick that has to go thru life with the name Heidi.

  • paige

    What’s wrong with Heidi?

    It beats “Laqueeishia”

  • nev

    hey guys…her first husband abused her, the second was was a sex-addict…….gabriel seems honest, real, and family-oriented…he makes her happy…what more could she or anyone want? really.

  • Ruby

    Wow Paige that’s a h*ll of a name. lol And Nev I totally agree with you.

  • hotboys

    I like Gabriel’s look. He always looks so classic and nice.

  • sara

    me and b-
    Halle does have a sister. You should feel like the dumba$$. You guys were talking like you knew it all. And you didn’t no ish.

  • me

    Actually I implied I thought she was an only child, when in fact she has another sister named Renee, which I just found out. So Sara, stop being a typical JJ pyscho and trying to start $hit, this isn’t an Angelina thread.

  • huh

    Gabriel looks real diff to the guy he was years ago…this lifestyle since he met Halle has taken a whole of him…he seems like he wants to embed that he is the main staker in this with the daughter because he knows full well halle is a basketcase but wanting to have another child seems quite tactical to me…He only has to look at China and see that families only have 1 child hmmmm…
    What the real story here to make it wholesome for halle again so she does not look like a desperate tramp that would have f*** anyone to have a baby out of wedlock.. Gabriel knows this and he is smart and using the whole thing for his advantage…WHY NOT??? about time Halle idiot got her own back..this is your typical damage in control and being seen outside a fertility clinic sums it up BIGTIME….Even if they did have another baby ….it is for the kid to have another sis or bro so she is not so lonely and left out when the father is not around interimly or permanently…

  • Kay


    Clean your bong out. Because your crazy! I don’t know Halle and I’m sure you don’t as well. But Gabriel’s good friend and ex business partner said Gabriel has always wanted kids. Gabriel’s own sister said he loves kids. And as for the fertility clinic. Halle is 42 its harder for her to get pregnant. She needs a little more help then the 22 year old. Some blogs are saying maybe they are going for 2 kids in one pregnancy. Because this may be their last chance to get pregnant. But you’re going to think what you want to think. And you’re going to keep on posting hateful, sick, mean jacka$$ comments about people you don’t know. So I don’t know why I’m spending time on you?!

  • huh

    @kay or halle…u seem to know halle more LOL

    yeah yeah whatever…you know all these infomations on gabe friend halle sperm ra ra from who where ohhhhhhhhhh ok the blogs and sites LOLOLOL ahahhahhaha

    yeah ok how about you go clean your bong out eh!!

    maybe a 24 year would have been bettter for Gabe then an overdone ugly bat halle who borderlines a sicko


  • DD

    (huh) You know you’re right and thats all thats matters. The truth don’t matter that much…right? The people who “really” know Halle and Gabriel are wrong. The cast and the crew of Halle’s last movie Frankie and Alice are so wrong too. They love her and say she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Oh, and so is Dontella Versace who talks about how nice Halle and Gabriel are. You’re the only one who knows the truth about the Berry- Aubry relationship. You know you’re so right that you can see into the future. You know how long Gabriel will stay with Halle and the kids. WOW!!! Do you know lotto numbers too?!

  • Kay

    I know a lot because I am a fan….period! You act like you hate Halle and Gabe so much. But you know everything that was ever written on the internet about them. And we all know how truthful internet celeb gossip blogs are??? I can’t stand the Jo-Pitts. I won’t go in a Jo-Pitt thread even if I’m bored. But it seems like you can’t stay away from a Halle and Gabe convo. The only people with an issue here seems to be you.

  • Hollywood

    Nancy Grace of CNN Headline News also had to use the services of a fertility clinic to conceive, she was forty-eight years old when her twins were born last year. Demi Moore has been trying to conceive for years but she has not been successful. Now she and Aston are going to adopt. Sometimes when couples adopt they get pregnant without really trying. It seems to be the norm nowadays for women in their forties to have their first child.

  • Marieme

    His daughter has the same shape of eyes. So sweet!

    I love that he came from a large family. Wonder if Halle gets on well with them. That sounds like a fun family get together.

  • say what

    gabriel aubry is cute and nahla is a very pretty baby and i hope him and halle have more babies

  • hamper

    i like his blazer :) great post! :D

  • huh

    LOL dont get me wrong I really feel sorry for Gabriel and I can only view an opinion that is mine but regarding Donatella she was the one that knew she could pair the two up as Halle was looking for a sperm donor and Gabe is a man of his own and has been known to lend his body to older women…he learnt the hard way…so I do not blame him for wanting another child since he was a foster kid but COME ON Halle is older than him . She manipulated him hugely and now will stay pregnant. He didnt ruin his own career just for nothing????
    time will tell my friends

  • pop86

    I agree with other posters who said the summary won’t say “babydaddy” if JJ was talking about Brad Pitt.

  • Beautiful

    Brad Pitt has a successful acting career and he is no one’s “baby daddy.”

  • gabriel is not cute!

    I’m not hating BUT HONESTLY Halle could have done better — HE IS NOT CUTE AT ALL TO ME — He has no body, he’s pale, and seems weak and is it just me or does he seem like one of those DL white boys…


    Okay the pick with the dude says it all to me…dude is gay…straight up Ted Haggard…my GAYDAR IS BUZZING!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel is not special

    Gabriel is NOT special! And can he please get off the runway and off the golf course and get a real job to pay for Halle’s 6 homes!

    Halle said very clearly on OPRAH…get the tape…that she would have ASKED ANYONE she was dating to have a baby with…Gabriel just happened to be that dude UNFORTUNATELY. AND Halle can say it was joke all she wants…but Nate Berkus (who looks like Gabriel so I agree with the GAYDAR stuff…In fact Gabriel looks like Nate’s type — that would be good couple) said Halle approached him BACKSTAGE and said he would be perfect to be her baby’s daddy because he was gay (sidenote: probably because he was also WHITE) and therefore could be a sperm donor and halle would not have to deal with his a**! Nate told the audience he was kind of taken aback by Halle’s comment…anywhoo….

    A part of me wonders if Gabriel is in fact Halle’s Nate…but because Halle is a publicity h*e she will of course NOT disclose this…I mean what would it look like…Halle “the most beautiful woman in the world” needing to ask a gay model to give her a baby? Celebs have an intereesting life people…don’t get caught up in the hype and sorry but everything about Gabriel says hype to me!!

  • Polo

    He kinds has an “old man” face.

  • emma

    Peter Gallagher! Man its good to see him

  • HalleGabriel

    Not a good command of english, Polo? Useless.

  • sam

    Halle is not the only child she has two sisters name Renee and Heidi so Gabe is not a dumbass

  • sam

    Halle is not the only child she has two sisters name Renee and Heidi so Gabe is not a dumb ass