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Jessica Alba Mixes In With Asians, South Americans

Jessica Alba Mixes In With Asians, South Americans

Jessica Alba poses with several up and coming designers in the latest issue of Elle, including Joseph Altazurra (pictured), Rad Hourani, Frank Tell, Julian Louie and Jason Wu. The 27-year-old actress discusses motherhood, her exotic look and separation anxiety.

On giving birth: “Contractions aren’t that bad. If you’ve ever had bad cramps? That’s what they’re like. But that moment when they put the baby on your chest – that’s deep. It’s a deep experience.”

On snapping back into shape so quickly after giving birth: “I did it for the Campari job. [The workouts] were horrible. I cried. And I haven’t worked out since.”

Her secret to looking slim after giving birth: “I wore a girdle. Eight weeks after my girlfriend had her baby, you could see her six-pack. She told me to put an elastic band around my waist – any kind of band or girdle works. She was like, ‘I slept in it.’ I didn’t recover as fast as she did. I don’t have a six-pack – that’s just not my body at all.”

On having an exotic look: “Anyone who’s part of pop culture is going to be sensationalized and spun into something, some one-liner. Also, there aren’t many other stars, besides Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez, who most people in the world can related to. We look like people of the world – I can kind of mix in with girls in Asia, South America, Europe.”

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  • releka

    Sorry, I have a high tolerance for pain, and contractions are way worse than just bad cramps.

  • bill

    i totally hate her…she thinks she’s above the rest of us by saying contractions were not that bad and described chidlbirth as zen…I too have a high tolerance for pain and tell u what, contractions were the most painful experience ever….I hope that Horror’s big head ripped her vajayjay apart…oh by the way, her looks are not exotic…i’ve seen women everyday walking on the streets of LA with more exotic looks than her

  • hannahh

    What a delusion bitch. Umm giving birth is like bad cramps? Is she stupid?? I broke my pelvis in a car accident when I was 19 and thought that was the worst pain in the world, but giving birth is mucchhhh worse. It’s different for every woman so she should of said “well for me…”, but of course she blows it off like it’s no big deal for everyone.

    Ugh can’t stand her.

    And I’m so tired of these actresses talking about how quickly they got back in shape after they gave birth. Of course you did! You’re rich and have all the time in the world to exercise because a nanny is raising your child. Just keep your mouths shut, ugh.

  • Edumacated

    Oh, so now she wants people around the world to “relate” to her, while only two years ago she had nothing but disparaging things to say about her Latin heritage (and Mexicans) to Para Todos magazine (Well, logic dictates that she MEANT “around” the world, but she is so inarticulate that she SAID “in” the world). Why can’t someone just put a muzzle on her before she embarrasses herself yet again? Her idiotic remarks are becoming a daily occurrence.

  • Ingrid

    Jessica Alba doesn’t have an exotic look. She’s insanely BORING.

  • whatever

    She sounds really stupid. She has irrelevant opinions…but who cares to hear what “Jesisca Alba” thinks….I mean really.

  • Jane doe

    she is an idiot.

  • really?

    Why is she comparing herself to Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez?

  • Nora

    Exotic, my foot. She built a career on being ogled by pervs and old men but is no more exotic than one of the Golden Girls. She is a doughy face, a boxy nose and a blah smile. There are new girls on the block now so the pervs and old men have moved on. Go away, Jessica Alba, and have 2 or 3 more babies.

  • ayen

    Actually, bad cramps is different for people. Some can handle it, some don’t even experience it but there’s some where it’s sooo bad, they actually go to hospitals for it. A friend of mine was like that. Luckily for her, it lessened a little. It’s still bad, but she doesn’t have to go to hospitals for it anymore. As for me, it’s not bad at all, but I know that my sister has to take medicine for it whenever she gets it, and sometimes misses schools for it. So really…everyone is just different.

    So who knows? None of us know Jessica’s ‘bad cramps’. For all we know, her case might be in the worse situation.

    Anyways, getting back to the picture. She looks lovely.

  • kc

    Filling a salt shaker is a deep experience to this dolt.

    Possibly the stupidest human in Hollywood

  • kdjffk

    I like Jess she’s great & she;s right about her look

  • alex

    i’m think obsessed with her, i have dreams about her sometimes haha. she is so pretty =) i wonder what all these girls on here look like.

  • Someone

    Halle Berry is damn hot and gorgeous.

    Jennifer Lopez is sexy and well, super cute.

    Jessica was kinda hot before……now……errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Someone

    By the way, Halle Berry’s stunning-looking daughter Nahla looks EXOTIC………not Jessica. Get your eyes checked. I guess I do look more exotic than Jessica actually. XD

  • ab

    Stupid!!! Contractions are not like bad cramps! I was in labor with both of my children for at least 20 hours and it hurt, it hurt, no drugs, just unbelievable pain. She should just shut the eff up.

  • yuck

    She is a moron. My contractions hurt like hell. It was so bad that i couldn’t cry and wanted the baby out of me asap. She should stop romanticizing about giving birth. It’s nothing like the worse cramp that you’ve ever had. It’s a 100 times worse. Biotch probably had an epidural and now is pretending she didn’t so she can brag about how brave she was and how it was nothing.

    She does not look exotic. She looks like any other girl, esp. she she does not have makeup on.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehhh i dont really agree with anything see says here
    she sounds really fake tbh
    but whatever i still like her

  • Tyler

    Look at all these people dissing her. Just because she doesn’t dye her black to make her green eyes look more “exotic”?

    And she’s right, contractions are like really bad cramps and you don’t even feel anything once the medicine comes. Women exaggerate the pain.

  • Hoodie

    Jess is average..but i congradulate her on getting back into such amazing shape.

  • don’tcare..

    Jess “Don’t call me latina” Abla, exotic? Hahahaha!
    She’s more white than Jennifer Aniston.
    She is such a hypocrite, she denounced her
    latin heritage but as soon a Cash Warren
    knocks her up all of sudden she cares about it.
    there are better actresses for people to idolize
    than this idiot.

  • kdjffk

    What I am most surprised at & at the same time kind of saddened by is the fact that most of the women that post her are mothers which means that most of you are grown women, yes behave so immature & judgemental towards someone you don’t even know.

  • kdjffk

    wow ******* haterssss, HAVE YOU Psychotic WOMEN EVER HAD BAD CRAMPS? YES THEY ARE HORRIBLE so she can compare HER LABOR PAIN to bad cramps, IT’S HER BODY she know WHAT SHE FEELS, NOT YOU *******.
    What I am most surprised at & at the same time kind of saddened by is the fact that most of the women that post here are mothers which means that most of you are grown women, yet behave so immature & judgemental towards someone you don’t even know.

  • jessalyn

    I have endometriosis and my cramps feel as painful as child birth. I’ve been hospitalised for them. I’ve also had several miscarriages which felt similar as well. Everyone’s different.

  • september

    gosh..peeps, u hate too much give ha a break..its her expirience…mine is worse though, i have really bad cramps and i sometimes pass out from the pain….so no one knows how her cramps are..lets not be too hasty to judge now..

  • angel

    she is afwullllll…..
    true that she has enough nannys and money to have a personal trainer who will get her in shape in no time!
    but she is too fake.. fake… and again… fake…. jegh

  • agog

    I’m co-signing both #24 and #23. I also have endometriosis, and what other women call “cramps,” I call “CRIPPLING DEATH SPASMS.” The experience is similar to labor pain in the way it ebbs and flows in (nerve shattering) waves – like contractions (except without the epidural option).

    Anyway, I can see how Jessica Alba likens her labor pain to “really bad cramps” – its hell but it’s not death. And I’m really irritated with the arrogant and simple-minded comments (from women in particular) claiming knowledge of WTF a stranger’s labor experience is like – how the hell could you know? Are you a god? An astral traveller?

    Also irritating: the haters who don’t get that “exotic” is polite media-speak for “non-white or “ethnic.” As in Alba, Lopez, and Berry are all either mixed-race or NON-WHITE. Get it? Alba is well aware of her mixed-raced roots.

    Women, get it together and stop hatin – the girl is just trying to live her life and make her money.

    Just say “no” to girl-on-girl violence, ya’ll.

  • Miss calluga

    Oh gawd…

    *rolls eyes*

    Here we go again with Miseralba & her stupid fucking comments. Yes Miseralba your looks are *sooooo* fucking exotic. That is, if by exotic you mean “plain & boring, but with a dark complexion”.

    And of course giving birth doesn’t hurt that much these days because of all the fucking drugs you’re given! I’ve seen women sitting up in their hospital beds putting on make-up while they’re in labor & having fucking contractions. Women in the 21st century have this privilege. But according to my mother, in her day (the 1970′s) you HAD to go through labor. They wouldn’t give you any drugs until the baby was ready to pop out. I’ve heard horror stories about women wailing like banshies & pulling so much hair out of their heads that they had given themselves bald spots within hours.

    So no, Miseralba, REAL contractions are not like fucking cramps.

    Dumb fucking cunt.

  • lucky charms

    Well, I got news for you bitch. There are only three races on the planet: Caucasion, Negro and Oriental. Some people are a mixture, but the vast majority are one or the others. Arabs, Eastern Indians, Egyptians, Europeans, Mexicans, North and South American Indians and most Hispanics are considered caucasion. People from the far east are considered Orientals. People from most of Africia are considered Negros. It is not discriminatory. It is fact of anthropology and something each race should be very proud of.

  • walker

    ====I’m so glad her husband yanked her Blackberry out of her hand when she was trying to put that guy on the spot in DC. “Huh, well? So, WHY CAN’T U BE NEUTRAL? HUH?”
    She sounded like some kind of bully. I think she was just showing off because there was a camera on them. But then when he turned around and asked her a question she just stared at him blankly. So funny.

  • stockbroker

    Miseralba is about as exotic as a 45 yr old pole dancer at a biker bar in Paducah, KY.

  • yiooooo

    WTF??!! This bitch is crazy, nobody ever would believe that JLO is anything else than Latina or that Halle Berry is 1/2black and miseralba looks latina it does not matter how many shades lighter the powder that you use to make yourself look whiter you still look latina.

  • Ugh! She just needs to shut up

    when I have bad cramps I stay home with paik killers. otherwise I start bitchin at everyone. btw “I can kind of mix in with girls in Asia, South America, Europe.” South america is mostly of European descents. but again she’s smarter than I ..and all of us. dumb whore. can I slap her please?

  • spicedog

    I never thought this bitch looked exotic or hot at all…to me she is just a total plain Jane. I actually thought she was of Italian extraction at some point…she did not start playing the “I am Latin” card until the other day.

    Also keep in mind that Latin is not a race is a culture composed of different races and nationalities. You see Latin people who are totally black like Sammy Sosa, or people totally white like Cameron Diaz. People like Jessica or JLo are pretty much a mix of different things and it is called mestizas and mulatas. That is the proper name.

    Oh and Ms. Alba never looked worse than in the 4 Fantastic movies with that horrible blonde wig and fake blue eyes. Latin or not that is a shade she can’t pull off. Citizen of the World my ass.

  • agog

    If I had Alba’s cash, I’d hire a nanny and a trainer too – who the hell wouldn’t? Anyone that talks shizz about a new mother for using her resources to care for her baby and her body is a woman-hating fool. Jessica Alba is a working actress AND a mom, don’t hate cuz she’s dong what it takes to keep her situation on point.

    And WTF is wrong with hiring a nanny, anyway? Haven’t you heard that MAD people are outta work these days?

  • happy hour

    B**ch please…..

  • just me

    Everyone is different! I had terrible cramps before I got pregnant. When I gave birth I was only in labor for 2 hours and I really experienced the same bad cramps I always had! My mother was in active labor 30 hours and thought she would die-so different strokes for different folks. I love Jessica and think she just gets waaay too much hate. She is adorable and seems to be so happy with Cash and the baby!

  • angelica

    “Star?” Bitch, please.

  • Cratter

    I would like her to wipe her vaginal juices all over my face. Thank you.

  • letinstar

    da**it, will someone shut this bi*ch up already…she’s too stupid to realize she’s too stupid to speak…

  • Francine

    So white people aren’t “people of the world”???? Note to Alba- your baby looks white so STFU you stupid c**t!

  • Sampson

    Labor pain is overrated by women. Just like blue balls are overrated by men.

  • Lana

    Wow there are some jealous people here!

    Jessica is georgous and she sure looks exotic.

  • Kimberly

    ***chuckle*** Labor contractions are like having bad cramps…how nice for you Ms. Alba. I’m not even sure why someone would ask her this question. It’s not even relevant. In fact, she’s irrelevant. She hates having her photograph taken, unless it’s to pimp her daughter and what a wonderful mother she is. I find her to be very arrogant.

  • agog

    #28: Women in the ’50′s were knocked out completely when they gave birth. True story – the doctors used to give women in labor tranquilizers’s and pull the baby out while mommy slept. So, I guess you’re mom’s generation was hardcore, but your grandma’s generation were weak. I’d say today’s women fall somewhere in between…

    1. It’s spelled like this: Caucasian. Ok?
    2. umm, you should look into modern anthropology – the terminology you’re using to define race is about 50 years out of date. No self-respecting anthropologist uses the term “Oriental” to describe the people of Asia anymore

    3. srsly, where did you get that “Arabs, Mexicans, North and South American Indians” are considered to be Caucasian? Considered by whom, exactly? You? Your parents? The truth is that the concept of “race” has been all but completely rejected by modern mainstream anthropology. Even biological science says the idea of a Caucasian race is BS when you examine DNA. And BTW – Arab and Mexican, etc – these refer to ethnicities, not race types.

    P.S. Negro? Srsly?

  • agog

    #41 white people = 9.7 percent of the world population
    they account for 90 percent of characters we see in mainstream film, tv, and print media. Clearly – white folks are not in any danger of being excluded in mass media. Relax.

    Alba, as an actor with a multiracial background,” is rare …and she def offers a certain appeal to those among the (rest) of the “world’s people” ya know, the 90.3 percent that are represented in Hollywood films just 10 percent of the time.

  • naty

    I just read the article where she mentions that she does not feel Latina and I agree with her, as a Latina my self, we don’t really consider third generations Latinos, she is not familiar with the culture, her father and she were born and race here in America and the only Mexican was her grand father, what connection does she has with Mexico? None. And I do think she is exotic.

  • Micah

    ugh I am soooo over Jessica Alba. I’m sure her baby is cute or whatever but she just needs to go away or at least just stop talking. she only makes a fool of herself.

  • agap

    Part of pop-culture? bwahhahahaha, she wishes!

  • Marissa

    Jessica Alba is the stupidest celebrity in ALL of HOLLYWOOD. She should just shut up and stop making such ignorant and RETARDED remarks.

    And REALITY CHECK! We are all people of the world. Unless she’s referring to all of the fans on MARS!!!!!!!!!!