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Jonathan Knight's Gay Lover Sells Out

Jonathan Knight's Gay Lover Sells Out

New Kids on the Block singer Jonathan Knight has been outed by his ex-boyfriend in the latest issue of the National Enquirer.

27-year-old Brazilan model Kyle Wilker tells the mag that Jonathan says, “We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me.”

The ex-couple met at a bar on Fire Island that Kyle was working at and ended their relationship after 18 months.

Kyle adds that Jonathan is a homebody who likes to stay at home, watch TV and read. He says, “I call him a straight guy who happens to be gay.”

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  • meeeeee


  • damn

    that sucks. everybody wants to make a quick buck nowadays huh?

  • margo

    Jonathan must have treated Kyle very badly for Kyle to be going public. I am going to wait until all the facts come out (so to speak) before assigning blame.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I simply CAN NOT understand you girls love kissing men, folks!!

  • Susan

    Gay or straight, it doesn’t change my opinion of Jon Knight which is that he’s an all around good guy. It’s sad that people like this Kyle sink to such lows to make a buck.

  • Accidental Sexiness

    JustJared just broke my heart! Honestly though, that guy is a DI** for selling him out like that.

  • lori

    i knew jonathan knight was gay a long time ago..this shouldn’t be news.

  • jjess85022

    even if knight was an asshole, the other dude was totally wrong for putting his business out there.

  • mandy

    i didnt even know he was gay =S
    whe he came out??

  • mandy

    i didnt even know he was gay =S
    whe he came out??

  • Mae

    omg that is so sad :( i can’t believe this happened. poor jon.

  • Heather

    Gay guys are bad. They’re even lower then girls when it comes to things like these. Let this be a lesson to all the guys, be careful who you date. What a slimy bastard. Jonathan should go straight now. There are alot of woman who can treat him better than any gay guy can. Ditch the boys I say.

  • Osakhomen

    WTF! His ex had NO right outing him like that. That is so messed up!

  • megyn

    oh gosh, well…i hope that news didn’t break too many hearts!!

    im a NKOTB fan so i honestly i dont care if any of them are gay or not!

    i cant believe someone would do that to jon though, he seems to be such a nice guy..i can only imagine how he’s taking everything :\

  • sheryl

    So not cool, and I will not be reading his story. There’s nothing wrong with Jonathan’s sexuality, but it’s his business to talk about it, not some publicity seeking ex. Exactly what is the purpose of this? Wny would I even want to know what this low-life has to say? Loser.

  • Ashley

    “I call him a straight guy who happens to be gay.”

    What does that mean? That he just likes to make out with guys, but sleeps with women? Interesting.

  • h

    NOOOO why is jon gay he’s so cute! Oh well, that’s so horrible that his ex outed him like that. Jon should sue him

  • athena

    Wow, who knew…oh well….he’s a stay at home gay male…what’s wrong with that?

  • W

    It is upsetting to see how far individuals would go to make
    that extra dollar. What goes on between them is between
    them, no one should be betrayed like that. It’s simply
    no ones business. Gay or straight, NKOTB make great

  • me

    Strange, because Jonathan has money to keep this man quiet if there is any validity to this story. If that is his ex he is out to get him and that’s really going to get him somewhere. He’s a sellout.

  • jasmine

    I hate when people out celebs. He should have the freedom to come out in his own time. I’m not even a fan at all, but I feel for this poor guy.

  • Hazel

    What isn’t this guy getting any modeling work so he needs money?, all I have to say to him is “How low can you go”? and “Crawl back under your rock”.

    I have been a fan of Jonathans for 20 years(21 this year) and it’s none of my business or anyone else what floats his boat.

    Leave Jonathan alone.
    Jon- we LOVE YOU.

    Hazel in Australia

  • T

    so sad someone betrayed him like that, even more sad we live in a world where people have to be in the closet in the first place and their sexuality is even worth talking about let alone making headlines

  • a total fan

    SAD ! It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not, just having someone you loved and trusted to betray you like that has got to be heartbreaking.

  • OB

    First class a-hole. It’s up to Jon or any other person when they decide to go public with their sexuality not some lowlife scum trying to make a quick buck.

    My heart really goes out to Jon, he must feel so betrayed, scared and nervous how this is going to play out in the public forum.

  • Shannon


  • Pauli

    “Jonathan should go straight now. ”

    How does one do that? By a click of the heels? Silly comment.

  • Liz

    What reaction does this guy expect? True NKOTB fans will totally support Jonathan and those who aren’t fans won’t give a rat’s ass.
    So…he just told the whole world what a douche he is by putting his private life out there along with Jon’s.

    Jon is a talented man and I only regret missing him in concert when the reunion was here in town. *sigh* I hope they come back! I will definitely get tickets to go see NKOTB. Loved them as a kid and I’d love to sing and dance to their music again.

  • nic

    isn’t he like umm MARRIED to a woman and has 2 kids now?

  • Jonathan fan

    He had no right! How he can betrayed someone like this?

    I still love you Jonathan! Don’t worry about that sweety! :)

  • Johnny English

    I can’t stop throwing and sick, another Hollywood fags exposed. Bloody disgust me , come show me lesbians like Ellen hot girlfriends.

  • vmars111

    It was bound to happen. It just sucks that Jonathan couldn’t out himself first in his own time.

    On another note, HE IS LOOKING HOT!!!

  • Chika


    That is so stupid. Since when is your personality defined by your sexuality? Since he’s “boring and likes to watch TV” he’s not gay but a straight??

    I don’t know if that’s more insulting to heterosexuals than to gays but either way, anyone who spouts this garbage makes themselves look stupid.

  • Mycelebrityteeth

    That really is a shame! People will stoop so low sometimes and it breaks my heart to see that.

    Sellout alert!!

  • maryl

    how is this news but shame on his bf for doing something cruel

  • ****

    WTFH? Does every boy band have to have one gay member? N*Synch’s Lance Bass? Boyzone’s Stephen Gately? Backstreet Boys’ Howie Dorough? Westlife’s Mark Feehily? Is it a rule or something!?!?

  • margo

    STRAIGHT GUY THAT HAPPENS TO BE GAY – this is a fairly common sentiment used in the gay world (it’s usually stated as being “straight-acting”).

    Lots of non-flamboyant, non-feminine gay men use this term to describe themselves. The term indicates that, despite their sexual preference, they are not into what the stereotypes say gay men are into – things like speaking with a lisp, wearing makeup, spending all of their waking hours at discos and gay bars, or owning a massive collection of Judy Garland records (well, the older ones, anyway)).

  • anonymous

    Every boyband has at least 1 gay guy right? No surprise then.
    But I agree with everyone else – his ex had no right to out him like this! especially considering the fact jonathan isn’t that high profile and also since I’ve never heard of him lying about his sexuality.

  • palvasha


    its sick watching two men kiss

  • mitcha

    I just don’t care!!!
    We still love him and the others “kids”

  • common sense

    That’s a low down thing to do! It’s no wonder the relationship didn’t last! Some people just have no integrity.

  • echo

    so sweet…

  • Angi

    1: For the people who are saying gays are gross, get a life!
    2: I feel really bad for John. He is just trying live a quiet life. His ex has NO RIGHT to out him to the public. That is John’s choice to talk about his sexuality. I hope the guy gets sued!

  • fresh

    What a d.ick. That is uncalled for. Shady.

  • Doovie

    After reading a lot of the comments posted, it appears that many of you are feeling sorry for Jon Knight. The funny things is this may end up be a blessing for him, because now he has to face the truth, and no more hiding, which in the end could relieve some of the burden that goes along with having to hide who you really are. No doubt the guy was a jerk for selling out their story (Especially to the Enquirer) give me a damn break! I don’t understand how he can say in one breath, they had a a great relationship, but then CAPS it off by betraying his friends trust. He is an absolute S.O.B for doing that, but I hope that Jon will turn this negative into something positive. He might be surprised at how much people are still going to love him. Furthermore, if society didn’t make people feel like they have to be ashamed, or go into hiding, there wouldnt be stories like this to begin with.

  • sheryl

    Sadly, Doovie, there would, maybe not in “outing” someone, but to just expose any relationship. People who want to put their private business out there like that have any number of issues, and celebrities continue to exist in a life where everybody thinks they have the right to know their business just because they are celebrity.

    #36 and #38: More ignorance.

  • Lenny

    You can say whatever you want, but guys kissing guys will always be nasty.

  • nic

    Old news! I thought he came out sometime back in the 90s. Mmm, maybe not that many people knew…

  • Cameron

    Knew he was gay eons ago. He’s from my hometown. He is a sweetheart.

  • RE

    lenny, i bet u like watching lesbians kiss. if you do then u are a hypocrite. it’s only nasty to you because secretly you enjoyed looking at those men kiss. u don’t have the right to judge..