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Orlando Bloom Plays Rock Band

Orlando Bloom Plays Rock Band

Tattoo-ed up Orlando Bloom is spotted shirtless once again on the set of his new movie, Sympathy For Delicious, in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 4).

Tomorrow @ 1PM (February 5), the 32-year-old British actor and costar Juliette Lewis will be filming a concert scene performing original music at The Palace in Downtown LA. The open call is for “people of all ages to be there!”

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom rock band 01
orlando bloom rock band 02
orlando bloom rock band 03
orlando bloom rock band 04
orlando bloom rock band 05
orlando bloom rock band 06
orlando bloom rock band 07
orlando bloom rock band 08
orlando bloom rock band 09
orlando bloom rock band 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Lia

    OMG! He’s soooo hot

  • fangirls……

    I can tell by examining these photos carefully that he is very sad because he is missing his girlfriend Miranda Kerr…….lucky I have such a special gift that I know what he is thinking and feeling……lol!!

  • @3

    What a stupid thing did you just said?
    PLEASE! if you (or anyone else) are going to talk about your cheap panty idol, PLEASE get your stupid special gift OUT OF THIS BOARD

  • Jaded


  • lindsey

    is he really singing at the concert?

  • @4…..

    Oh why so upset??……I’m just sharing my sharing my special with you…lol!!

  • @4…..

    Oh why so upset??….I’m just sharing my special gift with you…lol!!

  • LOL

    I think that #3 was just heading off the haters at the pass. Now, if they claim to know that these pics “prove” that he is happier without Miranda, she can turn around and mock them. Brilliant, if you ask me.
    But enough about that.
    On to the pictures.
    HOLY S.H.!.T.!!!!!!
    That man has a beautiful body!
    Nice package, too.

  • deja vu2

    All that really matters is the quality of his work as an actor and the performance he gives. Hopefully, the general public and critics will approve of his work, and he will respond well to (hopefully good) direction he’s given. His fans, while often loyal and well meaning, don’t necessary see him as objectively as the general public – which includes the straight male population. Good luck to him.

  • @9

    “Hatters” can’t say that he is happier without his GF but Miranda’s lovers can say that he is sad without her? So funny!!! who invented that rule?
    BTW I agree he’s so hot

  • Kooky

    So sexy!!!

  • Micah

    Orlando is such a hottie!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “NEW KIDS ON A BLOW”, folks?

  • @11

    No. #3′s comment was sarcastic. They were making fun of all of the people on both sides, who claim that they can read intent, emotion and purpose, from a split second in time captured on film. I though that 3′s comment was hilarious.
    Oh, and by the way, it’s “haters”.

  • Akeelers

    Hot peen alert!

  • athena

    I really like Orlando Bloom, but for some reason, seeing these pics of him is scary looking to me…don’t know why.

  • athena

    I really like Orlando Bloom, but for some reason, seeing these pics of him are scary looking to me…don’t know why.

  • ayj6m6l

    I love Orlando..He is sooooooo hot.and that hair and color looks soooooooooo sexy on him. love it. the whole thing is workin

  • Kelly

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  • @athena

    Yes i’m finding them scary too – its like the top half looks good – but i can;t get past those nasty trousers….. and the whole tucking them into his socks thing…….

    i miss the clean cut Whorli………..

    Akeelers: Hot peen??? where???? oh right you mean that bump, are you sure thats not just the material??? jogging pants like that are known to err bulk up LOL

  • http://gemma Gemma

    I`m very glad that he play in the new film!!!

  • gg

    I can’t stand him since he crashed his car and left his girlfriend and very good friend in the car alone bleeding. His friend broke her freaking neck and he took off on them. He’s a loser

  • Maty

    So sad Orlando looks boring,ugly….lol

  • Mimi

    Dirty!!!!!slow,slow Orlando, lol….

  • http://JUSTJARED orlando fan

    Is he really singing?

  • me

    Go, go, go Orlando!!!

  • http://JUSTJARED love him


  • http://Justjared Nicole

    Now tell me isn’t Orlando Bloom the hottest man ever to walk on this planet? Hell screw the planet, the hottest man in the universe!! I know this movie will be a huge success. Go Orlando!!!

  • @21

    Nah, that isn’t the pants. The package stays even when the fabric is stretched against it in his stride.
    The man is packin’.

  • @gg He called an ambulance and the injured girl went gladly for a walk with him a week later.

  • talan

    WTF??? He has dark red nail polish on his nails?! I want Legolas back.

  • Sighs4l

    *Click* *Click* *Click* There’s no place like the Palace Theatre…
    *Click* *Click* *Click* There’s no place like the Palace Theatre…
    *Click* *Click* *Click* There’s no place like the Palace Theatre…

    DAMN SHOES!!!!

  • @33


  • Hey!

    Are there any Californians out there going to the concert taping today?

  • Polo


  • citylove

    SEXY!!! Somebody know the brand of his boxer? xD I can’t wait to see that movie!

  • Wishing him luck

    Don’t know if he has the drawing power to put ‘butts in seats’ anymore. He’s lost a big chunk of his core fanbase (teens and pre-teens) and will need to impress more mature audiences, as well as the film critics, if he’s going to stay relevant. I wish him luck!

  • deja vu2

    That lady was Cher Coulter, wasn’t she? That’s Kate Bosworth’s long time friend-turned-personal stylist. That walk in the park between Cher and Orlando may have been arranged for PR purposes to smooth Orlando’s image a bit and to ‘prove’ that there were no hard feelings on Cher’s part.

    I think, after a long time of observing things, that Orlando has lost not only fans in the teens & pre-teens demographic, but he’s also lost women in their twenties, thirties and perhaps even forties due to his contradictory words, actions, behavior and ever changing public image. I also don’t think it’s fair to lump ALL those female fans into the crazed, obsessed, loony-bin, if-I-can’t-have-him-no-one-can, you’re-just-jealous-of-Kate (or Miranda) groups, either. I give enough of those various women who, over the years, have observed Orlando with an open mind and an open heart, enough credit to have tried to be fair and objective with him. Everyone has their own individual limits as to how much of something they can continue to endure or observe relative to another person. At some point, we each have to decide when to pull the plug and say “Enough is enough.” I’d say the same thing applies to the major Hollywood studios and producers: an actor gets a certain number of chances to prove himself, and a certain amount of time and money are invested in him (or her) and his career. He’s has a certain amount of time to deliver. There’s far too many actors and untapped talent out there competing for the same jobs. I’ve also noticed a substantial drop in the amount of photo shoots and publicity portraits of Orlando since about 2006. He’s not being pushed, promoted and advertised the way he was years ago. I think that’s significant.

    His latest signing, “The Cross” is budgeted at about $24 million, which is low, or the high end of low budget films. An action or science fiction genre film with CGI and special effects requires more money than a comedy would. E-Town was made for about $52 million, if I remember correctly, which helps to put things in perspective. The $100 million or more budgets are high budget films. It may be the independent films and low budget films that allow Orlando to grow, stretch and improve as an actor without the studios having to take any more major risks on him. He may have to prove himself again using this route before getting certain professional chances again.

  • deja vu2

    I gave the budget figures based on the info a friend of mine gave me. He works in the business and has for a very long time. Film budget figures are relative to the type of film being made, or the genre, but you can still give certain guideline figures. Those figures have NOTHING to do with the world economy. The have to do with what things cost, from costumes to special effects to union labor, etc.

  • comment to #39

    Geez, lighten up. If you’re no longer a fan then move on with the “lost fans’ crowd. I say he looks great and good for him for taking on this role and, hopefully, the one in “The Cross.” Who needs to know all the shit about his every move? Just enjoy his movies or move on.

    Go Orlando!!

  • comment to #39

    Geez, lighten up. If you’re no longer a fan then move on with the “lost fans’ crowd. I say he looks great and good for him for taking on this role and, hopefully, the one in “The Cross.” Who needs to know all the shit about his every move? Just enjoy his movies or move on.

    Go Orlando!!

  • @41

    Carmen can’t move on. She feels that it is her duty in life to perfect the man that is Orlando Bloom. She can’t help the fact that she is the only one who knows him. Or at least the ‘him’ that lives in her little mind.
    As for the budget for The Cross…24 million is actually quite a lot of money for this type of film. It is Sci-Fi only to the extent that it is set in the future, in an unfamiliar world. Think Children of Men, not Star Wars. There will probably be very little CGI, if any. That is a healthy budget. Especially when filming outside the US.
    Oh, and about Cher. You have it backwards. Cher is Orlando’s long time friend, who became the stylist for both him and Kate. He and Cher are still good friends.

  • @39

    It doesn’t really matter if Cher and Orlando’s walk in the park was for PR reasons or not, what matters is that she actually did NOT have hard feeling towards him. If somebody had left you with an injured neck, would you help him in any way, would you bother to ‘prove’ that there are no hard feelings, would you forgive him? I know I wouldn’t. The only reason why she’s still friends with him has to be that she didn’t think that he left her there, and she was there and knows what really happened, not the version that others tried to sell by editing videos.

    I don’t think he’s lost a significant number of fans in their 20s, 30s and 40s. And the ones he’s lost, I think it’s because he hasn’t worked in quite a long time and people have forgotten a bit about him, not because all his fans are people that check every move he makes, create conspiracy theories to find fault in him on purpose and expect him to be perfect…and celibate.

  • @44

    LOL! “Celibate”! I had forgotten about that claim of hers.
    I think that she is the one that always posts about his back injury leaving him impotent. LOL! She just can’t stand the idea that he is having ‘relations’ with anyone but her. Too strange.

  • @45

    LOL! I would love to hear the scientific reasoning behind that, how he became impotent but still can walk, run, jump, etc.

  • selma

    oyeah this i have to see

  • selma

    oyeah this i have to see

  • deja vu2

    Are people still focusing on Bloom’s back injury and its after effects? After all this time? That was YEARS ago. Personally, I think a man can have impotence issues but be perfectly capable of other physical activities. There’s no scientific evidence that I know of to suggest that impotence means a man can’t do other physical things. There are also various forms of surgery and implants available for male erectile dysfunction problems. With all Orlando’s alleged activities with the ladies, I tend to doubt that’s a problem for him these days. I mean, wouldn’t that be rather odd??? He would have had problems shortly after his back injury for a while, so during LOTR, he might have had some problems, but that has no bearing on today, IMO. I think the only people who have a fixation with that issue are the ones who won’t let it rest – who are perhaps bothered by the medical facts associated with it, or who feel the need to prove something.

    I really fail to see what Bloom’s sexual prowess, or lack thereof, has to do with his acting career, A-List status (or lack thereof), and him trying to get his career back on track. His bedroom life shouldn’t be the focus of discussion about him, nor should his girlfriends. His acting and ability to put seats in a theater are the REAL issues, not his dating life. His longevity in the business is what’s important, not how many women he’s dated and slept with. That’s why some people would rather he stay OUT of the tabloids, like Depp, Mortensen, Damon, Streep, etc. I firmly believe he could do so – if he really wanted to.

    If by chance Orlando has some personal difficulties, emotional or physical, it’s up to him to deal with those issues. It’s not our business. His personal life is just that, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to remain personal. His choice in girlfriends, which is also his business but is made public business, seems to be a part of the problem, but I tend to think he has his reasons for those choices, as I said earlier.

    A good publicist, like the ones who work for major publicity firms, can help an actor keep his private life private, but he or she can also let things slip for the press. The public knows that, so surely Orlando knows it, Miranda knows it, and other actors know it. It’s just silly to claim “I want my privacy” but go to the places where you’re least likely to have it, or to have girlfriends whose very occupation may present a conflict of interest. That’s not to say it can’t be done, celebrity with celebrity. I look at James McAvoy and his wife, an actress, and I see two people who have their personal and professional lives and acts together. And McAvoy wisely took his time climbing the acting ladder, building a foundation, and not using his wife for photo ops.

    The more you look around and compare Orlando’s choices to those who came before him as well as his contemporaries, the less inclined you may be to constantly turn a blind eye to some things.

    It’s his life and the choices to make in that life are his and his alone. However, if its a choice that involves another person, be it friend, lover, parent, relative, etc, then he must consider the wants and needs of the other person(s) involved. I would hope that he does that, and that he did so with Kate and does so with Miranda, regardless as to what his true feelings were or are for those women.

  • kamila

    Orlando Bloom!! es el amor de mi vida… no entiendo mucho ingles pero lo re bardean algunos…envidiosos!!!!
    es hermoso y muy buen actor!!
    y aca en Argentina es uno de los hombres mas hermsos del mundo!!
    acepten “LAS COSAS COMO SON”…
    KaMy.C! =)