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Tom Cruise Has Rippling Abs

Tom Cruise Has Rippling Abs

Tom Cruise shows off his amazing new physique — rippling abs and bulging biceps! — while relaxing with his family at the exclusive hotel on Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on Tuesday (February 3).

The 46-year-old shirtless actor relaxed by the pool with wife Katie Holmes, who wore a one-piece swimsuit with a sailboat and birds design.

The Cruise clan is in town to promote Tom‘s WWII flick, Valkyrie. The film premiered yesterday.

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Credit: Photo Rio News; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • cupcake

    wow. tom looks yummy here but katie looks like a man.

  • notsoyum

    His stomach looks weird-lipo?

  • mama

    i luv Katy’s style! she’s a real fashion icon!

  • ugh

    Katie looks so Talbots. That bathing suit is like something a 50 year old from back east would wear.

  • LuckyL

    Hahahahaha, why is this so amusing?


    You are killing me, #3!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, Tiny Tom is becoming younger as Katie is growing rapidly older.

    It’s like he’s sucking the youth out of the poor girl.

  • mel

    WOW! i NEVER thought the day would EVER come where i would utter these words again. but Tom Cruise actually looks good here! but WHY o WHY must Katie insist on wearing those old lady suits? Surely she has an AMAZING figure (i mean she looks toned up). oh well, to each their own i suppose. :-)

  • edie

    tom looks as fit as his “Outsiders” days but katie looks like a 50 year old housewife.

  • Katy

    Nice suit Katie. You look not a day over 55. I’m sorry that’s really mean. Tom looks good for his age.

  • Jill

    Good God. Katie needs a stylist. That one-piece looks like something my mom would wear. And she’s 70!

  • ugh

    Katie IS a housewife, and is dressing the part.

  • Hottie


  • nicole

    I’m glad I can’t see her legs in that awful thing. There’s no way Tom or any man could be turned on by that sailboat thing. It’s shocking how Katie has changed over the last couple of years.

  • me

    he probably won’t allow her to wear a bikini

  • Poppy

    They both look pretty good,especially Tom. There were also some cute photos of them playing with Suri in the pool on a Brazilian site.

  • b chick

    while tom cruise is looking hot at almost 50 yrs old. katie is looking like an old hag at only 30

    shes not a fashion icon at all. her clothes are hideos.
    this bathing suit is disgusitng.

  • http://justjared tan

    Katie is looking very old. Too old. Tom’s aged her. Speaking of Tom, I don’t see rippling abs and bulging biceps. All I see is a closted gay man.

  • Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaapocca

    Its surgery..defintely..look back to teh archives, teh pictures taken on teh boat when katie was in burberry and pregnant with tom posing as superman..then look at teh colorado shirtless pictures..this is not his was sculpted..ahahahha Xenu should have used his mind to do this ..dhouldnt he be asking Xenu why he had to pay for a new body.a.hahaha
    He dissappeared most of the fall and came back with a governator look to his face and we now know it extends to teh body…thier surgeon is good though, they should give out his name…did a great job on katies nose and face too…

  • Yo

    Her suit looks like something you would swim laps in, not “be seen” in. It looks functional more than anything else.

  • Julie

    #3 Please tell me you are dripping with sarcasm. She looks hideous. Bring sexy back Katie. For all of us mom’s out there, you don’t have to wear this to be a wife or mother!!!!!

  • magical

    Tom Cruise is AMAZING!

  • not me

    Wow! He looks sooo fine!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    tom’s the real benjamin button! dude keeps getting younger! hahahahaha
    he also needs a hotter wife. this chick “kate” is starting to making him look bad.

  • slambang

    I loves me some nice biceps, but Tommy does nothing for me.

  • eliza

    Tom looks good – but he seems to be sucking in the stomach to emphasize the abs, always aware there’s a cameras around. Katie needs to put some weight back on.

  • Kate

    #18…It’s spelled T-H-E…THE…the…..

  • Kate

    Sorry #18…It’s #19

  • Silkie

    How can she look 5 years old (swimsuit) and 55 years old (everything else) at the same time?

  • Jen1

    aw, they’re having a nice vacation. I love it for them. It’s too bad people can’t leave them alone, but that comes with fame I suppose. Anyhow, the people of Brazil seem so nice. I think/hope the Cruises are having a real wonderful time. :)

  • Davis

    Tom looks good. His boyfriend is one lucky thetan.

  • the dq

    Tom paid a lot for that rebuilt body. And, he has more cleavage than Katie. She’s looking worse by the day.

  • Leonardo

    Why would he do that, #15?

    Or maybe he just worked out, #19?

  • Leonardo

    Why would he do that, #15?

    Or maybe he just worked out, #19?

  • Leonardo

    Why would he do that, #15?

    Or maybe he just worked out, #19?

  • ellie

    WOW Tom Cruise looking so hot lately…. vavooosh…I love your family your all so beautiful…

  • shamrock


    What is his regimen? Let’s take some notes people. Likey like and Katie and Suri are adorable as ever.

    Best Wishes to the familia! This makes me inspired for working out.


  • Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaapocca

    Kate..dont you have a comment if you know what TEH means why teh heck do you want to correct it…find a grammer school in an underpriviledge area and help them ratehr than correcting grammer on gossip blogs….ahahhaha…have to go get my naicin..hmmmmmmmmmmm.teh shite always tastes extra delish when looking at pictures of tomey girl and katey boy here


    That is hot man does he need a moisturizer ..And if that is superb abs
    I would hate to see what a 70 year old abs look like..!!

    As for Katie so is way more manly than Jen Aniston is.. Call her mankat.

  • http://google toni

    what a stud!

  • cutie

    He looks great!! :-)

  • jaye

    Someone having a little photoshop fun? I think so, Tom didn’t look like that even in his prime.

  • lalala

    Tom’s body looks like how it was when he was in his 30′s. Katie’s body looks like she’s 20 years older than what she is.

  • Halli

    Tom looks like a midget here.

    His torso and arms look like they belong to a little-person.

  • uglysexy

    that looks like lipo to me…if you want to see a really cut older actor…
    (no not Mickey)….check out the jacuzzi scene in “Her Minor Thing” with Estella Warren…;p

  • Melissa

    No he doesn’t, he’s clearing sucking for he knows the camera are around, he called them!

  • zxc

    It looks like bad lipo or… Madonna. Only veins and muscles.

  • y

    both are hot

  • utopia

    Im watching my Top Gun dvd later on. YOWZA!!!!

    I heart Tom and Katie. Thanks Jman.

  • bishop

    Delish couple and Im happy they have success both in their careers and found this happy so in love families together.