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David Gets Delirious After Dentist Visit

David Gets Delirious After Dentist Visit

When poor 7-year-old David had to go to the dentist during Summer 2008 to get an extra tooth removed, what he didn’t know was that the video proof of his experience with anesthesia would make him an internet sensation half a year later.¬†

In his confused state, David had a cute and hilarious conversation with his dad:

“Is this real life?¬†Okay, now… now I have two fingers… now four fingers…I can’t see anything…AAAHHHHHH!!! I don’t feel tired. Do I have stitches? Do I have stitches on my teeth? Why can’t I touch it? You have four eyes. I feel funny…why is this happening to me? Is this going to be forever?”

David After Dentist
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  • joss

    lol that’s so cute

  • Jane

    I am OBSESSEEEEEEED with this video. That lil boy is so cuteee!

  • jen

    aww that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • jen

    aww that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Sarah

    DAMN the kid is HIGH…lol…….

  • sprite

    Very cute. Maybe Summer of 2008 though,no?
    Jared where is the new thread about Angie’s UNHCR visit?

  • dani

    Omg I just watched this yesterday. I was dying, it was sooo funny. Like most adults on drugs! hahaha

  • daisy

    awwww cute boy..reminds me of my bro….he looks so confused nd in pain

  • cute
  • Michelle

    Summer 2009 hasn’t happened yet.

  • vanessajonas


  • Jessica

    Ahaha, poor kid.

  • shenanyginz

    ME TOO! I think I watch this video like 17 times a day lol
    best parts:
    Is this real life?
    Why is this happening to me?
    Is this going to be forever?

    lmfao love it. he’s too cute

  • tongt0ng

    that was awesome! im that way when i drink too much!

  • kittyyy

    hahahaha absolutely funny!!! he’s so cute!!! “is this gonna be forever???” AWWWWW SO CUTTEE!!! LOVE HIM!!!

  • Lana

    Been there kid. It just feels like forever.

  • boogie

    LOL Hilarious!

  • missp

    Oh shoot… my 18 yr old son is getting his 4 wisdom teeth taken out on Monday morning! LOL

  • chris

    Cutest ever! I’m addicted to this video.

  • Tyler

    Well I favorited this on my YouTube.

    I saw this video before anyone.

    Look at all the bandwagoners here.

  • shannon

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo hilarious!!!!!

  • postwatcher

    This kids dad is a horse’s a ss.

  • postwatcher

    This kids dad is a horse’s a ss.

  • duh

    He is just playing with his dad. You don’t leave the dentist stoned. If he still had that much in his system he would have OD’ed in the chair. It wears off as soon as the mask is removed.

  • just saying

    Looks like a kid who has experience watching dad on drugs and is mimicking him.

  • freeci


  • tcali29

    doesnt any one else find this mildly disturbing?

  • ………..

    TR the comments disappear and come back allot here. I don’t think Jared sensors anyone. Within reason anyways. Just try refresh a few times.

  • not amused

    My daughter had 6 teeth pulled for her braces (2 at a time 3 visits). She giggled while they were being pulled but she was completely fine by the time she left the chair.

    There is something really wrong here that this father is encouraging his son to act drugged, drunk. I wonder why the kid knows at this very young age how to act drugged, drunk.

  • genuh
  • Meg

    Poor kid. If it were my kid I would take it seriously and get him to the Drs. if he was saying these things to me. Drugs are not a joke.

  • cheninator

    this is so fake, no kid would leave the dentist in that state. plus what father tapes his kid after visiting the dentist? seriously, this is such a fake video.

  • Wtf

    Who the hell is David?

    This is such a disturbing video.

  • chelsey

    “You have 4 eyes.”

    DUDE best video EVER!


    Dude, this kid is stoned! If it was my kid i would of taking him to the hospital! He seemed to have alot in him! damn, they OD this kid!

  • anna karenina


    Is this going to be forever?


    seriously, if my daughter was acting like that i would take her to the hospital to be observed until it wears off! you can’t take any chances with kids! my sister was allergic to the anesthesia & she got really sick! :(

  • nonny

    Actually I had two wisdom teeth removed and they have to knock me out and when I woke I was loopy like that for a good 5-10 minutes before it wore off. So this kid might have had the same thing.

  • ayj6m6l
  • ayj6m6l

    #9 cute @ 02/05/2009 at 9:56 pm
    omg.that was soooooooooooooooooooo funny. cutest thing I’ve ever watched. lol !!!!!!!!!! ouch…..charlie that really hurt. lol. those little boys are sooooooooo cute.

  • kika12

    so funny!!!! i dont think the kid is acting some people had some reactions to the anesthesia some say funny things and maybe feel dizzy ,this is natural nothing is wrong with him is very normal.every time he get anesthesia he is gonna act like that.poor kid.

  • A pap

    That’s sick.
    A Dad broadcasts his own son (completely stoned) on youtube for the world to watch!
    What’s cute?

  • Dyna

    I was wondering too why he would still be so drugged up after the procedure. If he got the “gas” the effect stops as soon as you stop breathing it. Maybe they gave him something else in combination with it.

  • Jesii

    Holy crap. I just watched this yesterday and told all my friends about it! lol!! so hilariously cute!

  • Jesii

    Holy crap. I just watched this yesterday and told all my friends about it! lol!! so hilariously cute!

  • Jesii

    Holy crap. I just watched this yesterday and told all my friends about it! lol!! so hilariously cute!

  • Lauren

    it looks like they gave him a conscious sedative, the effect is exactly like you’re drunk. it’s stronger than the gas and weaker than complete anesthesia and safer than both

  • chichi

    girl you need to stod overdosing on vicodin. girl you gotta get yourself a weave.

  • ********

    Some kids and people for that matter have different reactions to anesthesia. I know after I had my one tooth pulled I felt like my head was floating and I actually got sick afterwards. This video is too cute. I bet the kid couldn’t wait for the drug to wear off:)lol

  • suzy q

    I agree with #27 and #29….this is a little disturbing and wrong…if it’s real it’s really jacked and the kid should never have been allowed to leave the dentist if he was still that impaired…the Dad’s a real loser.