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Gwyneth Paltrow's Cookbook: My Father's Daughter

Gwyneth Paltrow's Cookbook: My Father's Daughter

Gwyneth Paltrow dines solo at a pub in London’s Camden on Thursday (February 5).

As an extension of her GOOP newsletter, the 36-year-old actress has a cookbook coming out in Fall 2010 called “My Father’s Daughter. It will focus on the importance of togetherness at mealtime, emphasizing that cooking for your family is the ultimate expression of love. The recipes have been conceived with the entire family in mind.

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  • tora

    Guess if you’re not getting any casting calls and haven’t been in a significant movie in the last 7 years, you might as well write a cookbook and yell at the public on how to live like Gwen. zzzzzz. She bores me to tears.

  • good news

    She looks fugly but at least she’s warm.

  • jane

    What a strange title for a cook book.

  • ********

    I think she has some good ideas. But I think having the family join in to help with the cooking would be the ultimate expression of love.

  • yamla

    Boring clothes, she might as well be a man.

  • twitter

    G.I. Gwynnie.

  • scarlett

    I’ve never understood her appeal. Without makeup, she looks like a big blonde praying mantis.

  • TiannaDylan

    G.I. Gwynnie….lol

  • thetruththetruth
  • figgy

    Her roots need a serious touch up.

  • sweetie

    Maybe it’s the weather but Gwyneth looks so sad. :-(

  • pashie

    Gwyn P. is so manly…

  • Golden

    I swear almost in every pic she looks so damn miserable

  • hazeleyes

    right… those shoes ar horrible..
    and the title of the book makes no sense at all
    why are celebrities trying to be good at e v e r y thing?
    they have enoug money.. get over with your life.. please

  • Shane

    Nice idea for a cookbook. I’d like to see her make it a real family affair and include her mother and brother’s recipes too. And yea, Gwyn, it wouldn’t kill you to take care of those long, black roots.

  • meme

    She really isn’t much better looking than Tilda Swinton. Amazing what a team of stylists can do.

  • tigerlily

    Is it just me or do her new pics seem to be timed with the release of her newsletter? Seems like we always see new photos of Gwyneth on Thursdays.

  • blondie

    I really like her. She is one smart cookie. But, if she wants to hang
    onto that husband, though, she had better hurry and put out a book
    that mentions him, or she might be kissing him goodbye, if the gossips are right about there being trouble in their marriage.

    Who else in Hollywood tried not to be photographed with their
    husband, except of the Red Carpet…Jenny-Poo!!! And just look at her

    She should have dedicated the book to her dad, but made the book
    about her husband and family, in my opinion.

    I keep expecting to see her husband wrapped in another woman’s arms, and smiling from ear to ear. (ha ha ha) Just kidding.

    But you have to admit that there are far too many photographs
    of her and Madonna, who might be considered a bonafide freak,
    by some gossips.

  • sheila

    36? I’m pretty sure she’s at least 40.

  • Phil

    I think Gwyneth and Madonna are secretly more than friends. Madonna seems to have molded her into looking like a guy and that trainer they both use looks like their gimp. One day we’ll probably hear about Gwyneth leaving her hubby for M.

  • Eon

    No big surprise here. Half the time celebs only look good because there’s a team of makeup artists, hair stylists and dressers working on them 24/7 and as we’ve seen before, Paltrow’s really one who benefits immensely from this service.

  • We are Family

    Funny when Chris’ went to his uncle funeral, GP was not with him because she was doing a cooking show. I guess the importance of being with family at that time did not matter.

  • jaye

    I can see Mario Batali’s handwriting all over this book even if he doesn’t get credit.

  • gossip girl

    She’s copying Taylor Momsen. Same boots.

  • DarkEmpress

    Im really starting to like Gwyneth. I think that she is good in the movies that Ive seen her in. I think that she was very close to her dad (like im with my dad) and cooking for her is therapeutic so she dedicated her cookbook to him. i dont see anything wrong with that. who cares if she looks casual. does everyone leave their house looking “did” everyday. what is the point of wasting time getting dressed up when all you want to do is have “me” time, relax and eat alone.

  • Madison

    ugly outfit, but I like her.





  • Keira Fan

    I just read that comment she made about not acting like she makes 25K. What a little snot!

  • circus hour

    she has nice legs. she is over exposed though and she’s getting pretty arrogant now.

  • Ingrid

    I’m sure she doesn’t care what she looks like when the weather is horrible in London. I would know because I live there! She also looks miserable because of the paparazzi AND the weather.


    First thing she was never really that close with her father until he got
    throat cancer…It was all about Blythe Danner her mother… So it is
    interesting unless she is talking about Apple and Chris… Since we
    all know that he cheats on her when he is on tour..!

    Love Goop website…

  • brenda

    Is she still with buddy from coldplay, I haven’t seen them in a photo together in over a year. Private split.

  • andamentothat

    Whats the deal with Gwyneth.. Is she trying out her Plan B career with books , website in an attempt to cut into Martha Stewart’s market? Well honey, you will really need to work harder than this. If its aimed at being some kind of a lifestyle guru, then Gwyneth you need to put on a happier face.. No one likes to get advice from sour puss faced people..


    FOCUS on being together as a family ..When was the last time she
    saw her mom or her brother . Has she invited them to her house in
    London lately NO! OR HER KIDS.. Who is taking care of them while
    she is out and about with Madonna and walking the streets of London
    alone.. So much for togetherness.. eh

  • elanenergy

    Here’s my theory on GP’s obvious existential crisis—-she’s in competition (in her head) with her mother, Blythe Danner (mega beautiful and classy and not a spotlight hound). Write a book about that—I might read it. Until then, get therapy and go away.

  • the dq

    Who gives a CR** about this irrelevant broads dumb cookbook or her asinine website. You are a nobody and have nothing of significance to offer the world. But, of course YOU think you do!!!

  • me the plumer

    She is never the main attraction for a movie…I don’t think people would actually go see a movie if she is the main character. She really really is a bad actress. I hope that her book is successfull because her movies really s#ck.

  • Polo

    She can definetly do better than this…come on Gwynnie, put in a little effort pleaseee

  • mickey

    She needs to shut up. What’s up with her tellin’ everybody how to live like everything she does is so great? She is a pompous, superficial moron. Why on earth would I want to follow her lead?

  • OMG!

    Still trying to syphon off her dead dad’s name. She should stick that cookbook up her stale a$$. No wonder her husband don’t like her and don’t want to be around her.

  • hextorini

    Dines alone? so sad.:((((

  • amy

    I’ll always love her because of Emma.

  • cheetah

    @32 what are you talking about! she had a very good connection to her dad form an early age. She was always his little girl. Just look at the pictures from when she was around 12 years old. Read the interviews from the time he was still alive where she is talking about him taking her away for weekend trips to Europe.

    The tittle of the book is Unique, for those who are a bit interested in Gwyneth its the only logical name for the book. because they know that she inhered her interest in cooking from her dad. When he was still alive she used to call him during the cooking to ask how she should make things or for some ideas.

    I love to read the book!

  • Whutevas

    1st off, those boots?! W.T.F.
    2nd, lets get real, this ski.n.ny self absor.bed t.wa.t doesn’t look.

  • selma

    dump the boots