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Heidi & Spencer To Get Bogus Divorce?

Heidi & Spencer To Get Bogus Divorce?

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt exercise with a personal trainer at Will Rogers State Beach on Thursday (February 5) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

One of their more tame, least funny photo shoots. BOO!!!!!

According to Star, the coupled have devised a way to extend their 15 minutes of fame. Speidi will reportedly go through a messy divorce!

Spencer is masterminding the whole thing right now,” says a source. “He’ll make sure people see him going in and out of a lawyer’s office. Then he’ll stage fake fights with Heidi for the cameras and talk on the show about getting married too young and pretend he’s really conflicted.”

10+ pictures inside of divorced couple-to-be Heidi & Spencer

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heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 01
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 02
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 03
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 04
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 05
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 06
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 07
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 08
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 09
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 10
heidi montag spencer pratt divorce 11

Credit: Thompsett, Wordley; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Tha

    for the love of our savior and everything sacred in this world, my dearest jared:
    no. more. heidi. and. f-ing. spencer.


  • ri.



  • jenny

    There’s no beach in Beverly Hills, CA. Beverly Hills is landlocked.

  • cheninator

    i wish they would just get divorced already, oh wait they arent even married.

    god i want them dead they do nothing expect have “candid” pictures posted online.

  • Wtf

    Why do you still post about them Jared? I guess you like extending their 15 minutes of fame.

    They are so lame; nobodies. No one cares about their fake weddings. Boo.

  • jenny

    They’re in Pacific Palisades, CA.

  • fresh

    they’re 15 min is taking too damn long to expire.

  • that’s hideous

    every thing they do is bogus

  • Veronica

    lmao I love them they are very entertaining people needs to stop being so up tight

  • layla

    ok, as much as i hate them, i really like looking at their photo op pics hahahah. theyre just too effing funny

  • parv

    oh god! they are so fake!
    i have a hard time looking at their pics…always hamming it for the paps.

  • northstar

    Why do you continue to post about these two losers. They are nobody’s doing nothing, yet here they are. Why not just post pics every day of your local Starbucks barista? Hell, that would be far more interesting.

  • cain

    one word. retarded.

  • Veronica

    it’s funny how people say stop posting picture of them however they come and post and look at the pictures anyways lol looks like Speidi has succeeded

  • joss

    everything they do is staged

  • lola

    u’ve gotta love them. we all need something to laught at. lol

  • anthony

    You were doing so good, not a stupid post on them in too long, and now here we are with another dumb staged moment.

  • justareader

    Please stop posting photos of these wannabe’s. They are pathetic.

  • P

    please disappear — that 15 mins of fame was 15 mins too long. i live for reality drama but this is just boring, seriously how many fake photo shoots can one browse through on US weekly before you want to vom. One fake photo shoot is just like another, the same poses, same actions, same people oh wait, it’s news because it in a different place — kill me now.

  • Ashlee

    Haha as annoying as they are..seriosly and they really bug! There entertaining because there morons! haha Keep showing us what idiotic thing they’ll do next!

  • a


  • seriously

    i hate them, they are so annoying and there fake ‘real life moments’ i just get a kick out of looking at how hard they try to do it, but if there were no more posts about them i wouldn’t cry myself to sleep every night.

  • Lydia


    get rid of these people

  • Katie

    It’s amazing how disgusting Heidi has become. Going back to the first season of The Hills, she was much more likeable and natural looking. I guess she did prove back then how much she wanted to be the center of attention and just in the limelight. Now she has peroxide blonde hair and who knows what is real on her body anymore. I wonder what it’s like to just sit in your living room and decide what to do next to get the camera’s attention.

  • elanenergy

    #12 LMAO—you’re onto something. J, go to the coffee shop and find some interesting people to photograph—never again hurting my eyes with these two morons….coffee shop hotties, we demand it!!!!

  • ted

    lets protest…..


  • Stop Speidi

    If you hate them so much, stop showing their pictures!!!!!! Believe me, no one will care.

  • bella

    Wow it has been so nice on this site for quite sometime with no posts of these two . . .Why JJ????

  • KAL


  • Heather

    Oh, god, aren’t they gone yet? Please make it stop. These aren’t even people you love to hate. They just make you throw up in your mouth.

  • cassie5214

    they want too much attention to them

  • Gravitas

    nike, nike, nike, nike… asics uh oh nike wont be happy bout this…

    this two need to die

  • papupau

    i dont know who annoys me more, these 2 for their perfect “glamour shots” or you guys that always post their crap in here…

  • bleh

    wow that’s so gay

  • lollipop

    Who are these people and why should we care? Blah

  • Polo

    They look completely retarded!

  • Cals


  • julie

    i hate them so much.
    they pose all the photos .

  • megs

    Who “exercises” with their hair down like that?? Seriously, she’s retarded. They’re retarded. No offense to people who are retarded. I stopped watching the Hills because of them.

  • megs


  • lakers fan in boston

    if they do get a fake divorce
    i will fucking hate them even more

  • kelly

    Jared. Please no more Heidi & Spencer!!! They’re just looking for attention!!!

  • justine

    I don’t understand how you get a fake divorce after you get a fake marriage. Maybe he just wants a fake pre-nup?

  • Jules

    Jared, stop acting like a whore and selling out your site to this lame ass people.

  • Frida

    WTF they’re not even married for real!? Stop posting about these assholes please!

  • Laura

    how cares????? these 2 make me sick. who even watched their stupid show anyway??? they should both do the world a favour by crawling under a rock and staying there……no one will miss them. trust me!!!!

  • lalaine

    wow this two will do ANYTHING FOR PUBLICITY

  • yep

    Real celebs don’t mix sports trademarks. She has Nike outfit and Acis tennis shoes. Shame on her. Guess she’s not a paid sponsor like a real celebrity because that would NOT be allowed under the terms of the contract.

  • Neda

    that’s right heidi.. bend over… the usual

    and spencers probably thinking of extra ways he can sell his wife for cash

  • meela

    how do these two douchebags live with themselves? STOP JARED. THIS MAKES THE BABY JESUS CRY