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Jake & Reese: Sweet Shoppers

Jake & Reese: Sweet Shoppers

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon visit a friend and then enjoy a sunny afternoon doing some shopping at the Beverly Glen Market on Wednesday (February 6).

The couple walked together side by side until they got to their car, when Reese had to squeeze between two cars and made some funny faces for the photogs.

During the Superbowl, a trailer for Reese‘s latest movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, was aired. Reese plays Susan Murphy, who mysteriously grows to 49 ft 11 in, is labeled a monster and is captured by the military. She is put in an institution that houses other monsters, played by Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, and Rainn Wilson.

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  • wish

    What a waste on these two!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I understand pretty well now why somebody is ashamed to be an american, folks!!

  • tyra

    OMG She has the worst taste in clothes. Black shiny mini dress at the supermarket? It makes her look so bad.

  • Nina

    Reese not only gives new meaning to the words fug and fashion clueless, but she has the posture of a 90 year old woman. Could Jake find a new and better beard now. Doesn’t their PR team tell them that their showmance still isn’t making anyone believe he’s straight?

  • Jen

    can’t agree with you guys more!
    but I think Reese’s major problem is her freaking long ugly chin…she’s not prettier than Kirsten Dunst or Natalie Portman(2 of Jake’s former girlfriends…)
    and Jake should lose some weight…her looks 40


    Two boring phonies.

  • paparazzi love

    No spitting, no kicking, no frowning.
    Reese and Jake don’t mind paparazzi when they promote their “relationship”.

  • Anita

    Hey, #5, comparing Reese to Kirsten and Natalie in appearance is an insult to those 2.

  • Patty

    It’s nice to see no spitting or kicking. This relationship is as phony as a three dollar bill. I wonder how much longer it will go on. How long was Jake’s last showmance?
    But I think Reese looks good here. She’s a pretty woman IMO and she has great legs. This outfit shows them off.

  • Anon

    Love them both but I especially LOVE Reese’s shoes.


    Whats Jake thinking with the pork pie hat? Reese has a big bald spot on the back of her head, she’s the one who needs to cover up. These 2 are such phonies. Yeah ITA with the others, how come these 2 aren’t yelling and spitting at the paps? They usually do when they are papped alone. What a couple of freakin showmancers.


    Reeses shoes are UGLY.

  • Grace

    Isn’t it time you went to playgroup now no 4 – 12 (except 10).

  • Ivana

    They both look great..
    Haters eat yourself … they still going strong.


    Going strong? More like under contract. And don’t they look so happy, uh uh.

  • Tish

    I agree with you Ivana, some posters are mindless idiots that really need to get a life, or perhaps a brain cell.

  • Do The Math

    The posters who can’t see its a fauxmance need to get brain cells. 3 out of 16 posters think its real and Reese is a wonderful person. What does that tell you. The 3 are Reeses PR.

  • To do the math

    3 out of 16?. Yea right the same moron posting over and over and over and……………………… 13 times so far, how many before you have to go to see your shrink?. Hope he can help you.

  • Wicked

    What a beautiful couple.

  • laura

    Fake Couple

  • Caty

    Jake is sexy as always and Reese looks lovely, they make a great couple. Bet they get married soon.

  • Hortensia

    First of all, Wednesday was February 4th not 6th. JJ doesn’t know what day it is. Second, all these posters talking about their appearnce or how “sexy” they are of course are scandalized when somebody really mentions what they might be up to sexually. No, posters here are interested only in their brains and their IQs.

    Anyhoo, they are clearly friends and enjoy being together. They wouldn’t be seen to often out together if the relationship was a fake. It isn’t. They probably even spend the night together in bed. Oh…so shocking.

    BTW Jake looks awful in that hat. Is there something wrong with his hair? As one poster said it make him look at least ten years older than he is. Hey maybe he wants to look older than Reese so people don’t see him as her toy boy.

  • Patty

    I don’t think 4 years difference qualifies Jake as a boy toy. And I don’t doubt that they are friends and have been for some time. I call this fake because it is being pesented as a romance instead of what it is, which is a showmance. No substance, just show. Witness the frequent pho ops. Whether they hook up or not is another story.

  • fauxmance and $$$

    Sorry Hortensia,
    Jake does NOT f- u- c- k Reese Witherspoon.
    Rees is Jake’s PR business partner.

  • reese Witherspoon is yuck

    Bad posture, awful dress, ugly chin and mouth …
    Reese Witherspoon looks terrible.
    I’ve seen better dressed bag ladies.

  • dianel

    As long as Reese and Jake is happy with each other thatis all that matters

  • Ann

    She needs some photo ops before she starts promoting her movie, which is coming out soon. I never understood why people go to see her movies, that Four Xtmases had terrible reviews, I guess people went to see it because there was no other Xtmas movies at the time,…I can’t believe she won an Oscar. Hasn’t she been nominated for a razzie this year? I’ve read it somewhere…..

  • elizabeth marinas

    i love reese’s outfit and jake’s outfit too

  • view on top

    I wonder why Reese never seems to spend time with her kids anymore? Granted they are in school during the week but I haven’t seen her spending anytime on weekends much anymore. She always snapped shopping or seen out with Jake. . I am not saying she doesn’t spend time with Ava and Deacon and doesn’t want the paps snapping her every move with her children but seem to have been kept out of the spotlight for a little while now. Not even seen with Ryan or Abby since the holidays.

    And is Reese preggers? She has been wearing weird, ill fitting outfits lately IMO.

  • Turkis

    I hope she does a romantic comedy with Christian Bale next.

  • nathan

    No, she is not pregnant, she has a really funny and strange shape that makes her look like pregnant, and the best way of hiding this shape is under very loose clothes, that’s why she is wearing these dresses recently.

  • Doggy

    why do these 2 always look so miserable? why the long faces? What’s wrong with them? Reese and jake, have a good sh*g and a good time, at the end of the day you are sharing the same house, so start sharing the bed,too…..!

  • Yum

    What I don’t understand is why Reese is such a lightning rod for criticism? Forgive my nescience, but she is a moderately talented A-list actress. She seems harmless enough. I don’t think she is beautiful by any means, but she is cute in a girl-next-door kind of way. I like Jake and think he is very handsome. He is also a compelling actor IMO. What’s the problem? If they want to be together, more power to them. Also, there close enough in age and maturity that I don’t think Jake is her “boytoy.” Their two consenting adults who happen to be fond of one another. I think they make a great pairing!

  • bernie

    I agree with you,they both look as if they haven’t had one for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He misses his boyfriend and she needs to get new sex toys.he!

  • Jack

    Well, she was spotted earlier last year shopping at Myla, I guess she bought some vibrators instead of lingerie,I don’t think Jake put it on her, her ***** has got to stink.

  • Tp

    I liked Kirsten and Jake together better.

  • Lola

    I think we should stop arguing about these two. Nobody will come to an agreement. And it makes no difference to them.

    But admit it is hard to look at her face and not speak anything.

  • Lola

    I think we should stop arguing about these two. Nobody will come to an agreement. And it makes no difference to them.

    But I admit it is hard to me look at her face and not speak anything.

  • Polo

    They’re my fav. couple everrrr!

  • PR lies

    Can’t stand these fakers.
    Thousand photo ops but Reese and Jake never managed to look like a real couple.
    Some people would do anything for money.

  • slambang

    Jake is gorgeous, I don’t care what anyone says. He can leave his shoes under my bed any time! He needs to dump Reese.

  • X

    41, I agree with you.

    Jake is gorgeous anyway. For the other hand, Reese without makeup is an ordinary woman. She seems too old for him.

  • Frodo

    In the first pic Reese is disguting !

  • madonna

    I hate these two together they took over the Smug and Fug nickname from Gwyneth and Chris Martin.

  • jules

    She is so ugly she makes me vomit. And I hate her clothes, she always wears really weird looking clothes, except for the award/premiere shows. Jakey boy looks like he is gaining weight again. I don’t find him attractive anymore. His sex appeal is gone. And I’m sorry, but I see no chemistry between them at all.

  • Terry 2

    Jake, no kicking?no spitting now?The hat looks ridiculous on him,but he probably thinks he looks cool. Has he sacked his stylist? It looks as if he is sharing Reese’s stylist now with her.

  • Hortensia

    I see that all the people who have no sexual interest in Jake are here saying how “gorgeous” he is. LOL. Stupid hypocrities. And I also adore the jealous ones who want to believe he doesn’t get into bed with her. I suppose that makes them feel they still have a chance with him. When you claim their romance is fake you forget one thing: she has no interest in a fake romance even if he might have IF he is gay which I very much doubt. She has no motivation to be his beard and has no need to be one. So your argument fails the test of logic.

  • Nick

    Hortensia, when the hell are you gonna f*ck off this site, can’t you see that people don’t read your comments and don’t reply to them,F*CK OFF,F*cking desperate B*tch.Get laid once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*cking ugly b*ch,leave us alone.Get a life out of your computer!

  • NB

    Hortensia, can you see how much men dislike you in this site, I can imagine how much they hate you in real life, you need to get laid woman, the problem is I don’t think any man on earth would like to f*ck you,…..Get lost! Leave Reese and Jake alone and everybody else.

  • Manuela

    F*ck off,F*ck off,F*ck off, Hortensia, we all hate you in this site,go away,we don’t want to see your name again appearing on this site, you are disgusting, can you get it through your thick mind,F*CK YOU!
    You are the most hated poster in justjared.