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Violet Affleck's Tiny Temper Tantrum

Violet Affleck's Tiny Temper Tantrum

Jennifer Garner picks up her daughter Violet Affleck from school in Santa Monica on Wednesday (February 4) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Violet, 3, threw a brief temper tantrum while she and Jen were walking back to their car. Both Ben and Jen picked up Violet the day before, when she was all smiles for the cameras. Violet is always in a good mood when she leaves school and has even been known to play peek-a-boo with the photographers.

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck‘s temper tantrum…

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jennifer garner violet affleck school 01
jennifer garner violet affleck school 02
jennifer garner violet affleck school 03
jennifer garner violet affleck school 04
jennifer garner violet affleck school 05
jennifer garner violet affleck school 06
jennifer garner violet affleck school 07
jennifer garner violet affleck school 08
jennifer garner violet affleck school 09
jennifer garner violet affleck school 10

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  • Anon

    Violet has a huge adjustment to make. The new baby is a big deal to her. I’m sure this isn’t her first dust up. But you know, it’s ashame that a little kid has to dea with paparrazzi at her school and she is only three years old? This is rotten. I wish there were laws against these stupid stalkers. This is absolutely harrassment.

  • Sonia Wu

    What’s the matter? Cutiepie?
    Doesn’t change anything, still love ya!

  • Sonia Wu

    And JJ,
    Please don’t flatter yourself.
    Vi was happy to see her mom and dad and even happier to rush home.
    She didn’t smile for the cameras.
    The child couldn’t care less about the paps.

  • agatha

    cute kid

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    what a fake little diva. that girl has a dis-gus-ting attitude. LOL

  • Holly


  • sheryl

    Are you kidding me? You call this a temper tantrum? Good grief, I’d be so pissed off if people were waiting to snap my kid’s picture every day. Why do they have to smile just because cameras are there? I think they’re pretty normal.

  • WHAT

    WHAT? You must not have kids!

    Unless I am missing a picture or something……………..that in NO way comes close to a temper tan.

  • Mae

    Awww, she’s adorable.

  • epinee

    kids will be kids

    suri cruise – now there’s a brat!

  • CR30.01

    Doesn’t look like a tantrum to me.

  • Cameron

    She’s adorable and seems to be a happy little girl, unlike that Suri Cruise.

  • Julie

    I love this family

  • bryn

    It doesn’t look like anything resembling a temper tantrum to me.

    I feel sorry for the children of celebrities. I can’t imagine having my children photographed every time I stepped out of the house. She is going to and from school not attending a red carpet event. It seems like an invasion of privacy to have these celebrities hounded when they are doing normal family things, i.e. going to school, playing in parks, at the beach. Yes, we like to see our favorite celebrities during their down time but let’s also give them some breathing space. Not all are out there looking for daily publicity. They are just trying to keep some normalcy in their lives.

  • Rita

    Haters go away! I love Violet.

  • Denise

    She doesn’t appear to be throwing a tantrum, and I agree with others here – the paps should back off. Violet is a cutie, I do love seeing her. But at the schoolhouse door? I don’t need to see that. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to have photographers at the door every single day.

  • jkl

    You have a vivid imagination. As a mother of three I can tell you there was not remotely any temper tantrum. Perhaps the father…but not the little girl.

  • just confused

    I love how Jen actually looks like a normal mom.

    Yes, a real tantrum would have shown Violet on the ground pounding the concrete with mom trying to pick her with the one hand she has available while doing everything she can not to lose it….

  • nic

    That is no tantrum, tiny or otherwise.

    Christian Bale had a tantrum. Cutie Violet has one picture where she is not smiling as much as she usually does and perhaps is exerting a bit of independence. Perfectly normal for a toddler. Not perfectly normal for an adult.

  • boogie

    for heavens sake……that one tiny pic was in no way a “brief temper tantrum”. I’m afraid the title is misleading.

    I do think it is highly annoying and unnecessary to be at her school every day going and leaving. If I was the mom….I think I would be bringing my water gun to spray the annoying pesty papz! LOL

  • Anon

    Schools and playgrounds should be off limits. It should be totally against the law to take pictures of the minor children of celebrities with out their parents’ permission. Totally. I understand taking pictures of celebrities in public places. Restaurants, out shopping, at hotels and other public buildings on public property, fine. But when they are with their kids, no way. How in the world can they allow these paparrazzi, many of them have criminal records, to be on school property, or even within 1500 feet of a school, to invade the privacy of
    parents and children. They even shoot pictures when the kids are out with thei nannies. This situation is scarey and out of control. More and more celebrities are not only leaving LA, but they are leaving California, and leaving the country. Shame!

  • Jane

    Are you contractually bound to your photo suppliers to post their shots? Because these are photos, daily photos, of a toddler leaving school. And that’s creepy.

    Why do you continue to post these? Sure, she’s adorable. But just because her parents are successful actors, doesn’t mean this little one has to go through these photoshoots daily.

    It’s disgusting.

  • myob

    Violet has beautiful hair.

  • bea

    I love Jenn, is a normal woman, I love this family, and Violet is a cutie, I love seeing her, and I am hope for seeing Seraphina.

  • Heather

    Uhhh…she made a face and pulled at her mom’s hand for a second and that’s a temper tantrum? Holy smokes, JJ, you must not have kids. I’ve got three, aged 5 and under. I can show you a good old temper tantrum any time you like!

  • seus

    Along time ago Jennifer Garner invited the paps into her life by going to public parks on a daily basis with her daughter. She was all smiles loved the attention and now this is the end result. You reap what you sow. Poor girl, Jen put her in Day Care way before her time, been going to day care way before her time, I guess she wanted the paps to follow her to school…b#tch plezz Baddddddddddddddddd Mom. She should have protected that little girl from the paps a long time ago, it’s too late now. Violet recognizes those paps as her friends LMAO…badddddd mother bad mother bad mother bad mother bad mother bad mother baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddmother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mimi

    What no wedding ring, does that mean she is getting a divorce. Trouble in Paradise… Did Ben fool around with one of the actresses of He’s not that into you…..

    Jennifer looks like a fat wet pig….her face looks distorted.


    You can tell that when she is with her father Ben that she is full of
    happiness..But when she is with Jen.. Well you never know what
    happened something could of happened to Seraphina.. No one
    will ever know.. Because they will never talk about it.. And where
    is her friend Penelope who is always with them..Trouble in paradise
    why blame Ben .. When he has done nothing but help her. He never
    cheated on her since they met.. So quick to judge eh!! No he never
    was a cheater and if anything she must be going through post partum
    depression.. since the signs are there.

  • lucy and Ethel


  • thats_right

    Now this is how the kid should look like unlike Suri for gods sake Suri is like a grown up lady in a little girl’s body but look at this cutie pie Violet she always smiles looks happy just like an ordinary kid :)

  • dianel

    She is so used to being carried she just did’nt want to walk

  • boogie

    nah…if you go back to the photos….it looks simply like she lost her balance or something….and if you did the same thing… would make a “face” also.

    nothing to it

  • andamentothat

    the kid is fine.. Jen is fine.. stop with the overanalysis..

  • WHAT

    #27, in which pic can you see she doesn’t have a ring on?

    She not only had her ring on the day (2 days ago) she was photographed visting friends, she had her engagement ring on also.

  • http://itmakesmesick poohbear68

    Please, can we stop putting these kids under a fricken microscope. It’s disgusting how they are being exploited.

  • lollipop

    Jennifer looks miserable. Wet hair is something teens or young girls go out in, not grown women. She looks like she’s on the verge of crying in all the latest pics. What is so wrong with taking five minutes out of your day looking fresh and together? Are mothers across the country all looking this frumpy? I doubt it. I know she just had a baby but maybe a hairdryer and a comb and perhaps a stitch of makeup might make her look a little less miserable.

    Violet is going to be such a little troublemaker once she hits thirteen. She’ll be running circles around Ben and Jennifer. It’ll be interesting to see Jen and Ben get a taste of their own medicine.

    Ben and Jen forever. :-)


    She is throwing a tantrum because her mom isn’t lifting her and making her walk for a change! That is what happens when you spoil your children!!!!!!

  • noncaring

    #37… are so wrong! Take a look again at the pics. If you still don’t see it….you are closed minded or perhaps Not a parent.

  • she walks!!!!!

    I can’t believe they let her WALK!!! I thought there was something wrong with her hips! Maybe Ben & Jen read all the post that people have left about saying that she should walk more and not be carried all the time!

  • Polo

    Violet is sooo cute!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol they should have gotten footage of her throwing a tantrum
    anyways ive always been surprised ive never seen her angry like suri

  • jessica

    Isn’t it illegal to photograph minors? I would think that Ben and Jen and sue the papz and the magainzes for this.

  • Adoring Fan

    Come on JJ sweet Violet is not throwing a tantrum. All she needs is a hug from me. She is so freaking cute. Love her to pieces.

  • Sherry

    Oh please.

    1. That is not a tantrum.
    2. If she DID have a tantrum, they are developmentally NORMAL. All kids have tantrums from time to time, it doesn’t mean they’re spoiled or “bad”.

  • Lilly

    Temper tantrum ? Where ? I think you forgot the pictures of one.

  • Jimmy

    Whats up with all the “walk” comments. Violet walks all the time. She walked while at the park with Ben’s mom, she walked into a house with Jen to visit friends. A lot of pictures of Violet walking with Ben and Jen. Just not in a big crowd of paps. BTW that is not a tantrum.

  • doctor and mom of 3

    This is a normal family.
    That is not a tantrum.
    I’m sure Violet is a totally nice kid.
    Jennifer looks FINE. OMG! If you people think she looks bad, then you 1) place too much importance on looks and 2) are not considering how complicated her life must be, having to juggle career/parenting/nursing — AND paparazzi. I can’t imagine. And I have more, not less, respect for a woman who is dressing for her current job (being a mom) than for the cameras!!!

  • Candy

    Poor Jennifer, she looks wrecked, worn out, sad and exhausted. She needs a long holiday away from the paparazzi and Ben. Poor thing. How cute is Violet, what a cute personality, she’s not throwing a tantrum she’s just acting out like a normal three year old, she’s the cutest.

  • Ha!

    Did I miss the pictures of the tantrum somewhere? Geez, if this is the worst they have to deal with, I’m sure there would be many jealous mothers out there.

  • Oh Scandalllllllleeeeeeeeeeee

    En france, prendre des photos au abords des écoles . C’est interdit.

    Je trouve çà honteux et irrespectueux. Je ne comprend pas pourquoi, cette gamine est pris tous les jours en photo.

    Elle a rien de spécial. Ses parents aussi…
    C’est des humains.

    What the deal ?????