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Michael Phelps Skipping 2012 Olympics?

Michael Phelps Skipping 2012 Olympics?

Despite his bong incident, Michael Phelps is in good spirits at the Meadowbrook Athletic Club in Baltimore, Maryland on Thursday (February 5).

The 23-year-old Olympic champion told the Balitmore Sun that he might pass on the 2012 Olympics, saying, “This is a decision of mine that I’m not going to make today and I’m not going to make tomorrow. It’s going to require a lot of time and energy and a lot of thinking for myself – but also talking to [coach Bob Bowman] and talking to my family and just deciding what I want to do.”

Phelps continued, “But I’m not going to let anything stand in my way. If I decide to walk away, I’ll decide to walk away on my own terms. If it’s now, if it’s four years, who knows. But it is something I need to think about and decide what I want to do.”

The CEO of the U.S. Olympic Committee said Wednesday he’d like to have a face-to-face meeting with Phelps, and spokesman Darryl Seibel said the federation was sending the Olympic star a letter offering its assistance. “We at the USOC, as we said in an earlier statement, are exceptionally disappointed in him, as he is in himself,” Jim Scherr said during a conference call that was set to preview the 2010 Winter Olympics.

DO YOU THINK Phelps should skip out on the 2012 Olympics — YAY or NAY?

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    So why not get on his case and make him do the Olympics..

  • sshhii_baby

    Too gifted he can’t quit. love him even more knowing he is just being a typical kid experimenting. Shouldn’t smoke goncha though. It makes you lazy and hungry. well thats what i heard. lol

  • kitykat

    Yes, skip. He’s playing mind games now, which I find even less appealing than the picture.

  • uglysexy

    He ain’t gonna quit…..if the speedo fit you must acquit ;p

  • T

    i’d rather quit when i had won more medals than anyone than go for the next one and not do as well

  • Lulu

    I think he should start training now and try to get his reputation back. He should show everyone he made a mistake and wants to take the
    right measures to make ammends. A lot of young kids look up to
    him and maybe this would be a step in the right direction.

  • Sd

    immature douche with incredible talent.

  • Lany

    Phelps has been a very successful athlete over the years and I thing people should stop saying he is just a normal kid and bla bla bla because he is not, we all know sports and drugs don’t go along , if he was a singer or a actor no big deal but a athlete can not use drugs and be successful NEVER EVER!

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  • Maryan

    DUI in 2004, pot in 2009, just say you like doing this type of thing, better than pretend you don’t, in 2004 he say he regret big time, so why do again?? Adimit you like it!!!

  • black

    He is a mere swimmer—-he didn´t invent anything.

    Americans really should stop treating him like a halfgod.

  • Mara

    Wonder if the southern witch who sold the story for money feels good about rolling in it right now? Once the money is gone and her name exposed, she might want to take an eternal swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Anyone judging this young man has not raised a contemporary teenager who is now in his/her early 20s. Most of the people who have no early life experiences, are the uptight adults who end up in mid-life crisis or holding destructive secrets during their adult years.

  • goldend

    cry me a river

  • Carrie

    Obviously, he has not been smoking in the past to have lung development of his capacity and to be one of the greatest athletes of all time, i.e. that doesn’t come from being an abuser of anything.

    Stop the judgment people….

  • lilly

    He should just shut up and go about his business. This maybe I will, or maybe I won’t talk shows how immature and self-centered he is. He now has the IOC groveling at his feet. He’s immature, but has learned how to play the game, I’ll give him that.

  • ckayed

    I don’t think he should quit his swimming career but I think he should quit his stupid life style. He needs to grow up and act like a young man, a 23 year old and not a teeny bopper. He might also want to brush up on what constitutes illegal substances as well as driving while under the influence — GROW UP DUMB ASS and keep on swimming and start being the role model you were intended to be. Your apologies have become ineffective.

  • Maria

    he jus want to play it “safe” I think……

  • bleh

    WHO CARE!!!! ugly mofo

  • raquel

    #12 — SO VERY TRUE!!

  • Hmmm

    Its his life and decision

  • andamentothat

    just quit while still ahead

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  • Yum

    I don’t condone drug use of ANY kind, however, some people are acting like what he did is the most egregious thing ever. Get a grip! I think he should shut his mouth and allow the brouhaha to die down, and in the meantime, continue training and maintain a low profile. People are pretty forgiving if you apologize, which he did, and do not continue partaking in the offending behavior. Whether he likes it or not, he is a role model, so he should always bear that in mind when he goes out in public. People are going to be looking to him to set a good example. Maybe he should immure his activities to the swimming pool for a while and avoid any potentially deleterious situations while this whole thing shakes out.

  • Tina

    Would he rather smoke weed and drive drunk in peace…

  • Matt

    He is just as ignorant as I thought he was…all he ever had was swimming. He is almost like a pop star – like Britney – knows nothing abut life.

  • irene

    yes, matt, probably because most of their lives they have been either working as a teenager (Britney or many child actors) or training (many gold winners). When they grow up or decide to retire they find that they missed out too mcuh and ho as ina binge.
    I bet many athletes have done even worse experiments after their competitions, but there were no people o sell them out, and maybe no camera cell phones.
    He is no better or worse than many. And he has nothing to prove, he’s already won.
    I do not think he will become an addict, and sure he is a poster boy and has benefited from it, but going further as to make demands it is too much. After all, he is human only, and should be allowed to make mistakes, just as many of politicians have also consumed, etc.

  • lo

    Ugh this is all so lame… smoking pot is not a big deal! It does way less damage than alcoholism or heavy tobacco use.

  • ladybug

    he’s rich. what does he care. he wants to enjoy his youth now… what’s left of it. i say let him. realizing ever mistake he makes is in the spotlight is probably enough for him to say enough.
    the olympic committee wants to both talk about their extreme disappointment… and assist him in coming back. he was good press for them. it’s all business. people are so naive.

  • Polo

    He already has * metals so it’s not like he is quitting his dreams. I’m supporting him either way!

  • Polo

    He already has 8 gold medals so it’s not like he’s quitting his dreams. I’m supporting him either way!

  • EJS

    GIven the sacrifices he’s had to make over the last how many years to get to where he got in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics…I think Michael Phelps deserves to whatever the hell he wants. Talk about “much ado about nothing.”

  • Haddie

    He’s just a doofy kid who, were it not for his mom, would have spent the rest of his life working at Target. My only issue is that he spent his time in a back-asswards place like South Carolina to begin with. Mike, you wanna party, do it in Vegas, it stays there.

  • poindexter

    C’mon people, let it go already. What’s the big deal?! He smoked some ganja. Yawn.
    I hope someone will find that jerk who leaked the pic….

  • liza

    noooooooooooooooo!!! please don’t quit!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    he looks like a fucking douche
    personally i dont really care if he’s allowed or not
    anyway, whatever dont care

  • Gia

    He might drive under the influenced of Weed, then get someone killed, He is the jerk for smoking weed while in the public eye.

  • Baltimore dubie

    Let er rip their Mr. Phelps. What do you have to prove anyway? Light up, turn the lights down and listen to a little Pink Floyd.

  • Billythekid

    Most of the kids I knew growing up have tried pot least once in their life, but to read most of the posts I just read, we just must of cut across an angelic section of the world at large who all live Saintly lives. Big deal, he took a hit on a bong. People are just about equating this to some major league crime. I dont care who looks up to him, it’s his life to lead and if he wants to smoke pot, let him for all I care. I don’t smoke pot, do drugs or smoke cigs, but thats my life choice and I don’t have people deciding it for me. People need to get a freakin grip on their own lives and stop focusing in on silly crap like this.

  • Big Bauce

    You guys need to get off your high horses. It looks like a bunch of snobs are on this site.

    He is not a rolemodel…the media makes him a rolemodel..He is not responsible for your children…or their self esteem..or any of their issues. If he wants to smoke weed. So what.

    You people are hilarious


    omg! I hope he doesn’t skip the 2012 oylimpics because I was planing on going to see him! for god sake

  • Matt

    seriosuly ashley? he literally is nothing without swimming – have you ever heard him talk? Thank god he can swim – cuz he has nothing else going for him. And I dont think he realizes that once hes done – hes done. He was never celebrity status like a music icon or MAJOR sports star – yea he has more golds than anyone – but he wasnt around for even 3 olympics? I mean I dont know – no one in here agrees because he was americas glden boy. This goes beyond the pot…who cares about that?!?! I just think he is being his trashy low class self he was destined to be before he became a swimmer. You can see it in his interviews. He is as dumb as a box of offense to him…just thank the good Lord above he can swim.

  • melisa

    dont skip them!

  • Jill

    Sounds like he’s covering his ass just in case the Olympic committee dosen’t allow him to compete. Many don’t believe what he did is bad but it does break the committee rules.

    If they waived the rules for him they would have to for all athletes.

  • rachel

    i hope he doesn’t quit. i mean, i’m totally against drugs. i have friends who are screwed up because of them, but i’m just wondering if all the people making a big deal about this and saying he sucks voted for obama because he’s admitted to doing drugd when he was younger. and phelps is obviously not an addict because he gets srug tested at most of his competitions. he’s allowed to make mistakes

  • ganymede30324

    Olympics mean drug tests. So, no.

  • bell

    honestly, how many teens do YOU know do pot? i know a TON of my friends- who are now esteemed, professional doctors- did pot when they were younger. maybe not as a habit, but how can we judge him? sure, it was an irresponsible thing to do when you’re in the spotlight and a world-class athlete, but he shouldn’t give up his talent for something as stupid as this. in fact, he should work TWICE as hard to redeem himself and to prove to everyone his professionlism and the true meaning of an athlete. he seems like a sweet kid with a lot of ambition. for his sake i hope he doesnt let all this get to his head, and i SINCERELY hope he isnt addicted!!! :/

    anyways michael phelps was AMAZING in bejing, and he should be remembered for THAT, not this.

    PHELPS 2012!!! :)

  • victoria

    He has nothing left to prove. He needs to lay low and stay out of trouble and rake in themoney. The only thing he can do with the extra publicity is tarnish his image. He is perfect now.

  • Kiri

    Enjoy your life, Michael Phelps! Only he is responsible for his soul’s growth and path. He owes nothing further to America (except his chosen philanthrophy) and it will be a long time for anyone to catch-up to his Olympic records and achievements! Thinking Americans are behind him no matter what Colorado Springs says about an indiscretion at a party in backwoods South Carolina that enticed a greedy person to sell a photo of him from a young party to a British Tabloid….the sell-out witch didn’t even have the real woman ovaries to sell in America, eh?

  • Cassie

    Person who wrote “Olympics mean drug tests”….use your head!

    This young man would not have been able to break Olympic records if he had been a frequent marijuana smoker. This guy (until Fall 2008) has lived swimming 24/7 since he was a young boy which means he missed out on a lot of childhood everyday lessons from which children mature. It was appropriate that he “let his hair down” after this great fete on behalf of himself and America.

    Whoever sold the photo to the British tabloid needs to be exposed immediately. They are so spineless they didn’t have the courage to sell it in this country!