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Rachel Bilson: Confederacy Quick

Rachel Bilson: Confederacy Quick

Rachel Bilson and a gal pal shop at the Confederacy boutique in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 5).

The 26-year-old former O.C. actress is a big fan of the retro-styled boutique, run by the business-minded actor Danny Masterson (he’s also involved in L.A. restaurant, Shin) and designer to the stars Ilaria Urbanati.

Rachel toted around her fave Temperley London “Mata Hari” handbag.

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  • thetruththetruth

    so i guess she dont have no more projects coming up

  • savannah

    Dannnyyy! (Hyde on that 70s show) I love him. I wish he was doing more things, like acting wise. I miss seeing his face. Besides T7S. Obviously.

  • tote

    why does not she cover her ugly legs, doesn’t she know they are ugly

  • Pinky

    Why do we need practically hourly updates on this loser and her nonstop shopping/media wh*ring addiction? Ridiculous.

  • bella

    She looks cute here except for the shoes.

  • hotbilson

    i thought she was 27…

  • meagan

    Totally irrelevant, talentless hack.

  • Quoc

    This girl is the WORST actress EVER…she RUINED Jumper, even though I still love the movie…I mean, come ON…she should have been recasted after the FIRST line

  • Pinky

    They keep talking Jumper 2, if they have any sense at all, they’ll kill Millie off during the opening credits and let it be a “guys only” movie.

  • Rachel’s blog

    whay are you so mean to her, i mean leave her if you dont like her don’t coment get a life!

  • Pinky

    @10, uh, it’s a public board, we’re all free to voice our opinions. She puts herself out there every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, and pays for those “candid” pics to be posted online. The comments, good and bad, go right along with it.

  • babeangel

    whats with the dress does not suit her at all. she can dress a lot better then that. must be so much in love not two care. lets have more photo’s of tove anyway

  • sunny

    Rachel is back…and she looks great as always!!!!

  • christine

    She has the cutest face..
    I really like her style…

  • meagan

    #12, pictures of love, you mean Hayden and this troll? More like abject misery. On his part anyway.

  • chan

    LOVE RACHEL! shes beautiful and i love her outfit.

  • Myrtle

    i think her legs are very beautiful and she is cute i dont understand why some people are so hateful…

  • tote

    i am not hateful, i am turned off by this ugly midget with no talent or brains being in the news bc she is sleeping with her costar hc

  • me

    She is cute as a button. PPL ON THIS SITE ARE RIDICULOUS! They worship fug-o’s like SOPHIA BUSH.. and rag on RACHEL BILSON??

    RACHEL has a hot body, hot nice legs aka no cankles, and a beautiful face. This site is weird.. jj’s fans are ass backward..
    RACHEL BILSON IS HOTTER THAN YOU… and way hotter than SOPHIA BUSH… who Just jared and fans of his site seem to be weirdly obsessed with…

  • Polo

    She looks cute =)

  • elsa

    Nice dress, it looks great on her…
    can she be any cuter??

  • Meh

    has been

  • tote

    she has ugly legs, no brains, no talent, a midget with no future, worshiping hc, even he deserves better than her

  • mmm



    I love her outfit

  • confusED.


  • 1

    midget obsession? she is just cute and does not belong on JJ, she is a nobody, stupid talentless nobody with no looks and no talent and no taste i might add, who dresses like this especially at almost 30

  • Pinky

    #19, it’s OK for you to go off on Sophia Bush, but it’s not OK for us to voice our opinion about Bilson? People have just as much right to be Sophia Bush fans as you do to be Bilson’s fan. And we have the right to criticize her if we want to.

  • mary

    The latest candids are amazing

  • peter

    Thanks Jared


    criticize away.. I seriously dont care.. not even a big “bilson” fan at all really..just sayin. its weird that Rachel Bilson seems to have so many haters.. where other celebs that are far inferior get worshipped. its weird..

  • not even comparable.

    Why are you idiots even comparing Rachel Bilson to Sofia Bush? Rachel is better in every way imaginable. be one with it.

  • 1

    rachel is a loser in every way, midget loser

  • hahaa.

    I find it sooo funny how “losers” make almost million dollars a year, are on the covers of famous magazines,costars in movies, and on the O.C.. which was one of the most famous tv shows of our time.. ya.. what a “loser!”

  • lakers fan in boston

    love u rachel!!!
    u look so cute, i love that dress
    honestly she never fails when it comes 2 dressing up

  • 1

    in the context of hollywood celebs bilson is the biggest loser with the worst reviews and worst looks
    the only reason she is in the news is bc of sleeping with hc

  • babeangel

    15-nothing to do with hayden the way she is dressing no one is making him be with her however before any thing more is said. we dont hear him moaning about he should tell her where they stand. so can move on like i’ve said before not getting younger

  • purple dawg

    @18 HC is GAY. RB is his beard. And she’s so stupid and desperate that she’s willing to go along with it for the press coverage.

  • miss zanessa

    why are you so mean to her?
    she´s beautiful and she has a great fashion style
    i lOVE her shoes ^^

  • 41633

    Actually Rachel’s dress is hideous! It looks like a house dress. Natalie Portman’s causual dress is so much better and Natalie look smart and has much better leg’s then Biho!
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  • meagan

    Never mind that Natalie Portman is relevant, she’s extremely talented and has branched out to hone her craft not only in acting but producing and directing as well. She’s socially active, promotes charitable causes, volunteers and doesn’t get papped every single day doing absolutely nothing. She spent a great deal of time last summer volunteering at a children’s ward in a hospital in LA and didn’t feel the need to have an entourage following her with cameras the entire time. THAT is why Rachel Bilson is a loser–she thinks she’s God’s gift and that couldn’t be further from the truth, she’s completely irrelevant on every level and contributes absolutely nothing to the betterment of society.

  • carla

    This is why I have so much more respect for Adam Brody. Ever since the OC ended, he hasn’t been plastered on tabloid pages and has lived a more quiet and low key life than his ex. No tipping off paps and then pretending to be annoyed by the loss of privacy for him. No using of his private life to gain publicity, the way both Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton do. But then Adam is an actor, and focused on that, and not a faux fashionista.
    Sometimes fans are so naive and think these celebrities do not control what gets put out there. They do.

  • atlqueen

    Carla, adam brody isn’t doing sh!t. He’s in a band that no one knows about. He is hardly doing any acting. The guy sucks. I actually thought he would go somewhere but I wasted my time on that. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Funkey

    God her fans no matter how badly she dressed would think she looked great. Doesn’t matter really her taste in clothing is bad guess why DNKY dropped her and gave Hillary Duff the option now to design guess they were tired of having a woman who’s only function is to COPY not only clothing, but interviews and quotes she can’t give anything that wasn’t already said by someone else.

    Actually Adam Brody did several movies and is in the uncoming Justice League Movie coming out next year. Seems the men on OC have been working more then anyone. Bilson can’t do much else but press HO herself out there and drags the corpse man with her in hopes of what getting noticed by his fans. The best he has right now is voice overs and some idea of a corspe movie (gee he looks that way now w/o a movie) they talked about TAG. Other then that he has nothing but this BD and talk on that set was he is a A-HOLE.

    JUMPER 2 now that is a joke the studio’s won’t waste their time on a sequel as they know sequels sell less then the orginal and Liman already said in an interview in Nov he isn’t doing anything with Jumper right now he has other things on his list before he would even think about it. Good reason Liman must have been told by Fox to forget it ecomony is bad all over I can’t see anyone taking a chance on either of these D-lister again plus the fact Jamie Bell just landed TINTIN with Peter Jackson and Steven Speilsberg the movie that was talked about HC wanted to get. Guess they saw jumper and saw who the best out of that movie was.

  • voice of reason

    Nice to see certain people back under different names, yet again new way to hiding yourselves, forget it, you are still obvious.

  • s

    That justice league movie was dropped, before filming actually.

  • sharon

    what is so newsworthy about this….shopping i think thats the only good thing she does and got to say this outfit is alot better than her last.

  • Lincoln Jones

    I have no idea who this HC is that everyone keeps mentioning, but this chick is HOT. And if she is sleeping with the dude, he’s a lucky guy.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ VOR,
    Oh my Gwad!!! Don’t even start nailing me on being the person with different names! LOL! Your so freaking paraniod!! OR should I call you Miss Rachel??? LOL! ! I have been busy watching my team playing their games on the road trip. Plus, watching the neighbor’s dog’s and working overtime. They have a big one and so far they have won all of their 5 games. I don’t even bother with Bilson’s thread’s anymore. She is a joke and a waste of my time sweetie.

    I’m only posting b/c Laker’s beat Boston Celtic’s tonight!! That is in your face for calling Pau a lousy player last year! Might as well give Pau the love and Rachel a thumb’s down. What is she doing??? Doing shopping, eating lunch with some bald dude and grabbing iced tea and yogurt. WoW!!! How brillant is that? If, you want to support that fool then, have some fun lady!

    BTW- A cooking show is the most laughable rumor yet. Rachel is starting to look like a laughing stalk by the way she dresses and so on. Now. Moving on to my sweet little victory. Have fun b*tches!

  • voice of reason

    Gasol charming as ever, did not mention your name in my earlier post are you feeling guilty about something? Congrats on the Lakers win.