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'Sex and the City 2' Movie Confirmed!

'Sex and the City 2' Movie Confirmed!

Sex and the City 2 has been confirmed!

SATC writer-director Michael Patrick King tells E!’s Marc Malkin, “I’m very excited to work with these amazing actresses again and would love to give everyone more information about the sequel…but I’m busy with my Sex life.”

All four Sex-y ladies — Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis — signed their deals yesterday afternoon! Shooting begins this summer with a tentative Summer 2010 release date.

HOW EXCITED are you for the Sex and the City sequel???

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  • Fabian

    OMG! i can’t wait!!!

  • hug SSC Fan

    cant wait!!!!!!

  • stylish

    Loves it!
    I hope Patricia Field will work wonders in this one as well=)

  • Whachagunnadoboutit

    cannot wait

  • ali

    omg i cant wait!!!! i loved the first movie =)

  • hannahh

    not at all. they shouldn’t have even made the first movie. the show was plenty. they have to ruin everything for a profit.

  • Pati


  • ashi JIJI

    YES :):):):) HURRAH

  • http://ffff fd

    ı hate this movie this ugly women

  • http://ffff fd

    ı hate this movie this ugly women

  • bey rocks

    i`m not excited at all. the first movie sucked big time, it was so silly

  • Jo

    VERY of course !!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait !

  • Lilly

    OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Sex And the City is my religion !!!!!
    God bless the actresses ! Girliy, just cry for the next movie now ! I am Samantha in the city XD

  • lovebug :]

    sgkv,.dgfffg blcx/. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m sooooo excited :] i can’t wait for a year an a half….
    but i will have to and it’s gonna be the bestttt

  • mike

    shut up all you bitter haters sex and the city is awesome!! cannot wait!!! :)

  • bleh

    eeeh that just kill it

  • b

    NOOOOOOO the last one had a gppd ending.. theyll spoil it!!!

  • b


  • jessica

    I’m excited, the first one was as expected and a very good way to close the Carrie storyline. She was the stereotype of dating disaster but it was good to see her settle down and get some stability. It was almost the perfect ending to suburban family life and it will be interesting to see where it goes because family life is a bit boring but in a good way.

  • mickey

    That’s fine, I just hope it is better than the first movie. The series was fantastic but the movie didn’t seem to have the same energy and comedic wit as the series. I think they tried to make it all serious with a few sight gags thrown in here and there.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i do hope it’s better than the first
    the first was very typical, nothing surprising

  • Scott

    This Show is even better

    Check This Out

  • olivia

    I agree with #6.

    I have the full box set and the dvd of the movie.

    No one is a bigger fan than me.

    It ended so perfectly. Excately the way we wanted it too, so what else needs to be told? How many more men can Samantha f@ck?

  • Naty


  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m sure it’s quite difficult finding new F*GG*T-JOKES again!!

  • mai

    cant wait loved SATC

  • adriana

    OMG!!!!!! YES!!!!!!
    cannot wait for this movie!!!

  • PaulinhoO

    Can’t wait! *—————*

  • elanenergy

    I am an original fan—it’s so uncool to be a SATC fan, but I am….yeah, another movie!!!!!! (half the movie was good, half bad, but dang, I love these old hags.)

  • gisele

    I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!

    can they make a 3rd, 4th, and 5th while they’re at it!?!!?!

  • Acemeister

    Lotta stupid people out there to want more of this crap. Dried up skanks for the most part (3 out of 4 anyway).

  • meetmark

    i am excited but im not at the same time i love to watch the reruns of the show. i love to watch the show but they end it so perfectly why make another movie… ill se it newys though,

  • Zoe Moon

    WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! I love those girls.

  • Jennie

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Jennie

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Jennie

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • really

    Interesting. I hope number 2 is better than 1. Although I’m going to miss Samantha’s hot next door neighbor from L.A….Hahaha!

  • 9 Pounds

    wow goodie

  • Lola

    here we go again
    they are never gonna stop

  • bellinas

    can’t wait …. love it and love carrie !!!!!!!!!! big time 4 cosmos…. NYC and great fashion…

  • Laura

    Cannot wait for this movie!!!!! I loved the first one and the series that they did!!!! All of them. Kristin Davis is my fave because she is like me the most!! I love all of them!! :D:D:D:D:D

  • Hip

    yay !!! Can’t wait !!!

  • serena

    I just saw the first movie, Sex and the City, yesterday. Loved it!!! it was the cutest thang!!! Can not wait for the second one!!!

  • sanne

    i can’t wait. The first movie was so amazing, ii gonne buy it :D

  • angelInstead

    that’s great news! loved the first one, can’t wait for the sequel! hope it won’t take them too long to make it, though..

  • shoes4life

    I think the first movie was great and should have been it. I love, love, love sex and the city but a movie vs. the show drama is totally different. I mean they pretty much dealt with every possible scenario of life in the movie and ended it perfectly. What more can they do?

    I don’t want to see a Carrie & Big (John) divorce because that’s the only thing I can see big that could happen. Why can’t the ladies just be happy. Maybe Carrie & Big will be expecting a child and the shocker will be Samantha is getting married.

  • bnet

    Ugly show leads to ugly movie.

  • Polo

    I can not wait for the new movie!!

  • mmorton

    another one???? …..Wasn’t the first one boring enough . The first was just like one long extended series version rather than a movie….dialog was weak , plot was thin and predictable. Where do they think this one will go?

  • eyda

    yeaaaah:) cant wait, loved the first one…yeaaaaaaaaaah