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Christian Bale's Apology: I Acted Like a Punk

Christian Bale's Apology: I Acted Like a Punk

Christian Bale has called into the KROQ Kevin & Bean show in Los Angeles to apologize for his screaming and shouting mishap while filming Terminator Salvation.

The 35-year-old actor admits, “It’s been a miserable week for me. I know I have a pottymouth, everybody knows that now. I have no confusion whatsoever. I was out of order beyond belief, I was way out of order. I acted like a punk, I regret that and there is nodbody that has heard that tape that has been hit harder by it [than me]. I make no excuses for it, it is inexcusable and I hope that is absolutely clear.”

Christian continues, “One thing that has really disturbed me throughout this is I’m not familiar or comfortable with this notion of being a movie star. I’m an actor and I’m don’t quite know how to handle [the movie star thing]. The thing that disturbs me so much is that I’ve heard a lot of people saying that I seem to think I’m better than anybody else. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I’m a lucky SOB. I never forget that and that is why I put so much into what I do and I care so much about it . Sometimes that enthusiasm just goes awry.”

Mr. Bale ended, “I am embarrassed by it and I regret it. And I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves, ‘Have they ever had a bad day and have they ever lost their temper and really regretted it immensely?’”

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  • gjc

    Makes you wonder about that “incident” involving his mom and sister.

  • Cooooooookie

    He’s an artist. Artists are almost always douches. But I don’t think he is one. If people judged Picasso’s art by the his character, he wouldn’t be the most famous artist in history, would he? Don’t judge someone’s art by their character it’s petty and it’s what stupid people do. Now, you don’t want to be a stupid person, do you?

  • tobey

    Flush him. He’s crap.

  • Alexkziel

    man, I used to love and respect him, I love Empire of the Sun and American psycho. He disappointed me with his crazy rant. I think he is sincere, I hope he apologizes with the poor guy too.

  • Sinigang

    I wish someone will follow these haters and record their juciest cuss words for everyone in the internet to hear. Just that no one would care.

  • horatio

    Who cares what he said, to whom, and if he apologized or not. Movie stars are just people. Oh sure, many feel self-important and entitled, but mostly in their own minds.

  • Lucas

    this incident was 6 months ago and for all we know apologizes were made at the time. to Christian for disrespecting him by walking onto the set — which a so called professional like a DP knows better than do to once much less more than once as he did. to the DP for yelling on the middle of the set and not taking it to trailers etc.

    but the apology that has yet to be made is to Christian for releasing the tape. there was no need to do it other than to be a jerk to him. some sound editor or such thought it would be funny, profitable, whatever. that’s tacky. almost as tacky as the republishing but of course once it was out there how could the gossip sites resist. can’t dare be one up’d by another site. violates the gossipers code of conduct.

    if you think he’s a self centered jerk. don’t buy magazines with him on the cover, don’t see his movies etc. that’s on you.


    He is a humble actor and never acts like he is a big star. All you heard from the tape is his swearing but there was no footage of what was happening in film. Perhaps the guy that made him mad was bothering him so much and he had to stop him from doing that several times.
    I still like Christian Bale regardless.

  • domer

    In response to Mr Bale’s question ‘has anyone ever had a bad day and regretted it immensely?’ The answer is; yes, I have. But I, like the majority of the population, don’t have the luxury or desire to use a co-worker as a verbal punching bag. You did. And you should be as sorry as you say your are.
    The true test will be whether you feel justified in ever doing it again. You’re not. You never will be. Talent aside, the only reason you were treated as deferentially as you were when you put on this display is because you ARE Christian Bale. Because you’re famous. And whether or not you’re used to it, you are and you know it. You know it every time you go to an swanky opening or cash your paycheque. In any other profession you would never have been allowed the freedom to be that obnoxious and insulting. You have a responsibility to behave better because of who you are. And if you don’t understand that, then you don’t deserve the rewards you have been given.
    I hope you remember this incident. And I hope you shutup the next time you feel that level of rage come on. You haven’t earned the right. No one has.
    and ps..I AM an actor and I’ve seen your type of behaviour before. It’s nothing new and it’s not appropriate. You’re not in character, you’re in the character of famous actor Christian Bale. Remember. And Behave.

  • Nelita

    I think those of you who are still being nasty because you say he is not apologizing to the DP have not really been paying attention to anything. This happened almost a year ago. He apologized to him then, they have made up and went on with their lives. He is apologizing to the public now because there was such an outcry about old news. I myself have heard alot worse than his tape, when I worked at the sheriff’s office as a dispatcher and jail supervisor(by the employees not the inmates). I heard this kind of thing almost on a daily basis. And as far as his mother, I have had yelling matches with my own mom and I am sure I am not the only one. He is one of the best actors I have ever seen and I admire and support him. I think some of you just trash on him because it makes you feel better about yourselves….that’s pretty sad…..Before you judge him, read about him, watch his biography on tv, you might be suprised and impressed by what you learn…..

  • remember the truth

    You people holding this grudge against Bale arn’t really people at all. I don’t even think you’re human to say the least. After he has apologised you ppl go on about how he shouldhave done this instead or bla bla bla…..Who the fuck are any of you ppl kidding? There is no doubt in my mind you have friends that flip out like this, but have choosen to ignore it or are oblivious to it because of the pact you have with them. Has no other human being on this earth flipped out on someone for God-knows-whatever-reason(s) and felt bad about it after because it wasn’t their fault? If you haven’t you must never have taken a dump before, either. I think he is a great actor, simple man, and very humble about his work. I knwo ppl working at fucking Mcdonalds who arn’t as pleasant., what’s thier excuse? Living the simple life, are we? I feel like it’s my job to educate the retarded, in this case many of YOU’s. God-forbid I was a celebrity and I had written this, I might as well have given you all a heart attack, LOL. Time to grow up and wake up from your arrogant, oblivious ways. SOFTIES :D

  • doc

    His apology is useless when he’s not signing up for anger management.

  • barney

    you’re still a f’ing prick

  • Maniston

    Still a tool and his apology seemed like a studio ploy not a personal enlightenment for him. Get help,Bale!

  • Lee

    I like him *better* now.

    Here’s my take on the whole thing: “Anger Management”. :D

  • sheryl

    I don’t have to forgive him, it’s not for me to. It’s not about forgiveness on my part…that belongs to the DP and the people on set that had to endure this senseless behavior. As for me, though, I’ve never been that interested in him as an actor, and this did nothing to change that.

  • Bill

    He’s a bum! No more of his movies for me!

  • kikilala

    I think there is no need for Mr Bale apologize to the public because what happened has nothing to do do with the public. It happened on the set and was resolved on the set that very day.

    He already said that he apologized to the whole crew right after the incident (which happened months ago), DP included. DP was not fired and they continued to work with each other. Case closed.

    There’s nothing that he can do that will make the public happy now. When he did not comment, everyone says he’s a jerk. He apologizes and everyone says its PR. He cannot win.

  • oldnewtown

    Fantastic! His performances are still coma-inducing.

  • cain

    still no sorry to his unlucky cinematographer? then it’s not called apology, it’s excuse.

  • asdfgf

    Bale….you are a filthy animal who deserves zero respect from anybody, anywhere.
    Fcuk you and your fcuking movies you limp d*ck fcuktard.
    Go and fix that lisp you have got going there. You sound like a fcuking p u s s y.

  • la.

    “still no sorry to his unlucky cinematographer? then it’s not called apology, it’s excuse.”

    Morons should stop posting already. They made up a long time ago. Do some research or something. He was apologizing to fans today who may have heard the rant and rushed to judge. Ya know, idiots who comment on here and spread hate meanwhile not realizing the hypocrisy of what they’re doing. The difference? These people get to do it anonymously while sitting at their desk eating cheetos cuz that’s what the internet is for – to slander people anonymously. And you all do it so well. Pretty sad.

  • la.

    “You know, as if screaming at the top of your lungs for 4 minutes was the kind of thing all of us have done at work.”

    If your work involved millions of dollars and opening yourself to being a completely different character, then perhaps it would be understandable to most who have this magical thing called perspective. But you’re right, it probably wouldn’t be understandable to someone like you working at Burger King.

  • Mikael

    I don’t know what to think about this.Ive seen worse.

  • Baddypowder

    la. I totally agree with you. I still don’t understand people here who keep saying he should apologize to the DP, that he didn’t mention his name in the apology, etc. Well, guys, first you should hear the entire apology (it lasts 10 minutes, so I guess your concentration span isn’t that long, you probably haven’t even heard it, you’ve just read the title of the article and this was enough for you to make more nasty comments) and then you would hear that he does mention his name (Shane), that he praises his good work and says that they had resolved all this back on the set 7 months ago just after the incident and went on shooting the entire film. So why should he apologize to him again now? So that the public can make fun of him even more? Gimme a break, you hypocrites!

  • ellie

    Big deal we’ve all had a bad day, I don’t know whats so wrong about it . I know I’m not perfect in anyway..I don’t think you have to apologize it was awhile ago…

  • Angelica

    My boyfriend works in one big company and when he listened to the Bale tape he said it was nothing compared to what he hears every day. Once his boss screamed at him and threw papers and files at him when he messed something up. He was so loud (and for justified reasons) that his assistant started crying. But, they’ve continued working on later as if nothing happened, and my boyfriend has learned so much from his boss in a professional sense and all this yelling at him has only made him stronger and wiser.

  • Kenosis

    Just don’t forget the most important thing: we got an awesome remix out of it.

  • I Love Velvet Goldmine

    I just watched ‘Empire of the Sun’ and its amazing what a good actor he is even at such a young age. I think if he has the feeling for things he’ll let you know that seems to be the method to his acting so he must of thought if only for a minute losing temper that it was for a purpose. Come on people this guy is the shit. Don’t hate on him. Still can’t believe he got to play Jesus on the big screen and who can forget Patrick Bateman. And being Batman aswell. in my eyes hes unstoppable whereas Brangelina, TomKat, Jennifer Anistons, Claire Daneses and all these other stupid, boring nobody fucks you put out there can kiss my fucking ass!

  • Li

    #22 Junk : He not may not be the most agreeable person but a great actor he is so fuck you Ur jealous or just bullshit yourself

  • Li

    #22 Junk: Hello? A shit actor he is not he may not be the most agreeable person but talent as an actor he has. Bullshit I think you’re jealous.

  • lola

    at least, he admits his mistakes, it’s not evryone in hollywood, who could do this, there’s so much ego !

  • cgckvb

    I like him no matter what!

  • Jughed

    Although it’s true that Mr. Bale is just a regular person who can lose his temper, you kind of expect a celebrity to have more poise on the set than the average bum. Actually, I heard a bum last night swearing like Mr. Bale last night!

    Then again, what do you expect of actors who make terrible movies!

  • diana

    I don’t think I could conscionably continue to support Christian’s career after learning what an A**Hole he is. Any movie that I watch of his from now on will be a bootleg. No excuse for his rant. For the money he makes I think he can afford to be a little nicer to the set people. I hope his carreer is finished.

  • gemma

    He is unstoppable???? we shall see. With no anger classes he will have more psychoness to come. He has no class @ all.

  • Edumacated

    Angelica @ 02/07/2009 at 6:38 am My boyfriend works in one big company and when he listened to the Bale tape he said it was nothing compared to what he hears every day. Once his boss screamed at him and threw papers and files at him when he messed something up. He was so loud (and for justified reasons) that his assistant started crying. But, they’ve continued working on later as if nothing happened, and my boyfriend has learned so much from his boss in a professional sense and all this yelling at him has only made him stronger and wiser.

    With all due respect, if your boyfriend allowed someone to THROW files at him and speak to him as if he were subhuman, then your boyfriend is a frightened little wuss.

    In life, you TEACH people how to treat you. I am an attorney and business owner and NEVER have I allowed anyone to treat me with disrespect in the workplace, and that includes partners at major law firms. A boss is your professional superior and has the right to reprimand you, but NO ONE has the right to be abusive.

    The second you allow someone to treat you as if you are something on the bottom of their shoe, it empowers them to do so again and again and again. That your boyfriend thinks he DESERVES to be treated in that manner and thinks his boss’ cruelty is an some way a GOOD thing speaks volumes about your poor boyfriend’s self esteem. He sounds like the prototypical battered wife who thinks she DESERVES to be verbally abused by her husband and is then oh so grateful when he brings her flowers.

    The next time it happens, you boyfriend should say the following: “Mr. X, I fully respect your position here and welcome your constructive criticism, but I am a professional. I don’t clean your toilets or shine your shoes and don’t appreciate being spoken to as if you think I do. Please make your points without being verbally abusive. And if you ever THROW anything at me again, I will file a formal complaint with Human Resources, as well as consider any legal action that I deem appropriate under the circumstances. Of course, I am certain it won’t come to that since I know we both have the capacity to conduct ourselves in a professional manner.”

  • Undecided

    This is a pattern with verbal abusers….unfortunately he has exploded over and over….I think the guy is whack….

  • bale is wrong

    This is why America and the world is getting worst because insanity like this gets a free pass.

    We wait for something really bad to happen to take action which is unacceptable.

  • bobbi

    EDUMACATED WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sheryl

    lola @ 02/07/2009 at 1:11 pm
    at least, he admits his mistakes, it’s not evryone in hollywood, who could do this, there’s so much ego !

    Of course he admitted, how could he not? It’s out there for the world to see AND he’s got a movie coming out. The sad part is, when he did share with the world how much he regretted it, he still made excuses for it. So, you know….whatever. AGAIN, it really sounds like the guy needs help because he has a wife and child that could come face to face with one of his “bad days”….tell me, do you/would you scream at your child for 4 minutes and be justifed in it? And if there was no one there to hold you back, take it further? It’s called self control and it only takes one time letting go of it to this extent to ruin everything. The only thing hurt right now is his pride and image, but if it is allowed to go unchecked and excuses are made for it time and again, it could eventually turn out worse.



  • selma

    well mr bale can yell at me anytime rawr… :*

  • Mc

    Yea…but would Christian have really been sorry if this audio tape hadn’t leaked? Did he apologize to the guy he was yelling at back then? That’s what I want to know! I have had bad days and have said sorry after. But did he?

  • blarrrghhhh

    Apparently his mom said that it’s “just his temper” and it hurt her to hear her son like that. The statement suggest its not just a random flip out that “everyone has once in awhile” like a lot of people are saying. Bale doesn’t need our forgiveness, but for his own mental health and blood pressure he should see a counselor. He physically threatened a guy. If that happened to me, even if the person apologized, I’d accept his apology but there’s no way we’d be cool after belittling me like that in public.

  • callie

    ok im happy that he made a statment and u know what all u ppl that sit there and say that u wont see his movies u know what im just like him i get into outbursts like that and iv actually gotten were i was hurting someone not just by words and you know what we all have our bad days so leave the poor guy alone.

  • Fourplay

    Callie, two words – get help!

  • Edumacated

    callie @ 02/08/2009 at 4:11 pm ok im happy that he made a statment and u know what all u ppl that sit there and say that u wont see his movies u know what im just like him i get into outbursts like that and iv actually gotten were i was hurting someone not just by words and you know what we all have our bad days so leave the poor guy alone.

    And any “bad day” that you had that involved physical violence against another person should have ended with you posing for a mug shot, just as Bale’s bad day should result in his suffering where it will really hurt — at the box office. We don’t live in a society in which anyone should ever have to be victimized by anyone else because they can’t control themselves.

  • Unbelievable

    Wow… Just incredibly stupid. Bale is telling the DP how unprofessional he is? How ironic! Oh but what pains me the most in all this… Is the fact that people actually buy into this “apology”?! Come on people. Please for the love of god take off the blinders. Do you honestly think Bale would have prepared an apology had this audio not been released? Yes I do believe he is wholeheartedly sorry. Sorry, that he got caught… Damage control as another commenter said.

    Granted, I won’t be watching anything with him as leading role. Not because of his rant though. I just think he’s a witless hack and most times that I watch him his acting just makes me cringe with embarrassment for him. Have you ever seen an actor try so hard to appear genuine? Painful really… I can certainly see why he’d be so stressed. He doesn’t believe he does a good enough job I’m sure. And it shows. Oh well. Life goes on.

  • blarrggggg

    Here’s a pic of Bales’ wife sitting in the director’s chair between takes on the set of Terminator.
    Seems like bad form to me and a bit audacious.