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Christian Bale's Apology: I Acted Like a Punk

Christian Bale's Apology: I Acted Like a Punk

Christian Bale has called into the KROQ Kevin & Bean show in Los Angeles to apologize for his screaming and shouting mishap while filming Terminator Salvation.

The 35-year-old actor admits, “It’s been a miserable week for me. I know I have a pottymouth, everybody knows that now. I have no confusion whatsoever. I was out of order beyond belief, I was way out of order. I acted like a punk, I regret that and there is nodbody that has heard that tape that has been hit harder by it [than me]. I make no excuses for it, it is inexcusable and I hope that is absolutely clear.”

Christian continues, “One thing that has really disturbed me throughout this is I’m not familiar or comfortable with this notion of being a movie star. I’m an actor and I’m don’t quite know how to handle [the movie star thing]. The thing that disturbs me so much is that I’ve heard a lot of people saying that I seem to think I’m better than anybody else. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I’m a lucky SOB. I never forget that and that is why I put so much into what I do and I care so much about it . Sometimes that enthusiasm just goes awry.”

Mr. Bale ended, “I am embarrassed by it and I regret it. And I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves, ‘Have they ever had a bad day and have they ever lost their temper and really regretted it immensely?’”

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  • angela

    I can’t believe how personal people are taking this drivel!! Who cares? You don’t even know these people.

    He shouldn’t even have to apologize to a whole bunch of strangers who downloaded a leaked audio from the internet. On top of that, it happened more than half a year ago, and everyone has reconciled since than.

    The general public can be such pompous dummies.

  • Gaahl

    Whilst it’s a sincere apology, I CAN ask myself if I’ve ever had a bad day and lost my temper and regretted it, and the answer is: NEVER TO THAT EXTENT, FOR THAT LONG! Not even in the darkest of times. My best wishes to him in hoping he can discover in himself that he needs to do more than give an apology and maybe get some help. Now THAT would gain more sympathy and support.

  • Retno

    Hem… i think from those who gave comments on this page, only few really listened to the apology.

    1. He clearly stated it’s inexcusable and he went overboard.
    2. He said many people had their opinions on this thing but NONE were there (which is true indeed) so NONE of us really know what triggered that rant.
    3. He clearly said it was resolved in the SAME day (meaning 7 MONTHS ago) of the incident (McG and Bryce also said the same thing) and he worked with the DP for at least another month after that.
    4. He did mentioned the DP name several times, praised him and explained he is A BIG GUY to be bullied of for a start.
    5. For people who doubt his statement as “feeling uncomfortable with the notion of movie star”, you should read the story where he had really bad time in school (got bullied etc) after filming Empire of the Sun, the experience made him stop acting for almost 1 year. He liked the experience of acting but not the label goes with it (“movie star”) and the consequences. And judging from his choices of movies after Empire (but prior to Batman Begins), he always picked somewhat indie movie types that shun him out off the glamour, which i do not think coincidental. For more info, you can check his biography in youtube in which all comentators said exactly the same thing, that is, Bale is the type of actor who never wants to be under spotlight. He rarely gives interviews other than for promoting his movies. Unfortunately with Batman and Terminator, he will be under spotlight.

    Again, likewise, this is the problem between him and the DP. As long as it has been resolved between them and both have moved on, we have no business at all. As far as we know, nobody was fired, Bale regretted his mistake on the same day, and all went straightback to their profesionalism.

    Besides, I love Terminator series and would certainly watch the WAR we’ve seen the glimpses only in T1 and T2.

  • Erana

    I will never understand why so many people care so much about the personalities of actors. As an actor Christian Bale is fantastic. As far as who he is as a person – don’t care. Did he mean his apology? Maybe. Maybe not. Did he act like a jerk? Absolutely. Does it have any effect on whether or not I’ll see his movies in the future? None. I don’t care. In fact, I prefer to know nothing about actors as people – let their work speak for itself. Whatever their real-life personality is, it makes no difference to their performance, therefore it makes no difference to me. This is why I don’t read Hollywood magazines, and the only reason I’m commenting on this is because it was linked from the rant remix.

    Honestly – if you liked his movies before, just ignore this whole thing. Who cares what he’s like in person? You’re not going to his movies to see him as Christian Bale.

  • CSL

    Does no one else find it odd that so many people in this world are celebrity obsessed and actually care to comment about an ACTOR? Don’t get me wrong artists contribute a great deal to our lives. But wouldn’t you agree here are so many more important things to be focused on?

    This guy is a human being. Not a deity. He’s as average as anyone else on the planet. Just like all the other celebrities. AND athletes. Most of these people are ENTERTAINERS. And sadly America is nothing without it’s entertainment.

  • mike f.

    I can understand he was having a bad day. everybody has them. I can also understand that his job comes with a great deal of stress with everyone around you expecting perfection. I admit I have had days like that where I just lost it. But I have to say that I havent never gone off on anyone like that. When I blow up, I make it a point to go away from everyone. If he had talked to me like that, Im afraid I wouldnt have handled it as well as the fella that took his ass chewing. Im afraid I would have gotten a bit physical.

  • stephan

    I was inclined to hate on him when the rant first came out and I still have reservations about him. BUT, there’s no getting past the truth in the observation that everyone has unlovely moments in their lives that they wish they could take back. Although I don’t think I’ve ever gone off on anyone quite to the extent that he did, certainly it’d be a flat-out lie to deny ever losing my temper and regretting it deeply. So on those grounds, I just don’t see any reason to sit in permanent judgement over him. The man made what sounds like a sincere apology, so unless he does it again, he’s got my vote.

  • Stephan

    The next time it happens, you boyfriend should say the following: “Mr. X, I fully respect your position here and welcome your constructive criticism, but I am a professional. I don’t clean your toilets or shine your shoes and don’t appreciate being spoken to as if you think I do.
    Sorry, “Edumacated,” but you devalued your entire argument right there. Or was it your intention to imply that a person whose job DOES include cleaning toilets or shining shoes DOES deserve to be spoken to in such a fashion? If so, apparently your definition of who does/doesn’t deserve respect relies more on who makes more/less money and less on simply being a human being. But then again, being a lawyer, I suppose that fits perfectly into your world-view ;-)

  • Woodrat

    Calling Mr. Bateman.

  • Amanda

    ahw poor baleman! i totally get it dude i love you all the same!

  • joshua


    Why would he have to apologize to us? He said nothing he did excuses his actions.

  • MEl

    What the hell, everybody expects celebrities to be some kind of PERFECT, IDEAL human being that never gets angry and never makes mistakes. And if they flip out (like any of have done in the past on a bad day), it becomes this horrible revelation and they instantly become some kind of mega douche-bag that ever existed. Seriously? I feel sorry for the guy, it just HAPPENED that his flip-out was recorded and spread online, ruining the majority of his reputation forever. I don’t understand what you guys who call him a douche-bag are thinking.