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Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson and kid sister Hattie Bilson brave the rain to go on a shopping spree at Toys R Us in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (February 5).

Hattie seemed to be big on the My Little Ponies — perhaps the influence of big sister Rachel‘s own 80′s childhood?

Rachel, 27, and Hattie also made a stop at Burbank’s Island Fine Burgers and Drinks to refuel.

More pictures of Hattie and Rachel Bilson‘s sisterly shopping spree inside…

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  • marg

    just because there are pictures of her shopping with her little sister means she tipped off the papz? seriously people no one is that low to do that (except speidi). if she actually wanted them there she would be putting on a show, these are boring. but she always looks pretty no matter what and i love how she spends so much time with her family. i love rachel and people just shit on her cause they have nothing else better to do. get over yourselves.

  • Pinky

    @#49, I couldn’t agree more. It’s mind boggling to me that there are still people who support her and defend her actions, blaming the paparazzi for “invading her privacy.” Please. They have jobs to do, she or her PR people give them a schedule and pay them to show up at the designated times. Period.

    @#48, you’re right as well, Bilson is about as private as a person walking stark naked down the middle of a busy street. Repulsive. And for someone like Hayden who has always claimed to love his own privacy and that of his family, he should be ashamed, she’s managed to use his own family in the same blatant way numerous times.

  • Rachel bilson blog

    *let her be, ?*

  • Smilehexe

    @#51 – marg
    Oh, come on, wake up! Type in her name (or the one of her boyfriend) into the searching machine over here and then allow yourself to actually see what shows up without wearing the pink glasses. This wannabe is THE pap-tipper par excellence, and it’s MORE than obvious.
    And she spends time with her family only to EXPOSE these meetings, to have yet another opportunity to have her picture taken and getting another thread. She does that with everybody, family and friends, no matter who it is. RB loves one more than anybody else: Herself. Seeing her face in public is the air she breaths. Just open your eyes, and you’ll see it, too.
    With one thing you’re right though: I’m a bit bored today which is why I have come back to check up on here a little. What I found out is that absolutely nothing has changed around here within a few months. ;-)

  • Chaz

    @#51 Do you seriously think the paps hang out at obscure Toys R Us stores looking to catch “candids” of celebs? Riiiight. That’s why we see so many shots of all the A listers in LA hanging there.

  • sam

    i agree, how do any paps know where anyone goes? just let her be, everyone is so annoying!!

  • Smilehexe

    @#52 – Pinky
    HC is just as bad and has no backbone at all. Tells lies and changes his mind all the time. From that point they fit together perfectly indeed. And they are both pretty dumb (although conniving and reckless enough to use other people obviously, even their own families). I have lost any respect towards HC a long while ago already. “Who you are shows the person you’re with.” An old saying from my granny, and dear, she was so right!
    Referring to your funny question above (#44) if he was her “keeper” (had me ROFL), I would say: Nope, this guy needs his own keeper. I guess Tove did this job quite well for many years, and since you don’t see Tove around him much anymore, HC’s life, career and decisions etc. moved downwards only.

    @#55 – Chaz
    :lol: Well said!

  • marg

    whatever, im allowed to be a fan of whoever i want. i dont have an issue with rachel bilson, nor will i think into her personal life as much as you guys have. i couldnt care less

  • Chaz

    @#56, How do they know? Because someone’s PR team calls them and tell them. Pure and simple.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Hi Smilehexe,
    Nice to hear from you too old friend!! Oh! I have lost hope and given up on Hayden Christensen a long time ago. He seems lost and their is no further hope for him. Of course, everything Hayden has said or claimed to hate and did not care to do he, is now doing! He has not been exactly private either plus, he has denied the relationship more then once and that is clearly not the case. Rachel put’s up with Hayden’s weird behavior too. My guess is they deserve each other then. Hayden is a totally different person then he was in 2005. Unless, he has some mental issues or split persoanlity disorder??? I doubt that one. I think Hayden has done a lot of lying. :shock:

    HA HA HA!! Hayden does look like a Yeti in the face!! It is one thing to have a beard and beard’s can be sexy if, they are trimmed and groomed. Hayden looks like a scraggly mountain man. Well. The man does not bother to clean his fingernail’s either. Go figure??…Rachel and Hayden seem so shallow. Only outside beauty but, no inner beauty I agree. Of course Hayden has lost his good looks. He no longer looks appealing to me. IDK what I saw in him as a fan either or now former fan.

    Oh Marg, Chaz and Sam. Get real! Of course the paparazzi will not follow you to a Toy’s R Us. Rachel called the Paprazzi out! A lot of celebrities are well known pap tippers and she is one of them! Look at all the threads on her lately. Don’t worry. I’m outta here. I’m not going to give this media ho anymore attention! :roll:

  • kmkm I agree

    She may not be tipping the papparazzis. She’s probably hiring her own photographers to follow her around (rent-a-papparazzi) and then her PR person is giving them to JJ and X17 and whatnot to post. I’m sorry but only Angelina and KatiE are popular enough for genuine papparazzi to be taking their pictures almost every day for a week. RB is a bad actress with only one TV soap that’s popular to her credit. It’s now in syndication. Jumper was a huge failure. She has a failed fashion line that she copied from other designers and was called on it. She’s even been the beard for a well-known homosexual and can’t bring that off either. Most people either don’t buy the relationship or don’t care. She had no work being offered to her that anyone knows of. She’s talking about doing a cooking show from Hayden’s farm but honestly, she will have no chance of doing this. RB can’t cook, has no reputation for cooking. If it gets on the air it will only be the freak show appeal of seeing Hayden’s home (for the few fans the talentless gay Yeti has left) and her in it, trying to cook. This is another failure waiting to happen. And she’s a crummy sister to drag Hattie out in the rain to a toy store just to do a photo op. She probably doesn’t even want the toys.

  • Lauren

    rachel is my fav!!!! shes a sweety!!!!

  • atlqueen

    You guys act like she is the only one who calls the paps. Gweneth Paltrow called the paps after she had one of her children just coming out of the hospital and admitted it. Keywords: SHE JUST HAD A BABY. It couldn’t have been worst timing for that kind of thing. I don’t think you guys get it. Any kind of publicity is good publicity. If she wants a job she needs to keep within reach. I don’t hate on people who want to work celebrity or not. It’s just stupid. It’s like someone hating on me me because I work everyday. It just doesn’t make sense. If you want to be mad at someone for working their ass off in this biz get mad at Beyonce Rhianna and others that are all over the place. They make sure you see them. But I’m not mad. It’s the name of the game. Some do it their way others do it the Rachel way. She’s trying…… Lol. Again keyword: TRYING.

    Oh and thank you #26 for enlightening the uneducated. My God some of the people in here……..

  • aimee~n~woods

    Rachel is so easy to read. Seeing these kinds of photos actually make me keel over laughing my ass off because this girl has no reason to appeal to the paps. Not A list material. I don’t care for her acting. She is worse than Hayden is with her acting. This public stunt is wrong to include her poor sister in.

    Hayden Christensen isn’t going to be doing some cooking show from his farm anyway right now. He’s staying out of the spotlight. He’s got his own problems with family and I don’t think he wants to get the attention right now? Have you seen him lately? Horrid. He’s not asking for attention. But you wait when it comes time and he needs the publicity he will find a way just like Rachel. Because neither of these actors have the staying power to keep the public wanting more.

    First thing these actors need to do is to get their own thing going without using each other in publicity stunts. Then they need grade A script material which they don’t have and neither of them are really good actors. I’m not saying they can’t do it. But they have had some time to prove that. And it’s not looking good for Hayden or Rachel.

    Hayden Christensen needs to stop his lying to the public. Whatever it is dude you need to be honest. Either you like someone or you don’t. Don’t hide someone like a dirty little secret. I bet Rachel doesn’t like that at all. Which could really show these two aren’t really an item if he doesn’t have the nerve to admit that she is his girlfriend. But with all that he is going through with his family he does not want all the negative attention. Either way all the attention will be negative for anyone he cares about. So maybe shutting up about Rachel is planned. But he was like that before his family and work problems.

    I don’t think he is going to do a cooking show from his farm. There is too much negative happening with his family and he doesn’t want the attention close to home. He’s not popular enough to warrant that kind of show anyway. And Rachel probably opened her mouth again and said too much. Of course she answers for all that she says stupidly and it all comes back to her I guess on forums like this one.

    This place gets a bad rap. But I think it’s cool you don’t have to be told you cannot say your opinion about these people.

  • Funkey


    Well I do agree with you in most of your comments ,the thing is HC if he was truly her BF sorry I am one of millions including the press that are very sure this is a gay men in hiding many don’t don’t see it. Knowone ever has been so mistreated in any releationship and stays with the dead beat low life as she does. And ask yourself WHY bc first off knowone else wants her, thus the reason she can’t get decent work if at all, Plus when she wants a quick BFF she has him on her speed dial. And truly after 2 years of just “BFF” one would actually see more then a walking corpse and a woman who can’t dress correctly. GOD that red skirt she had on was slit up the side saw a close up now how skanky can one get. Was as if she raided Hattis wardrobe. And what mother would allow her 10 year old look like a prairie hillbilly was as if she threw on anything that was clean at the time and ran out in the rain. .

  • josemiguel

    Hey Haters

    For once we have a young actress who is not photographed leaving a club drunk and flashing her private parts and all you do is bitching

    Are you jealous or something?

    She is nice, she is a good sister, and she she happens to be beautiful and dresses awesome. What is it with you people?

    HATERS . I bet you all are miley and britney fans….. classy

  • josemiguel

    And for all of you ho say that the photos are staged, read what the entertainment lawyer has to say about them:

    I think one of the things that paps are going to regret is the introduction of video into their world. The reason is that by now we have seen what kind of inane questions they ask, and the way they try and provoke celebrities into a reaction that will sell better.

    In this instance, there was none of that but I am completely on the side of Rachel Bilson. She and her little sister were out shopping yesterday at Toys-R-Us and were being hounded by a group of paps who were calling out her name to get her to look up and kept racing from aisle to aisle to try and get a better shot and were basically just being annoying.

    Earlier in the day Rachel had been really nice to them and let them take shots of her alone and even one or two of her sister. However, by the time they got to the store things had got way out of hand and none of the employees of the store had any experience in dealing with paps and no one was willing to kick them out and so it really got crazy.

    As you can see here, Rachel finally had had enough and let them have it. They have definitely made an enemy of her and Toys-R-Us didn’t do any favors for themselves either by not kicking out the paps when they had the chance.


  • marg


  • ed

    Entertainment Lawyer also ripped Rachel for copying that dress. So did Lainey.

  • atlqueen

    Hey Ed, Lainey is far from important.

  • aimee~n~woods

    You don’t have to be a hater to have an opinion of what you see. You don’t have to be gullible either.

  • aimee~n~woods

    All these Hollywood gossip sites give rave reviews one minute and then take the glory away the next. It’s the way their industry works. Those who are gullible enough to believe it all will. People with an opinion for or against let them have their say. Not everyone here has an opinion based on hate. Some actually have a real opinion. It’s better than being a zombie without one.

  • sacha

    Rachel can’t make an enemy out of the paparazzi. She needs them and she constantly uses them.

  • Jen

    wow Rachel’s fat in those jeans yuck!

  • aimee~nera~woods

    sacha~All actors use the paparazzi whether they admit it or not. But some of them use them more than others. It’s always convenient to have them around when everything is cool and they need that attention. It’s when they don’t need they attention or life isn’t so hot that they bitch about those paps. Anyone would who has the profession they chose.

  • yikes

    wow, what ugly kids.

  • glenn

    Sean Penn is sickened by his movie star peers who sign up to model for clothing companies and designers – because he thinks they should concentrate on acting. The Oscar nominee has no time for stars who aren’t committed to acting 100 per cent, and he’s calling on those who want to be taken seriously to ditch their sideline jobs.

    Penn tells the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, “People are spending too much time modelling for some f**king clothing company instead of acting, and I resent it. It’s like, ‘Are you going to do the Chanel ad today? I thought you were in the middle of shooting a f**king movie.’

  • jaeger

    @ #67
    Hmm… Ok… and that we’re all suppose to believe another tall tale coming from another gossip/blog site who keep on specializing on blind items?! Well good luck with that and keep on rockin’ the boat – lol!

  • sharon

    well it has been a full week of rachel lets see what she accomplished first day with hayden ,the second day eating lunch,the third day shopping and the fourth day shopping sounds like usual week of rachel bilson …..stay tuned for tommorw or will she take a day off ??

  • trevise

    @ 50 (smilehexe)

    Hey I think I’m the 1st one who used that tag YETI… (see #86)
    And so please to know that its been “clicking” right out here and cant wait to hear out for more referring to this former “Star Wars Hottie” now downsizing to a “Star Wars Yeti”. That’s awfully yet surely fitting right!

  • cheryl

    Hattie looks like mini Rachel

  • Angela

    Q fofo, a menina é a cara dela!! Adoravel!!

  • reality

    ugly talentless midget

  • Funkey


    And where is this so called VIDEO of her kicking them out of the store please. X17 her favorite site usually shows everything even when she left the bar back in July/Aug drunk and her friends told them to leave her alone same with the valet..And gee nice that this so called LAYWER can post on a tabloid site this message. Doesn’t prove she didn’t hire them, paps will try to get more then they were asked for all the time. and GEE shopping at the toy’s r us with a kid yeah that’s not something we see everyday now is it. And that is such the usual place to see paparazzi hang out, that and Gelson’s. I don’ t see any public apologies being sent out from the press to Bilson and possibly you won’t why because they were hired. They made her popular and now she has issues please what the press and paps made they can take away in a heartbeat.

  • laura

    Ok, Meg…

    I don’t know if you’re actually being serious, but if you have the money to go on shopping sprees, do it!

    The economy needs our money to help it.

    So, she’s doing a really good job by spending some of her millions.

  • Smilehexe

    @#64 – aimee~n~woods
    Well written. I don’t agree to everything you’ve said but I did enjoy reading your post! :-)
    I think those two losers don’t have to do anything anymore, no matter who is using whom… both of their careers are SO over, IMHO.

    @#80 – trevise
    I apologize. I didn’t want to steal anyone’s term. Didn’t read your post on the other thread, sorry.
    The figure of the Yeti just came into my mind as I saw the recent pics of HC in front of their Lexus. He’s become ugly to look at indeed in the past few months – but at least his outside look fits perfectly to his inside shallowness by now. Why looking like an angel if being a bad liar in fact? ;-)

  • uhhuh

    shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop ……and shop some more

  • Smilehexe

    @#84 – Funkey
    With this reply to post #67 I totally agree. Well said! How some people can still fall for RB’s (always the same lame) tricks to end up in the media is beyond my understanding. She’s not even new, only repeating her scheming behavior over and over again. Yet some people seem to buy it?!

    Had planned to not post on this subject anymore in fact, but seeing RB with that innocent kid sister yesterday just made me feel upset. Guess we should stop giving her any attention… but then you re-meet some nice people over here and keep on answering, knowing it’s not too bright. ;-)

  • *******

    Meeting “nice people” here spending time saying unkind things about other people on the internet? Interesting view of what being nice is!

  • reality

    bilson is a pathetic loser

  • bb

    They are buying birthday presents for Hattie`s younger sis.

  • snowwhite

    you are all so ignorant…you know nothing about anything…
    if you knew anything about the way things work in LA then you would know that PAP’s wait outside your home until you leave and then proceed to follow whomever they have been assigned to that day.
    the types of celebrities that call paparazzi for photo opps are those such as reality tv personalities or a hilton perhaps or really anyone shopping on robertson blvd or leaving villa, bardot, hwood or any other lame hollywood club.
    rachel strives to stay out of the public eye when going about her personal life. the paparazzi are ridiculous, running red lights and flipping bitches just to get their money shot.
    i see it everyday.

  • pink pagoda

    @92 Starlets do call papparazzi to let them know when they’re going out and RB is on the same level as Hilton. They’re both terrible actresses. That link cited to show how frustrated RB was to be followed by papparazzi shows nothing like that. RB LOVES the papparazzi and courts them actively. She certainly hired this bunch to be there because she has literally nothing going for work in the future.
    RB has never met a photographer or an interviewer she didn’t love and wants nothing more than to be photographed and fawned over constantly. X17 had a long video of her on the set in NY for NYILY and it was plain as day that she perked up as soon as papparazzi started paying attention to her. She LOVES attention has no interest in privacy. She’s made huge capital out of her association with HC no question. Most of the comments on this board mention him and how disgusting he is and how stupid she is for hanging around him like a leech. If it wasn’t for him she’d get no attention at all. WAKE UP STUPID. She is using him as papparazzi bait and he is using her as his beard because he’s hiding the fact that he’s gay. He may also be sick because there are lesions oh his face almost all the time which is why he grows the scruffy beard and mustache.

  • sam

    Bilson uses the paparazzi. The paparazzi uses her. It’s a mutually beneficial relationshiop. She owes a lot of her popularity as a “fashion icon” to paps taking pictures of her using the streets as a catwalk, dressed in one stylish outfit after another. But once you let the paps in your life you can’t shoo them away when you want them to.

  • edsel diesel

    Bilson’s fashion sense is like an average teenager. Nothing special about her clothes. Young girls used to like her because she’s just like them but now she’s getting old and looking old and they’d rather be like miley cyrus or hilary duff who just got her own fasion line with DKNY. RB is totally past it in every way just another fading starlet wiht no talent and desperate to keep her name out ther so she’ll get work. But she sucks bad at acting and so does her so-called bf Gayden. But he’s a total @$$ho7e as a person too and looks like sh*t too.

  • jackie

    I love her!
    Thanks for keeping us updated on her.

  • atlqueen

    Why are half you people in here if you don’t like the girl? So many bad things to say. ANd then some of the same names. I just don’t understand it at all. That’s why I call you haters cause it’s just dumb. I don’t like certain people JJ post but I stay away. Why? Because I DON’T CARE. Simple as that. EXAMPLE: I don’t like Beyonce and I never care to post on her nor do I know ish about her. If you don’t like someone (or the person they date) why bother with them. Focus on the person you do like. It makes sense right? Hating on people says something about yourself. Even when you don’t realize that you’re doing it (which allso says something about yourself).

    I know you don’t like her but she is definitely the highlight of your day. Don’t deny it, you’re in here everytime there is a post on her. It makes you look so bad. Oh yeah, go ahead and say we have the right to post whatever we want. It’s a free blah, blah, blah….. Just remember I didn’t tell you to do or not to do anything. I made a logical point. That is all. But some of yous might be too ——- to understand that part.

  • trevise

    @ # 86
    Nah you dont have to apologize at all. Its not like that I have a copyright/patent on that word “Yeti”. Anyone could feel free to use it anytime & exclusively for that SW dudiot at all – lol!

  • Funkey


    The woman put herself out there to be mocked she can’t act, she can’t design and if it wasn’t for Daddy who is a script writer along with a famous grand father gee I guess she can get the media to follow her around popular or unpopular. Right not she has PROVED NOTHING but, she can speed dial the agent and the press to follow her around.

    As for the fact the press camp out at the door YEA they will do it for Katie and Tom, Ben and Jennifer and Angelina and Brad, Batshit Bilson doesn’t rank in the catagory for the press to have that much to any interet in her unless, they are PAID for it all. You get what you pay for and if they annoy her when she is shopping “OH WELL” If the woman wants better comment and more fans she needs to get rid of the looser on speed dial calls him up when she needs a fix or a pap show then takes little sister to outings again to show how much money she can throw around. It’s alwful funny she has no job right now, a design line that went bad and no real movies coming out gee wonder how she can afford to power shop with very little revenue coming in. Wish I had a rich mom and Dad as well.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ ATiqueen,
    Believe it or not I, used to believe the way you do when, Rachy and Hayden started hanging out. I thought, she was okay. Then, I woke up and saw the light. I do appreciate your valiant effort to explain you case but, your not seeing what everyone else is seeing doll. It angered me too seeing Rachel bribe Hattie almost to to buy her a bunch of toy’s for her limelight in the spotlight once again. To me. Hattie did not look all that happy until, she saw the toy’s she was getting. Rachy is teaching this kid the easy way out instead of doing actual hard work to be a success. The woman is doing things to stir in the negative comment’s on her. She is using her kid sister. She does the same to Janice (mom) too. I bet you next thread Janice will be aired in it as well or Kaylen (Hayden’s sis). She somehow manages to use people this way to be in the spotlight. She has brought herself out to be ridiculed. So, let the complainer’s b*tch about it. So what? You have a right to say what you want and so, do the hater’s. Which, I don’t classify myself as a hater. I’m simply giving my observation is all and as Smilehexe said in a nutshell, “We come back to talk and meet old friends and new one’s that happen to agree with each other on the board.” This is a public board for socialization too!

    You don’t need to take it so seriously and accuse people posting under different names. First time I have been on here today actually. I was busy babysitting my neighbor’s dog’s and walked them today. It was fun actually. Keep it WAYCHILL!!