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Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson and kid sister Hattie Bilson brave the rain to go on a shopping spree at Toys R Us in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (February 5).

Hattie seemed to be big on the My Little Ponies — perhaps the influence of big sister Rachel‘s own 80′s childhood?

Rachel, 27, and Hattie also made a stop at Burbank’s Island Fine Burgers and Drinks to refuel.

More pictures of Hattie and Rachel Bilson‘s sisterly shopping spree inside…

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  • snapple

    HC is gay. He is not into Bilson or any woman. Also he is HIV positive. Look at the sores on his face that the beard and mustache doesn’t cover and how sickly and thin he looks. He’s a walking advertisement for AIDS. Feel sorry for Bilson if she thinks he will marry her and even sorrier if he can bring himself to **** her. He’s just using her for queer cover and she is using him for publicity.

    Also both JB and PW hve said the guy lies about everything to everybody and you can’t believe a word he says, also personally an @$$ho7e.

  • uhhuh

    holy god, the new pics of hayden look bad. he doesnt shine like he used to. there is no spark.

    I bet rachel has him on lockdown.he probably isnt allowed to go online. I mean wasnt he supposed to do an online interview?

    obviously he isnt working, so why dip out?

    I have watched hayden for years now. you cant deny he looks unhappy compared to prior Rachel. I bet he is stuck in a shitty relationship.

    and I bet she runs the show and he is the whipped little puppy.

    hopefully haydn will shine again one day once he gets away from her. once he realizes there is so much better out there.

  • uhhuh

    he used to be more honest. he used to be open about relationships. actually both of them look unhealthy and miserable.

    i havent followed rachel. not a fan, BUT she used to be more bubbly
    and energetic.

    i cant stress how unhealthy they both look. sure sign of a bad relationship.

  • uhhuh

    Im guessing rachel untid him and let him loose for a day….or part of the day. well, back to the dungeon for hayden

  • reality

    he looks miserable, what do you expect, every female costar he ever worked with was better looking and better actress than bitchson, he is not stupid or blind, he knows who he ended up with, he is just with her bc does not want to be alone and appreciates her complete devotion, she is blindly defending everything he does and says, how can you dump someone like that especially when you can’t have who you want anyway

  • nina

    He looks annoyed, though very manly.

  • Celtic

    First I don’t think Rachel has any say over this man not now, not ever any good realtionship will take more then being seen once in a blue moon together as for THIS FARM IT”S HIS PLACE not her’s she is not on the morage papers when he bought it, they are not married for her to claim anything about it. IT’s only JJ and the press that try to make people believe or feel it’s her place with him and reality is that she is more in LA then anyone knows. He looks sick and the fact he is seen at some juice bar please that is his uaual place next to picking up rolling papers at the local vallejo. His brother had a birthday and good chance this is why he is in town. I don’t think he will ever end up with this chic it’s more show and tell when she needs or wants him around. without him she is really nothing much if anything at all.

  • uhhuh

    yeah but, unfortunatly he is driving her car. he is miserable!

  • tina

    he is miserable, looks like he needs to get out of this drudgery of a relationship, she is so stupid, primitive, boring, no wonder he is lost and to top it all, a bad actress, how does she reed the reviews “no range, can’t act etc.” and call herself an actress

  • Helen

    πιστευω οτι η rachel και η Hattie μοιαζουν σαν σταγονες νερο!ειναι πολυ γλυκο που η rachel προσεχει τόσο πολύ την αδελφή της!

  • ann gurung

    she is so so cute n so is her sister!!!