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Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson and kid sister Hattie Bilson brave the rain to go on a shopping spree at Toys R Us in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (February 5).

Hattie seemed to be big on the My Little Ponies — perhaps the influence of big sister Rachel‘s own 80′s childhood?

Rachel, 27, and Hattie also made a stop at Burbank’s Island Fine Burgers and Drinks to refuel.

More pictures of Hattie and Rachel Bilson‘s sisterly shopping spree inside…

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161 Responses to “Rachel Bilson's Sisterly Shopping Spree”

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  1. 126
    bb Says:

    He is lost without her.

  2. 127
    reality Says:


    she is so fn stupid that hc is only better off without her, actually adam is better off without her, she drags every one down, empty headed no talent midget

  3. 128
    olivia Says:

    Yes She got lot of fans deal with it people

  4. 129
    reality Says:

    no, she does not have a lot of fans, that is why waiting for forever will tank

  5. 130
    uhhuh Says:

    just like the song “money cant buy you love”

  6. 131
    uhhuh Says:

    just like the song “money cant buy you love”

  7. 132
    Hater at rest Says:

    @alex And these “real” people are surely extremely shocked about what is written about them on JJ, lol!
    1st degree fan! Of course they are real people, but not on JJ. Nothing here is serious excepted you. This site is a GOSSIP site, made for entertainment, we’re not journalists, all what we write about RATchel and AIDSen (yep, not at rest, but I’ve promise to Nina, not you) is just for fun.

    Don’t take this site more seriously than Haydumb and BilHo themselves, you are ridiculous.

    @ Nina, you’re a honest fan and deserve respect.

  8. 133
    sharon Says:

    yea she has alot of fans ,then why on imbd her star meter is down 17% and i think hayden can hold his own he did very well before her i think she would be lost without him…. she is sneaky and a plan out blood sucker as said as many times she was a 2 yr relationship with adam as well and all of sudden they call it off and yes it was stated that adam felt threatened from zach thats bull$hit the oc was being cancelled and she saw no media in the relationship and then who popped up hayden what media seeking worm wouldn’t take that bait but whats so funny is that every little media stunt has fallen apart her clothing line her movies and know she is really grasping at straws a cooking show ,basically she has turned hayden into a zombie he had everything going for him .He don’t do the things he use to love like the bull run and you never see him with tove because he is too busy being her lap dog.

  9. 134
    Chaz Says:

    Bravo, #133, every bit true

  10. 135
    atlqueen Says:

    @gasol whatever
    You gave yourself a reason to give love to someone who you claims deserves it. You actually like that person. Go stalk them. You’re still in here trippin’. I can’t believe you brought up something from 2005. Are you stuck in that year (which by the way was four years ago)? People can change that much in four years. I believe him when he says that he isn’t the Hollywood type. If he was we would’nt have been wondering where the guy was for so long just recently. Think about it. A true Hollywood rag hangs around and hardly goes a day without being seen.

  11. 136
    Funkey Says:

    Old saying you fly with eagles you soar when you hang with crows you sink. RB hasn’t shown anyone that she has good choices in anything she has done. not in acting, not in fashion and not in friends. As for the comment about Jake G..HC doesn’t reseach characters he himself said that when he did SG so why believe that he would back then, Jamie Bell also stated in an interview that HC lies. This was not the first time it was mentioned he LIES. Then add to it RB copies all things including peoples comments in interviews guess we know where she learned to lie. I would not take anything HC says with any validity he has a very jaded lifestyle which he keeps concealed. Also seems he chooses to take movie roles where the acting is poor, the scripts are bad and most of the cast is either in or out of jail. And for a man who is supposed to be doing 3 movies for SG he would be set to start his next one right away. My guess is SG is rethinking his creditablity. that or HC best get his head out of his ass and start worring if he will work again seems he takes what he can get and when he was able to get the good parts he passed on them. Yea a real bright boy.

    As for why bother posting if we hate Bilson Gee RB puts herself out here to get the reviews be it good or bad and from i read the supporters are few and far between. Like any critic people have a right to come and go from any celeb board and post what you we think LIKE IT OR NOT. As long as she keeps calling the press she will have to deal with what reviews come her way. So support her if people like but, it’s a freedom of speech if many don’t like the woman.

  12. 137
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    @ Atiqueen,
    You once again missed my point! I swear. I think your as dense as day old bread! I’m trying to say. Rachel is not doing actual work to have all this attention. All she is doing is shopping, dining out, walking her dog and putting gas in her car. She is not recieving an award or on an actual movie set or modeling set. What the hell?? It is not work. It is mundane tasks we do every single day and she is getting threads on this garbage? Stupid is as stupid does. If, you like that kind of talent then enjoy. But, as Funkey said, “Rachel put’s her dumba$$ self out their to be ridiculed. DUH???!!! HELLOO?? Anyone in there?!

    2005 Hayden was on top and the world was his oyster. He looked clean, well dressed and had so much going for him. Now. He looks like crud and I don’t see him doing anything besides, being seen with Rachel for his popularity. Otherwise, he is not doing nadda. A Jumper 2 rumors?? Yeah.. We will see. Unless, Liman wants to go for broke b/c the film will be a bomb and worse then the first installement. Especially, if Rachy is in it. Unless, Liman want’s to go for being broke. I don’t see Jumper 2 happening.

    I think NBA player’s that work their but’s off on the floor should get threads on them. A thought jj? Really!! Instead of having cr&p threads about Batsh*t and her running her usual mundane task’s??! :shock: Words for thought? ;)

  13. 138
    toni Says:

    This ‘candid’ backfired. Most people were not impressed. Maybe it’s time to drag Hayden back to the grocery store. She hasn’t done that in a while. Or maybe they should go back to the farm and pose, oops, I mean hide out.

  14. 139
    LOL Says:

    What`s Cooking with Rachel? Hayden`s attempt to lock down
    a hottie in the kitchen without her realizing what`s really happening.

    souce: celebrity milkshake

  15. 140
    reality Says:

    not to worry, she does not realize what is happening and it is that he is not all that into her, she is trying too hard to get him for years now

  16. 141
    s Says:

    They have each other, get over it.

  17. 142
    reality Says:

    i am over it, and no, they don’t have each other, she wants him but he does not care, he will wait until he realizes that he can’t have who he wants, so he will settle for devoted bilson, but he has been dragging her for several years now without proposing, he is just not that into her, she is talking kids, he does not rush at all

  18. 143
    s Says:

    Why the rush? They are building a house together, slowly but surely,
    they are going to settle down.

  19. 144
    reality Says:

    that is what i said, they may settle down unless he gets someone he really wants, but he is in no rush like she is, bc he was with better women and bilson is a downgrade and that is why he is not that much in a hurry for almost 3 years now, he is not into her period, she is just a girl who will do anything for him and as any man he likes that, especially, when he can’t get who he wants
    i am convinced that she is not the ONE to him

  20. 145
    s Says:

    Okey, to each his opinion. But i thought they are together for only two years now?

  21. 146
    reality Says:

    2 going on 3, definitely more than 2 and no proposal as of yet

  22. 147
    s Says:

    Rachel said in an interview for a couple of years ago, she has to be with a guy at least five years before she is ready to marry him. She needs to be sure that he really is the one.

  23. 148
    reality Says:

    she also said in the interview that she wants to have a baby but she needs a guy first, while dating hc, she does not have an intellect to be taken seriously when she says something, but it is obvious that she is after hayden and he is taking it slow, he seems not sure about this whole rachel thing, and after being with every girl who is superior to rachel in every way, it is understandable
    it even seems that he does not like her, just nice to her for her devotion

  24. 149
    s Says:

    Then, he must be a really nice man.

  25. 150
    reality Says:

    just does not want to be alone, and does not want to lose someone who is so much devoted to him, nothing new

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