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Shia LaBeouf Runs Into Paul McCartney

Shia LaBeouf Runs Into Paul McCartney

Transformers 2 star Shia LaBeouf puffs away on his cancer stick as he makes his way through Heathrow airport in London on Friday (February 6).

The 22-year-old, who traveled from LAX airport in Los Angeles, ran into a Beatle at the airport… Sir Paul McCartney!

Check out the video of Shia shaking Paul‘s hand at TMZ. Do you think Paul had any idea who Shia was?

10+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf running into Paul McCartney

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shia labeouf paul mccartney 01
shia labeouf paul mccartney 02
shia labeouf paul mccartney 03
shia labeouf paul mccartney 04
shia labeouf paul mccartney 05
shia labeouf paul mccartney 06
shia labeouf paul mccartney 07
shia labeouf paul mccartney 08
shia labeouf paul mccartney 09
shia labeouf paul mccartney 10

Credit: Almasi; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • agatha

    thanks so so so so much….aw my god shia is in London????wowo

  • uglysexy

    I’m sure Paul has no clue….It seems to me Shia is cultivating more and more of a bad boy image….getting away from the spielberg momma’s boy thing

  • Elaine

    Cancer stick? wait, where? He would be so much better without the cigarrettes. Love ya Shia! My best to him.

  • agatha

    i wish he was coming to greece instead of london lol…
    thanks jared he looks tired but perfect as always!

  • greatingsss

    He is such a loser!

  • nikki

    love him GREAT actor. Maybe one day zac will be as good.

  • credo

    lucky dog

  • http://deleted annalise

    shia’s in London! woop woop

  • http://deleted alessia

    shia’s in London!

  • credo

    that scarf looks like something his mom would wear. i wonder if they share accessories?

  • hmm

    Hmm so shia is in london…baftas here we come, you better look pretty for the red carpet shia!

  • agatha

    so he went there for the baftas???lucky english people!

  • OY!: (


  • Yuck

    He looks terrible with facial hair. Some guys can pull it off, some guys cant. He is obviously the latter! Makes him look twenty years older. The only time he doesn’t look somewhat homely is when he is clean shaven.

  • mandy

    when do the baftas air?

  • Vivo

    I miss Shia’s blue Dodgers hoody, he use to wear that thing everywhere

  • Sayuri

    Shia em Londres? o.O Como assim? LINDO ele!

  • Maya

    Que lindo ele! Não acredito que ele está em Londres o.O

  • Jenessa

    Shia in London, what would he be doing there? God, I think he’s perfection. I love Shia.


  • um…


  • Maya

    Aw, two of my favorite people.

  • agatha

    ah shia is there to represent his last year award at baftas this sunday at the royal academy i think…wish i could be there :(
    cant wait to see him looking perfect in his suit!

  • Lillie


    i’m going there with my brother and actually getting to go inside! -hyperventilates-

    THANK YOU JARED! you made my day with these pictures!

  • elanenergy

    I have absolutely no idea why I love this kid and love that he always looks like he’s homeless. I just can’t quit you, Shia.

  • Blah girls

    Oooh I love the hobo look. You think Shia’s in town for the BAFTAs or some pre-filming talk for an unknown project? Hope his hand’s doing OK!

  • shia my love

    i love love love you baby!!!!

  • Polo

    Paul is my fav! I loveeeee the Beatles!


    Shia Labeouf is freakin UGLY!!! GOD DMAN I HOPE that he shaves for the red carpet, because now he looks like utter S**T!!!!

  • R&B


  • see

    Cancer stick? Wait until it’s 20 years later to see if he’s still smoking. Then, you can say cancer stick. I prefer the hodo look. He’s not trying to stand out.

  • digg

    hiya sweety!

  • mimmie

    Love Shia.

  • z

    He won the Rising Star Awar last year and was not there to collect it so I guess he is over here to present this year’s winner.

  • Leah

    omdz, shia is in london right now! i wonder why?
    i need 2 find him!LOL

  • justine

    I don’t think Paul knew who he was and I don’t think anyone else really cares. Why would I shake a hand of someone who has a mangled hand!

  • dabu

    LOVE PAUL! YEAH BEATLES, WINGS etc! These guys had talent unlike so many groups out today….

  • yoyo

    The guy is a dork. Pure and simple. He belongs on the shortbus with Micheal Phelps. Then they could yank each others cranks.

  • luva

    ugh shia is such a cutie!

  • shoutout

    Shia’s beard is so crappy looking on him. yeah he may be a good guy but he looks like SHIT with that thing!!! SHAVE SHIA, it is NOT THAT HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need a manual?

  • 02/06/2009-poster#?

    Okay, I thought that I would go ahead and quote what some other poster said about Shia Labeouf beard. I found it to be funny and I thought that I would post it here (it was on the earlier photos of Shia)

    #34 my.&my-opinion! @ 02/06/2009
    Okay this is what this poster said on why this guy (shia labeouf) has desided to grow the (pubic hair as this poster called it):
    1. “the church of labeard on his IMDB board
    2. he is totally loving the attention that the beard lovers are giving him
    3. he is trying to look older (the poster put trying in quotes)
    4. he does NOT want to look sweet but rather look like a total bad boy
    5. he likes the unkept look
    6. he is so much into this celeb image thing
    7. he is hoping that some older chick that is 28-38 will think that he is around their age and then he will get laid–I am in that age bracket and if I saw this guy in person I would get sick…he is nasty, so nasty I would complain if i had to sit next to him…….ewwwwwww
    8. he does NOT know who he is at all
    9. he is now taking meds for his hand and the side effects have caused him to have sensitive skin so he can not shave (okay that one I disagree with but)
    10. he loves the store urban outfitters and is trying to look like a model for their company…..
    11. “discusting” is his new image (i call it a BUM hobo…eeek)
    12. he is doing so movie that requires him to have a sickening beard
    13. he is into that “lumber jack’ look
    14. is enthrauled with going form drop dead sexy to hiddious all with one beard!
    15. he is trying to get his younger fans away from him.
    16. he wants to look like an idiot
    17. he thinks that having a beard the paps will not at all recognize him–hell i didn’t at first
    18. he is a kid trying to be a man–he more looks like a 45 year old
    those are my comments to the poster on the other section. his beard to me looks like:
    1. a rug
    2. a bear
    3. a wolf
    4. a brillo pad to clean the dishes with
    5. yeah, i can totally see the pubic hair thing…. it does look like that one him, really it does!!!!
    6. looks like hair on a dummy….NO pun intended!!!!!!
    7. a brissle brush
    8. one of those things that one uses to clean the s**t off their shoes.
    okay that is my thought there on what his beard looks like to me and how I agree with that poster on the other comment section.
    I am sure that I am too going to get cussed at like the other commenter mentioned, i don’t care just because i do not worship this ugly hobo looking of a guy does not mean that others should jump on me or anyone else who hates that thing on Shia’s face.
    Shia GO SHAVE that thing is 100% NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~I had to say this, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  • 02/06/2009-poster#?

    P.S. I am sure (not positive just a guess) that there will be a thread started about my comment and/or that other persons comment on shia’s IMDB, hell I remember seeing a thread posted about someone who hated Shia’s beard before!…now having a thread about it is silly!!!!!!!

  • kira

    omg, so the baftas will air on the bbc chanel. i am so gonna set my dvr for it just incase shia is there *fingers crossed. i think shia is such a wonderful actor, he’s one of my favorites. i really like him in comedic roles.

  • kira

    i bet papa labeouf is a fan of paul, shia should have tried to get an autograph for him. his excitement when he shook his hand was so cute, like a little kid.

  • saddengal

    my comment name is sadden gal because i am sadden by shia’s new image, you know the bearded thing. i am going to be crushed if and when shia goes to this award show this sunday night and he has a beard. i am going through so much stress more than ever, really. i am going to be very depressed if i see photos of this guy with that awful beard on him, i think men with beard are not good looking what so ever. his sexy clean cut/one day stubble looks so fine on him and he is such yummy eye candy when he looks like that. but lately i have to admit that i think that he looks like scum with that thing on his face. i can only pray to God that he shaves, but if he doesn’t i will say “typical bad luck for me”! :( :( :( NEXT………………….

  • Beatles*

    *I wanna hold your hannnnnd*

  • Bay BOOM

    LOL @ sir paul now knowing who shia is, he was like ‘who’s this guy’. i doudt shia cared, he looked reeeaaalllly happy to be meeting him.

  • Hey#44….

    ….no need to be sad over this joke, that Shia Labeouf has become. He should not be added to your stress. If Labeouf wants to look like a nasty grungy guy then that is HIS problem don’t make it yours. There are plenty of MUCH better actors who KNOW who they are and do NOT have to grow a beard because they “hate themselves” as someone on here noted. Let it go, it is just a stupid kid looking like a fool (BTW I think it is so funny what someone noted about him looking like someone who works at Urban Outfitters, I can see that). Don’t let this guy bring you down, I BET that soon you will find a MUCH MUCH MUCH better actor than this dude (shia) is now!!!! Shia appears to me to be your typical celebrity, with that thing on his face. MOVE ON and don’t think twice of this guy and WHO he has become lately! Hang in there gal!

  • hinder

    i like his scarf. i would freak out if i met paul or ringo for that matter LOL, i’m a huge fan of their music. i wonder when shia will guest star on snl again? he was sooo funny on there last summer and the spring before that. hopefully he can host in june for transformwers 2.

  • hinder

    Omg snl wet dream, shia, justin, and andy all together!

  • fred

    Who the heck is Shia LaBeouf and what kinda name is that? He looks like a bum in the airport about to steal luggage.