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Victoria Beckham Shines in Silver at Heathrow

Victoria Beckham Shines in Silver at Heathrow

Wearing a trench and toting around a diamond-patterned handbag, Victoria Beckham arrives from Los Angeles at Heathrow Airport in London on Friday (February 6).

The 34-year-old former Spice Girl was on her way to see her husband, David, who has been in Italy playing for soccer team AC Milan. Becks updated his blog to update his fans about one of the latest matches he competed in.

More photos of Victoria Beckham shining in silver inside…

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35 Responses to “Victoria Beckham Shines in Silver at Heathrow”

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  1. 1
    Joanne Says:

    LOVE the trench and LOVE her!

  2. 2
    Audrey Says:

    Gorgeous trench and bag. But it does look she doesn’t wear anything underneath it !!!! Strange……………

  3. 3
    liz Says:

    wonder where she keeps all her clothes, handbags and shoes???
    It must be one huge room instead of a closet. LOL

    What a waste of money! Spend spend spend spend……She needs to get off her high pedestal. It’s disgusting. Her head is full of dollars or should I say..Euros. LOL

  4. 4
    thetruththetruth Says:

    love the trench

  5. 5
    zxc Says:

    Victoria= designers clothes.

    Victoria without designers clothes=nobody.


  6. 6
    kate Says:

    Please for the love of God eat something woman for once in your life!!!What a walking skeleton-I do anything to shove a cheesbuger down her throat

  7. 7
    thetruththetruth Says:

    love the shoes too

  8. 8
    nic Says:

    Love the trench, coat, and bag but it looks like she will be giving David a little gift of herself “I missed you, honey, the kids are with the sitter” under that trench coat. LOL. She is even holding it closed in some of the pictures.

  9. 9
    mike Says:

    kate you obviously are a fat ass because only the fat people say that stuff about the skinny people :)

  10. 10
    Giovanna Says:

    Well Liz, it is her money and she does what she wants to do with it. It´s not of our bussiness LMAO

  11. 11
    sad Says:

    She knows David is going to cheat on her in Milan -thats how it started the last time.Poor Victoria if she stays in america he’ll play.

  12. 12
    Christina Says:

    am, wondering if she know that London is snowing down? :D

    But Love the style…

  13. 13
    booboo Says:


  14. 14
    boogie Says:

    look at those bony ***** protuding from her neck in photo 6

    Giovanna (10). Yeah…its her money and she can do stupid things with it regardless if its anybody’s business. I dont think that was the point Liz was trying to make.

    Victoria is so materialistic, empty and so much more. It’s her life and I am glad it’s not mine. Sure….more money will be nice…but, that crap she buys……not me! lol

  15. 15
    notabonygreedywoman Says:

    ya! there is so much more to life than all those cloths, bags,shoes,etc and I don’t like snobby people that think they are “royalty”

  16. 16
    natasha Says:

    she looks Gorgeous

    i love her her

  17. 17
    boogie Says:

    lol….i typed k n o b s…and it did not print in my post above,

    k n o b s in her neck! gee lol

  18. 18
    Polo Says:

    Love the trench but is she wearing anything under that? I hope so!!

  19. 19
    serena Says:

    THis hooch needs to go back to London!!!

  20. 20
    skaur Says:

    she has good taste but no looks she makes the best of what she has style wise angelina and aishwarya ria are soo much more beautiful.
    posh has done well with her figure and fashion and is quite pretty but she is no stunner no beauty

  21. 21
    Mousse Says:

    Do you also call someone who’s only wearing a coat an exhibitionist?

  22. 22
    Blah girls Says:

    Love the trench, love the bag, still not a fan of the hair…

  23. 23
    Liz Says:

    People love to hate her…that’s just it. And she continues to get famous everyday because of the haters. I mean the haters always know what she’s doing or up to. They know basically her every move and they comment about it.
    At the end of the day she goes home more famous and with more money and the pathetic people that leave negative comments all contributed to that. You haters really are pathetic.

    So what if she spends her money? It’s her money she does what she wants with it. She earned it fair and square (not only david makes money). If I had as much money as them I’d spend it aswell. Why save it all? When you die who will spend it?
    We all earn money and spend it how we want it, it’s nobody’s business. So why you bragging about what she buys? It’s none of our damn business!

  24. 24
    hello Says:

    I really love her sense of humor but she needs to grow her hair out again. She looks like an ostrich with that long neck hung forward like that. Does she ever see the pics of herself? She looks ridiculous.

  25. 25
    lesson101 Says:

    There is a Dr. on Utube that says if you notice people that have bad posture tilt their neck/head forward. He said if you notice these same people never have a butt. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm There does seem to be a connection.

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