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Daniel Radcliffe: Portrait Peppy

Daniel Radcliffe: Portrait Peppy

Daniel Radcliffe celebrates his performance in the Broadway play Equus with a portrait of himself on the wall of Tony’s di Napoli restaurant on Friday (February 6) in New York City.

The 19-year-old British actor also received his own caricature at famed theater restaurant Sardi’s on Thursday (January 29).

Equus, the revival of Peter Shaffer‘s play, is scheduled to close at the Broadhurst Theatre tomorrow (February 8).

25+ pictures inside of portrait peppy Daniel Radcliffe

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Photos: Joe Corrigan/Getty
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  • erica

    he’s so lovely

  • MElly

    he’s so cute and so down to earth, I’m gald all Equus cast member were there to support him.
    Well done Dan and enjoy your last performance tomorrow.

  • lakers fan in boston

    hate this fag

  • milla

    cong deserve it.tahnks justjared for pics and news

  • jess ( brazil )

    dan <3333333
    he’s so amazing ♥

  • johnny depp fan

    he looks great.go dan

  • sanne

    what happend to him :s

  • olddanfan

    love this ***

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    he’s so freaking short I can never think of him as attractive.

  • Rayt

    what a sh*tty painting

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    “Portrait Peppy’?!? hahahahahahahahaha horiible.

  • buckwheat

    He needs to either grow a full beard or shave his neck.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i’m sorry but harry looks stone outta his fcuking mind. dude must be on some serious happy drugs. =]

  • Natalie

    Facial hair has to go. He’d look much better without it.

  • andrea

    @ #13. I was about to write that! Seriously, wtf?

  • Hplover

    Drugs?lol he’s really tired because his performance is very phisical,this guy is anti-drugs because he is too smart.GO DAN!!!

  • Hplover

    Oh,his name is DANIEL.Harry potter is a fictional character.

  • Ann

    Daniel please shave. All that facial hair makes you look 10 years older. Please look 19 again.

  • kreinz

    daniel is so handsome. congratulations to you DAN…’re my future husband….heheh.

  • sucre

    Jeee, he needs some magic on his face…
    Yuck. Im not a hater, I love what he does as an actor, but I dont like how he looks in real life.

  • sucre

    Oh and, I really fogot hes 19.
    He very muck looks like one of my teachers from high school, only he was 35.

  • Hplover

    Sucre your eyes need magic,he is gorgeous and your “real life”comment is annoying.Get a life.

  • Rosie

    Get rid of the facial hair already, Dan! He’s my age, 19 and he looks much older than that. Maybe he thinks he’s super short so he should grow that nasty facial hair to prove that he’s an adult. I think Dan is humble, nice and talented but his look in real life really has serious problems!

  • Hplover

    My godness he will shave the beard in 3 days,don’t worry!!DH start filming in 2 weeks!!

  • honey

    The brotha is lookin’ spaced out.

  • celia

    AWESOME. GO DAN! He’s sooo cute and soo talented. I can’t wait to see HBP and DH and everything else he does in the future! : D

  • MElly

    he’s getting rid f the beard in two days, this look was for Equus only, and he does look tired after so many performance…he’s going back to London on Monday with a clean shave and ready for Potter.

  • ilovedan

    daniel you rocks!!!!…he’s so cute but i he’s cuter when he shave his beard.. i love you dan!!!!

  • whatever

    yeah i really think the beard doesn’t suit him, but the hell i care, at least he’s smart and talented, unlike other celebrities who are just pretty or handsome..period. i just really wish he wouldn’t end up like other child stars who had gone mad. :p

    Anyway, good luck daniel! (haha like he’ll be able to read this anyway lol)

  • athena

    Wow, I’m so sad that I didn’t get to see the play…or even met Daniel walking the NYC streets… : (

  • http://justjared christina

    i love you my little lion

  • nerisse

    i’m so happy for dan!!!!….you’re so handsome…but i don’t like too much of his beard….hehe

  • Hortensia

    His facial hair is for the play he has been in. He is short, but he is also good looking. He’s only 19. One needs to wait to see what he looks like when he is 27 or 28. So far he seems nothing but nice, polite, grounded, and sensible. Almost too good to be true. His co star in the show has said he is intensely envious of him and that he is modest and polite “to a fault.”

  • Hortensia

    He’s probably on a plane back to the UK now or was a while ago. He’s a busy little boy who’s got more actin’ to do. I am surprised no pap at the airport got a picture of him. Well he’s small and can disguise himself quite easily. He might have even taken a private plane back.

  • Custom T

    He looks sooo weird all grown up.

  • freida malott

    do think your looks have changed since you played as harry potter im still a big fan yours

  • Hortensia

    Yeah, Dan is already back in the UK. Must have flown back on the 9th or 10th immediately after Equus closed. He is photographed visiting his stunt double who was injured in late January. Also a picture of him looking very good (sorta Marlon Brando-ish) but also smoking outside the hospital. He seems by now to be a habitual smoker, sadly enough. Well, if it is his only vice, he’ll be lucky.

  • Hortensia

    It must not be easy to be Dan at the present time. He is young, still in his teens, when hormones rage, and under constant pressures since he is a big business. His life is not really his own; he has to serve the business interests that control him. He could not, say, just decide to take a year off and go hiking in the Andes or whatever. His life for the next few years si already determined. He can’t have easy sex, since as he has said if he had a one night stand he would spend the next month worried sick that she would sell her story to the media. So he either masturbates or has sex only with a person he can trust. No room for adventure there. So I would suppose he takes out some of his frustrations and indulges himself with smoking. He can’t even go to a bar and get drunk once in a while. So while he is super rich and doubtless flattered by all the attention he gets, he has to pay quite a price for it all. So far he seems to stand up to the pressure pretty well.

  • Hortensia

    JJ we need something more recent on Dan. He is back in the UK now getting ready for the last two films of the Potter series. Can’t you get something new to post????? He was last seen going to the hospital to visit his double who was injured on the set. Since then he has disappeared. Can’t you track him down?

  • http://idonthave elina

    dan is so sweet n cute but plz cut ur small small breads on ur face. it doesn`t suit u ……………

  • elina

    cut ur breads on ur face. it doesn`t suit u……. orelse u r sweet n cute ……… luv u

  • wHortensia

    Have to worry a bit about Dan. He has already, it seems, become addicted to nicotine (cigarettes). Will he also become an alcoholic? His favorite drink, he says, is vodka and diet coke. That’s a warning sign, since it is a perfect drink for an alcoholic. It tastes just like coke and no one can smell the booze. Danger, Dan, be careful. I’d switch to a drink that tastes like a drink (Scotch for example) and one that smells so your friends can tell is you are consuming too much.

  • sara

    i like u

  • Eyes

    His performance in the equus was really amazing and wonderful.
    Indeed he is a brilliant actor.